500 Random Spells for the Dying Earth

In Jack Vance's classic Tales of the Dying Earth, the nomenclature for the magical spells seems curiously archaic. Xarfaggio's Physical Malepsy ... Arnhoult's Sequestrious Digitalia ... The Spell of Forlorn Encystment ... Khulip's Nasal Enhancement ... The spell names occasionally evoke a decadent arcane humor. The Excellent Prismatic Spray ... Phandaal's Critique of the Chill ... Below, you will find 500 spell names of aleatoric provenance, which after careful redaction may be suitable for use in the wonderful The Dying Earth(*) Role-Playing Game.

Do you have any comments about this program? I'm aware of the problems with the adjective/noun database, but it is too large to correct either all at once or as I notice inappropriate items. I'll tweak it gradually over the next few years ...

Oh! I should add that the spell generator was inspired by a long-lost program written by my friends John Marron and Les Hill. Furthermore, I have to thank John for showing me that, if you are interested in exotic worlds and well-crafted sentences, there's always more and more to like in the work of Jack Vance.

There are other name generators on the Name Generation Page.

(*) "The Dying Earth" is a trademark of Pelgrane Press Ltd. It is used here without permission.

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Cilia's vengeful ego
Haratzor's electric clearance
Pranixe's reactionary outlawry
Arnave's congratulatory form
The agency of venal avowal
Orbar's absolute travesty
Radel's intact mycology
Lande's golden closet
Nabolath's twelfth crony
The call of the given grease
Jaisth's local exclusion
Arclam's bizarre mushroom
Petig's deleterious crater
Petisle's paramount fidelity
The spell of pliant racket
Hanon's extra argument
Bundervor's barbarous fit
Clasu's fractious bouquet
Diferea's hazardous division
The agency of rare phantom
Lelauski's introductory penalty
Laskartat's piquant opus
Totes's scrupulous channel
Xaltormin's notorious swab
The agency of sped tenacity
Elandanck's tarry people
Vexeldo's involuntary urgency
Kilanidon's blunt tone
Lehorodow's volatile incense
The spell of prosaic confrere
Erraur's involuntary lore
Unauskia's pyramidal thud
Izoren's definite molasses
Lutis's discretionary attribution
The pattern of imminent surface
Zigainexe's good denizen
Vilamarme's mean allegory
Hanorensa's loyal monster
Sardio's indiscriminate ambiguity
The spell of tenacious maintenance
Gorin's charitable vacuum
Arlia's fallow inaction
Oraltio's illegal jog
Cosatz's common satiety
The agency of exuberant anxiety
Semulchia's motive rondo
Vomel's supernatant volume
Kollo's foursquare agent
Imautzar's astringent thaw
The charm of oval refusal
Glere's dark exclusion
Merukod's judicious economy
Xexel's cloudy journey
Gazurin's misanthropic notoriety
The agency of greenish maroon
Hibales's tripartite contrariety
Foldeio's instant alacrity
Melle's literal clan
Olede's light lawsuit
The charm of near candle
Anaitz's forward proctor
Cyrenaspe's futile period
Jualu's combustible difficulty
Twanbegir's odorous wrong
The agency of insurgent malformation
Iorin's newborn buss
Gogelia's tremulous mutineer
Arginta's irredeemable precipice
Launz's inventive gourmet
The pattern of lofty snap
Lacheso's lukewarm deuce
Aritz's elegiac barbarism
Enetorgha's rare truism
Garrax's indigent signature
The spell of personal air
Goizueko's blunt deposition
Ruber's natural cacophony
Ekharsili's exhaustive purple
Toben's mature incapacity
The spell of prompt propulsion
Lirker's mellow hothouse
Magum's airy beauty
Lorabeg's extinct fidelity
Bater's exceptional score
The agency of buried bow
Gilinatsu's monastic consent
Ilano's loose failure
Apalazhni's bipartite down
Anako's ladylike upset
The agency of valiant remission
Emettlede's intellectual courtesy
Ekathotho's stupid sculpture
Scaur's curt bull
Gaiander's impelled chivalry
The charm of hazy opponent
Majid's absurd repetition
Alani's dry omen
Puincz's conscientious zip
Zoron's secret scowl
The pattern of alike supposition
Spahain's aromatic perpetuity
Elarut's improvident acquaintance
Gilfig's perpendicular size
Gaiellaw's equivalent generosity
The charm of sacrosanct freedom
Domiritz's cartilaginous hub
Mazinatza's phonetic poverty
Hurend's mysterious opiate
Zeren's radiant solecism
The charm of venturesome surface
Parkel's inconsiderate masochism
Tohiqueko's sarcastic series
Gaingotz's rotund puff
Arantz's itinerant pixy
The call of the fulsome repetition
Yaalce's astute auspices
Vastun's dichotomous arena
Kimelaila's phonetic prefecture
Derre's popular eyewitness
The charm of green cashmere
Pascodell's fertile crucible
Um-Zur's nonsensical bond
Erwillop's inorganic aura
Vanom's carnal meteorite
The pattern of solemn circumlocution
Etart's allied choice
Symna's mawkish promptitude
Silka's liquid autumn
Deobi's deceitful shrine
The charm of pitiful static
Bobalgran's flaky turn
Garka's nasal contretemps
Voyneku's weary satiety
Imarra's orange cataract
The pattern of inconvertible plea
Betriorq's scientific garrison
Ugunebarr's concurrent flake
Rlyonifer's modern loot
Lasatzent's oral post
The pattern of extramural betrayer
Ospar's necessary deposition
Derdi's infertile approbation
Saniks's backward ease
Arthentz's incombustible fortune
The spell of irregular regard
Malch's hard consultation
Rhaxa's incommensurable inclination
Gazai's safe principle
Totin's inaugural dispute
The call of the ponderous crew
Sartze's false gateway
Fariderre's beauteous amity
Marraun's intact louse
Garra's compact revelry
The call of the positive individual
Niskanatz's anatomic sob
Lincz's fluent still
Twanqziba's queasy rest
Gilbanek''s fibrous concretion
The spell of tremulous widow
Oshirkori's inextinguishable guildhall
Az-Khulip's populous weir
Izotz's twin scramble
Vexen's potable adhesion
The pattern of chromatic bravado
Jokoxenti's wheezy clause
Sornion's exceptional adept
Tobaw's iniquitous call
Gotsu's transatlantic occasion
The charm of proximate show
Jostar's effectual answer
Tileno's elusive import
Yasadcomb's oily adage
Vasthenta's mild deliverance
The charm of green accord
Rlyonfo's indisputable posture
Ubeledo's fourth codicil
Bitiasqua's providential pride
Zerrinjai's uproarious essence
The pattern of sour starvation
Fauntz's positive difficulty
Wagunodei's incredulous leave
Donaun's seeing heliotrope
Giliornix's explicit placenta
The pattern of some intermediary
Oincent's prefatory hurry
Litze's hostile tyranny
Eleoinger's condemnatory cargo
Fabolin's dull mask
The call of the fragmentary earth
Gamboll's venal leopard
Apahaze's deprecatory alto
Zadaa's bald sobriety
Ezkostiz's infertile tautology
The agency of indirect transcription
Kando's penitentiary surrender
Torga's lavender charm
Magardi's voodoo chance
Olershko's anhydrous silhouette
The call of the vegetable cane
Arouledon's dreamy apostle
Radkure's airy venison
Garid's vile impression
Phalterre's wonderful reef
The agency of erratic adventure
Jantz's lavish hunch
Mauchelis's turgid chance
Hooztarts's divergent boredom
Vitzenzel's stupendous fission
The pattern of inoffensive revelation
Dibadl's reverent memoir
Estoriko's bluff creature
Bazdamusk's ineffective solution
Tchax's inapt xerox
The agency of equivalent renewal
Tifanes's irksome ode
Azvantin's scant precocity
Osthirjan's inoperative pitch
Bautz's corporeal pretense
The spell of continental anachronism
T'sastead's tipsy crab
Cyrotz's fireproof preemption
Gaush's sunk mobility
Um-Zuzpal's odd equivalent
The call of the harsh promptitude
Mupuri's mimic circle
Gorrag's gigantic impression
Varmedes's oppressive simplicity
Atadi's flush heart
The spell of swampy structure
Cazarni's spare brown
Wyxsco's incoherent mist
Enaump's tame age
Zernil's little nostril
The charm of territorial funk
Arsere's shivery play
Lizko's inverse bubble
Shimbet's dead ring
Gantid's clumsy hatred
The charm of vernal gent
Radlen's exact saint
Morene's corporeal wound
Eguzaido's blithe exclusion
Perlumell's penetrable lubricity
The pattern of seedy spike
Baska's warlike constituent
Goilissom's peripatetic proportion
Sanne's squamous siren
Chanctus's protean duty
The agency of generic cherubim
Orban's rough avail
Baurile's lackluster exclusion
Lapodes's respectful acquittal
Shique's numb bilge
The spell of opalescent inverse
Niskin's uniform curd
Staun's inverse scholastic
Aduritzei's sound apathy
Skanathor's scholastic bough
The charm of central shortcoming
Thamet's for magic
Houndelme's barbaric vanity
Ospri's religious secession
Errincz's sexual stature
The agency of some whimper
Urrolinat's future propulsion
Belartzen's feminine voice
Pomer's ajar pessimism
Uhitzus's loath thought
The charm of contradictory cloudburst
Semuruqua's acrid dexter
Kai-Pau's fragmentary presumption
Ssiadan's saucy interior
Nahierk's bottom phrase
The pattern of rough conservatory
Loldo's glacial deodorant
Mernix's inexpedient duration
Errangomi's twin chance
Bobederbe's refractory introduction
The call of the republican grammar
Disko's individual alliance
Batsiarra's pungent emphasis
Phour's efficient egotist
Vradlin's incendiary care
The agency of deft consolation
Mikuber's sacrilegious essay
Domishei's respondent obstinacy
Basque's definite image
Otsual's chromatic desire
The spell of oppressive plea
Arlin's tarry incredulity
Tasco's centrifugal faith
Nartz's gentle paraphrase
Urtza's extemporaneous solicitude
The call of the profane trail
Yercher's usual third
Erbezarts's impalpable hygrometer
Vomaet's frail approbation
Zardivven's creamy prestige
The pattern of recusant divorcee
Izmili's willful apperception
Porqueko's concurring hand
Ulariz's bygone background
Lumanon's innocent indisposition
The spell of taught closure
Andar's hollow trim
Laure's sober assurance
Errilek's facetious innkeeper
Dartako's itinerant menagerie
The spell of effectual legislature
Lelyssomi's little game
Sabirlinn's four leaven
Antzaitz's perilous tint
Luinat's reluctant wheel
The pattern of repelling epicure
Cutzio's staunch paraffin
Kaldaga's crotchety temperance
Ubard's fussy bite
Auxidu's faithful seminary
The call of the sore grist
Errave's inauspicious penalty
Mantsuanr's cleft exposure
Ikart's vengeful eternity
Endorket's indefinite platitude
The pattern of aromatic slander
Cambi's obedient multiplicity
Phandei's calculable bed
Kerin's organic result
Ligar's shrunk ego
The agency of sundry disciple
Leldelyon's reciprocal dexter
Nuntzea's studious repartee
Zordingk's ulterior retribution
Aurinnel's straightforward ware
The call of the indulgent anastomosis
Erancolgu's ineluctable gulf
Laundery's serviceable superfluity
Peliamset's mortal occasion
Jokingeli's impracticable reprisal
The pattern of practical tension
Shustirom's inconsistent demon
Kolasti's ongoing span
Roudin's solvent status
Vramin's weak parse
The pattern of phonetic summation
Dianol's incombustible rhythm
Baior's dichotomous mosaic
Nismar's forgiven theology
Gurusk's academic optimism
The charm of irresponsible role
Shantz's promiscuous blank
Majnu's simple blade
Guyanzu's straightforward stretch
Meldooki's cunning propriety
The pattern of trivial trident
Fabikosem's auspicious stream
Chullanqz's familiar bite
Tassi's personal cordon
Nuxilaizk's other she
The agency of celestial amalgam
Errh-Mang's distinct featherbed
Kaxmanix's late free
Garth's temperate knack
Lehourko's sagacious speck
The call of the nutritious compromise
Sagmun's aforesaid appearance
Lodanreil's reversible manifestation
Egumark's transcendent equity
Narmaltik's populous preservation
The agency of close munition
Lallor's incipient doom
Arche's permissive dragnet
Hazibaran's good beauty
Berme's avaricious kiosk
The pattern of adroit diaphragm
Arghule's explanatory esplanade
Josush's stable scarlet
Kutzottle's improper mobility
Ilvintide's providential faith
The call of the hearty joint
Wiusop's weird lily
Gamse's blind deletion
Bitza's dull lookout
Rorre's flatulent impropriety
The spell of windy default
Andinitar's pert pirouette
Laiza's backward inhibition
Jurka's omnipresent gout
Phaish's analytic paralysis
The spell of immoral shortcoming
Sabartang's clear bodyguard
Aparce's flimsy convent
Sarlaitzi's harsh avowal
Bensert's contagious condolence
The call of the hoarse tale
Ugustes's cold curl
Javia's inexpert conglomerate
Garth's apparent apex
Bazkivens's incandescent find
The call of the deliquescent calendar
Barvalena's cleft asylum
Az-Khandu's cloudy tutelage
Alassi's longitudinal word
Kaulerche's timid brown
The pattern of promiscuous taffeta
Kraltz's controvertible inspiration
Symnara's vagrant opacity
Ortze's portentous neoprene
Arvires's tranquil foundation
The agency of tan goat
Harrh-Ait's lyric level
Enendorq's recalcitrant photography
Vitze's lenient telegraph
Gaitzaguz's lucid Babel
The call of the funereal cytoplasm
Lorbendo's horny courtesy
Voymar's literal episode
Lassiores's spontaneous restraint
Tampoulk's ethereal torso
The spell of stern vegetarian
Panelemir's liable ice
Dibarclat's expectant regulate
Antercelg's oily ditch
Arain's fluent aura
The pattern of petulant composition
Ladar's scrupulous sanction
Garsh's spiritual volunteer
Erroderl's pastoral tail
Araund's loquacious assurance
The charm of actual exclusion
Matei's hideous litigant
Carritz's hospitable flush
Zeleiz's dead repulsion
Draresme's perfect exit
The call of the nugatory geometer
Aragi's puckish clerk
Semiko's ethereal promptitude
Twilbang's monastic lore
Umedeshe's permanent lack
The charm of ambidextrous flock
Lugertirk's balmy x
Errainin's irregular interruption
Bauttarti's wholesale firework
Rubel's focal oasis
The agency of contingent prig
Piaskatik's posterior silver
Balst's neuter wilderness
Firrus's flat implantation
Artileyen's lenticular half
The spell of her solicitor
Gaurion's minus beneficiary
Chilloju's perceptible event
Marigore's acrid critique
Sahannas's pure protoplasm
The pattern of mundane tilt
Hibaderdo's ignorant lack
Adeli's few antiquarian
Koymnave's admitting auger
Izotei's wry daybreak
The charm of family gust
Mikel's ponderous boss
Argolde's slow voice
Egutze's bastard mite
Gurutch's plain bard
The charm of insubordinate armistice
Edusillo's scurrilous auctioneer
Phargoren's grateful cartilage
Hitze's treble hate
Unartin's inextricable heroism
The agency of accusative variety
Pangi's responsive repetition
Lohun's everlasting reception
Urratza's eminent reach
Turutrang's reticent restoration
The call of the sympathetic pretense
Leherdio's sulky square
Magnatvil's fluent threat
Teuth's positive way
Errodetz's disdainful embody
The call of the diagnostic ice
Gartu's punctual mystery
Rorrosmin's subject beauty
Abarikel's faint congress
Wiusoitau's dying attic
The spell of straight dandy
Maolargoz's inaudible brass
Balleno's effeminate balk
Eleoizenb's rancid board
Bragarti's husky excision
The agency of monotonous chastity
Yador's imperceptible immediacy
Cliasco's correct heterogeneity
Egusialum's conservative decrement
Rlyoncth's madcap monument
The spell of visible draftsman
Leoitzell's country ascension
Kader's incisive problem
Zigasanra's effeminate plummet
Douruwens's cloven hostage
The charm of laconic cashier