500 Random Spells for the Dying Earth

In Jack Vance's classic Tales of the Dying Earth, the nomenclature for the magical spells seems curiously archaic. Xarfaggio's Physical Malepsy ... Arnhoult's Sequestrious Digitalia ... The Spell of Forlorn Encystment ... Khulip's Nasal Enhancement ... The spell names occasionally evoke a decadent arcane humor. The Excellent Prismatic Spray ... Phandaal's Critique of the Chill ... Below, you will find 500 spell names of aleatoric provenance, which after careful redaction may be suitable for use in the wonderful The Dying Earth(*) Role-Playing Game.

Do you have any comments about this program? I'm aware of the problems with the adjective/noun database, but it is too large to correct either all at once or as I notice inappropriate items. I'll tweak it gradually over the next few years ...

Oh! I should add that the spell generator was inspired by a long-lost program written by my friends John Marron and Les Hill. Furthermore, I have to thank John for showing me that, if you are interested in exotic worlds and well-crafted sentences, there's always more and more to like in the work of Jack Vance.

There are other name generators on the Name Generation Page.

(*) "The Dying Earth" is a trademark of Pelgrane Press Ltd. It is used here without permission.

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Lumatziba's eminent challenge
Thintinkl's indefinite demerit
Hylaspile's up withdrawal
Matsu's invariable fiddle
The pattern of three keep
Urtazzina's fourth stopcock
Arler's lofty altitude
Dhoia's glad latitude
Jokin's comprehensive homogeneity
The agency of snap weight
Balemer's inapt feature
Mende's aching trespass
Obtrand's emeritus size
Bergoin's foppish modesty
The call of the toilsome trident
Erban's copious chivalry
Thimbela's hence afterthought
Chavian's wholesale port
Bamul's fortunate promptitude
The pattern of raw departure
Blipilat's dulcet preemption
Liartusz's melodramatic ache
Kolot's imprudent expenditure
Merth's echo static
The agency of ordinary picnic
Adoad's blind geodesy
Olekuirri's express invention
Berjano's dulcet contretemps
Gai-Pan's circuitous inadequacy
The agency of monastic version
Ongerlotz's dainty skit
Gaurjaerd's remiss dismissal
Ilatz's mean limitation
Massinart's pliant decrease
The pattern of abovementioned doom
Kisth's systematic equivalent
Anasastin's equine sickroom
Domiko's moderate stick
Munto's orient apotheosis
The call of the progressive paean
Roulko's green juncture
Sebad's tame will
Diskarvan's peppery project
Cuick's admitting parenthesis
The agency of nugatory bawd
Iliortika's last green
Rouro's absorbent moon
Gorralaua's steady exposure
Odoli's irregular accord
The agency of infinitesimal dismissal
Airiorsti's some vegetable
Lanon's humble grist
Errukendo's libelous clot
Huremal's mum vendetta
The pattern of public sauce
Lizan's clamorous recess
Llamet's orthodox mark
Ingsh's fitful sauce
Phamarcha's upright bale
The spell of blind prohibition
Majin's healthful entirety
Thiasna's averse cargo
Pharue's smart cuckoo
Guristi's substantive loyalty
The call of the talismanic sundown
Ariara's classic revolution
Ugaider's astringent taskmaster
Saspelant's supreme metaphor
Tiliste's murky withdrawal
The charm of monastic graybeard
Domaulemb's emitted proof
Baitz's steadfast dip
Ubarra's ethereal morsel
Belghaiz's natural cumulus
The pattern of financial journal
Gilkax's authoritative refractometer
Ivang's plausible business
Terut's green innuendo
Opietz's fleet transition
The spell of aromatic manuscript
Sentz's steadfast flounce
Peresaist's external incredulity
Perookink's secondhand mate
Aztermire's natural loyalty
The pattern of reverse lecher
Sabar's rare vestal
Djorq's vocal depression
Gassedoul's opalescent earth
Marapo's frank cryptography
The pattern of labial balk
Djora's tentative pressure
Petin's bold nothing
Poztorinj's irreclaimable shadow
Eznixon's secant ringlet
The charm of rough anachronism
Sembane's alive coma
Zuirko's bashful spirit
Rabik's fallacious wilderness
Orooz's noble gaucherie
The spell of delicate devotion
T'sajnutr's deliberate tinsel
Blippiere's adverse defect
Pantzi's pure venture
Santea's molten strife
The charm of fluent fall
Wissuska's adventitious temperance
Ostaun's fairy rattle
Rabbaso's tertiary purport
Kaunea's additional drainage
The pattern of base barter
Kriulkaji's liberal junction
Arren's impelling muslin
Kolder's trig inheritance
Illoju's phony habitat
The pattern of desultory exercise
Enatun's broad transfusion
Anasce's content catch
Mandobe's addled load
Oiennaiz's necessary symbol
The call of the minus axle
Arrin's indifferent pigeon
Lornillif's circuitous medium
Susko's civil syntax
Sandra's fair patron
The spell of natural earth
Elambet's near perpetuity
Rordor's inattentive varnish
Martsus's deleterious bigotry
Shario's distinct doom
The spell of trenchant grain
Garana's feudatory package
Baski's synchronous advance
Gorraa-Er's cool compression
Thiquesmi's prurient perspicuity
The pattern of venial longevity
Otsimauth's hasty subtrahend
Semen's ambiguous obduracy
Thole's indefinite subtlety
Belasteci's frail plan
The call of the rampant care
Vartz's farsighted auspices
Ankler's halcyon curl
Buska's irregular rack
Jostimari's stupid voice
The call of the corporeal department
Cartartza's beneficial grain
Mahanos's spiteful dummy
Solambill's sleepy miff
Sanebel's adverse pantheon
The spell of lineal concern
Ponazdaid's blown salary
Ekhiderl's dominant rendition
Gilkoste's safe satin
Laizarsai's munificent accident
The charm of intricate dolphin
Cuisvand's punitive essence
Thafdyke's anterior slight
Rharko's aromatic epistle
Odolor's close fool
The charm of living bruise
Florphima's matrimonial craftsman
Thaito's mum neoprene
Goilk's empty reversion
Dragarcel's correct rock
The call of the hard need
Bermur's resistant precession
Smonazzan's grandiloquent botanist
Eddith's mum relish
Kerig's content straight
The pattern of hoar me
Vasanotz's spinal circumvention
Cyros's admissible oath
Haxilinti's forcible suspension
Inardin's pungent gent
The agency of ineffable asymptote
Suudurre's cartographic gain
Oierlifad's effectual conundrum
Sasparbal's common dissension
Krainck's recusant obduracy
The pattern of inadequate bolt
Zeron's taught necessity
Nabolasan's simple conqueror
Lehe-Mone's humid prospect
Meame's artificial expedient
The call of the mature billet
Lachangot's irresponsible menagerie
Apatsunde's hearty garrison
Kanquised's pert manhood
Metishor's literal deprivation
The spell of usual fife
Javeruzai's agreed island
Sabaw's jovial arbiter
Ostecil's discreet bigotry
Kiroa's mean pole
The agency of feeble spell
Atsilbaw's recalcitrant necessity
Phazkitz's tangible plea
T'sannix's other apology
Remunola's level bribe
The agency of snap energy
Iolippilk's impressive entirety
Trolindur's halcyon diminution
Ilvirjait's twelfth midnight
Skitzeamb's undying turmoil
The call of the resonant balance
Hyssoa's addled buffoon
Kaere's quantitative recruit
Yoderon's gradual orgasm
Emetis's obligatory inspiration
The agency of graceful conversation
Uderlemer's erratic scream
Biketh's sharp threat
Asial's innocent starvation
Lelloju's liable idol
The pattern of bolt conversion
Kolop's calamitous advance
Chutz's fertile ascent
Ezniketa's felicitous dip
Luzen's green rhythm
The spell of sulky levy
Eztongust's permanent hobby
Alaon's literal Siberia
Arras's legitimate jewel
Arghul's exact paucity
The pattern of everlasting repute
Lince's synchronous simplicity
Estesede's tremulous plagiarism
Araxakatv's distinct defect
Meden's arrogant bounty
The call of the afloat fuse
Garzar's temporal organ
Carrault's contraband handful
Maturteba's equable glow
Sfetti's incredulous abeyance
The spell of exigent regard
Elascolor's restorative kangaroo
Bautzed's dissident inversion
Domatzede's vitreous petticoat
Dundermi's insubstantial perturbation
The pattern of evergreen privilege
Zurueko's distinct bribe
Mikoa's agrarian perversion
Sensebel's open cry
Agoitzotz's vindictive governor
The pattern of new school
Passio's derisive field
Palod's perpetual gain
Gordiniko's glutinous lubricity
Pesando's splendid extension
The spell of inadmissible maxim
Tadikdam's farsighted salamander
Keparsist's dynamic scout
Bersentaz's smooth semblance
Baziorque's sextuple preference
The call of the warlike welcome
Olerchili's abstinent wonder
Cilfin's bovine bane
Dhaig's trenchant planet
Baizai's simple withdrawal
The spell of left fourth
Tokolek's mum man
Stand's sticky abuse
Teoizo's gigantic zeal
Irauvun's irregular gourmet
The spell of paschal physique
Sagol's innocuous synthesis
Mendin's lax teratology
Domanta's close lee
Ezteso's monetary memorandum
The call of the definite plummet
Belli's upright fortune
Gaini's incapable playmate
Sabal's grateful interference
Ampoun's squat addition
The agency of strenuous rhyme
Karin's aloof life
Semarlo's inflexible hummock
Danexel's rank burgher
Shakox's echo prose
The pattern of flat tilt
Majune's harsh commentator
Clamentzi's practical chastity
Janduruwe's blameworthy digression
Medery's harsh longevity
The agency of puckish desuetude
Kimpe's emphatic expositor
Kauruanba's useful award
Kodnifetz's borne problem
Hyssoi's derisive lull
The call of the torn probity
Brankeri's antipodean cartel
Ostatuno's erroneous slag
Blish's sketchy wing
Ihazi's dramatic fine
The charm of third minutiae
Zurjai's red straight
Baunt's indescribable concision
Sando's notorious lump
Ostein's worthwhile locust
The spell of eminent precedent
Adore's devilish thesis
Ksaiven's indeterminate aim
Jandurum's disparate injunction
Yeller's obscure chaise
The charm of illicit welcome
Nuxish's competitive vendetta
Beruir's congenital hate
Rhavenexe's incommensurable massage
Diambae's worthy homogeneity
The pattern of sarcastic omen
Jorma's prismatic etiquette
Errishada's impressive static
Madlish's revolutionary homicide
Bazzio's floating sage
The charm of phony album
Pulsx's tortuous divorcee
Gandernat's mournful barbarism
Jangai's velvety protest
Chunex's inconsolable heyday
The pattern of slow monologue
Irainath's willful substitute
Hyssangra's ordinary ridicule
Passelask's buoyant homology
Charra's legendary assent
The pattern of youthful spurt
Tiffwyd's obedient utilitarian
Andaniko's perpetual intimate
T'sapelin's wonderful all
Bazhna's mundane blockade
The call of the strict concord
Ekanser's vehement boy
Pianifeza's neat rascal
Zahoi's prostrate exponent
Mauculis's hazardous mode
The charm of lost event
Mazza's fireproof variety
Anserezx's abrasive hydra
Gartze's intrusive loop
Portzotz's prone bubble
The spell of primordial widow
Domamised's fibrous mugging
Itulles's local prophet
Kaladi's scant arena
Gidal's irregular brine
The call of the pleasant train
Etonel's wearisome captive
Aleye's extravagant stock
Erringoiz's orthogonal pretense
Smoud's lukewarm sleep
The call of the acetic mobility
Ubaritz's kittenish cornea
Agoitza's caustic normalcy
Gasick's cross interval
Carin's observant iconoclast
The spell of bland debenture
Maritidel's straight impropriety
Egoskaffi's uproarious report
Urtso's restorative intellectual
Zokhe's selfish satisfaction
The pattern of new benefactor
Beroonatz's isochronous sinew
Fabon's furtive method
Goitzen's frail verisimilitude
Hanctherl's beneficial cartel
The call of the elfin heaven
Firisseiz's sour luck
Kuttor's legitimate wastrel
Marwancen's responsive alabaster
Guringoia's impious stock
The spell of congratulatory slab
Gillishia's disparate care
Nismaraie's liable proportion
Laune's partial probity
Amedoroa's itinerant disciple
The spell of right secession
Gauri's resistant strength
Alopsio's sullen intrusion
Gauri's workaday pyramid
Um-Forgai's exclusive beginning
The charm of opportune jest
Bustraurd's flat exemption
Beraz's eminent contiguity
Braml's inauspicious verve
Davant's dyadic exception
The charm of double bane
Hodermel's penal precession
Fesmyresu's fifth interference
Djorko's owing perpetuity
Irabi's aquatic prostitution
The spell of sibilant pessimism
Xarnarb's frisky idiot
Glazenzu's arbitrary normalcy
Gwenat's fragmentary incumbent
Tharsco's shallow gloss
The agency of repelling clutter
Artsu's mournful union
Saduruank's crusty neck
Morniko's baneful quackery
Herluskur's ingenuous proclivity
The spell of supernatant invention
G'Valde's chivalrous jackanapes
Jokhiange's respondent balm
Kerlun's irrecoverable amethyst
Zuzarter's perilous show
The pattern of afraid solution
Semersh's fluid fanatic
Cabas's thieving creature
Uguenneam's posterior animosity
Olerio's censorious manual
The pattern of quadrilateral homage
Belan's inadmissible phantom
Enerrin's secular satin
Jurtea's electric whisper
Kando's forgotten concourse
The spell of venturesome contralto
Arruwe's inflexible pressure
Alasth's obscure entomology
Haxmanbaz's small lieu
Semesant's salty endpoint
The spell of imminent forbearance
Hanne's irreverent trek
Um-Zuri's mediocre simplicity
Lehilfag's single precession
Margindor's apt depression
The charm of uncouth fashion
Bundithot's extensive haste
Lautanili's fulsome hurry
Jualsea's fine ultimatum
Jurende's immediate return
The agency of cool duty
Lausti's sensory committal
Leilizue's reverse revelation
Orber's financial roll
Unalam's covetous platform
The charm of coarse normalcy
Voynexi's cold incomprehension
Corriks's successive exclusion
Verral's marginal rescue
Lodordagi's inattentive light
The call of the scabrous tracery
Tolgunte's mild platform
Falumanau's osseous exhaustion
Erauvunix's immiscible pedigree
Cortater's cumbersome adhesion
The charm of consistent derelict
Gwenar's volatile perversion
Anaud's correct umbrella
Oskoxo's subversive pessimist
Florkajun's superficial preservation
The agency of safe command
Mershmike's wet plummet
Daval's congratulatory dough
Zuixonaur's veracious damage
Illensin's vibrant expansion
The charm of pecuniary financier
Pelante's Epicurean voodoo
Smonas's obdurate voracity
Kilistiss's free caustic
Carrarnix's curt obduracy
The call of the scrupulous restoration
Sasmis's hazardous girth
Deuth's intangible loyalty
Topsingum's glassy homogeneity
Oles-Topo's safe chastity
The spell of midland calorimeter
Ekive's ninefold obduracy
Beizkos's mum trespass
Senol's improvident opacity
Silfercla's multifarious cataract
The spell of verbose virtue
Dandi's notorious thistle
Ermur's erroneous bully
Weale's naval renewal
Illambal's boisterous hecatomb
The charm of inflammable study
Darnaulle's taught almanac
Aurtartso's inquisitive hedonism
Gorath's inadequate ingratitude
Pelistiag's fitful tone
The charm of burlesque concretion
Gauaxe's baptismal protest
Garangune's current study
Sushko's spare Cavendish
Igolo's threadbare minimum
The charm of burdensome article
Nepet's discernible pith
Scaulis's stray adversary
Naban's fleet keep
Pergadar's diverse area
The agency of lost clientele
Porishaza's plausible contiguity
Vomancx's polyglot wag
Tabtiande's insipid jar
Gabalch's abhorrent lot
The pattern of handsome corpse
Asilia's elastic synergy
Abelancth's illiterate aquarium
Um-Zuirad's congenial juncture
Mikolarmi's tremulous talisman
The pattern of inglorious resignation