500 Random Spells for the Dying Earth

In Jack Vance's classic Tales of the Dying Earth, the nomenclature for the magical spells seems curiously archaic. Xarfaggio's Physical Malepsy ... Arnhoult's Sequestrious Digitalia ... The Spell of Forlorn Encystment ... Khulip's Nasal Enhancement ... The spell names occasionally evoke a decadent arcane humor. The Excellent Prismatic Spray ... Phandaal's Critique of the Chill ... Below, you will find 500 spell names of aleatoric provenance, which after careful redaction may be suitable for use in the wonderful The Dying Earth(*) Role-Playing Game.

Do you have any comments about this program? I'm aware of the problems with the adjective/noun database, but it is too large to correct either all at once or as I notice inappropriate items. I'll tweak it gradually over the next few years ...

Oh! I should add that the spell generator was inspired by a long-lost program written by my friends John Marron and Les Hill. Furthermore, I have to thank John for showing me that, if you are interested in exotic worlds and well-crafted sentences, there's always more and more to like in the work of Jack Vance.

There are other name generators on the Name Generation Page.

(*) "The Dying Earth" is a trademark of Pelgrane Press Ltd. It is used here without permission.

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Lasisbell's muddy chastity
Mauruque's graceful hiss
Shaion's swampy myself
Rogeinor's recipient apprehension
The agency of huge gusto
Semel's sour slight
Urdurtzea's hot circuit
Puiraa-Hr's parsimonious classification
Bergilin's lopsided password
The charm of exact digression
Ubedebelu's urban gin
Daren's faulty ambiguity
Arnike's sociable relish
Madar's centenary hole
The charm of explicit contingent
Andoad's grand reception
Cazura's fast pap
Vratz's scholastic extension
Herdi's wrought institution
The call of the mimicking bystander
Garrabar's keen border
Zadustatz's notorious constraint
Laitzi's carnal chaos
Vitzar's osseous evolution
The pattern of peremptory moat
La-Erridu's quizzical sign
Busko's naval heliotrope
Oshia's intractable parvenu
Cyrus's defiant dialect
The agency of dull stupor
Anazkine's grotesque precedent
Tholwandi's provisional blight
Kaulk's weak mass
Nishe-Lor's tangible crypt
The spell of gratis force
Berin's forgotten merit
Ilasket's portentous sack
Thido's done deuce
Bustio's duplicate laughingstock
The call of the bland assurance
Faundi's inadvertent excitation
Arvoraggi's peremptory handbook
Enarko's filthy lamentation
Bizki's pithy oblivion
The pattern of shipshape bulletin
Zergoias's predatory simplicity
Gombolike's dull malaria
Symamaive's corporeal ounce
Hoder's maritime effluvium
The charm of casual watchdog
Miirnilfe's primitive adhesion
Aitzincel's celestial procession
Daviraspi's jumbo mirage
Lorrigose's sappy homosexual
The agency of windy commodity
Alanne's yeasty information
Huriusk's indirect apprehension
Bitzedesu's jog mend
Tohol's hot juxtaposition
The spell of vertical audition
Suulko's afloat midnight
Zahit's imbecile necessity
Phaid's propitious abuse
Marrabed's rickety plate
The pattern of ineffectual inspiration
Bertarain's rare simplicity
Tchel's provincial truce
Irumankoi's lukewarm exemption
Puiraitz's repelling multitude
The charm of sibilant intrusion
Betti's supreme demur
Ssilkafla's resolute posy
Garitalu's impalpable tenderfoot
Isulinart's matrimonial obduracy
The agency of evasive swell
Artilfiga's cool schizophrenia
Beron's warm benefactor
Antalstar's bluff backbone
Sandur's dutiful fuel
The call of the amongst itch
Forpetika's studious synergy
Naholo's congratulatory diverge
Erranthaz's victorious need
Stunen's impertinent ice
The agency of late wont
Hazdaio's decimal silver
Inderaitz's irrelevant remainder
Haxid's impermissible liaison
Muntzil's oily crest
The pattern of plane exception
Moggi's ambient product
G'Vasiera's nice papa
Shail's supposable destiny
Roggi's peaceful admission
The agency of valid asylum
Mercas's impressive horticulture
Berdagi's faint safeguard
Jullia's noble cry
Aznio's qualified gospel
The charm of satisfactory caprice
Irain's shivery permutation
Masundu's cleft penury
Jaiven's continental error
Hodol's resident attrition
The pattern of minus gather
Enaune's tensile ephemeris
Lasna's stagnant duration
Hurizede's dull mustang
Crausko's scurrilous exemption
The agency of mobile reversion
Larent's recriminatory seduction
Axusz's obscure mortgage
Hylam-Zui's repelling soothsayer
Twileyevo's rare gratuity
The charm of licentious failure
Mergarrh-'s inactive gaucherie
Pulkartho's tragic baleen
Oroitzin's firm disposal
Irauchisb's defensive classification
The charm of prompt span
Albik's public opacity
Argostide's melodious backbone
Igolad's feudal allusion
Khazki's sacred thaw
The pattern of aeronautic laughingstock
Tyzog's raw approval
Iraaga's irrepressible myself
Aidus's insane lily
Murstergi's rapid successor
The charm of inadmissible retrogression
Kasio's terminal mail
Waldelteb's inapt barter
Illark's right ego
Madatsido's tremulous ease
The call of the useful disk
Ibalan's inarticulate cabinet
Borix's patient snap
Garikutta's apocryphal privilege
Doulin's incorporate range
The call of the gelatinous asymptote
Arvial's delicate concert
Nepahil's her squash
Luicauc's tentative data
Shestio's academic preserve
The pattern of harmonious compendium
Ettoldera's devout antagonist
Dilbi's mealy case
Aztad's lengthy lotion
Almetinik's less expansion
The charm of four furtherance
Shilbi's vernal repentant
Milgumats's bland justice
Tuskartz's praiseworthy size
Maoncth's perspicuous decrease
The agency of spellbound laurel
Bilikelys's offhand bird
Uguzpa's combustible tally
Murkaju's gratuitous fact
Allot's equitable bronco
The charm of dietetic scandal
Bohus's fair male
Egola's indifferent triumph
Abanzurus's useful denunciation
Yelio's apt mate
The pattern of recombinant retardation
Erradea's cautionary word
Scantze's inverse combustion
Goldei's extravagant spite
Calesher's ubiquitous nucleolus
The spell of deducible depression
Tadantila's sibilant plagiarism
Deutzaina's extinct circumscription
Pethon's angelic supply
Ekinxi's beneficial simplicity
The charm of permanent chameleon
Borkiad's sardonic yarn
Thabtrazk's prompt block
Lumatz's extravagant trinket
Arrattarf's wicked weed
The call of the incommensurable ablution
Carwig's discreet performance
Ibale's elliptic pull
Azena's antagonistic broadside
Uhimaeres's aloof detour
The pattern of vitreous cherub
Haraggill's puckish backbone
Leobi's profane repetition
Mirit's errant independent
Ilamamane's significant call
The agency of woody marriage
Krats's conjoint homogeneity
Euska's serial fit
Arnaion's resonant quota
Gariasnar's echo intuition
The agency of salty womanhood
Tango's rectangular piety
Garmon's hideous difficulty
Munklem's monotonous seduction
Lirel's synonymous inspiration
The spell of tragic intimacy
Goring's spiritual export
Ibanola's abject acrimony
Merutzei's proof congress
Ixismerru's convex inspiration
The spell of strategic game
Tipil's dull judge
Oshagmaza's venomous ingredient
Datzil's phonic synchronism
Gomberemu's prior future
The pattern of sappy prose
Tifag's particular cost
Shion's elementary punch
Urber's rigid normalcy
Lizki's impeccable merchant
The call of the nascent truth
Baumek's innocuous decorum
Ostialant's repulsive exercise
Edurt's transferred apposition
Auxki's frontal fourth
The charm of fruitful notice
Sabbanpi's soft warrant
Baierchid's dull pleasure
Sotzai-Pa's stiff dredge
Kauntint's lyric quintessence
The charm of dire chameleon
Tsopo's arbitrary incense
Aratz's decimal disruption
Maiong's taint absence
Wyxsc's discoid profile
The spell of hideous mainland
Jauen's intact punk
Radalteiz's inexpert image
Guyalce's devilish aura
Zerelgran's dry aura
The call of the halfway heed
Munixel's lost inadequacy
Nahorque's maritime ambiguity
Xeionaroo's feudal truce
Susko's tactile freehold
The pattern of rubicund society
Azede's compact resolution
Ankaide's monastic caption
Nikdan's neat surprise
Alaramae's rectangular forbearance
The call of the impotent ricochet
Boula's insubstantial opposition
Lasajin's slab third
Symarth's improvident mark
Chermo's ominous evolution
The call of the rectangular restraint
Phortarme's dull coupon
Goman's forward copyright
Gnitz's deducible semblance
Bamenno's conducive shadow
The call of the diabolic canon
Gniffin's auspicious confidante
Voymnatza's compelled call
Mirostusa's modern risk
Balusz's first verisimilitude
The call of the desultory mobility
Claon's wiry bond
Tokos's identical password
Nahaga's abusive wilderness
Sequir's slow restraint
The spell of handsome severalty
Gaucen's incompressible creak
Sadassani's omnipresent falsehood
Ermetzon's contagious acquisition
The spell of spoken thread
Oierr's inopportune cynic
Iparlin's mock cry
Berrensia's some infusion
Gabantuld's cosmopolitan attitude
The charm of handsome bloom
Gardi's brash leakage
Kyroon's frothy appearance
Erras's misanthropic captain
Obedesh's seedy break
The charm of analytic quint
Kello's festive symphony
Teodore's preserve duck
Dhoth's whereas price
Laurtik's refractory studio
The agency of derisive dilatation
Birnak's providential prize
Raderaxe's dusty port
Anatz's needy nicety
Kaulin's converse occultation
The pattern of plausible shade
Moere's wheezy cocoon
Teode's sober equivalent
Andar's peppery tone
Termer's slow fate
The charm of providential bawd
Ksants's impalpable renewal
Lacolode's judicious congress
Tibaw's neuter nave
Raimberra's quiet precis
The charm of austere whisper
Phanpingi's humorous repetition
Arier's follicular causation
Muntz's bygone thunderclap
Tadivenon's cavernous homology
The call of the conclusive twaddle
Hyssia's inferential amulet
Lauler's ceremonial pliancy
Sanol's talkative impression
Arion's reformatory lord
The call of the deducible prayer
Erraives's declaratory halt
Ainka's orderly preservation
Zilasapar's nasal demon
Abennarth's true quaver
The agency of absolute acerbity
Oiher's even punctuate
Urteizka's bald detour
Domanno's chaste virtue
Garme's insecure proof
The charm of covetous proof
Arscule's decent slavery
Haxelaunt's normal compulsion
Sasnasiel's different balm
Bardi's shoal self
The pattern of prone husbandman
Gaimbanse's contemptuous arithmetic
Laundilfa's terrestrial verbosity
Rinko's adverse pyrometer
Ekhiantzi's deducible nihilism
The call of the dexter excess
Folerusil's balmy depression
Phavnas's hubby perpetuity
Calun's monastic peal
Argoskos's marriageable courtesy
The call of the ambrosial contempt
Oradl's fundamental respect
Sancz's vivid cheesecake
Shele's gradual freedom
Yodninck's retrograde help
The pattern of smaller start
Hermel's mutual precession
Tch-Ain's ambidextrous recession
Psyre's festive fashion
Sotso's free section
The pattern of home right
Luzkin's definite weal
Laiago's short tick
Shrama's infrequent root
Kradarish's green reprieve
The charm of fit lapse
Bubasmisk's perpendicular refusal
Ezkaio's evasive incapacity
Obelarl's indelible evolution
Smoun's neutral comfort
The agency of repulsive beadle
Kyron's tantamount flux
Voman's vernal anastomosis
Zuzken's feudatory cunning
Irati's infernal mint
The call of the hence inexperience
Gadle's conscientious gap
Eshmis's luminous entourage
Umerl's restorative disciplinarian
Moelambe's characteristic show
The spell of evil care
Goitad's lower pith
Vasnas's quadripartite alias
Ubarterli's subject gap
Yauntzili's soluble fifth
The agency of plausible pudding
Ospindrat's shy cage
Bohide's discrepant satisfaction
Sandras's possible beck
Auremun's contemptible loggerhead
The pattern of tripartite forbearance
Gabbasump's sedimentary clothesline
Sancthaid's rustic speech
Roggidusz's impermissible savage
Arsephry's sepulchral plank
The charm of positive provision
Hanon's allusive homogeneity
Karroldav's reverse malcontent
Lacoumpri's orthogonal purview
Harraagmu's blest absolution
The spell of phony eternity
Iskafer's kinky moat
Zamed's genial arrow
Sequa's compliant rehearsal
Elasianex's intact court
The charm of prophylactic revelation
Panker's demure stock
Zuhak's bad proxy
Wagmuntz's sensual crystal
Aroiz's uniform rust
The charm of inward court
Novanbenu's cosmopolitan Janus
Marin's lost presentation
Adolam's refractory princess
Karme's obvious assurance
The agency of harmonious grace
Dermis's radiant odium
Xartsun's passionate author
Fesetzon's commensurable levity
Garti's lost scandal
The call of the radical member
Emetantze's ancient gent
Berniko's fortunate evolution
Thiramend's conducive check
Geruquann's coequal occlusion
The spell of deceitful dawn
Berri's ostentatious lifeblood
Cilegoitz's fiduciary execution
Mazza's immaterial satisfaction
Beizan's astringent balk
The spell of acrid reprieve
Josuanio's demonic ballast
Isuntz's indiscernible data
Lukend's incongruous trust
Chavanol's aquatic mycology
The call of the fleet ring
Josti's nutritious robe
Eshai's acquisitive intellectual
Lehenrea's warlike clan
Alasu's punctual rhetorician
The charm of fussy minimum
Pethorrao's inclement lard
Sturu's irksome sorcery
Kurresusk's trivial worthy
Izter's imbecile static
The pattern of improvise purr
Erwenseth's incredulous tenacity
Bortza's incapable disciple
Jornascul's graceful set
Hariusz's misty evolution
The charm of peripatetic home
Ganpin's tuneful denouement
Ibandi's tidal thought
Andurigai's opposite swing
Berra's sensible stench
The pattern of tranquil floodgate
Ildoilbir's inefficient sweat
Gilarkolw's attentive smack
Narri's useful essence
Archabin's perfunctory relict
The spell of delicate heredity
Tsoit's retroactive flue
Cancola's autumnal flame
Atarkelai's harsh widow
Ilvin's prominent infinitude
The spell of quizzical ordeal
Codoncx's civic supply
Berosen's insufficient closure
Garwe's predominant lamentation
Semiradit's scenic obduracy
The spell of heavy cloud
Loloju's normal gourmet
Jassandor's changeable repertoire
Urbaladim's longitudinal blur
Zahill's irregular vein
The spell of eventful exchange
Canguska's improper anger
Byssia's indirect sin
Zhidar's offensive approbation
Forede's prompt repulsion
The agency of light semblance
Eusherdi's hopeful obstinacy
Yadarre's equatorial vendor
Scaus's modest finish
Tobeko's indistinguishable compromise
The call of the true contiguity
Jaurtz's antagonistic graduate
Taudo's ravenous bent
Boresset's nonsensical confine
Urdatsugw's multifarious ambiguity
The charm of supine preamble
Gurezx's molten unction
Virem's permanent precession
Garis's dull collar
Arclat's plain fowl
The spell of curt assurance
Joserging's sedate tenderfoot
Arvoyevor's elegant remission
Gezarkart's coy sympathy
Petish's aboriginal expose
The charm of convivial component
Dararvile's specious me
Bethunea's finite appearance
Hooki's usual gauze
Bides's sanitary reserve
The pattern of puckish strike
Phazki's feasible ease
Xexeti's painful icebox
Uhiquekoi's inelastic plate
Arabae's raw provision
The agency of parabolic poultry
Arnidalar's oblivious doctrinaire
Ugumar's null division
Mustine's abusive emphasis
Sanderl's celestial polish
The charm of civil pursuit