500 Random Spells for the Dying Earth

In Jack Vance's classic Tales of the Dying Earth, the nomenclature for the magical spells seems curiously archaic. Xarfaggio's Physical Malepsy ... Arnhoult's Sequestrious Digitalia ... The Spell of Forlorn Encystment ... Khulip's Nasal Enhancement ... The spell names occasionally evoke a decadent arcane humor. The Excellent Prismatic Spray ... Phandaal's Critique of the Chill ... Below, you will find 500 spell names of aleatoric provenance, which after careful redaction may be suitable for use in the wonderful The Dying Earth(*) Role-Playing Game.

Do you have any comments about this program? I'm aware of the problems with the adjective/noun database, but it is too large to correct either all at once or as I notice inappropriate items. I'll tweak it gradually over the next few years ...

Oh! I should add that the spell generator was inspired by a long-lost program written by my friends John Marron and Les Hill. Furthermore, I have to thank John for showing me that, if you are interested in exotic worlds and well-crafted sentences, there's always more and more to like in the work of Jack Vance.

There are other name generators on the Name Generation Page.

(*) "The Dying Earth" is a trademark of Pelgrane Press Ltd. It is used here without permission.

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Madikuis's husky salvation
Ibaiz's spiral stress
Taskoun's emeritus geometer
Tambi's recipient obstinacy
The agency of before glut
Roumartse's rustic perspicuity
Azval's rectilinear fall
Lukolamie's smooth whisper
Auxki's defensive scandal
The call of the progressive pick
Izotartaz's gaseous thought
Buniferst's filmy umbrella
Astirx's graphic vanity
Verja's numeral fold
The charm of hasty meniscus
Ankwisbaz's clear armistice
Aitzin's internal regard
Bazkin's barefaced ointment
Azurd's deciduous tea
The agency of he project
Bazdal's predominant leeway
Errelle's brown y
Kalam's bluff brotherhood
Yodeku's faithful bigotry
The agency of needy bugaboo
Oleobi's expeditious gust
Eddili's up magic
Ugarron's nominal analysis
Oskoi's muggy opposition
The charm of belligerent silver
Gilaw's organic roost
Ihitzedel's diurnal duty
Moggingra's his safekeeping
Kodaint's exhaustive sauce
The spell of trivial gait
Tarsh's impulsive epoch
Abask's atmospheric succession
Dilipinar's summary unity
Arnai's thin necessity
The spell of reactionary bolt
Buniker's cavalier denudation
Zambaucul's ritual surface
Kazurd's wild apostrophe
Kaxel's common idol
The call of the airy brevity
Aream's allusive adhesion
Argare's infirm conglomerate
Kyrmunts's abusive orange
Lasatz's impulsive pretension
The charm of correct value
Borin's concurrent aftermath
Baitz's complaisant collapse
Suulloer's changeable answer
Irraon's naked muff
The agency of furtive inquisition
Azotz's consanguineous circuit
Perdingos's possible character
Jingshero's sweet manhood
The pattern of progressive bulldog
Lassil's indifferent necromancer
Aientun's corporeal lamentation
Zampet's cunning profusion
Osprooz's maritime feat
The spell of definitive calm
Narmirrit's sore fit
Yaa-Hratu's open caliber
Lianthoum's apocryphal redemption
Laltebalu's impossible qualm
The agency of confirmatory gossip
Hoonaver's slippery venison
Baluntt's autumnal infantry
Zarros's axiomatic vista
Bubenbel's compact limitation
The spell of domestic speech
Uzurualt's forgetful glucose
Tembir's appropriate invention
Tobiku's metric ego
Ampriz's monotonous roll
The call of the militant profundity
Mardi's telescopic blue
Arraves's peaceable madcap
Enetiadhr's full realm
Chimpelet's broad cranium
The call of the solemn punster
Yasbet's predominant place
Spahaionc's dead instinct
Sahakoita's swampy possession
Corrh-Aid's servile pawnshop
The pattern of inorganic grit
Sandowis's husky alcohol
Leizi's since salute
Kolaian's authentic inexperience
Lohia's impertinent pitch
The spell of rear loss
Elanexiar's good possession
Omoulko's parochial board
Maizki's uncouth lake
Matze's rectangular independent
The pattern of mute gouge
Sotta's possible hop
Yaanducul's continental attribution
Pozte's hot land
Trives's cadaverous game
The spell of penitentiary litigant
Ageio's effeminate botanist
Gorasin's racy study
Urtia's splintery swab
Sugeize's regulatory audition
The charm of mystic talisman
Lehotsugo's swift owl
Sothaf's victorious option
Um-Orbard's innumerable revise
Ortsop's vernal blank
The charm of inverse might
Ksant's bandy icebox
Shadoa's precious tumult
Shide's bygone remittance
Sotsusa's iambic crypt
The spell of literal spleen
Parikela's sharp invitation
Benotse's generous fifth
Gaderme's numerous revise
Hitze's defiant longevity
The charm of braggart mania
Chalter's rotary thud
Danip's auspicious fever
Skaiz's misanthropic escapade
Buruwentz's blasphemous absenteeism
The pattern of impassable covenant
Artes's uniform measure
Argoldorc's stuffy masquerade
Aztati's weak ant
Zhimartzi's restful ideology
The spell of immune culture
Borian's audacious deposition
Zorive's burlesque retrospect
Sfetzesel's desultory bow
T'saissa's recusant pig
The charm of subversive munition
Lerme's pastoral choice
Laitz's seductive plunder
Sapaltor's violet sponge
Firin's multifarious sphere
The call of the conscientious beauty
Sandi's guilty ado
Eznavanth's real withdrawal
Bazed's reciprocal partisan
Bergi's dirty game
The pattern of eloquent theme
Phalu's inert serpent
Mustis's perpetual creature
Ilviaggio's irregular term
Indal's braggart shortcoming
The pattern of confirmatory worth
Domer's sped field
Egona's sinister zodiac
Merin's aloof aspersion
Zornhoulc's successful repetition
The pattern of resonant disturbance
Jaitz's recipient charm
Semen's implacable allusion
Herbelasi's thick complex
Ularkener's aerial advent
The spell of primitive ravine
Kolarthio's misanthropic ether
Gartun's soft shadow
Ezkormunz's impressive drop
Wisvanosk's mock protestant
The agency of chronic prose
Erenodess's marshy diminution
Deobelado's infinite pull
Mednixida's commonplace tenderfoot
Zohin's precious misogynist
The pattern of pulmonary blood
Iboldende's ideal anthropology
Difadin's convertible retardation
Bazen's egregious sculpture
Voyevore's straightforward reindeer
The spell of thirteenth support
Um-Foara's imponderable mastic
Olegiortu's sore pillar
Laulde's mendacious amity
Vasser's local spite
The agency of characteristic despair
Ettan's robust placenta
Maredes's weak bloom
Ortiskod's erroneous march
Antta's singsong calorimeter
The call of the earnest upstart
Oihel's divine apathy
Rantis's inconsistent permit
Majnurit's supernatant asperity
Siladuc's discretionary evolution
The call of the scant millionaire
Santz's direct evolution
Radera's third vanity
Gaurukher's scarce afterglow
Eskorko's jubilant product
The agency of secant slit
Vasth's exceptional disturbance
Birisbas's specious vintner
Mikuek'hn's filmy spleen
Areardour's rare sensory
The call of the incessant inadequacy
Makkel's transatlantic stevedore
Kirol's scanty confusion
Ubeku's comparative approval
Edorda's bifurcate point
The pattern of aching installation
Naradurdi's cereal confirmation
Haitze's cadaverous lubricity
Arnikubas's spare simultaneity
Ameiorsen's rectangular composition
The call of the exultant discretion
Irabike's axial prodigy
Elornhore's livid vermilion
Azolagask's windy precaution
Santze's rank demagogue
The spell of quaternary anxiety
Illanexan's buoyant demagogue
Eriulko's mammoth coercion
Eusti's equal conceit
Trinolde's academic onslaught
The charm of episcopal disk
Balgundi's funereal salvation
Luisko's descendent lift
Shimarsc's convertible spirit
Seben's felicitous regret
The agency of freed abridgment
Sotar's immortal ecstasy
Chakatzil's pedantic sobriety
Orinxilba's magic deodorant
Orban's binary jackanapes
The spell of ostensible starboard
Shartz's insensible prong
Shiandik-'s barbarous hate
Mogell's secure tree
Majaustus's wary dye
The spell of frothy racket
Gauarthan's intransitive church
Gauno's square fall
Egurdulet's exterior monstrosity
Bubuc's external coupon
The pattern of innocent acrimony
Iucul's abusive wild
Tolar's pestilent cipher
Shaleober's rampant fear
Pornu's subjunctive pedigree
The agency of fussy maroon
Bariorser's washy spindle
Narin's ovate data
Boher's over burgher
Jatsiko's defiant latex
The call of the due flow
Baurgoled's forgiven flush
Gilis's recusant compression
Urturgio's contradictory hyphen
Kilbausto's informal bid
The call of the ready mushroom
Oleodeio's glad difficulty
Odola's allusive reserve
Novaner's formal man
Skats's nasty brown
The charm of strong sight
Drosu's said mystery
Litotzes's admitted physiognomy
Arlortz's fair disruption
Dilick's future vice
The agency of punctual myopia
Cuisko's snoopy garrison
Gilix's possible original
Ugarkoz's natural bane
Indorna's shrunk exposure
The agency of inadmissible collector
Zurgio's delightful purport
Kolan's free penny
Atatz's brusque property
Omoun's downtrodden aura
The agency of leisure lull
Keruque's blest sail
Dambezzar's oviform thief
Akerassu's shy twilight
Petish's indiscriminate anachronism
The call of the natural tie
Maulch-Mo's insoluble shove
Arantzanb's fortuitous chancellor
Kushen's filial fuel
Susth's impossible bunk
The call of the proportionate sinister
Diffin's nodular tarnish
Tandando's small impression
Kilekoldo's pleasant malaria
Ubeko's rigorous cut
The call of the innocuous dismissal
Wyxscen's incorrect colleague
Herrednix's reformatory mullah
Urthitz's corrupt quiver
Porshabas's congratulatory fennel
The agency of penal argument
Arotzartz's small variety
Alliz's introductory grant
Zafdyk's insignificant satisfaction
Sabea's persuasive juice
The agency of periodic jackanapes
Andal's impulsive wizard
Zuirro's phonic lubricity
Poresa's cadaverous comprehension
Albalaol's nervous loss
The spell of lost waste
Ainen's sluggish worthy
Arascoud's sinistral mass
Mirennea's inadequate exclusion
Gaiellia's weak face
The charm of impalpable quiet
Oxenex's preposterous indigene
Auxiangra's tarry tablet
Maonix's casual appearance
Ibantune's divine dock
The agency of obscure stricture
Kader's synoptic acquittal
Chelme's auditory eye
Barin's baptismal latex
Osanethot's strenuous trap
The call of the good cork
Hovandior's transparent life
Errilkain's conscientious assurance
Kyruther's barren distribution
Jostaffet's asymptotic beast
The agency of epic dilatation
Sementz's pregnant Siberia
Orkajin's quadratic stake
Pierro's dusty phenomenon
Jakurtsu's flagrant adhesion
The agency of discordant asperity
Herstei's hollow interregnum
Gautzei's lethal bruit
Phambastu's disdainful patron
Bai-Pal's remedial euphemist
The pattern of hot charge
Radek'hna's sonorous advance
Zohun's sober marvel
Silgumen's tame simile
Bautigark's pitiful occlusion
The pattern of mammoth lymph
Ascoledra's triumphant maintenance
Goinixile's green departure
Arniks's exponential retina
Garrave's cool scale
The agency of exigent phraseology
Luzeltish's preeminent chink
Hovantz's absorbent trough
Senduruqu's rustic tautology
Scandonau's hollow admiration
The agency of juicy jewel
Rlyone's concurrent seal
Oihelip's individual departure
Sembabiri's piggish step
Kaualdol's irremediable fill
The agency of gruff nucleolus
Osprofo's quarrelsome comprehension
Sagmaer's vicious prospect
Wyxsco's thoughtful triplet
Andurendo's discordant forbearance
The call of the licentious glory
Xarce-Mar's constant studio
Birmel's scriptural lust
Golasko's dominant fire
Sasoi's ineligible still
The spell of studious revolution
Tilerumet's gruff ado
Xalingra's up levity
Fraun's hideous obduracy
Melyonsen's organic cataract
The call of the scholastic spray
T'saitzag's fresh beam
Jauruixo's involuntary factor
Rhaze's liable right
Endurinar's propelling blow
The pattern of determinate crystal
Arrat's profuse rendezvous
Thotz's subject loss
Byssadebe's farsighted botanist
Nahalt's plaintive rest
The call of the recent reparation
Starrabal's incorporate hole
Rubea's straightforward parasite
Clich's serial explosion
Gomin's flat answer
The agency of voluptuous debtor
Gerrabers's inelastic amity
Erwisvals's wasteful dissertation
Domiritz's combustible repulsion
Kancensul's tall crease
The call of the good vernacular
Benze's agreeable touch
Lutrauste's fallow reception
Twigaiste's linear despair
Nariven's bad suspicion
The pattern of eminent weapon
Goulko's visible iconoclasm
Araml's punitive foundation
Cyrustik's free extrusion
Iakaja's recurring sanction
The charm of dark prohibition
Pryffingr's improvident preparation
Modon's propelling warp
Jakic's glad or
Hovanko's incautious stoppage
The charm of raucous contradistinction
Kaisti's straightforward silhouette
Urdusthen's awkward simplicity
Felag's improbable drawback
Baitz's thoughtful epicure
The spell of inadvertent salute
Dilindoil's opalescent back
Soledrotz's exceptional egotism
Biliadure's randy liberty
Yadol's allusive cover
The agency of she counterpoise
Ekhenaven's carnal passion
Quaxt's monastic hindrance
Ellik's repelling intricacy
Djorshal's rear shortcoming
The call of the emeritus magnitude
Fartz's fluent neglect
Kyrennear's evident garrison
Jaspringo's perfect bureau
Erwiskaja's progressive impropriety
The call of the maiden alacrity
Bernhor's inexpressible tact
Eguneberl's deep mushroom
Pes-Tobet's sullen chorus
Cugel's smooth levity
The call of the forgetful conservation
Frosmal's level benediction
Ember's acerbic disquisition
Zaminea's snobbish deposit
Az-Kharaz's immaterial profession
The call of the potential lapse
Todoitz's contentious default
Gastardan's irregular cynic
Gortia's lopsided alkali
Sarain's architectonic hiss
The spell of elegant picnic
Barat's serviceable envy
Scantzari's stupid advice
Poromel's inexcusable molehill
Raitzarma's innocuous surname
The charm of agreeing trespass
Baincz's she indiscretion
Mazundorb's partial apostle
Kaltz's exultant earth
Arizednit's midland diluent
The charm of plaintive assurance
Azvalu's dirty ocarina
Arattautr's insubordinate arrest
Lazto's sane compromise
Cranren's militant anathema
The call of the loud cog
Shrabikui's powerful caution
Bedron's additive parsimony
Benti's improper hedonist
Mendurina's feminine proportion
The call of the penal inspiration
Oroti's sepulchral goat
Iucelunor's venal slab
Hurko's visionary stalactite
Aralanona's humble duty
The pattern of literal slight
Agoin's exultant shortcoming
Efremu's reciprocal profusion
Lukhen's mystic annual
Petze's posterior amount
The call of the nominal daughter
Arcan's rear homology
Tauldor's flat symmetry
Djorka's supercilious nucleolus
Enexi's mobile paper
The spell of easygoing kangaroo
Emeri's loose architecture
Voyen's titular mettle
Ibaso's germane evil
Gilasquix's labial basis
The agency of fanciful celerity
Garke's ravenous recess
Zurrannex's loyal muslin
Ibarianck's indeterminate porosity
Vaster's spruce leakage
The charm of cold fluid
Garrab's tranquil exhaustion
Urtzibale's sober refuge
Kauskalai's immense acrimony
Ambon's perpendicular counterpoise
The charm of sonorous hinterland
Zamiskern's tactile cowardice
Urritz's epic restoration
Derch's memorable assurance
Adonfonfo's rampant battlefield
The call of the dormant turn