500 Random Spells for the Dying Earth

In Jack Vance's classic Tales of the Dying Earth, the nomenclature for the magical spells seems curiously archaic. Xarfaggio's Physical Malepsy ... Arnhoult's Sequestrious Digitalia ... The Spell of Forlorn Encystment ... Khulip's Nasal Enhancement ... The spell names occasionally evoke a decadent arcane humor. The Excellent Prismatic Spray ... Phandaal's Critique of the Chill ... Below, you will find 500 spell names of aleatoric provenance, which after careful redaction may be suitable for use in the wonderful The Dying Earth(*) Role-Playing Game.

Do you have any comments about this program? I'm aware of the problems with the adjective/noun database, but it is too large to correct either all at once or as I notice inappropriate items. I'll tweak it gradually over the next few years ...

Oh! I should add that the spell generator was inspired by a long-lost program written by my friends John Marron and Les Hill. Furthermore, I have to thank John for showing me that, if you are interested in exotic worlds and well-crafted sentences, there's always more and more to like in the work of Jack Vance.

There are other name generators on the Name Generation Page.

(*) "The Dying Earth" is a trademark of Pelgrane Press Ltd. It is used here without permission.

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Imaunetza's epic turn
Varrita's stupid remainder
Linats's fireproof resolution
Erraid's misanthropic sunrise
The call of the guardian scene
Udako's bluff gloss
Firre's any merchant
Argio's airy dismissal
Faritz's feeble ridicule
The charm of exquisite pull
Lekolarna's decorous wherewithal
Deuth's premonitory fancy
Urtzain's promiscuous toady
Zornavand's centrifugal disruption
The call of the violent status
Skindorro's tangible dusk
Erador's menial y
Diffin's virile expose
Anaule's indulgent sex
The agency of sectarian pollution
Borren's capricious fib
Oieri's heterogeneous icebox
Tibaunti's arrogant synergy
Egoizko's tolerable burlesque
The charm of right copyright
Igosebalt's resonant cynic
Topsiladg's lax sculptor
Xarcelyss's thieving recompense
Gaundio's intricate slur
The charm of cloven homogeneity
Pasperlix's handy refutation
Pordi's inventive fold
Igorni's addled speech
Unaral's forward secession
The call of the retaliatory prerequisite
Toliferdi's tacit pug
Arive's divergent stint
Thabal's inexcusable disruption
Aitaku's parental innocent
The call of the providential thesaurus
Soldorkod's harmful abridgment
Mausk's mean awl
Hoono's penurious glade
Rlyssu's loquacious hindrance
The spell of allusive default
Kevodo's porous pessimism
Kelotz's irresistible decomposition
Borbingk's orderly labial
Izoggi's sincere suppression
The call of the iniquitous study
Jasmyruwe's irksome acquittal
Keletto's negligent multiplication
Senna's nautical lack
Suulfinct's promiscuous bloodshed
The spell of vague slur
Gaxenaxma's volatile homogeneity
Dhardavan's buoyant wash
Skivee's offensive regret
Luartz's indefensible common
The pattern of florid forbearance
Lehork's sovereign surrender
Andun's adventitious clay
Teoulianb's shallow transmission
Assebe's irredeemable sun
The pattern of neutral hydrometer
Pel-Paste's marine lapse
Joser's discoid blemish
Marra's toilsome quicksilver
Symannetz's illegitimate spiral
The charm of prevalent tenor
Obellops's papal hold
Gaual's abusive wainscot
Ibaltz's inquisitive lubricity
Merizkelt's hollow nicety
The spell of parabolic mercy
Javnalsx's true volunteer
Blamis's equatorial apology
Kilka's analytic upholstery
Kusaingai's rude lapel
The charm of credulous thump
Ixonfo's ambidextrous libel
Erwan's posterior verisimilitude
Beizaizki's sterling antarctic
Terni's cleft parsimony
The pattern of omniscient claim
Alari's reactionary corollary
Eznatsu's dark prospect
Click's undying consumption
Twigon's spongy protest
The spell of snug voodoo
Uladereji's financial aftermath
Ettle's constant discovery
Izmikutt's hard theory
Garasse's ostensible fume
The spell of informal woman
Gaboldes's dormant hold
Mangozter's dim check
Sequora's dulcet hiss
Muste's future dilemma
The call of the filthy heart
Gwendi's so sky
Matulinot's due cunning
Antzon's gross gray
Lloreme's achromatic headway
The pattern of slanderous assumption
Anatsant's black portfolio
Adarather's hungry style
Benzu's affable afterthought
Mundi's penurious bolt
The spell of mild explanation
Ihaitz's conjoint ban
Thruwen's vagrant strife
Andaag's nasty regret
Sannilghu's mercenary concrete
The spell of minus massage
Ambeg's inarticulate kick
Darian's consequent attitude
Lapure's invisible equivalent
Juritzent's lenient drive
The agency of lavish depositary
Aznarta's biblical cell
Azonif's welcome promise
Stalarbel's infinite embody
Zahabir's invisible outlawry
The charm of venal par
Ermin's brusque inversion
Andookher's invisible bounce
Arvira's radiant myself
Cilick's public similitude
The pattern of vile advantage
Ugaitz's infamous blot
Eatzi's lofty husbandry
Alanutz's even syzygy
Beragi's astringent photo
The charm of obese reed
Azenderte's laudatory coffee
Ubergai's redundant solicitor
Cillesen's downtrodden morphology
Arnitzina's border synod
The call of the hard generosity
Uhila's pliant monopoly
Luzarwal's vernal anxiety
Indes's provincial wholesale
Arren's open residue
The pattern of evasive removal
Yermin's weak electorate
Tsoki's close muskrat
Partso's decimal trap
Alsebroiz's insignificant tallow
The call of the seedy evasion
Harol's haughty bigotry
Zuirnitze's tern volunteer
Maspere's strenuous battlefield
Lehuste's black exhibit
The call of the weak inventor
Sfergi's apocryphal thump
Alorsko's noticeable magnitude
Ilanqzi's terrestrial secession
Gaban's fragmentary victim
The charm of inorganic pap
Pulkatust's acrid freedom
Abarlifad's sacrilegious clearance
Yernikele's incommensurable ice
Glamus's silly landscape
The spell of thick necromancy
Roulip's apparent ban
Iruzelath's scurrilous transposition
Sasquekoz's prodigal maiden
Maraberro's broad relaxation
The spell of locomotive reserve
Zoitzi's impermissible flagstone
Lazkai's inefficient lapse
Atzen's authoritative third
Umelghan's prone note
The agency of dead regret
Cilfoxo's coincide suitor
Musino's abhorrent sobriety
Ospier's impelling orb
Tuston's corporeal fluid
The pattern of serviceable spoil
Rouliasma's good storage
Mando's bygone paradox
Cherl's tidal world
Sardi's meritorious quiet
The spell of possible society
Roder's haughty compromise
Thiang's habitual collocation
Hureltz's authoritative freedom
Zartzi's vernal boredom
The agency of glacial dismissal
Luilame's uniform posture
Muruzaitz's inconceivable bed
Hylar's binomial escapade
Lehim's cool abridgment
The call of the coarse eye
Sferostol's symbolic tulip
Luisku's marriageable pleat
Tasandimb's trenchant denudation
Vexamerna's prostrate assumption
The agency of restive amity
Otsum's efflorescent transposition
Zamarta's neuter fracture
Wyxsc's hideous pyrometer
Kantorkar's illusive desert
The spell of sound erasure
Andiko's dietetic blue
Prentsu's sedate lattice
Ostadaina's vegetable ambiguity
Suberuzpa's regulatory paucity
The pattern of literal defect
Sasandoni's spontaneous hate
Blamsel's absent wainscot
Asebron's blunt say
Maulam's dulcet disquietude
The spell of supine prize
Kaetsomet's weary rest
Niken's among theory
Suneta's inorganic normal
Borionixo's equitable lush
The call of the particular proof
Abellick's warm epoch
Tursentta's raw cut
Arilis's puerile hour
Baloju's temporal verve
The call of the acerbic bent
Ishintz's wayward quart
Ferdurtzu's fluent follicle
Haxak's quizzical inventor
Gaitze's sound henchman
The call of the tetragonal squash
Vomeadhra's efficient outlawry
Sartebela's fugitive antipathy
Lader's lucid transfer
Maidercla's magic revolution
The spell of hideous circuit
Gorser's single impression
Tilitz's yeasty locust
Wiulin's resident innocent
Artzart's retaliatory hummock
The agency of hallelujah version
Gotsumal's shut lull
Albasokin's low novitiate
Miirnit's pleasant conundrum
Stuso's accidental ice
The charm of informal boredom
Alojun's enthusiastic story
Zabal's phonetic respiration
Osatult's ancestral deuce
Adola's vigorous Madonna
The spell of scientific mate
Taundefor's scabrous deputy
Killesasi's double fop
Adanon's doctrinal convocation
Gazuri's regulatory nuance
The pattern of competitive profusion
Andoonerm's hellish serfdom
Joher's isochronous board
Gezzi's protuberant orthodoxy
Illormatz's secret proof
The call of the summary build
Angol's lifelong mediocrity
Koymalush's slippery chamberlain
Liring's funny oath
Arask's kindred bystander
The pattern of angry nail
Aderraint's inoffensive nicety
Otser's respectful blood
Kevor's exempt essay
Meraut's egregious consonant
The pattern of simple effluvium
Kremen's declamatory fact
Ortzor's thick oregano
Pasierjai's ostensible game
Berolorsa's dependent remorse
The agency of fertile leather
Milizagmu's aforesaid flight
Parshesif's primordial judge
Ihartanxi's convergent youth
Mauntzen's recombinant impression
The call of the abhorrent fealty
Dibach's outrageous passage
Urbazila's deducible bankrupt
Xexam's gigantic ensemble
Rogorosat's victorious spot
The spell of prodigal perseverance
Enein's light paucity
Bazir's hearty moat
Deouri's high worthy
Genguzpar's tipsy check
The pattern of country composition
Errazketh's patient antiquity
Lehodamal's congenital ring
Firchili's indefinite generosity
Betin's erroneous ache
The charm of phonic allegory
Bergilero's easygoing reverse
Husteio's discretionary intellect
Mauch's exultant phenomenon
Mauthuso's implacable cork
The call of the fulsome monitor
Rouru's any upshot
Roudi's bereft bale
Rodon's sober keynote
Artigoler's evergreen suspense
The pattern of quadratic assumption
Phant's heterogeneous nape
Ospriandi's wholesome division
Phazza's unique acerbity
Berresan's absent icebox
The spell of intangible ambiguity
Tannix's insubordinate tidbit
Maram's embryonic stiletto
Gambaraxm's profane theorem
Oskarritz's solemn aye
The pattern of aristocratic refuge
Aztadelin's inoffensive twist
Artleio's ascetic youth
Iztersk's characteristic affront
Kilaitze's complementary head
The charm of glacial lie
Iucelgram's tenacious bugaboo
Artsug's solid muslin
Seque's virile midnight
Aberloerd's fortunate spurn
The spell of synergistic will
Eraule's reciprocal fifth
Vaspil's additive mediocrity
Dhardushe's wet excision
Onbaldin's inconsistent purple
The agency of vaporous stew
Irumazai's bald comfort
Sugoittil's rough digression
Martzarmu's literal diamond
Hyssergar's sound defendant
The call of the heavy fifth
Songotsai's prosaic power
Efreza's desultory shoot
Sapuruze's oviform similitude
Gainarkan's wistful dowager
The spell of paternal avarice
Virixiard's littoral escape
Ambal's treble door
Urtzedesa's quizzical face
Gauculkor's diamond caramel
The charm of confluent solace
Vilit's keen juncture
Eragmull's coarse mace
Kalarske's indulgent apathy
Ligoin's restive plagiarist
The pattern of grim skeleton
Orthoun's permanent retribution
Syker's apparent guttural
Dambol's useful wherewithal
Miken's little spectator
The spell of absorbent individual
Hustarviu's frontal nihilist
Blath's burnt notice
Manda-Yim's polemic circumvention
Smouch's oppressive invention
The pattern of wistful drainage
Erramberi's indissoluble wit
Oleobel's back static
Poraringe's committed gust
Elore's quaternary Eumenides
The charm of childish diamond
Tautch-Mo's oblong lesson
Sebard's gainful haste
Launeriar's barbaric link
Dissione's dark summit
The charm of youthful weather
Agelyon's phosphorescent denial
Balumpe's acerbic rebel
Borghush's inopportune homology
Luzanot's splendid comfort
The pattern of forgotten transposition
Ettiko's extinct pound
Guyal's reactionary esplanade
Ekatun's retroactive staff
Charko's inferior course
The agency of soft homage
Santon's concave certitude
Pantz's periodic pull
Grofo's impulsive counterbalance
Luzkin's efficacious stretch
The pattern of triumphant exclusion
Araml's impenetrable woman
Mires's loquacious swing
Mupodo's solemn Diana
Ilvirosep's wondrous scent
The agency of propitious nag
Karko's volcanic case
Bazion's lusty amnesia
Larth's contradictory demise
Arnican's hard me
The charm of elder invention
Erresk's secret sound
Jaterizog's supplementary twaddle
Irrai's muddy adhesion
Ander's plaintive regret
The spell of intact fallacy
Jostianif's opalescent despite
Andire's weird heart
Boramet's hundredth handful
Shitta's irreproachable heed
The charm of deficient conversion
Aduculiar's transferred oracle
Faulesail's squat set
Majunitz's navigable swab
Araon's gentle necessity
The pattern of secondhand placenta
Disher's inverse nadir
Sebaldive's solemn profession
Petzi's broken medallion
Gomei's commonplace design
The spell of serene shingle
Lasimelle's sarcastic meander
Uguntz's wise dart
Chako's congratulatory quartet
Asculdo's organic genesis
The agency of fractious truth
Daves's fetid fortune
Lorosisti's incorrect moment
Arniorrao's green idiosyncrasy
Tamilk's projectile passion
The agency of histrionic Goliath
Alenbant's steadfast sobriety
Izmirch's mawkish novitiate
Landa-Era's strong zest
Gerosapur's inaugural inspiration
The spell of inextricable resignation
Urber's plumb exile
Skaina's serviceable affluence
Faung's retroactive exercise
Haxene's hind modesty
The call of the rampant imbecile
Cugwistin's beneficial serpent
Ksada's pitiful close
Romproldo's magic magnitude
Kolaz's absorbent airport
The agency of ruinous refutation
Urtin's delightful perspective
Pango's flaky withdrawal
Yasaid's future promptitude
Baunth's fragmentary saint
The agency of smooth medal
Piarmoure's afloat success
Bergornu's simple farce
Haxmaran's indissoluble inadequacy
Errileodo's capillary imp
The pattern of queasy distortion
Porandese's autumnal ascension
Leoizka's high serpent
Ellay's auburn plan
Arniffing's rectilinear survey
The spell of inflammable satin
Urtilbir's current arena
Forish's paschal archangel
Ostea's frigid sectarian
Anellagor's civil spleen
The charm of libelous devise
Wishouri's late twill
Zabarza's powerful petroleum
Gastebea's wasteful evasion
Betizaido's expository sun
The call of the plumb erosion
Twandored's sagacious mulct
Urballen's loose receipt
Vasederli's flaky piece
Izoncz's ceremonious organ
The pattern of sordid prostitution
Urtorin's virile dip
Ihinolip's corrigible taxonomy
Zarso's virtuous cripple
Clastin's turbid permutation
The spell of recurrent adventure
Luiransai's secant fire
Byzol's enigmatic piracy
Bershave's impervious similitude
Cyrensu's sluggish magic
The agency of elusive combination
Sottilk's incompetent dividend
Pantz's impelled bureau
Alantsoa's safe exemption
Eddin's rural employ
The charm of emitted mediocrity
Josajnutz's metric haphazard
Argar's conclusive morphology
Jaune's majestic cushion
Lelorid's emeritus price
The call of the lineal devolution
Cilgundas's foregoing trace
Waltor's inconsiderable novice
Orkaxetis's protean particle
Jauce's implicit perpetuity
The agency of liberal deposition
Thrus's sterling atheism
Zhime's aerial fume
Domang's parallel pleasure
Irrottina's homogeneous beer
The call of the corrupt well