500 Random Spells for the Dying Earth

In Jack Vance's classic Tales of the Dying Earth, the nomenclature for the magical spells seems curiously archaic. Xarfaggio's Physical Malepsy ... Arnhoult's Sequestrious Digitalia ... The Spell of Forlorn Encystment ... Khulip's Nasal Enhancement ... The spell names occasionally evoke a decadent arcane humor. The Excellent Prismatic Spray ... Phandaal's Critique of the Chill ... Below, you will find 500 spell names of aleatoric provenance, which after careful redaction may be suitable for use in the wonderful The Dying Earth(*) Role-Playing Game.

Do you have any comments about this program? I'm aware of the problems with the adjective/noun database, but it is too large to correct either all at once or as I notice inappropriate items. I'll tweak it gradually over the next few years ...

Oh! I should add that the spell generator was inspired by a long-lost program written by my friends John Marron and Les Hill. Furthermore, I have to thank John for showing me that, if you are interested in exotic worlds and well-crafted sentences, there's always more and more to like in the work of Jack Vance.

There are other name generators on the Name Generation Page.

(*) "The Dying Earth" is a trademark of Pelgrane Press Ltd. It is used here without permission.

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Bentor's crucial pull
Prabtire's inexhaustible morphology
Clartulin's asinine installation
Udari's mundane scandal
The agency of slender extradition
Polikdass's disparate thud
Bartilati's aggressive sail
Cazeln's contiguous resignation
Zointt's anatomic cut
The call of the new freedom
Pierso's ulterior attention
Porri's incorrect ease
Scaagues-'s fetid kiss
Zhimen's tame anachronism
The agency of desultory pit
Ospine's nocturnal dental
Nuxkianti's gay passion
Sarin's lax subtrahend
Tiliandir's backward resignation
The pattern of quartile depositary
Vaser's blond phalanx
Dadordun's different risk
Magince's spongy failure
Zambalait's hereditary reserve
The agency of mum stupefaction
Isinxfag's welcome optimist
Jaura's broken meteorite
Endiore's insatiable transposition
Ospilart's partisan dispute
The call of the easy mist
Otsun's ternary urgency
Argassunt's sepulchral approval
Anasce's hot gem
Clazuru's aberrant fruition
The pattern of glorious jag
Tsoin's saccharine slum
Antholeye's comprehensive hand
Manich-Ai's apt frown
Teoureart's quaternary sobriety
The pattern of vacuous salesman
Galdol's childish brand
Billar's obscure acrimony
Auxkince's useful penury
Izminte's tremulous detergent
The pattern of discordant fashion
Coriulara's weary shovel
Gilgutzai's rampant brood
Bermanaur's bottom fox
Rlyon's triangular patron
The call of the ravenous freedom
Petile's mysterious invention
Garrikdai's chatty bachelor
Fergi's characteristic seduction
Sfezx's retroactive barbarism
The agency of brisk withal
Radhrutau's dependent retinue
Waggi's baneful pigtail
Johoianpi's disparate character
Masbar's consequent lineage
The charm of hind nightingale
Pupurko's domestic presumption
Balfadart's impervious homogeneity
Vaskaxt's abhorrent substitute
Antzio's authentic peace
The charm of total necessity
Mausk's perpendicular gash
Koldonarc's irreverent jargon
Gaingoitt's moderate prospectus
Laucode's bottom friend
The call of the lofty matrimony
Aderanpin's noxious antagonist
Goldefo's undying saint
Semul's stagy paean
Marosmatt's glutinous limitation
The spell of normal concern
Egumpel's profane soliloquy
Lorre's quartile article
Tchito's discordant cartel
Argirx's thoroughbred byword
The call of the loose messenger
Paldesis's clear quotation
Gundi's lost lust
Yellop's amorphous journal
Dandon's aforesaid necessity
The agency of windy brim
Varriz's variable knob
Elojun's repulsive lacuna
Yodet's emasculate green
Gwensenzu's compact ancestry
The pattern of lavender green
Huruwe's ominous amateur
Uhilk's supplementary soliloquy
Gaungendo's sinister debauch
Magome's tiresome necromancy
The pattern of loud consignee
Vassandi's smug quiver
Az-Khaven's irksome leather
Mik-Dar's odd equity
Etaxmaus's enigmatic retort
The agency of conducive homogeneity
Kemel's reversible caprice
Pulde's askew petticoat
Lartik's invidious hobby
Argion's presumptive surprise
The charm of indiscreet soliloquy
Kerlateri's deleterious kick
Bladait's few surfeit
Zuhaw's venomous torpor
Tilade's inexorable image
The pattern of full p
Goloering's three acrimony
Eiork's plausible simultaneity
Faldordur's lawful knot
Gorangelt's coextensive chunk
The call of the visual content
Lalfor's merciful repetition
Pultzar's wasteful nothing
Ampromame's navigable asphalt
Azvanu's exotic revise
The spell of retrogressive inadequacy
Baizedeio's tentative failure
Susomatso's cosy occupant
Sario's illicit forfeiture
Um-Fore's mundane gourmet
The call of the reverse transcription
Urdin's mournful depression
Cranal's voluptuous threat
Lugelloju's dark institution
Gartin's quick resolution
The call of the furtive hedonism
Blune's plural hole
Heranxfag's indiscriminate reed
Fraion's influential damage
Jaing's convertible parvenu
The spell of sleepy incendiary
Miamauri's defensible lay
Sanguek'h's garrulous precursor
Lalen's asinine ease
Rande's exultant agent
The spell of smoky afterglow
Aingo's extraneous bully
Ugastun's fugitive erasure
Gaxilicau's public normalcy
Bassi's hostile subsidy
The charm of languid mirror
Mundu's alluvial claimant
Asiffin's inverse exposure
Yausc's misanthropic kink
Bizurixo's scant chance
The charm of just road
Laparin's vigorous meridian
Ioldest's munificent complicity
Aladco's mossy emission
Eneamata's contradictory title
The call of the some fool
Zadastaku's changeable trustee
Gnik-Dant's corporeal aid
Jelarrei's incongruous hack
Mikdaitho's phonetic eruption
The pattern of emeritus messenger
Villa's niggardly blush
Lorier's feudal part
Roredersk's chronic digression
Slaon's misanthropic warrant
The pattern of acetic wholesale
Domau's veracious composition
Garagaste's splintery board
Romerdo's important periphery
Kaurkats's literal valve
The agency of incautious censor
Araitzel's mean board
Shuldo's tremulous preparation
Lorre's stringent multiplication
Tamal's incandescent limitation
The charm of foamy structure
Juaramira's periphrastic incapacity
Urdoadar's dank nutmeg
Maual's various matrimony
Ellambolg's abhorrent amnesia
The pattern of magic Pythagorean
Xexianer's acquisitive lark
Trizar's so rapture
Susoko's supercilious exemption
Perier's munificent dip
The charm of novel mite
Puirmendo's apparent thread
Vaska's secondhand commerce
Fusajaetr's even chicanery
Haxan's double invitation
The agency of blatant sunshine
Tohusil's nomadic portrait
Voymnatsi's front rub
Brabon's prurient catch
Cilinjan's harmonious transcript
The spell of sunk triangle
Hanundion's solid reprieve
Gabbarior's indelible shade
Shidor's lucid worry
Atadoinde's meretricious dent
The pattern of urban rascal
Kazdatseb's fictive baleen
Aurte's inoffensive revolution
Doulk's agreeing moral
Shila's awry ambiguity
The charm of sectarian issue
Pellada's empty duet
Onbell's dense reprieve
Aitze's supercilious none
Hustei's lax iconoclast
The agency of devout fallacy
Rodel's disparate chloroform
Zelartara's gentle limbo
Xaruquisk's cheerful perspicuity
Drasandin's vernal repulsion
The charm of covetous kit
Thandolaz's dissident prose
Hangorbal's prosaic contrast
Jinon's wary buffet
Chamerath's stubby treble
The pattern of progressive pill
Airjaiska's over outlawry
Lanol's luxurious sluice
Undinxfag's permeable denudation
Arroitza's conservative palate
The charm of fabulous part
Goonin's proximate intervention
Amustio's stony perversion
Khulphia's exceptional pyrometer
Shialeode's vernal knot
The pattern of neutral exhaustion
Lodnin's incompressible satisfaction
Wyxscomol's sanitary subject
Enelan's pleasant star
Arasoki's lunatic exchange
The spell of glassy barbarian
Bundol's sweet cry
Uhiminjan's solid architect
Gomar's blunt whelp
Zelar's impulsive desire
The call of the credible escape
Zuzpa's kindred lapse
Kales's disparate rest
Milengeri's fulsome vault
Sesmanors's tight aspersion
The pattern of guilty challenge
Marthoder's gone contribution
Vartle's farsighted conduit
Errayal's dead parasite
Xexilizo's convergent curse
The agency of lavish multitude
Zoitz's clamorous spout
Salanun's responsive boomerang
Lianeband's foregoing contract
Abarsco's fast business
The agency of astringent prince
Azead's labial concord
Andulatza's evanescent reception
Hurezzagi's sympathetic appeal
Caniliong's strong husbandry
The agency of labial inattention
Petheruma's didactic belief
Lapet's determinate prothonotary
Merwilfag's fluorescent repeal
Gaunzelt's premature seraphim
The pattern of triangular patriot
Moelikel's nocturnal core
Ekatzaitz's cadaverous buffoon
Garagi's synergistic ignition
Udela's tactile tetrahedron
The charm of flat proximity
Mincomo's sham comedy
Thique's net compromise
Clangi's vagrant denouement
Imandaior's disastrous rhythm
The spell of devout drawback
Hurga's thoughtful root
Beiza's sepulchral collector
Nahortzib's notorious mosque
Itulicant's gratis chivalry
The spell of small push
Ararfagi's irreparable paper
Aurikurin's low caustic
Petig's content rest
G'Varts's jovial cheek
The charm of slight debauch
Makubel's ostensible whim
Aduldenti's harsh page
Radavee's prophylactic race
Jakaimbel's oracular shame
The call of the fluent advocate
Galazzin's sharp hour
Ospilenot's episodic digression
Azteizund's gracious constitution
Scantano's azure protest
The call of the reactionary cry
Urtine's magic buffoon
Etore's characteristic cloudburst
Metholdio's light evolution
Paredoni's smart type
The pattern of agreeing anachronism
Hooztaxe's scholastic diary
Gauruketi's silly incredulity
Thandurtz's fourth religion
Amber's finicky excision
The charm of craven charm
Otsug's jocular guilt
Twale's progressive misanthrope
Hitzilera's progressive corruption
Remustart's wheezy invention
The pattern of gruff aura
Golanif's tern increase
Goitza's turbulent welcome
Alstra's mellow gulp
Gasen's guilty presence
The pattern of trenchant brave
Pelle's derelict adventure
Daveska's discrete suffrage
Kanklek's amidst resignation
Undivent's rank rubbish
The call of the hospitable upholstery
Khano's single grizzly
Leizilemu's subterranean cacophony
Maual's sullen dot
Petintulk's secular comet
The spell of aboriginal purveyor
Novanpile's scientific iconoclast
Nisse's nugatory captain
Chusz's inanimate masque
Eguzed's possible caliber
The call of the bygone cement
Inartartz's innumerable profusion
Unaxistec's distinct link
Miiroldi's thin outlawry
Rodel's impelled parody
The spell of tall inhibition
Zahouruza's recalcitrant liquor
Andilaitz's safe inventor
Yadku's baneful forfeiture
Harroone's casual outlawry
The spell of contentious particular
Gilbilkal's freed observation
Perso's dull omen
Koldes's ineffective repulsion
Garga's weak extradition
The charm of initial conversion
Forkartso's wheezy table
Tantiarro's exhaustive substitute
Milerlis's foregoing midday
Andebaetz's inexplicable chit
The spell of dusty waste
T'san's decimal cherubim
Tarabikur's true presumption
Maitz's sheer enthusiast
Kimbabilb's acquiescent stud
The pattern of pure tumble
Roger's severe captor
Byssilko's elephantine hostage
Kevod's horny variety
Kratta's expressive profusion
The charm of indiscriminate synergy
Alamone's hospitable traffic
Aredeio's intrusive fluid
Kauno's decorous clearance
Endiorso's sensible omission
The pattern of troublesome denizen
Lolatia's rare atavism
Golippiet's linear globe
Ambergi's comic contagion
Herdon's harmonious jaundice
The pattern of bovine faith
Betzando's covetous van
Lorgi's bound protest
Omouro's tame lullaby
Ubetrag's fearful rant
The call of the accessory brevity
Masta's effete she
Lekoa's midland courier
Etorrab's immature ascent
Umermas's infinitesimal monk
The agency of horizontal ceremony
Braum's recusant fatigue
Kanordi's condemnatory sort
Ixamir's slack idol
Tando's slack survey
The spell of solid lull
Khari's hazardous latex
Thrata's fiduciary root
Mahavan's eminent emerald
Arghazko's actual splurge
The agency of irreconcilable variety
Balars's twin gray
Tamincthe's done impropriety
Forga's dutiable curl
Pantonak's formidable stumble
The agency of trivial inaction
Gamen's harsh anachronism
Tobal's wearisome dip
Gabarce's apocalyptic water
Esteizker's neat damage
The agency of secret laundry
Zantulixi's chatty destiny
Oihavendi's crucial ignoramus
Tellerand's multifarious ache
Abereno's glassy expansion
The call of the threefold crack
Gillaingo's pensive gulp
Gogeizki's posterior bank
Oshaides's condemnatory turn
Amunte's impermeable proposal
The pattern of regressive restorative
Eztere's pretentious distribution
Vitzir's conscientious blush
Domel's sincere bodyguard
Orken's snap drain
The pattern of evergreen sun
Garant's harmonious captive
Teltiange's steadfast exposure
Aladorius's arid resignation
Indar's rough fealty
The pattern of belligerent preservation
Gorchen's naked regret
Amprooz's wild perpetuity
Sasbergi's excessive advance
Gundo's exultant chaos
The agency of cool pulse
Um-Zuhait's covetous alum
Guyalaml's porous stretch
Leounelce's veracious shoot
Girre's translucent arrow
The pattern of cross fresco
Fialo's positive slab
Cornitzea's stupid dignity
Hylassa's dying cession
Lehol's alluvial mannerism
The charm of false gust
Lohulin's balky ring
Hurjae's authoritative condition
Marsaju's forgotten escheat
Ekinco's briny plane
The pattern of confirmatory opacity
Kinkwiko's retaliatory sapphire
Apatz's athletic tower
Urtsemush's equal observation
Bastortau's sullen admission
The call of the dead malaise
Saggi's olive orderly
Tauculana's orderly increase
Sanorizki's marriageable precision
Shier's agreeable perception
The pattern of benign mark
Derofo's arid sarcasm
Floju's quiet leeway
Larone's acrid repetition
Pello's premature kitchen
The call of the lyric wish
Indolisti's balky van
Irasce's vernacular substitute
Jostotze's hypnotic fern
Ortarph's tremulous purchase
The agency of ambrosial inspiration
Symna's severe monologue
Errabi's groggy boss
Charti's permanent benefactor
Indasbal's lush landslide
The call of the blown cahoot
Jaingoz's exponential inhibition
Geraut's coy office
Loder's even candle
Thingorra's impulsive quadrilateral
The spell of profuse custom
Zadcode's clamorous concern
Kodain's docile pessimist
Blias's jolly millstone
Clanol's handsome null
The spell of simple exposure
Mauntz's sad stock
Byssoitza's lucky departure
Valtzio's frugal paraffin
Ilaer's up repulsion
The pattern of astringent vestry
Tanonet's exceptional horoscope
Thiadobea's sinuous countenance
Wiustaxe's indefinite relaxation
Masquergi's collateral spyglass
The call of the weak strain
Atartsuan's abusive invention
Anthryffe's equal bodyguard
Todnip's ignominious sight
Um-Or's rapt crupper
The spell of prompt parenthesis
Kyres's improbable guard
Radalum's feasible seraphim
Oihenner's titanic menace
Nisko's successive contagion
The call of the circular recess
Datul's perennial spring
Auxkiamba's impulsive earl
Domboldel's biennial spirit
Balegi's prismatic cupidity
The call of the floating abridgment