500 Random Spells for the Dying Earth

In Jack Vance's classic Tales of the Dying Earth, the nomenclature for the magical spells seems curiously archaic. Xarfaggio's Physical Malepsy ... Arnhoult's Sequestrious Digitalia ... The Spell of Forlorn Encystment ... Khulip's Nasal Enhancement ... The spell names occasionally evoke a decadent arcane humor. The Excellent Prismatic Spray ... Phandaal's Critique of the Chill ... Below, you will find 500 spell names of aleatoric provenance, which after careful redaction may be suitable for use in the wonderful The Dying Earth(*) Role-Playing Game.

Do you have any comments about this program? I'm aware of the problems with the adjective/noun database, but it is too large to correct either all at once or as I notice inappropriate items. I'll tweak it gradually over the next few years ...

Oh! I should add that the spell generator was inspired by a long-lost program written by my friends John Marron and Les Hill. Furthermore, I have to thank John for showing me that, if you are interested in exotic worlds and well-crafted sentences, there's always more and more to like in the work of Jack Vance.

There are other name generators on the Name Generation Page.

(*) "The Dying Earth" is a trademark of Pelgrane Press Ltd. It is used here without permission.

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Argoilk's buoyant ship
Zumes's shoal bloom
Araga's handsome simile
Domaet's vile tutor
The spell of strong alumina
Kardun's rough exposure
Golishen's hazardous form
Liherduli's pastoral hatch
Paursiand's duplicate semblance
The spell of cleft refusal
Borinazar's preserve rabble
Erratza's ersatz loft
Ezrede's feudal address
Vrameiza's tarry citizen
The spell of clear hindrance
Vularrita's perpendicular infusion
Imarko's quadratic spurt
Beder's inanimate equity
Jinausko's short lard
The pattern of dialectic triumph
Crofon's lax bore
Firol's congratulatory temperance
Gartio's professional bankrupt
Zornalicl's torrid candidate
The charm of meet tail
Frazeilla's scriptural storage
Luantzus's cold disquietude
Sasaiza's oblique shipmate
Lizesoa's congratulatory shortcoming
The call of the infinitesimal thought
Koratso's frothy chameleon
Ongomerad's sibilant aura
Sadol's quick probity
Unaruingr's hellish minute
The call of the candid charity
Girai's recusant antarctic
Smoun's ambulatory pall
Galusti's glassy creak
Phavalt's away alacrity
The pattern of straight cairn
Jaunilipp's brazen fifth
Zercenber's confirmatory admiration
Atsear's tubular heyday
Dulick's lopsided captive
The call of the widespread random
Eiorsk-Da's lunatic cashier
Pomeko's three bench
Sotiker's slow bankrupt
Ostafdyk's commonplace cackle
The pattern of edible precession
Xargarkat's late codicil
Cosede's gay respite
Erednin's ineligible breath
Zoilk's particular slab
The pattern of rotund diminution
Mel-Pasta's episcopal latitude
Martsusta's lush homogeneity
Pelastebe's hot epicure
Irrig's germane coat
The charm of allied jam
Ekatzonen's apologetic jolt
Kraal's domestic hybrid
Aservan's glassy murmur
Temanra's kinky outlawry
The agency of ruthless snap
Gaizi's impartial treasury
Ambol's slab pretense
Wyxsc's bandy remembrance
Kimeko's uphill rival
The spell of silly odium
Sahore's triumphant presence
Seques's penal fluid
Erabaz's both chaos
Barsh's actual person
The spell of back sapphire
Galaraxt's curious hill
Mazus's sound fire
Gomailerm's passive me
Koder's strong span
The agency of progressive superfluity
Gnath's dichotomous progression
Lukia's up repulsion
Nolaspris's virile garlic
Shigai's cadaverous plummet
The call of the contrite simplicity
Bazio's oceanic vicinity
Faulselat's incredulous hook
Shunetz's prolific curiosity
Zorroa's incompetent prize
The charm of monastic inclination
Bendo's clear rubric
Miken's superficial grist
Laulemela's single bowstring
Jokin's cursory minion
The charm of tripartite male
Porazurts's monotonous provision
Twilin's permanent symmetry
Pantz's reversible convulsion
Girab's nervous duress
The charm of cross static
Benduruth's insufficient shark
Aides's moral temper
Radhrynei's repellent haulage
Zellentis's strong crag
The spell of resonant aquarium
Ointzon's glassy attendant
Ospin's prone circuit
Eguzensep's dark galley
Urdon's sore heroism
The agency of flush alliance
Urdan's disparate fear
Scasmerea's disparate compromise
Ataflar's aromatic concrete
Taurin's up buffoon
The pattern of verbal wrinkle
Byssebalu's nice divine
Cilain's flatulent precaution
Bamae's hungry apathy
Daneilan's monotonous salute
The spell of sarcastic prig
Kriskubar's infuriate auxiliary
Vilka's obscure nomad
Gaitadan's retroactive key
Erlishanq's he fast
The pattern of foolish gratitude
Musko's auspicious shadow
Tando's vociferous glass
Niskoxam's irregular salvo
Huruar's profound return
The pattern of indiscreet omission
Shime's paternal quarry
Daviano's tolerant habitat
Arrh-Aing's diurnal adult
Ikaju's exultant integer
The agency of impermissible adept
Aramangra's near wrong
Arnixo's incumbent mist
Tifermets's expressive ambiguity
Litotats's messy function
The charm of flat elegy
Majaun's ludicrous emerald
Orolopo's emitted performance
Aritz's eloquent cheer
Javaladei's sheer nursery
The call of the juicy liberty
La-Yim's provisional hypothesis
Astero's concordant wainscot
Pelane's needful levity
Zinatzan's cavernous disdain
The call of the noble parvenu
Juruwe's nocturnal bush
Nabik's efficient enmity
Kuscoulic's harsh stink
Auxkin's military beauty
The call of the scholastic reclamation
Gookivee's jovial perturbation
Lande's artificial shield
Ferooko's orthogonal exposure
Arionsko's sepulchral twilight
The pattern of multifarious bed
Scasce's forgiven marriage
Shiangeri's humble victim
Firclaraz's sulky variety
Dadaa's genetic mystery
The agency of academic nonagenarian
Chalamin's perceptive dip
Bauce's mellow pervert
Perabilit's inbred verbiage
Startar's inexpressible indentation
The spell of enthusiastic echo
Marta's articulate success
Kadatsen's flush look
Ihavirook's genetic sleep
Perruquer's cellular guilt
The agency of exceptional exclusion
Varture's translucent rudder
Thiliarga's verdant xerox
Semek's guilty inside
Sanip's racy hobby
The pattern of leery dainty
Pelmederg's trig passion
Kiroi's supernatant essence
Etoritzin's showy exponent
Xarooko's preparatory envy
The pattern of handy dip
Izmis's modest blow
Eznaur's halcyon squadron
Suulk's pure contingent
Kustazagm's tame bond
The charm of genital adhesion
Phoulsimp's blunt phenomenon
Aimer's promiscuous green
Tifezziba's livid Pluto
Tadar's condemnatory heaven
The pattern of guilty deception
Caraflai's trustworthy absence
Romascode's fast curiosity
Ostisemei's light cupidity
Shime's tuneful contiguity
The spell of resentful squint
Psyruinat's actual parasite
Vasko's personal adoption
Balulch's young pit
Kisko's dead convulsion
The spell of desultory medium
Tolghut's ascetic practice
Tipin's punitive detestation
Asculphi's sandy refusal
Bainke's orderly aspersion
The call of the sagacious struggle
Lantol's harsh foundling
Amula's consequential secession
Sapar's still covenant
Herlulce's consecutive evolution
The charm of systematic idiom
Sesimpen's darling temper
Turesh's hellish point
Daver's sober prig
Orooz's discordant waste
The call of the commonplace sell
Mikerwe's monotonous chasm
Gabolen's fair lubricity
Barrier's cheerful form
Poremiko's memorable outlawry
The agency of worthy inside
Bounosman's blatant conservation
Lehesthus's beautiful statue
Kimael's almighty kennel
Gassea's elliptic placenta
The charm of complacent revival
Twangusha's positive libation
Azoloelei's public simultaneity
Miandi's irregular cartel
Fautz's modal satiety
The charm of incredulous canto
Az-Khun's combinatorial study
Lugolando's hostile lien
La-Hrabi's gratis bass
Izogoi's analytic barrier
The pattern of perfect guilt
Ishenal's blind palfrey
Ipalt's numb streak
Pelentira's propelling icebox
Zamisbe's irresistible apology
The pattern of singsong condolence
Eleko's mournful novice
Sapon's sacrilegious travesty
Ugaidordi's imponderable grimace
Tokolaela's festive infusion
The charm of lofty lapse
Kodere's respectful loin
Galch's conclusive transgression
Garlip's resonant cliff
Houlat's inclusive eclipse
The pattern of iambic project
Ada-Yimbo's safe heliotrope
Zernixo's rakish go
Undariku's regional struggle
Gaxenti's ticklish ego
The charm of taper scarf
Duarre's adjacent telegraph
Voman's reprehensible fanatic
Bask-Dara's jealous oneself
Ixilk's prolific whisper
The call of the stationary fate
La-Yimpet's punctual piracy
Bensen's impassive duration
Dourkerni's vacant point
Kevoren's skinny epilogue
The call of the responsive inertia
Eguzparl's descriptive quiet
Gerkoxak's seething attribution
Emedei's necessary gap
Diferoizk's rapt miracle
The agency of apologetic thud
Tamen's useful trap
Tankleode's painstaking colony
Kritz's mysterious incantation
Gookicaag's boggy malaria
The agency of columnar desuetude
Kepar's sultry excess
Vassio's silvery butt
Onbellamu's ugly desuetude
Josassem's pertinent mastic
The agency of minus equivalent
Shunde's slow mulatto
Tusoa's forcible essay
Scaal's capricious curiosity
Dibalenze's accessory inspiration
The charm of penal overture
Semun's organic jeopardy
Isuancen's obligatory nihilism
Blandile's chaste candidate
Voyenoman's false tyrant
The agency of some shortcoming
Iratz's tasty plaintiff
Saran's nasty acrimony
Eritzaitz's bombastic stevedore
Brandol's sure protest
The spell of exclusive paraffin
Zuixe's specious bout
Kylambedn's cross diffusion
Troillasa's absurd call
Bervan's mean fear
The spell of demure worthy
Scaanno's cavalier point
Ikanon's obscure butterfly
Lumar's discretionary blame
Panaio's irresolute regalia
The spell of chargeable toilet
Khandaga's indefinite sham
Gaunike's ignorant denudation
Haider's cautious perimeter
Mazune's disastrous departure
The spell of forlorn acquisition
Zahoi's flat worthy
Khamen's hostile spleen
Illissapu's exceptional bull
Liherri's eldest gloom
The charm of shrunk opposition
Farasu's epic substitute
Erraonila's irreducible saliva
Ildon's navigable necropsy
Skaxel's fugitive gauze
The pattern of prompt caprice
Zaman's abusive antagonism
Airath's vicarious water
Mazushis's gullible boundary
Fallam's ternary acrimony
The call of the absolute right
Joste's fireproof author
Zarkoi's sloppy soprano
Domautzel's progressive hound
Djorbark's nasty interference
The spell of repulsive anachronism
Brabolorr's cheerful progression
Teutzede's linear influence
Difan's admitting veracity
Stuskalgu's pedantic allowance
The agency of metric armistice
Gabel's impious odium
Munduntis's impetuous appearance
Goreamp's wary declaration
Launderca's luxuriant dunce
The pattern of impassable ease
Ixaranavn's adventitious controversy
Teobizur's architectonic incendiary
Jaidongol's central surrender
Urkelt's lyric waste
The call of the public beauty
Gazibae's prominent loot
Sotzaitz's stingy stress
Radlaetra's useful condolence
Silargai's victorious reception
The pattern of substantial inadequacy
Sarkoul's spongy hill
Mauntunti's deducible dilution
Kurka's incommunicable prior
Liarizear's granular rope
The spell of talismanic secession
Alancx's charitable plea
Alorra's retrograde integrity
Lehoulch-'s imitable ketch
Furgi's strong disk
The call of the widespread spray
Fircel's parabolic data
Barando's suggestive acid
Ameal's bipartite vein
Radalfinc's remiss homo
The call of the contagious enthusiast
Sudun's corrupt hate
Josicka's porous bribery
Marsh's textile cheer
Faa-Yimir's serpentine fit
The pattern of commodious consent
Sfezx's deprecatory accordion
Dadurdont's coextensive bane
Ferka's offensive report
Hurko's lost abolition
The spell of sheer fear
Lodebrofo's forgetful dare
Santzi's away inversion
Joste's partisan part
Sherofon's random postulate
The spell of tall deodorant
Firosiush's complementary grist
Doudur's immeasurable ace
Psyrol's household curiosity
Ubezzior's incandescent devotion
The pattern of atmospheric wharf
Baunek's internal strength
Khusile's ajar fealty
Gaitzedet's observant refusal
Bernurdul's singsong diplomat
The spell of republican four
Gaualedni's explanatory train
Eztol's impossible synergy
Kandar's stationary profusion
Leodeling's involuntary doodle
The pattern of inextricable heed
Kusterive's various default
Etoth's country homogeneity
Masbalust's indignant reprieve
Pautchei's integral critic
The pattern of tactual honeycomb
Pagori's everlasting bargain
Ruberd's slavish schizophrenia
Asculicla's persuasive ellipsis
Modnifer's summary enigma
The spell of applicable admission
Gomaurive's tactile pander
Perinctul's revolutionary declamation
Karnari's contemptible shark
Zuhang's hemispheric statute
The charm of cross gain
Tokoxakke's various necessity
Poriennes's moderate comparison
Lolin's inoffensive phraseology
Wiskolant's scurrilous beat
The charm of pestilential ace
Temernin's female guard
Kram-Orbi's idiotic cigar
Litango's dull beggary
Juarghani's recusant conduit
The pattern of sullen repulsion
Artzarrix's formal augur
Pandilfez's pastoral fluid
Arletze's junior earthenware
Tiffwyd's steadfast chamfer
The spell of silly problem
Parwan's sound crest
Xarabi's misanthropic bugaboo
Azuber's nutritive pain
Azterral's organic euphemism
The call of the green chorale
Lachin's hard board
Houlishai's epidemic run
Hibaloel's ancestral damsel
Firedei's indistinguishable war
The pattern of stray steward
Padaivee's abstinent certitude
Javan's maggoty villein
Vermanpil's venerable sagacity
Kilerdi's pungent phenomenon
The spell of imperceptible niche
Uhilianod's close sally
Eneiza's coarse trench
Tanixilko's projectile gull
Phous's random fiction
The call of the sycophantic egotism
Tohulerl's forward nobody
Oxanifagi's sullen manumission
Janterin's current aye
Kolarmed's indigent pessimism
The agency of autonomous easel
Thrailbir's successive fluid
Gaiza's evergreen multitude
Mergarrau's fallow broadside
Larth's shallow all
The agency of proportionate betrothal
Dibasta's close infelicity
Hankele's vernacular advice
Ambole's vertical green
Azeder's centennial shortcoming
The call of the apologetic yellow
Anderio's incredible comparison
Pogging's misty exorcism
Urbarko's substantial revelation
G'Val's vicious diamond
The pattern of fast tenacity
Dombaspar's abovementioned adult
Shirk's balmy hate
Sorede's acrimonious luck
Semantzor's irregular precocity
The charm of articulate shark
Varrado's orthodox recusant
Hazkin's consequential saint
Datzo's hazardous oblivion
Horizon's concave stupefaction
The spell of perilous charge
Derrizoge's frank supply
Ipalgun's impious neglect
Boroon's loud flaw
Maualer's sound stall
The call of the acrid sponge
Imare's four resignation
Apatsunes's prudent alias
Charki's gibbous demise
Kemedebau's intense panorama
The charm of accidental necromancy
Semultz's prolific cyclone
Nistertor's perfect inspiration
Phardinge's strong disk
Foriart's undying funk
The agency of felicitous detour
Erman's mineral placenta
Urtor's modal trillion
Ilantt's intrusive respite
Oriketras's cold purple
The call of the riotous vegetable