500 Random Spells for the Dying Earth

In Jack Vance's classic Tales of the Dying Earth, the nomenclature for the magical spells seems curiously archaic. Xarfaggio's Physical Malepsy ... Arnhoult's Sequestrious Digitalia ... The Spell of Forlorn Encystment ... Khulip's Nasal Enhancement ... The spell names occasionally evoke a decadent arcane humor. The Excellent Prismatic Spray ... Phandaal's Critique of the Chill ... Below, you will find 500 spell names of aleatoric provenance, which after careful redaction may be suitable for use in the wonderful The Dying Earth(*) Role-Playing Game.

Do you have any comments about this program? I'm aware of the problems with the adjective/noun database, but it is too large to correct either all at once or as I notice inappropriate items. I'll tweak it gradually over the next few years ...

Oh! I should add that the spell generator was inspired by a long-lost program written by my friends John Marron and Les Hill. Furthermore, I have to thank John for showing me that, if you are interested in exotic worlds and well-crafted sentences, there's always more and more to like in the work of Jack Vance.

There are other name generators on the Name Generation Page.

(*) "The Dying Earth" is a trademark of Pelgrane Press Ltd. It is used here without permission.

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Ixisk-Dam's ceramic adventure
Ubadorgha's catholic lead
La-Yimari's dilatory reserve
Kadery's erroneous uncle
The charm of respondent sleep
Otsich's up spleen
Jaunicaua's inaudible egress
Phamett's fiery privilege
Foladoust's trenchant sound
The pattern of indefinite resignation
Llangar's boggy criterion
Zandio's stagy ratio
Oihen's preponderant rake
Berjanko's narcotic egress
The charm of filial exposure
Magmanka's tearful third
Dulko's fore gold
Khadaide's jolly desire
Arsede's even limitation
The call of the funereal gawk
Click's apt success
Domon's collateral cumulus
Mirabaria's contagious heterogeneity
Llatune's abhorrent egotist
The agency of passive society
Gorda's quadripartite provision
Sudolicla's mercurial auditory
Araulcens's immaculate homogeneity
Firol's bookish square
The pattern of powerful recur
Aparinel's even exodus
Shidesuan's male access
Gortis's original patriarch
Arnatvin's squamous arrival
The spell of coarse game
Suudoldar's creamy iconoclasm
Ikelukhio's irreversible cobra
Aberjae's despotic pantheon
Matea's exultant rattle
The call of the vagrant pull
Fushko's rough form
Aionip's curvilinear orthodoxy
Perbenats's choral trust
Hegiornau's familiar lock
The pattern of lunatic sophistry
Pesiu's immortal push
Totta's vengeful run
Sugwilipi's colloquial concourse
Krasan's confidential quartet
The charm of cortical crack
Elazzinkw's recusant creature
Pogose's indefensible invitation
Majaierb's nubile occultation
Angonitz's prominent ocarina
The spell of astringent banjo
Ortzar's satisfactory project
Shingraor's straight appearance
Perritz's recipient essence
Tifetzi's intense physique
The charm of paschal velocity
Zhiel's restorative acquittal
Inkatilla's attentive pageantry
Lausz's congenial forfeiture
Sapartiga's soft kit
The pattern of distinct junk
Nundon's impotent geyser
Ruixuldek's nodular tutelage
Telano's fragile capital
Khang's repelling scholastic
The charm of ordinary deodorant
Beron's ineffective bounty
Agorreadh's reciprocal pearl
Tanichard's heterogeneous ambiguity
Arghun's fireproof crumb
The spell of inconsiderable bite
Hurabi's querulous palindrome
Zumartzi's soft flourish
Amunesicl's fit garrison
Aintz's gentle item
The agency of frail advocacy
Laskajaiz's neat pessimist
Iparassin's incumbent homage
Luzelme's wiry collapse
Mandereno's lifelike exchequer
The pattern of monastic freehold
Ubelam's barren imprint
Kerdont's abrasive fluid
Guyan's profuse hospital
Aitzarasi's culpable verse
The charm of impossible guarantee
Joseamset's rough omen
Garta's yeasty concourse
Slam-Zuzp's fatty impression
Lodestiko's vocal imposition
The pattern of concave devotion
Harassife's flimsy cadaver
Zohoi's cloudy credit
Kilio's flush dissension
Twigo's deleterious surrender
The pattern of organic stare
Iakkel's tentative minute
Thrapen's pastoral spray
Zahio's belligerent cocoa
Hurinitza's rectilinear hum
The pattern of discoid opposition
Laziban's neuter economy
Aderwaldi's twin pull
Marta's proximate limit
Oinatzi's near egress
The spell of trivial patriot
Glustaram's aesthetic survival
Boudur's preposterous part
Lukere's moderate perversion
Suulk's determinate eclipse
The spell of baptismal flight
Bercheion's vernacular gust
Ubanko's ashen tie
Rogomp's seeing evolution
Majnu's capacious grandfather
The pattern of lush soprano
Suber's luxurious pull
Ugartea's home quality
Hansin's atmospheric swivel
Azteio's high field
The call of the equable increase
Silfigait's ruinous fourth
Permal's thus rumble
Astri's inauspicious angle
Garamei's credible loophole
The spell of congratulatory ogress
Zilismarc's rapt mobility
Sassedetz's luscious blast
Hibalukel's captious phrase
Aradassmy's loose conspirator
The call of the imaginary cat
Garreng's afloat penance
Benolagar's sorrel lacuna
Galchilk's prudent hearse
Padetz's tangible niece
The spell of suggestive revolution
Irazagutt's inadmissible iconoclast
Betsick's blind barrow
Garamikol's bare force
Sahaieriv's explicit link
The spell of briny grove
Adesa's impalpable dawn
Sastishe's young rose
Nunde's prosperous convulsion
Sabaulphi's abhorrent eye
The agency of massive hour
Semundun's recusant infinity
Arviu's derelict return
Argar's precarious smokestack
Pandlarbi's prerequisite voracity
The charm of fruitful glow
Byzandark's hypnotic tenacity
Guzeamait's incompetent crank
Tifettand's indefensible fate
Boberdo's positive growth
The spell of volcanic intimacy
Pagar's grateful manhood
Stunin's indivisible import
Quardola's single tone
Aniko's reprehensible cowardice
The agency of plausible urgency
Hodala's inviolate jargon
Roulsensu's upright sense
Kyres's sectarian momentum
Yerlin's covetous warmth
The charm of previous inattention
Haitorint's stanch burst
Lugent's tacit cause
Pernhouso's redundant outlawry
Lasque's spare family
The call of the excelsior preference
Urbelgarm's inoffensive failure
Padear's vernacular ease
Thirjano's secant tone
Anavende's persuasive tablet
The pattern of tenth conflict
Sabbant's disparate insight
Urtarave's inanimate answer
Arclam's visionary break
The spell of glorious good
Kolwandet's vacant villein
Lualdroun's pure gallant
Batish's correct shadow
Laparkent's madcap whisper
The spell of immaterial pilot
Josmankwi's pliant circular
Yaangir's monkish crater
Ilviul's allusive entourage
Rorentt's enthusiastic perspicuity
The charm of arbitrary success
Astal's polite act
Chulenutz's forward spaniel
Lukhique's vindictive evolution
Ekick's helical reverie
The call of the discoid provision
Um-Folia's sacred lull
Magid's gross spleen
Motzotz's talkative repetition
Millase's spring honesty
The pattern of tonic phraseology
Rlyonex's express curiosity
Baunolar's rapid beadle
Wyxscouri's antebellum glow
Paska's awkward concrete
The pattern of mellow ambiguity
Sesimierc's progressive prototype
Semurtz's covetous drink
Goter's proportionate wainscot
Maray's rum spore
The agency of strict cataract
Adaggio's concave almanac
Mauler's green doubt
Trince's impossible man
Baure's incendiary syzygy
The call of the volatile volition
Sfezx's spotty recursion
Iboneko's inappropriate rubbish
Kevoy's malignant grape
Suber's innocuous delicatessen
The pattern of quarrelsome radiometer
Luttatz's indistinguishable hecatomb
Gentots's phosphoric cartel
Osasmamir's alike limitation
Raizu's shivery conservation
The call of the rude ease
Garagmune's cellular waste
Antaf's fast doubt
Igolder's original transgression
Mautch's strong sluice
The spell of fluffy morphology
Oingire's unchristian dividend
Clamilaet's smooth legatee
Adoizesu's diffident barter
Batin's loose departure
The spell of architectonic proof
Ixilfinga's sheer strike
Iratzedor's mindful discretion
Sance's pleasant bull
Grosturu's over accession
The pattern of jubilant murmur
Byzar's sarcastic answer
Thoun's messy beat
Ularresen's cereal pessimism
Twanikel's fraternal rib
The charm of mute pigtail
Djorikeru's vocal nick
Gadon's apparent finesse
Dombettan's revolutionary dope
Phottore's centennial toady
The charm of eager minutiae
Gnako's abhorrent employer
Igorosen's evil impropriety
Amethano's accessible prison
Estaf's agreeable allowance
The call of the equidistant demur
Majae's extra attack
Rouri's calm finger
Santze's vaccine traitor
Zoren's nice cleavage
The charm of familiar mystery
Bersc's deliquescent usage
Agerri's continent grandfather
Petormano's necessary shock
Pantzarax's blameworthy disturbance
The pattern of convex successor
Elaraxan's mutual desire
Ekinxfag's momentous combustible
T'san's ordinary racket
Oihal's lost bloom
The agency of shoal hush
Adelop's punctual lattice
Teoitz's frontal blank
Manpiliks's globular boyar
Gogotz's tiresome stream
The agency of firm break
Sasiorray's calamitous suction
Lapenthe-'s sober breach
Medermold's antique metaphor
Cormat's familiar rivalry
The pattern of green truce
Eshersh's antipodean hope
Sequan's plebeian registrar
Lohimbar's lucid definition
Wyxscoulk's perpetual evolution
The agency of judicious incomprehension
Dharaffig's puissant silhouette
Brathenth's feline stream
Jelaianax's academic condition
Anskol's prompt island
The pattern of grotesque comedy
Maggidatz's perforate size
Thinden's judicious cupidity
Gogon's solvent bondsman
Fortan's monastic comprehension
The spell of soft cave
Auxil's odd emphasis
Totza's natural evolution
Xipin's wooden cognition
Endorkel's quadripartite ambiguity
The agency of mild room
Arvanippi's innocent trick
Arnholist's multifarious convulsion
Thaviu's pretty diminution
Chazea's impervious queen
The pattern of cheerful team
Edurd's delightful sweetheart
Rharil's bifurcate race
Zampon's arrogant myself
Simere's everyday circumlocution
The pattern of capricious latex
Vanqzir's imbecile duress
Eznati's black chance
Basti's tidy subpoena
Errassoko's trenchant irruption
The agency of fraudulent outlawry
Iliclag's front excuse
Virroldav's family spite
Pulen's obscure prophecy
Matis's dark bout
The charm of tranquil revelation
Djore's deleterious star
Iorensunt's native opponent
Phave's neutral porcelain
Sudive's fitful lapse
The spell of hopeful figure
Launt's sunny stream
Phazzir's peaceful amulet
Dardarth's agricultural assumption
Sushadaal's confirmatory match
The spell of ersatz bailiff
Arlusku's spectral hose
Rainassme's current recur
Lehodarme's practical essence
Andert's infantile soothsayer
The call of the ephemeral manual
Vaskaltz's sinistral pull
Gookhide's expressive bivouac
Zaradoncz's temperate superfluity
Kausta's preserve substitute
The charm of gut inexperience
Vraginexe's organic skeptic
Telaitze's columnar pride
Oierre's bipartite effusion
Zabasoitz's lifelong punch
The agency of various crony
Pulinell's mauve incredulity
Majnulko's dry tail
Leincth's widespread labyrinth
Goroit's commonplace strabismus
The call of the buoyant miracle
Mianraina's big notoriety
Pozta's introductory concourse
Alaor's descendent minutiae
Javnarcel's stout pain
The charm of luxuriant afterthought
Romiereme's phonic swell
Sapahorka's diabolic good
Santer's defiant stir
Garei's cutaneous mantle
The call of the fleet minute
Perronixi's essential address
Forigor's ultra structure
Verin's venal humility
Moerdalt's discrete plagiarism
The pattern of pallid scruple
Berliarom's fat eye
Davnathol's avaricious novitiate
Kemeder's scrupulous void
Ostiza's parochial tread
The call of the supreme mercy
Eguti's venerable infelicity
Zahaw's fore charge
Gaspal's faithful curiosity
Rhadcombo's prompt disturbance
The spell of soft bravo
Magadilik's innocuous excess
Ezren's industrious balk
Albil's compassionate shove
Kaulialdi's atmospheric innocent
The call of the trim plunder
Kembi's dirty caprice
Osoko's distinct simultaneity
Erier's exculpatory crucible
Scaankens's liquid critic
The agency of lax dust
She-Lor's somnolent levity
Brayants's wondrous barter
Benbelmet's dark ceremonial
Thrasualt's irregular temperature
The charm of conducive split
Lumeko's obscure mediocrity
Osparvalc's virgin tumble
Eraon's erect invention
Ankantzi's silent remission
The spell of scurrilous fear
Gaianti's sibilant dough
Zamerras's bluish pitfall
Diston's salient messenger
Johulch's inconspicuous silk
The spell of bisexual energy
Bitzi's tranquil anybody
Yelmello's hostile evolution
Zanti's ghastly groundwork
Valin's tacit perversion
The pattern of broken beard
Balaz's fireproof pressure
Estin's forgetful wizard
Atalantio's observant malady
Andarre's undying plight
The call of the thoroughbred portrait
Gerban's pithy classification
Inkwiken's felicitous deodorant
Hegol's equivalent sequel
Silan's oblique image
The charm of delicious phrase
Alang's earthy brand
Gaizarki's opalescent emission
Malce's substantial dare
Polwal's backward heed
The spell of plain spurt
Lelaorcla's pastoral precipice
Oingeldo's foul part
Guzede's inoffensive shortcoming
Dertaros's dominant cry
The pattern of reciprocal desire
Wiuste's monkish lump
Ssianon's ineffectual rest
Jostere's academic sobriquet
Goratsis's belligerent syzygy
The pattern of regular religion
Suudurian's weary residue
Toren's exempt marsh
Ixakkeno's wrong extension
Subeltz's chronic salary
The agency of open guilt
Aravessie's inflexible crumb
Sykelt's instant gray
Luzparts's transferred heaven
Khuldolin's phony chance
The call of the transcendental point
Isiclarma's double tooth
Atariargo's revolutionary vegetable
Nahode's weird health
Nissoitza's inconsiderate purse
The charm of shot lathe
Lehix's supercilious worthy
Yelaiorda's balky repulsion
Anderatia's greenish acrimony
Sotatusim's liable coercion
The agency of fissile ear
Herra's angry control
Ishot's clamorous Janus
Saberi's brisk redemption
Argastese's because Janus
The spell of equidistant provocation
Maradarra's scrupulous adventure
Gilianal's snug condition
Shustan's implacable attitude
Ospineti's hearty vendor
The charm of irreverent embody
Drameil's radical omission
Todornain's violet rear
Psyred's insular square
Taman's discoid possession
The charm of knotty struggle
Odola's hypocritical speech
Hylaitzi's improper pillow
Arnaz's elect reciprocity
Hysseben's maggoty editorial
The call of the arbitrary thought
Sotatz's novel bribery
Dhaio's crystalline inquisition
Chitzures's envious convoy
Urdast's austere arrow
The charm of prohibitive subtrahend
Rlyon's cherry flame
Ivanix's worn vestal
Obtrit's capillary intimacy
Marki's progressive piece
The pattern of affluent transfer
Twilem's verdant value
Kolaw's kinky finish
Oroul's volatile conversation
Garixider's didactic satiety
The charm of dangerous triumph
Lauri's blasphemous occupation
Matsandon's flush parse
Burukerab's scholastic telltale
Mikdat's sectarian price
The spell of curt idolatry
Amusis's superficial price
Aztarvir's tremulous stake
Gilia's efflorescent kink
Hovanpinc's blind fold
The spell of reciprocal campaign