500 Random Spells for the Dying Earth

In Jack Vance's classic Tales of the Dying Earth, the nomenclature for the magical spells seems curiously archaic. Xarfaggio's Physical Malepsy ... Arnhoult's Sequestrious Digitalia ... The Spell of Forlorn Encystment ... Khulip's Nasal Enhancement ... The spell names occasionally evoke a decadent arcane humor. The Excellent Prismatic Spray ... Phandaal's Critique of the Chill ... Below, you will find 500 spell names of aleatoric provenance, which after careful redaction may be suitable for use in the wonderful The Dying Earth(*) Role-Playing Game.

Do you have any comments about this program? I'm aware of the problems with the adjective/noun database, but it is too large to correct either all at once or as I notice inappropriate items. I'll tweak it gradually over the next few years ...

Oh! I should add that the spell generator was inspired by a long-lost program written by my friends John Marron and Les Hill. Furthermore, I have to thank John for showing me that, if you are interested in exotic worlds and well-crafted sentences, there's always more and more to like in the work of Jack Vance.

There are other name generators on the Name Generation Page.

(*) "The Dying Earth" is a trademark of Pelgrane Press Ltd. It is used here without permission.

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Osparwen's convalescent economy
Erraba's hazy libido
Temierchi's prostrate shortcoming
Domen's honorific crown
The charm of immediate contiguity
Scaua's mysterious spread
Korin's expository fence
Faa-Errab's deft reserve
Sangun's aboriginal precipice
The call of the serpent cove
Scaual's equitable heed
Bedelt's stubborn adventure
Goindon's near anybody
Petaf's feudal apothegm
The spell of inflammable term
Tadara's radiant comma
Jintigorg's bald delicacy
Phazdave's conjugate service
Mikutz's cool apology
The spell of ritual gloss
Udalo's spiral offset
Aladhrame's ruinous advent
Alban's convalescent certitude
Xallin's laborious hum
The agency of inexcusable request
Yasmyrusk's two compassion
Lelysso's eccentric seizure
Jaturt's equine nostalgia
Bitze's few carrion
The pattern of formal governor
Buberen's revolutionary recompense
Rubea's sober patriarch
Gauska's stubby afterthought
Guntulche's peripatetic exclusion
The spell of civic flash
Osanck's contingent antiquarian
Ixistermo's imperfect apathy
Arnasier's modest ornament
Pante's adequate scull
The charm of informal extension
Oindurgi's quizzical compromise
Azuru's zigzag brood
Scandarwe's mediocre score
Uthonetz's careful depression
The charm of combinatorial plunge
Iparivee's fair infinity
Urtaro's comic nature
Channa's paregoric presumption
Piaro's carbonaceous perturbation
The charm of flimsy run
Oiercange's usual inversion
Manorizun's sarcastic requisition
Goulembol's full affidavit
Azendoit's innocent absence
The call of the boyish anorexia
Laurutt's anterior recruit
Varmet's equatorial fissure
Gabal's stale flash
Lehouman's prudent memory
The agency of humble hooligan
Kisko's impressive sycophant
Uthush's humane mermaid
Pannarth's free enemy
Palarukhe's verdant reversion
The pattern of numerous inadequacy
Sharcherc's erotic exhortation
Abanseder's decisive vegetable
Larti's allusive random
Litzei's precious exile
The charm of sweet glass
Jatance's cut shave
Eztersepe's dismal bass
Wyxscult's plane work
Saggio's cadaverous egotist
The spell of oscillatory strain
Merindor's improvise coinage
Arait's tame algorithm
Sartule's confirmatory obduracy
Gotzel's verdant magic
The spell of circular honeymoon
Taulartau's past savage
Ubellopo's even parody
Ettanditz's hopeful style
Alande's ribald accompaniment
The call of the mercenary appearance
Yaague's domestic tempest
Ambasko's conjectural concern
Peruzesaj's inventive murmur
Basan's thousandth father
The spell of inculpable doodle
Gizarre's gone resolution
Spahamba's qualified call
Kureme's vigorous avarice
Jaume's some waste
The spell of prudent via
Urber's sidereal civilian
Charbalas's last governor
Ekickajid's quizzical stroke
Kaldeno's atmospheric inside
The call of the lucky heretic
Zuixisle's nominal synod
Bortz's incredulous clot
Luzko's spectacular acerbity
Lodavnarr's repelling recession
The spell of wheezy spigot
Tarmin's social section
Deune's harmonious portent
Adaran's literal paradox
Kilip's tight quota
The call of the awkward prophet
Edurg's aloof freedom
Verrilka's secure dimension
Arloderbe's irregular inversion
Artareder's virtuous simplicity
The spell of abject type
Zohin's incessant veracity
Lellode's imaginary brotherhood
Forea's forgotten confrere
Sequeku's impressive health
The spell of conspicuous denouement
Aidat's disparate score
Berst's sunk bellwether
Bettanze's discrete finish
Malengela's preliminary constitution
The pattern of done passport
Rombelait's fulsome demise
Kaerrilka's progressive pioneer
Orzaring's organic unit
Eztazhni's few comprehension
The call of the stumpy pollution
Marchanke's indifferent contention
Agerwiga's incompetent manumission
Baldeste's sepulchral lift
Slaml's confirmatory jealousy
The call of the dire creature
Chule's mutual necessity
Mahar's inward right
Formanbas's tortuous thrift
Egumandi's flat imposture
The agency of ample obstinacy
Fartso's optic multitude
Tilkoxon's weighty cartel
Vulch's casual monologue
Sfezzi's mutual idolatry
The spell of aberrant prose
Atarad's widespread return
Illoer's spectral refutation
Lincel's prompt expression
Zafer's colossal grenade
The charm of improbable stone
Goizusani's keep paranoia
Radon's open prose
Guyang's front leaven
Opienor's easy denunciation
The spell of natural outlawry
Tokolask's axial chance
Wyxscol's retroactive thicket
Ubelt's judicious Christian
Juande's wonderful ease
The pattern of geriatric sophistry
Saholo's luxuriant share
Ibarenban's venerable fluent
Glesuaxar's weak path
Sadirjan's social conference
The charm of precocious relish
Johollord's illegitimate advocacy
Crostadou's stagnant author
Oiherito's passionate span
Smouru's fluent arrow
The agency of affable formula
Rorpe's precocious copyright
Meldebadh's finicky relish
Zambertse's civil square
Galtoran's luxurious Pythagorean
The agency of insensible civilian
Zafdykera's legitimate chorus
Batherska's brusque straight
Tamundi's creamy diversion
Odorea's aforesaid awl
The call of the tepid doom
Ezreaml's solid spine
Zamberres's lunatic ark
Gilinkled's coincident lathe
Suskosen's hidden excitation
The pattern of tolerant account
Bobero's scrupulous neglect
Chendaspi's wooden contravention
Wiusiado's spellbound impropriety
Berwents's motley loss
The pattern of aristocratic concord
Hachenton's malignant revelation
Cilixo's alternate registry
Forbe's inelastic cameraman
Sadan's even asperity
The call of the cold crisis
Allodergi's memorable society
Kanpi's suggestive whimper
Bartzibad's guttural leash
Artzio's irksome spirit
The agency of free relaxation
Disma's treble haste
Chaxe's fore chorus
Karamanti's fetid safeguard
Romaterma's devout varnish
The charm of imperceptible immobility
Jokin's putative transient
Bidori's imperceptible salutation
Pether's spellbound fuse
Lumpe's slack ribbon
The agency of thoughtful funk
Ihioren's straight man
Semusiler's contentious barbarism
Alsifer's penitentiary passion
Ugaio's unwieldy prohibition
The spell of adolescent alloy
Gores's pithy static
Ospalfer's definite team
Kraigaitz's boisterous pluck
Josko's evasive siskin
The spell of copious acerbity
Pantz's set cast
Kraandero's ceremonial workman
Gunun's sensitive renewal
Inauch's brackish scowl
The charm of mock brilliant
Zelandeio's temporary composition
Radliario's tawny hereafter
Lasbe's defensive retort
Lapat's changeable deputy
The pattern of dutiable vicinity
Kanqzi's lenient anachronism
Erran's lower architecture
Lukost's absolute father
Otsapa's blissful paraphrase
The agency of porous combination
Litzi's set goddess
Obell's barefaced spokesman
Taunebe's middle apostle
Hibalat's fortunate surrogate
The pattern of operatic vision
Zelicaag's cellular snap
Radaa's soapy custom
Kaerce's sextuple bodyguard
T'saju's inorganic venture
The pattern of ambrosial coinage
Glayenars's noticeable paraphrase
Nahoitig's serene reformatory
Llorsasko's obdurate tracery
Ipaldoilk's plaid capacity
The pattern of hopeful plagiarism
Sapensape's resilient sack
Herchiasn's retroactive data
Suber's prompt word
Errivessi's ceramic seduction
The pattern of declaratory information
Ottar's dirty nip
Fustatulk's quick quartermaster
Ksapo's sleepy departure
Kastakkel's plane embodiment
The spell of quiet weight
Argilis's defensive moron
Opina's colloquial wild
Ongeron's personal acquittal
Binguincx's dark prothonotary
The call of the palpable pursuer
Amper's condemnatory prig
Lukorent's concurring lord
Nephimbar's lukewarm geodesy
Faangeio's vain parley
The charm of ignominious triumph
Ekickaf's buoyant cream
Etorth's gone anaconda
Barts's essential gloss
Ihaizenas's curt stream
The pattern of exuberant inaptitude
Golari's confirmatory alacrity
Bikeltzi's indifferent apposition
Bubel's parallel fruition
Lehouso's insufficient neurosis
The charm of tiresome blur
Sandatz's perforate commerce
Radurutha's contagious story
Matzaiz's infirm pastime
Ezresse's inveterate race
The agency of supreme spume
Ugurdorqu's passionate attache
Ales-Tokh's facetious atmosphere
Erradi's indulgent obstinacy
Domirk's architectonic rule
The agency of ritual amateur
Garth's catalytic choice
Agelte's disparate octave
Gotselo's erratic corrosion
Shimba's trenchant several
The call of the impelling ivory
Balamba's inexorable mercy
Eathercan's trenchant aroma
Wyxsco's inextinguishable wax
Mazzarsan's dying breadth
The call of the cheap fool
Simbole's certain heaven
Romambon's devilish atmosphere
Ekariant's offensive fairy
Aincz's propelling limitation
The agency of little reserve
Atanillet's fade knot
Artidane's apostolic stronghold
Castotz's quick squash
Zellumazt's deceitful satiety
The agency of invidious sea
Ampodore's irreclaimable filter
Silliankl's rural taffeta
Krillinno's culpable apostrophe
Donce's divergent theologian
The call of the pliant mobility
Sabadorna's fast symmetry
Hylarclan's crucial seraglio
Pomasken's mendacious paragraph
Gauldalst's retroactive travesty
The call of the abrasive third
Darazhnal's improvident cowardice
Remen's good enemy
Kalch's prescriptive enterprise
Xardatsu's baleful maintenance
The spell of incombustible embodiment
Pagmar's prodigal respite
Blaitz's astringent personnel
Marthe's situated plenipotentiary
Houlic's set voice
The spell of illegitimate verve
Silio's militant reserve
Aurumanti's itinerant pliers
Yaa-Erix's individual ambiguity
Gabin's low starboard
The charm of regular mint
Iuculayal's indecent quaver
Nabare's cool rudiment
Meder's nominal return
Malsx's marble tautology
The pattern of cadaverous misogynist
Vitzedeio's mauve epaulet
Elartziba's showy dusk
Cilin's single renewal
Atsea's true delirium
The pattern of multiplex miss
Lutranpil's ancient regret
Pometa's salient cyclist
Tandulegi's combinatorial grocer
Jaine's slack recursion
The charm of sodden absence
Sastanko's neutral comma
Um-Zumant's recurring formula
Passo's definite aura
Palche-Ma's teratogenic composition
The pattern of aqueous film
Bustilko's exceptional annual
Pupur's foregoing uproar
Santim's impassable solecism
Tambas's lonesome harelip
The charm of academic syntax
T'sankles's onerous stealth
Muntz's forcible quotation
Morin's annual precession
Eneka's free reception
The pattern of irrelevant breath
Mardimant's regular horology
Zermirnix's eloquent fugitive
Gassmatsi's indelible renaissance
Sagmuncth's solid principle
The agency of lax insurrection
Lehe-Lorq's penitent eighty
Ferukhixo's subservient creature
Jormedela's territorial apprehension
Vexell's partial ice
The pattern of terrestrial necessity
Kangomaru's bent menace
Ladin's aberrant nicety
Gurkela's rough subtlety
Thixelin's fractious featherbed
The agency of nutritious cloud
Petze's him ruby
Rogosu's liable curiosity
Bedel's inimical grandmother
Lehoule's accessible coupon
The spell of innocent palsy
Sebabi's stationary exclusion
Meltortor's rough hubbub
Rompo's sarcastic ambuscade
Sanpineth's admitting medium
The pattern of open chance
Elerdo's indelible fluid
Thabensas's torpid clergyman
Zerdan's sober sculptor
Cutri's halcyon envoy
The charm of bereft climate
Malter's covetous freedom
Ekath's libelous occultation
Urbabaw's aristocratic rage
Romar's contingent augur
The call of the indigenous size
Kilica's near inertia
Meragoi's incautious screen
Zinnille's husky bouquet
Sabalam-F's irresolute six
The call of the rotary horoscope
Goggirin's penitentiary peace
Ingun's spare hyperbola
Kraitzar's resentful hand
Kolorix's living auger
The spell of rigorous shake
Chavia's prolific dilemma
Ksando's diamond flight
Orbilk's vociferous sack
Clazibart's guilty tinkle
The charm of bluish ego
Dadaguzen's resonant permutation
Rourei's horny criterion
Arrazi's converse iconoclast
Cugosieli's soft expenditure
The pattern of happy wrath
Novanile's changeable surrender
Garvial's certain deputy
Zoraunts's illegible necessity
Glulendur's virtuous pursuer
The pattern of trustworthy divorce
Lautriz's additive fear
Lanetiza's counterfeit aspersion
Alasasid's importunate evasion
Kaldorixi's cloven perspiration
The call of the dead reason
Daitarouc's dank term
Kando's feudal escort
Bazar's contagious autocracy
Urdagasin's pedantic issue
The spell of mimicking retrospect
Qualin's populous sobriety
T'sat's indignant lore
Dertakuba's bucolic epicure
Firen's incommunicable relaxation
The charm of iconic rut
Vartako's retaliatory torpor
Seldi's luxurious scoop
Nahidunun's opposite inspiration
Ermarda-Y's tame match
The agency of mauve thaw
Yasquensa's double warren
Pupurgilk's scurrilous deputy
Frolor's envious moat
Rormel's purpose wipe
The charm of tentative residue
Xexamaera's impulsive fifth
Loronidou's prior hate
Nisso's diplomatic individual
Jakinkafd's passive absolution
The call of the meek taste
Medei's compensatory affinity
Kadger's incorruptible curiosity
Jakinkle's indomitable rendition
Argidar's dull attache
The spell of straightforward gall
Kyronersa's ablaze several
Shaithode's lain lullaby
Sundain's foggy sinister
Nepelane's projectile flight
The charm of calamitous beadle
Egumetori's careful dissension
Iharratt's definite similitude
G'Var's adverse mystery
Parus's continued trick
The pattern of vulpine medium
Lelasin's old business
Vanctusta's snug gaucherie
Goldi's paschal meniscus
Thaio's plumb quicksilver
The charm of dogmatic response
Marrand's acerbic falsehood
Urtze's soft hiss
Agoitz's secretive exile
Virrave's fiendish humility
The pattern of aching minimum
Voyevodon's madcap imposture
Merwendi's straightforward flea
Lumar's coherent millstone
Peliku's sycophantic speech
The spell of sober wrong
Zumanoth's deducible brevet
Astil's great hate
Sangi's furious malaria
Dankai's riparian sectarian
The pattern of odorous assurance
Obetisher's murderous bale
Rousz's dainty transportation
Yodeforei's rare telephone
Andouc's vocal analysis
The call of the novel interference
Etotiko's querulous swing
Oiheng's vernacular precession
Osailambe's infrequent impropriety
Benrei's genetic court
The pattern of faithful kick