500 Random Spells for the Dying Earth

In Jack Vance's classic Tales of the Dying Earth, the nomenclature for the magical spells seems curiously archaic. Xarfaggio's Physical Malepsy ... Arnhoult's Sequestrious Digitalia ... The Spell of Forlorn Encystment ... Khulip's Nasal Enhancement ... The spell names occasionally evoke a decadent arcane humor. The Excellent Prismatic Spray ... Phandaal's Critique of the Chill ... Below, you will find 500 spell names of aleatoric provenance, which after careful redaction may be suitable for use in the wonderful The Dying Earth(*) Role-Playing Game.

Do you have any comments about this program? I'm aware of the problems with the adjective/noun database, but it is too large to correct either all at once or as I notice inappropriate items. I'll tweak it gradually over the next few years ...

Oh! I should add that the spell generator was inspired by a long-lost program written by my friends John Marron and Les Hill. Furthermore, I have to thank John for showing me that, if you are interested in exotic worlds and well-crafted sentences, there's always more and more to like in the work of Jack Vance.

There are other name generators on the Name Generation Page.

(*) "The Dying Earth" is a trademark of Pelgrane Press Ltd. It is used here without permission.

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Araml's slow alarm
Zadous's irresolute devotion
Atzearid's trivial path
Shinck's dead preparation
The call of the green reward
Urbanko's nice hydrant
Enetia's mature nicety
Scaalerch's current volcano
Adurdinai's heroic sunshade
The agency of pleasant lotion
Adurga's vain architect
Handirkod's homologous category
Ortseband's sectarian rivalry
Ostia's feeble haphazard
The call of the characteristic infusion
Arnatz's discordant stroke
Vexellaw's quick sell
Rhaio's light deputy
Lellaerso's passionate aura
The call of the contagious lifeblood
Perlag's willful dove
Rubeam's infantile ambiguity
Saski's sound amplitude
Gooko's roundabout quality
The pattern of pungent snob
Adelt's customary fourth
Hitzagio's organic depression
Dialt's retaliatory choir
Kimane's contingent adept
The spell of warm perturbation
Zhide's additional will
Clatt's trustworthy murmur
Chalan's bloodshot alabaster
Mardar's insoluble beat
The agency of spontaneous confession
Puirastes's diamond prospect
Pettar's sharp carcass
Gaune's plausible profusion
Harth's ethereal area
The pattern of gone mineral
Geron's unbidden difficulty
Toder's colloquial diction
Um-Zumpo's maritime lotion
Furuko's handsome spring
The agency of revolutionary inattention
Sparedo's insufferable introduction
Wiskaians's muddy respite
Pielen's credible cowardice
Ortziller's still geography
The spell of discrete stone
Bermel's retentive diorama
Domoulert's torpid alliance
Aitheio's utmost revenge
Glukhiqui's devout line
The pattern of snoopy transposition
Aderole's curt midwife
Kilambol's inorganic paranoia
Kaxilguek's defensive tenor
Sotzen's jocose homogeneity
The charm of cartographic riddle
Topsierol's slavish caustic
Urkelch's frontier reclamation
Skare's diverse hour
Sanske's propelled duration
The pattern of ineffective structure
Tsomentza's forgotten hold
Jello's other alibi
Laparl's leisure fifth
Kevori's explicit malaise
The agency of promiscuous deodorant
Mirmae's buoyant analogy
Inazter's girlish genius
Maoradamp's diamond link
Piari's incidental exhaustion
The call of the raffish household
Chale's rear serpent
Etotz's radical refusal
Fir-Shimb's iconic custodian
Egund's hideous asceticism
The call of the youthful porcupine
Kantin's perceptible anachronism
Dianturil's simple botch
Drain's perilous lash
Gurgarmir's involuntary liquor
The charm of communique hawk
Urriancz's leery limbo
Subelank's vesicular resolution
Baunettat's vapid pull
Perio's repelling implantation
The charm of inopportune twaddle
Kevoyende's serpent flat
Jaulialde's abdominal fancy
Hanbarriv's necessary crisis
Selmekolw's repelling conflict
The charm of young blockade
Garme's desultory derelict
Osathaini's equivocal loquacity
Arshko's seedy radical
Solghuger's glassy purple
The spell of false pessimist
Larsheiz's perpetual case
Claello's circuitous chapter
Draiz's dulcet vestry
Foldi's sulky timbre
The spell of impervious inroad
Orausk's devious astigmatism
Kaxen's regressive surety
Dilina's statutory part
Gasmansul's dilatory main
The agency of radiant drone
Chambeder's pure approach
Symaun's noteworthy necromancer
Beroizel's pitiful disruption
Pular's dainty squint
The agency of smutty velocity
Margir-Sh's tuneful autopsy
Tardola's hungry hate
Anakaitz's essential boatswain
Kangaimba's elegiac poise
The spell of tacit cry
Gabalfone's indissoluble placenta
Ubekoxel's usual forfeit
Kilbaldo's organic nostalgia
Haiore's addled exposure
The agency of expository stoppage
Frapount's predominant critique
Bohush's mock feet
Disk-Khun's ghostly truce
Auxis's numb pull
The agency of adventitious affiance
Zurgolder's pliant perpetuity
Tabel's inconsiderate wing
Phorearke's fastidious propriety
Arnhoulin's indissoluble apprehension
The pattern of fast exemption
Verghar's tame data
Marvilaya's exact friction
Kuskickat's temperate tide
Sotze's sumptuous hush
The call of the crepe esteem
Aztadel's filthy dove
Oleshor's indistinguishable height
Ember's persistent miscellany
Ponse's penultimate contagion
The pattern of undying hiss
Nisko's acetic herpetology
Ortiadusz's few bargain
Flodnil's cross perspicuity
Joheruqua's fraternal perversion
The agency of erudite sabotage
Lauliaspr's deducible enemy
Gordi's deciduous grammar
Pometin's sarcastic necklace
T'saspino's improvident harvest
The charm of conclusive cryptography
Suulerri's mealy statue
Guzpah's sallow enmity
Ethutz's venial hare
Mantig's complex compulsion
The call of the menial calorimeter
Tasprounc's aquatic curse
Vilickats's keen clinch
Maoldebe's intelligible bazaar
Dibaze's eccentric girdle
The pattern of resident normalcy
Albausko's prosaic impulse
Imandes's useful resignation
Ponfo's pure assurance
Herdarent's obligatory privilege
The charm of legitimate shortcoming
Zarfagort's prefatory knack
Sasti's guttural publication
Suult's congratulatory indisposition
Arniferes's narrow scoff
The agency of iambic frontage
Ihira's acerbic circumlocution
Ellatvir-'s covetous solitude
Omasiar's promiscuous normalcy
Thraxmar's amidst argot
The charm of bifurcate muskrat
Yelaon's averse gourmet
Tyzon's provisional gloss
Lorkajin's venial confirmation
Karil's territorial omission
The charm of rare embassy
Anassu's numb communion
Berlojun's persistent beginning
Tohix's emeritus armament
Gamer's mineral spur
The charm of central last
Batsa's needful outlawry
Barri's dismal optimist
Majnuttan's barbarous truce
Vascoder's occult conference
The call of the harsh fire
Murio's known manhood
Azvangk's jocund employ
Iraitz's inverse affinity
Albandor's rancid oblivion
The charm of quantitative trophy
Varketik's actinic umbrella
Beilin's absurd drainage
Gorolo's near start
Shrader's some virtue
The agency of incessant acerbity
Nuxishe's hideous notion
Koyne's radical solicitude
Araolai's antagonistic ease
Cherdone's heterogeneous inclination
The spell of recondite tutelage
Az-Kharra's baggy ogre
Golot's free wave
Vomaurue's bleak apposition
Johune's dependent revelation
The call of the easy exclusion
Emenz's weary aphelion
Anidathen's metric mercy
Buscolde's anhydrous forbearance
Tuska's litigious opium
The agency of propelling fifth
Rodet's astringent intrusion
Iorphratz's scurrilous chivalry
Larance's persistent installation
Apari's safe cushion
The charm of definite saw
Inkoseren's mysterious cusp
Dibanoth's sweet talus
Lehimatsu's titular penalty
Abanon's immortal invention
The charm of easy mute
Kaxel's airy lineage
Magmandik's subtle profusion
G'Vask's lingual promptitude
Ellopsick's anterior tincture
The charm of carnal dodge
Gomolan's partial coroner
Thamangoi's progressive drift
Tohorko's liable constitution
Teunt's fresh definition
The pattern of deciduous stronghold
Mikentsai's inattentive want
Maiga's elder ornamentation
Osprodolg's prompt synagogue
Sebros's erotic style
The agency of dilatory level
Moraunoll's exigent paddy
Elormon's pedantic cameraman
Morod's deaf stream
Sameko's exceptional plagiarism
The agency of triune nuance
Samberutz's baptismal desperado
Masiulk's dominant dismissal
Zahamer's fishy squatter
Noxellen's projectile run
The agency of compliant pull
Gaxen's young concord
Sendori's central invention
Argart's judicious affinity
Nisso's useful deodorant
The agency of furtive prohibition
Artze's irretrievable wish
Nartzogot's pleasant blare
Lazhnas's slow ringlet
Chiri's doubtful jag
The pattern of ardent triplet
Melarban's specious professor
Ferum's illicit loop
Sotsiler's decent blemish
Shiderbal's multifarious pollution
The call of the acute race
Otsat's apocryphal flagstone
Furionixu's changeable interregnum
Furitz's exterior leakage
Porradl's sacrosanct integrity
The agency of bland compromise
Suska's dark symmetry
Sykel-Par's descriptive perfume
Zandron's sarcastic ice
Telin's apocryphal proof
The pattern of lucid composure
Gamoulip's russet rob
Sanserkic's elysian idolatry
Osparbalf's legendary inhabitant
Viranra's mercurial juncture
The spell of omnipresent bottom
Bedesa's nice excitation
Azeshaffe's multifarious repeal
Crabin's concurring riddle
Fautchirl's juicy stalactite
The charm of envious egotist
Lehen's tactile prerequisite
Mikobi's dreary soul
Bakivere's elegant clearance
Ikelo's lucid renewal
The agency of repulsive interdict
Jurrestim's habitual flaw
Hylantzot's supreme tress
Telano's central renewal
Lizaitza's imprudent convolution
The spell of nocturnal incredulity
Harin's humble blow
Azvane's positive frivolity
Mernasco's regressive bow
Menolorr's raw ice
The charm of indiscriminate or
Kemasiler's tuneful despair
Hovalam's mock egotist
Fusco's cut bale
Betzi's repulsive warp
The spell of wanton memory
Dombartar's near herpetology
Kaulloju's scurvy chance
Azurota's ostensible magnitude
Phoder's additive rule
The charm of racy x
Majinelti's proven anachronism
Tcherl's angelic haunch
Parri's austere possession
Garrejin's reciprocal sympathy
The agency of partial gloss
Fauso's collegiate profit
Duancz's gratuitous charity
Inkerd's ternary return
Panosima's rough blockade
The charm of mild beginning
Bartze's rear heterogeneity
La-Hral's defunct iconoclasm
Ssier's diluent grist
Gnilas's hopeful revelation
The charm of bituminous client
Domamilla's lukewarm counterpoise
Gadaialus's equatorial gusto
Pernulara's buoyant Prometheus
Periella's wrathful counterbalance
The charm of rare trustee
Slaion's raw neurosis
Cabilbale's green third
Iucule's venal abstention
Ascolerou's indelicate bureau
The agency of eccentric digression
Berskoi's sallow acerbity
Mausingi's dusty whisper
Chutzi's undying naivete
Bastian's bilateral kink
The charm of inconvertible constraint
Sellikues's comatose auxiliary
Majin's inferior hedonist
Umenzusti's enthusiastic coquette
Genotso's periphrastic solecism
The spell of smooth lingo
Laizaitz's dense fancy
Laulia's tough absolution
Endusiasu's incorruptible ferment
Juaraitzi's single nihilist
The charm of organic clearance
Cheilin's material breed
Tamei's mineral applicant
Sesman's subservient decrease
Turko's thermal loyalty
The pattern of strategic perimeter
Roggidei's cleft breach
Taulish's improvident tension
Laritze's polyglot porcupine
Um-Zuze's manageable repulsion
The pattern of irresponsible push
Itulior's everlasting subtlety
Fustalixi's cartographic mediocrity
Palador's matrimonial charity
Sequen's brazen apostrophe
The pattern of funereal obstinacy
Sasait's incessant circumvention
Urthot's festive subsidy
Muskaizki's resident expression
Suberlich's soapy memory
The pattern of normal dispersion
Luirio's confluent ridge
Paskan's turgid welcome
Handiriu's symptomatic hindrance
Puleobar's stupid landlord
The charm of low tribunal
Fustrive's sour vignette
Llotz's temporal platitude
Thiorinta's oblong fun
Jurgi's spacious sorcery
The call of the duplicate arctic
Tch-Moel's deleterious blemish
Kilincx's ineradicable bias
Suulchire's painstaking borderland
Thier's modest tun
The charm of patent breath
Manta's nautical seaman
Uzurritz's low condolence
Azuberooz's harsh posture
Doulialtz's so placenta
The spell of excelsior buffoon
Zoitzaru's visible relish
Vasai's neutral chastity
Felart's inflammable restoration
Kurin's sharp file
The charm of fiscal retrieval
Sunesanqu's illiterate blue
Astaff's decorous enmity
Scassoman's tricky photo
Topsikere's lost plea
The call of the prompt mood
Cyreio's snug guarantee
Zohoungun's subversive eyesore
Embol's permanent chorus
Sapurutz's selfish thanksgiving
The spell of cheerful dispersion
Induc's obligatory invasion
Leodnixus's sore peace
Oiensko's current rubbish
Rabalfor's fallow brevity
The pattern of progressive snap
Hegil's eminent incapacity
Olett's pecuniary claimant
Garomieno's futile picnic
Darche's contagious account
The agency of allusive auditorium
Sapetardi's punitive club
Elaolo's desirous plaintiff
Enasen's analogous runabout
Symnaz's profane moment
The charm of aromatic world
Anai-Pau's both union
Thrus's scurrilous exclusion
Dualche's earnest quart
Kel-Paspr's scurrilous fluff
The charm of mellow assemblage
Zabiz's coordinate winch
Pandio's chaste exemption
Onbas's chaste alliance
Ainka's chaste coquette
The pattern of incommensurable forbearance
Aurrike's remiss ordinance
Delataxis's pertinacious clinch
Zilkore's twin brain
Tchixi's mundane mountain
The charm of coextensive need
Ansuarri's shallow preservation
Artseper's implacable ideal
Isifezzio's patrician idol
Hornarg's indefinite resignation
The charm of easygoing absolution
Horreder's brainy ambiguity
Aderatun's imminent penalty
Garei's dark chance
Tohix's ugly preservation
The call of the strong retort
Corinxfan's sensory spurt
Chadoi's continental forbearance
Barren's decorous wastrel
Xaluki's sensible ward
The pattern of putative slum
Zhiquand's tripartite asperity
Zhimirlar's buoyant doctrinaire
Sandoldeb's parasitic chance
Ses-Tolo's onerous retort
The charm of intelligible karma
Majnu's deducible ignition
Otsugo's acrid heyday
Caltisset's grandiloquent medium
The call of the interstitial proposal
Kadari's incorrect flatus
Narron's gainful aura
Aione's impetuous breast
Albarra's commonplace vivacity
The charm of consanguineous sunshade
Um-Or's perceptible placenta
Herclae's squamous complexion
Angumpel's sober recess
Millan's sixth alum
The agency of uphill innocent
Herrince-'s uniform intricacy
Saredoozt's rude phenomenon
Sasiela's mercenary adult
Turuzpark's indivisible calf
The call of the particular room
Duldone's elect pliers
Ekajan's stringy study
Hazurukel's piggish omission
Airan's erroneous hecatomb
The spell of farsighted plain
Ottafdyk's pregnant bilayer
Tyzoldoul's vain intrusion
Wyxscel's back residuum
Lacolamie's abovementioned trap
The agency of hollow saint
Laitzaint's clean precession
Goitzi's straight ease
Luicaa-Er's comprehensive minor
Miacolame's piquant denudation
The agency of tentative noose
Tokhel's insoluble quart
Illisk-Kh's ritual hood
Zahores's titular personnel
Torapurke's mysterious desire
The pattern of poetic conduit