500 Random Spells for the Dying Earth

In Jack Vance's classic Tales of the Dying Earth, the nomenclature for the magical spells seems curiously archaic. Xarfaggio's Physical Malepsy ... Arnhoult's Sequestrious Digitalia ... The Spell of Forlorn Encystment ... Khulip's Nasal Enhancement ... The spell names occasionally evoke a decadent arcane humor. The Excellent Prismatic Spray ... Phandaal's Critique of the Chill ... Below, you will find 500 spell names of aleatoric provenance, which after careful redaction may be suitable for use in the wonderful The Dying Earth(*) Role-Playing Game.

Do you have any comments about this program? I'm aware of the problems with the adjective/noun database, but it is too large to correct either all at once or as I notice inappropriate items. I'll tweak it gradually over the next few years ...

Oh! I should add that the spell generator was inspired by a long-lost program written by my friends John Marron and Les Hill. Furthermore, I have to thank John for showing me that, if you are interested in exotic worlds and well-crafted sentences, there's always more and more to like in the work of Jack Vance.

There are other name generators on the Name Generation Page.

(*) "The Dying Earth" is a trademark of Pelgrane Press Ltd. It is used here without permission.

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Dongk's acrid beast
Chira's subservient vernacular
Lalemusz's green lamb
Noxone's turbid congress
The agency of milky caustic
Sembe's gradual footprint
Dharosasi's intimate gusto
Aidel's square arousal
Sandim's condemnatory transmutation
The pattern of general homicide
Domaratze's prompt receipt
Costriang's shoal pillage
Arnulisho's wild talent
Akelere's shabby acquittal
The charm of insufficient dummy
Ermettike's facetious receipt
Chesifag's iniquitous abeyance
Tartisera's yeasty iconoclast
Weadlemar's explanatory poise
The pattern of eventful strain
Kyruquart's prostrate memory
Eznai's circular magic
Jurgoz's compact genius
Ekhavnat's mindful marsh
The charm of sketchy phenomenon
Iraizaia's oily freedom
Majun's evanescent rant
Aitzona's beneficial homogeneity
Kantzotik's desultory passage
The spell of monitory lull
Guzea's convertible caper
Lapata's domestic play
Tamel's stringent strike
Zabedre's olive thud
The pattern of torrid desuetude
Atsuger's gone cat
Erralt's buoyant mastic
Ferosteci's acrid counterpart
Ihian's imprudent screen
The call of the soft fill
Astin's compelling classification
Iraido's synergistic whisper
Galdaa's desultory size
Araursant's conciliatory curiosity
The agency of mock silver
Adermansu's misanthropic inception
Onbekolan's proportionate account
Ladcom's alternate stand
Sanitz's slippery decomposition
The spell of lame bouquet
Crats's inopportune presence
Aduch's marginal limitation
Iruirka's absent wreck
Elops's ineffective board
The call of the conducive furtherance
Agosk's preeminent method
Nisvangk's young messenger
Bazare's fluent wonder
Dibalerme's open grace
The charm of dead omission
Osopo's indefinite scythe
Sabili's gauche lull
Porol's acerbic ultimatum
Koliferli's solemn interest
The agency of reactionary attache
Zurjante's extravagant demon
Ksadal's intact zeal
Silforenn's novel naivete
Jaian's simple address
The agency of dreadful spite
Azuske's salty custodian
Edoulero's normal helm
Vrannompe's exultant destiny
Gabalindr's obligatory pony
The pattern of messy heretic
Pasmazunu's clear perspective
Bunderdar's paregoric daybreak
Praso's sorrowful unction
Hurre's faint rule
The call of the faulty exhaustion
Pomber's incessant analogy
Dhorostin's solvent type
Ostirnaul's fragmentary devotion
Hachirad's buoyant dummy
The pattern of bent vogue
Urtsu's volatile adult
Alanderdi's ethereal descant
Aseparian's inharmonious secondary
Arnainder's legal presupposition
The agency of indefinite dawn
Mupones's volatile revolution
Juanno's telescopic anatomy
Zuriusk's intense fume
Hardarint's academic hob
The pattern of creamy heliotrope
Wisset's greater sobriety
Ulaitzues's observant oil
Leober's rude list
Pryne's intestinal daybreak
The call of the biblical delirium
Silasc's literal vicinity
Sugotsoin's gruff trail
Glaole's sepulchral spasm
Argai's incorrigible preservation
The agency of explicit orange
Sanra's synonymous flush
Zerlishko's erratic confusion
Bertidore's ambiguous velocity
Garko's libelous notion
The spell of rum revulsion
Ekhiment's furtive cylinder
Croul's great case
Costad's hot shovel
Permolwal's opinionate mark
The spell of shiny tone
Baratz's double leeway
Kyrostiz's alternate Siberia
Larig's sinister satisfaction
Baurren's ambrosial void
The spell of sacrosanct substitute
Ihimbe's electric life
Twandaant's voracious growth
Urteiz's past coupon
Pelaga's present stench
The call of the bituminous relish
Egorizanp's concurrent explosion
Semede's immortal relaxation
Sapernart's opportune load
Torio's impassable temple
The pattern of triumphant dough
Stattando's homologous hopeful
Arlumeti's inconsiderate sail
Ada-Hrade's metric perversion
Sahaiamse's erotic architecture
The spell of mellow solemnity
Bentze's garish respect
Presmar's lamellar loss
Arnixon's credible passport
Zures's arrogant stain
The call of the humane swivel
Gerles's exact zip
Deoulch's clement wake
Lukint's inconsiderable courtesy
Oieringoi's proportionate marrow
The spell of faithful phraseology
Dharanu's perverse warren
Errapal's some concrete
Cilio's elastic parley
Merynoloe's internal depository
The pattern of base aura
Orkellorr's retentive denial
Sequix's contrary purgative
Clican's volatile soul
Andoriarc's murky pluck
The charm of open cliff
Gaunt's tentative passion
Ugaitziba's stable find
Seber's nebulous scruple
Erragider's mute symmetry
The pattern of tripartite serpent
Chaltzait's vertebral roll
Garmett's set alkali
Miker's exculpatory variety
Bitzan's home sauce
The agency of inapt start
Mikdar's formal leech
Jantistan's natural gibe
Cugomazi's zigzag heart
Argaisk's calm erasure
The call of the tolerant subsidiary
Alandiver's frugal dot
Temerayen's false net
Mendeil's regional forbearance
Adoizurum's anhydrous court
The charm of bereft rage
Sesselan's careful arrest
Leiza's venal speckle
Bizea's repugnant platitude
Andes's diffuse elder
The call of the soft amethyst
Onbel's punctual soothsayer
Siler's passe usage
Brave's prohibitive waste
Baitzeltz's hostile antarctic
The call of the diabolic reception
Lansiadhr's informal fatigue
Yaa-Yimel's corporeal charge
Lehuntebr's dissident probity
Horrostin's dead void
The call of the sonorous barter
Munekafer's communique protest
Shentzeld's incommensurable puffery
Majnu's inconvertible icebox
Krath's ruthless miracle
The charm of twin pull
Assad's marsupial suspicion
Magma's inimical aspect
Jassm's dull opposition
Kazurtulk's stationary commissary
The pattern of modest countenance
Erwisseti's responsive bravo
Izmierja's integral baritone
Uhile's imbecile redemption
Flodo's sanitary snow
The pattern of ostensible waste
Magnarant's impalpable backbone
Sotakodni's regressive scratch
Sabare's necessary evolution
Cyron's original introduction
The call of the opposite opposition
T'sase's sharp finger
Ospal's Promethean conceit
Diskain's recombinant anchorite
T'sai's antagonistic progeny
The spell of tremulous invention
Luzai's green line
Andakut's translucent perversion
Anterlinx's metric bubble
Telas's uniform hole
The agency of noble emulsion
Oihafezar's frozen flat
Javalu's quick comfort
Bernarme's almighty cut
Guritz's impelling propulsion
The pattern of prophetic hiss
Bedeth's female discretion
Yauvunona's green mind
Tyzor's vacant equivalent
Mupur's organic depositary
The agency of enormous crisis
Sanbelle's massive z
Ettle's concave truism
Davnar's sweet odium
Blanosmir's equivalent failure
The charm of homogeneous load
Tyzon's cool illegitimacy
Zerren's scriptural mist
Aparaig's extinct soprano
Goritzin's sensual ointment
The call of the safe chant
Embetial's complex winter
Novan's sibilant wall
Ulasmilip's agreeable inexperience
Ospatziba's suggestive headquarters
The charm of stringent tumble
Kancz's quick sobriety
Mettisken's foul icebox
Suulko's studious spirit
Krano's sandy interception
The agency of inconceivable bounty
Zigai's deep album
Semellerd's strong husbandry
Wyxsc's inexpressible debility
Illorrezx's balmy distortion
The agency of trashy journey
Osterianz's prim exile
Saharlode's utilitarian novelty
Tortorpe's existent courtesy
Chule's monastic indentation
The spell of corporeal stem
Enexan's exact pitch
Urban's outrageous depression
Calemet's inconvertible pliancy
Gausth's popular inception
The charm of acerbic brand
Oiher's partial exclusion
Khunetz's energetic satisfaction
Xardirlik's circular quadrature
Itzar's brash prosecution
The agency of penal blackmail
Sanban's austere requisition
Edere's putative wake
Eguere's oral protestation
Urtindo's regal solicitor
The pattern of forward abeyance
Ostriz's odorous decrease
Khuskaffi's salutary eavesdropping
Andiko's swift metaphor
Arnazaier's triumphant failure
The pattern of conducive premonition
Efredeio's imperishable circumvention
Yodesugoi's sensuous botanist
Erraderna's fallow wick
Ambetz's pedantic vocable
The agency of temperate monologue
Makolaide's flatulent algebra
Toldorkat's repugnant will
Erish's satanic intrusion
Oinkos's mercurial nickname
The pattern of supine incident
Dilbasomp's biblical restraint
Hourti's occidental trustee
Cuishmirn's inalienable duplicate
Lanklegio's tacit chaff
The call of the charitable duration
Induc's ignorant path
Ludusan's current desuetude
Aitzi's ravenous exclusion
Ekhialica's stormy benefit
The spell of intact bias
Guzarzanr's round facsimile
Ixilik's superstitious bias
Urtze's sallow straight
Kergi's pregnant missive
The spell of fabulous orthodoxy
Pellanata's free ring
Pastiarap's lost clod
Yeruzeder's bellicose neoprene
Bubuco's aesthetic type
The charm of trite impropriety
Phorq's starch simultaneity
Phakano's progressive period
Erades's skinny take
Dontzin's durable inflammation
The charm of mettlesome chat
Iraml's tame parvenu
Oskaxisei's penal fallacy
Sequendas's pretentious acerbity
Toking's oblivious access
The charm of translucent silk
Garithe's paramount cheer
Harfado's mercurial apotheosis
Sabilka's forgotten asphalt
Parske's bluff gabble
The pattern of linear acquisition
Petat's fluent luminary
Undave's littoral virtue
Padune's forlorn reverse
Mazus's airy hedonism
The agency of indefinite lullaby
Guyanko's trumpery inexperience
Bernatsua's novel worthy
Shincena's oppressive seraphim
Perjaiz's estimable innuendo
The call of the contingent trim
Dergi's brackish glory
Izmin's domestic streak
Endongorq's rude convert
Jaidefon's current conflict
The pattern of sham exclusion
Alorig's wrought enamel
Phoitz's wealthy front
Eguren's odd adobe
Taundin's inalienable rub
The pattern of wicked block
Faa-Er's retrogressive revelation
La-Yimin's solid leakage
Jassmyrma's preponderant shoot
Krembabas's cumbersome influence
The charm of flat soul
Gortz's resident prescription
Tibanqzin's bleak chance
Hankel's lost epoch
Kramol's vernal moonlight
The call of the ductile lair
Ibaltizon's enigmatic stake
Bormu's rough beehive
Urker's combustible compromise
Matzent's sweet caloric
The agency of predominant inattention
Huskodell's lucky fold
Makonin's domestic pun
Haxeldo's crusty thoroughbred
Ugurgar's fugitive still
The spell of blasphemous cancel
Lohustun's desultory everybody
Gauste's oblivious friction
Senda's fitful simplicity
Ospendi's misty study
The call of the captious Juno
La-Hral's dark habitation
Auxishmi's deficient spite
Herud's even appearance
Lelamoli's neat loyalty
The pattern of perpendicular expedition
Eznio's regional crest
Irasan's solemn tracery
Aintisseb's steady roll
Ilich's under stay
The call of the tawny course
Alais's continued plate
Gorso's suicidal captive
Egoiz's apocryphal dot
Aparaurth's inauspicious soothsayer
The pattern of askew transgression
Bober's impelling coil
Iraiska's culinary par
Mandoi's true reversion
Umeshe's recurrent manna
The agency of poor laurel
Tasen's defensible noun
Sabar's coextensive cabinet
Arvorrane's cavernous clay
Igorq's picturesque venture
The pattern of servile protest
Sonce-Lod's impenetrable sentinel
T'sajundi's parsimonious ambiguity
Lehusthe's guttural maroon
Ibasin's kinky standoff
The charm of nominal ignition
Turtze's halcyon plank
Amustaurd's annular contretemps
Lelasti's monitory indentation
Urrado's rough grammar
The spell of various attribution
Miirlin's poor revelation
Sabiler's quantitative default
Horosta's hindmost profusion
Lautimere's mysterious slip
The charm of dyadic arrow
Rlysso's cinnamon manhood
Pada-Hrar's obedient jubilee
Haidaler's ribald egotist
Urber's hard renewal
The pattern of one self
Zerdulkai's senile image
Thinjaitz's exhaustive departure
Sagomaiel's shipshape excision
Barnip's double salute
The charm of broad advice
Goggi's guilty normalcy
Symaml's phonetic strain
Vanth's happy tenacity
Allixon's sagacious memory
The spell of squeamish myself
Distina's curious parsimony
Dombaunge's triumphant thud
Kalume's reactionary adieu
Niskatsom's yellow servant
The agency of agricultural advance
Berraltol's antagonistic egotism
Xartiz's optic placenta
Yerle's silent power
Vastordat's faithful preservation
The call of the spoken hope
Gronin's hostile moron
Auxki's translucent semblance
Iharth's waxy jiffy
Bordas's slender beauty
The charm of tense usurer
Emetsu's embryonic snap
Erbaw's contemporaneous lunacy
Mainar's concurrent sunbeam
Faagi's biennial bureau
The charm of contingent perimeter
Guzaizkai's meek fib
Sayala's acrimonious perpetuity
Jorang's monstrous play
Mautz's retaliatory stupor
The charm of equidistant pursuit
Batzea's appreciable manumission
Pulam's florid enemy
Frausider's orange draft
Shierdave's consecutive fault
The charm of supreme mistress
Lehin's orthogonal guilt
Marlen's girlish build
Larka's forgetful exposure
Teoberen's back modicum
The spell of insubstantial collapse
Kandincx's declaratory mud
Ostilko's rustic depression
Forsant's prosperous life
Zel-Paume's photogenic indecision
The pattern of rectangular escheat
Lutrame's strong installation
Iranol's mettlesome revival
Anteberva's ugly heyday
Lland's atmospheric visitation
The charm of glassy sculptor
Casas's grateful bore
Izteri's orange fear
Larril's thoughtful error
Biletinio's chronic satellite
The spell of infernal credit
Urbarrasi's indistinguishable oar
Rinqzincx's subservient speck
Anitz's disparate adultery
Az-Khaven's noble application
The pattern of textile puffery
Arixo's punctual inmate
Aramseara's cosmopolitan vanity
Totath's ravenous charity
Aritzag's legendary fear
The spell of equivalent symmetry
Shunilin's dangerous grain
Lehique's exultant prodigal
Ksadelarl's sultry salute
Elazter's belligerent intrusion
The pattern of plaintive microscopy
Gaustebe's equidistant secret
Balusk's epic cellar
Tamundoin's epic geodesy
Kepar's essential contrition
The spell of momentary ease
Josai's proven expression
Cronerlit's hopeful intrusion
Zandoon's axiomatic eavesdropping
Gartzonce's euphemism subtrahend
The spell of errant basilisk