500 Random Spells for the Dying Earth

In Jack Vance's classic Tales of the Dying Earth, the nomenclature for the magical spells seems curiously archaic. Xarfaggio's Physical Malepsy ... Arnhoult's Sequestrious Digitalia ... The Spell of Forlorn Encystment ... Khulip's Nasal Enhancement ... The spell names occasionally evoke a decadent arcane humor. The Excellent Prismatic Spray ... Phandaal's Critique of the Chill ... Below, you will find 500 spell names of aleatoric provenance, which after careful redaction may be suitable for use in the wonderful The Dying Earth(*) Role-Playing Game.

Do you have any comments about this program? I'm aware of the problems with the adjective/noun database, but it is too large to correct either all at once or as I notice inappropriate items. I'll tweak it gradually over the next few years ...

Oh! I should add that the spell generator was inspired by a long-lost program written by my friends John Marron and Les Hill. Furthermore, I have to thank John for showing me that, if you are interested in exotic worlds and well-crafted sentences, there's always more and more to like in the work of Jack Vance.

There are other name generators on the Name Generation Page.

(*) "The Dying Earth" is a trademark of Pelgrane Press Ltd. It is used here without permission.

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Lehou's mineral eternity
Sasomin's cloudy grist
Kauru's stringy candidate
Otsebe's powdery manslaughter
The pattern of literal warmth
Bircanbas's null Hessian
Ospierdit's confident sneak
Pergoravn's square fortune
Farvirabe's tensile paucity
The call of the expectant serum
Matzin's ripe square
Edurtz's meek muddle
Axulch's scholastic ass
Kembizin's coarse punch
The agency of jocular omission
Tyzon's sappy position
Artzi's hybrid starboard
Estistarg's visionary magic
Cileg's incautious level
The charm of deliberate furlough
Jandollag's incommunicable gallery
Goitz's formal obduracy
Zamon's improvident contagion
Scant's pitiable sway
The spell of plain pause
Goinde's vivid surety
Luinqzira's tempestuous exposure
Folor's bald widowhood
Garcla's gainful obstinacy
The charm of pregnant receptacle
Medere's redundant forbearance
Camse's poor gloom
Xaren's grotesque bachelor
Gaunune's monotonous stint
The call of the virtuous figure
Luzpardo's feverish stretch
Semanomat's insular bodyguard
Pandi's sweet indisposition
Jorni's errant patron
The spell of illimitable diameter
Scaal's lax variety
Dulin's scholastic curiosity
Perviarro's guilty protest
Ekhiarraz's retroactive leaven
The charm of condemnatory constitution
Benroozte's delectable definition
Obtiks's tragic boo
Johun's omnipresent symmetry
Borri's emeritus contumacy
The call of the amicable incredulity
Basse's one guaranty
Lihent's ineffective apathy
Vulph's pastoral analogy
Sabbal's tidy z
The spell of absolute stint
Dillankat's populous bullet
Sebro's particular mien
Nahiled's exceptional removal
Osaithar's futile warren
The spell of content loyalty
Andeshkon's extant ecstasy
Larlis's extemporaneous concord
Mikola's gregarious point
Roulamb's sycophantic green
The call of the fat glory
Eznaritze's stumpy concourse
Xarant's coarse ambiguity
Sarlo's dainty cloud
Ottarsher's monkish ruby
The charm of late vehicle
Remesth's ceremonious zygote
Cugol's clamorous failure
Ascol's imprudent fanatic
Agolesadi's incorrigible disciplinarian
The spell of swift sobriety
Balchinas's contrite foundling
Adelat's impassive longevity
Ekalandon's rectangular protest
Suber's provident work
The charm of fine alliance
Leode's new cypress
Phottilk's ideal analogy
Pielle's elusive parvenu
Kerlanka's raw figure
The call of the primeval suite
Jokin's causal neck
Miirjanu's floral green
Dombeldes's vagrant crew
Xzaggi's synergistic vehicle
The spell of free gold
Firandilk's velvety sobriquet
Niski's vile invasion
Puixi's compact malaise
Zuzparrad's incautious molasses
The agency of bad criterion
Sandi's crimp lullaby
Toredesen's alien deviate
Arrabbass's opalescent waste
Endilio's neurotic pressure
The spell of virile derision
Kauaxako's venial prose
Ksadhruir's gruff gust
Ostar's elegant intermediary
Sasce's given consumption
The pattern of spiral sloth
Betish's indelicate retribution
Thrant's infrequent static
Luzeadler's appreciable pit
Xarkal's snoopy stream
The agency of causal esplanade
Drassin's fitful denial
Matingost's belligerent dash
Gautz's sear exclusion
Andarpelc's secular reverie
The spell of involuntary duration
Kazine's vernacular vertex
Haineneba's forgotten heart
Zered's formal dilatation
Ataragi's denotative indisposition
The agency of frail allusion
Bernhonif's cumbersome vegetable
Todenos's immaterial channel
Miket's boisterous chine
Susan's hideous purchase
The charm of proud resignation
Goizinqzi's feudatory wonder
Fauntiman's mild union
Ostar's covert pinion
Puleyent's intelligent homework
The agency of native glade
Pulialotz's fulsome expedition
Osparizot's systematic cryptography
Laccoud's unchristian geodesy
Iuchiquor's venal project
The call of the indefatigable levity
Auruzki's inactive miniature
Amenskolo's lost synod
Irumanife's floating provision
Cilas's resistive absolution
The charm of triplicate estimate
Marts's tight alarm
Kolder's hence bluster
Furusiu's abrasive revelry
Mazte's ridiculous massage
The call of the academic animosity
Ibalcher's vesicular landslide
Balun's barefoot evolution
Poggi's triangular booty
Aitzi's flat twilight
The charm of familiar scythe
Jakin's elusive featherbedding
Petzederu's clamorous cellar
Hookol's pedantic fancy
Cuger's ineffable note
The pattern of conducive hook
Hysseber's allied knot
Fesops's exempt presumption
Pansebe's content millennium
Psyroon's quadripartite nobody
The spell of inefficient omen
Boritz's parabolic multitude
Andikel's fourfold rendition
Perliarra's tortuous check
Lodeio's diplomatic exposure
The pattern of misty utilitarian
Magaierri's future placenta
Vithullaz's sketchy comfort
Sarmishia's baronial normalcy
Zadleyent's acerbic pessimism
The spell of substantial disdain
Errh-Aith's garrulous tenderfoot
Tober's substantive absorption
Solin's original geyser
Fersteban's flatulent solicitor
The charm of literal silk
Sasai's bisexual concertina
Ibasops's external lord
Jatun's ordinary flat
Antorse's exact auxiliary
The spell of pungent removal
Zhiandale's squat charge
Biresandi's inconspicuous rent
Dibabi's gruff string
The pattern of high backbone
Zabol's wonderful loss
Az-Khaiel's impulsive impression
Taund's monitory pulse
Arnutz's inimical neoprene
The call of the precipitate suspicion
Marth's convalescent plane
Marre's angelic course
Zerusterr's quadrilateral declination
Auresan's cautious involution
The agency of opalescent contretemps
Edeforier's promiscuous dove
Melumaun's expository plagiarism
Tibach's trenchant goniometer
Hangingoi's authentic proof
The call of the efficacious port
Tasassop's bovine sloth
Kaxakobel's corpuscular declination
Ingaride's longitudinal waste
Garig's thoroughbred blemish
The spell of low morphology
Guzed's retrograde sycophant
Hazurio's frontal modesty
Zabbazdar's venial quietus
Angorre's given nave
The charm of wild summit
Ortaritz's ostensible gray
Irapalun's sped erasure
Gorki's capricious bigotry
Arreion's niggardly chance
The pattern of desirous disturbance
Auxisko's intolerant afterthought
Zhiamboli's inelastic homosexual
Basbalume's thus homogeneity
Twani's impassive brown
The spell of condemnatory antarctic
Lodorres's obscure peccary
Asiulle's evergreen oblivion
Temeno's disdainful description
Omonillo's frothy privilege
The spell of mineral diluent
Ekafla's orthogonal article
Poldowis's indifferent concrete
Tholaskel's easygoing occasion
Albaskel's confirmatory rest
The charm of liable employer
Goldenseb's reactionary anachronism
Mantz's glutinous schism
Perathore's garrulous life
Kalasai's envious sepia
The charm of parsimonious sweetheart
Osprig's silent shortcoming
Belinqzil's penitential bigotry
Parti's remediable deportation
Gaune's public squash
The pattern of oral curse
Dranderen's unchristian transmission
Derjaitik's effectual chisel
Egumaive's feudal beggar
Kelman's humorous protector
The pattern of monadic multiplication
Boredooko's barbarous boss
Guyanex's conducive murder
Balte's orthodox tenderfoot
Juali's provincial alphabet
The charm of monstrous reserve
Kandonctu's neat vestry
Clartzi's annular democrat
Um-Foa's phony magnitude
Vir-Shaiz's small foil
The spell of punctual skit
Masain's plastic enthusiast
Rodelia's precipitate Diana
Manqzir's flat meridian
Garaish's nascent landscape
The spell of contraband span
Hibalukha's immaculate arctic
Obtrai's supreme infinitude
La-Yim's feline gull
Dislenunt's hence silver
The call of the propitious transgression
Mundundo's must bully
Tohinater's geriatric corkscrew
Enexell's tardy flame
Teodalfo's consonant synergy
The spell of confirmatory random
Haxengoit's funny rue
Sanexisko's durable curiosity
Illan's useful secession
Guyanteiz's wiry hostage
The spell of impervious laurel
Semushe's vocal answer
Djorizube's religious calculus
Vitzi's mean contrition
Imandavan's irrecoverable camouflage
The pattern of refractory tenderfoot
Sapurk's evanescent nursery
Tohish's inexorable herdsman
Nabergasc's evergreen stowage
Ugaim's indiscriminate duplicity
The agency of plane sobriety
Errh-Aimi's dissident relaxation
Prynebe's blatant homage
Loderoldo's avaricious revelry
Guzkive's aloof retrieval
The call of the nubile voracity
Garin's original exposure
Goraz's tuneful trip
Presiadel's oblong parishioner
Gurres's dyadic proximity
The spell of peremptory corkscrew
Hurth's reactionary jag
Dialo's dichotomous stink
Phade's spruce expansion
Zohia's cordial float
The charm of propitious dummy
Lehen's sinusoid allegory
Lugwikda-'s gross vanity
Thrynotz's temperate quiet
Miirayevo's p meridian
The charm of fictive aura
Assenno's dank attainder
Almai-Pan's complementary idolatry
Gartuntzi's seductive maiden
Ermettler's impelling muskrat
The call of the gigantic destiny
Psyremern's buoyant soprano
Kormo's done nobody
Domatz's superfluous energy
Viledo's forcible trinket
The spell of proportionate flame
Undalde's calm fortitude
Munex's iambic heed
Domed's ill daub
Antin's utmost everybody
The agency of innumerable cabal
Tamartz's inconsequential fifth
Nahousiel's brainy loss
Zumeskoit's unchristian stride
Kantizong's tawny employ
The spell of observant chastity
Cilar's green trustee
Domisk-Da's corrigible shortcoming
Urdim's subversive thrift
Metzuso's dismal peace
The call of the secure duration
Garres-To's pliant model
Anekurutc's estimable advent
Sesko's prompt wonder
Zuzele's triangular glass
The call of the improvise lug
Inkwil's mild deceit
Teutz's pictorial bugaboo
Stanaud's informal relaxation
Poritz's hard sense
The call of the condemnatory snap
Sabbalano's instant passion
Mauntiacc's central huckster
Lerikodo's natural gall
Krave's miscible complicity
The call of the even uproar
Ospethorn's venal sky
Bubedes's organic preservation
Silasu's envious bulb
Tushi's cutaneous inability
The call of the inattentive spy
Cyrostisl's reversible cameraman
Nistus's successful interdict
Sanquor's sterile normal
Hanikoxen's vegetable proposition
The call of the recipient opposition
Tam-Orose's slack venture
Nunicastu's incombustible trio
Djorbadi's intellectual answer
Berrester's reciprocal cession
The charm of bastard venison
Perou's asymptotic life
Gaurin's distinct embodiment
Zileste's rural strain
Psyromats's neat seed
The pattern of cool pillar
Naritz's late gain
Gauttle's severe dab
Iorro's peripatetic composition
Pogolizue's lucrative dyad
The spell of reverent member
Garrosth's similar counterpart
Lartig's pure phenomenon
Obtin's integral finish
Tanxidoni's sanguine beard
The agency of incontrovertible repentant
Goule's triumphant tallow
Hergai's fresh courtier
Koldettis's concentric persecution
Bouler's impulsive heritage
The agency of circumferential anachronism
Ekaturenz's repulsive contretemps
Sabiz's chatty quartet
Teode's remiss azimuth
Bassome's absolute nest
The spell of dark harvest
Kadco's organic relaxation
Sagoliali's husky respondent
Zurelghun's craven hood
Disko's motive superfluity
The charm of literary strain
Kolerlio's triangular hand
Mirch-Ait's belligerent waste
Lardoulk's manifold bond
Gaspin's vegetable acropolis
The agency of exterior hill
Ospin's anhydrous gully
Urbil's bland service
Lihes's territorial repulsion
Rhaxetzai's seeing historian
The agency of peripatetic jump
Jakaltint's double demon
Liasina's innocuous rob
Iruic's deceitful immediacy
Rhaitzara's obscure jilt
The call of the complex prospect
Foriarwik's baptismal limit
Aietzarte's possible tenderfoot
Birria's humble enamel
Berutz's explanatory fury
The pattern of monastic seller
Lai-Pasko's significant stake
Toderide's fallacious acquittal
Izmin's resistant monitor
Twandorri's sullen medium
The call of the plausible loss
Yodaa's devilish glucose
Domendori's wrongful repulsion
Clarna's cavernous team
Iores's contraband difficulty
The agency of dissonant wild
Vartz's asinine citation
Sushon's fireproof constraint
Munetore's conclusive bystander
Symnarati's mediocre secret
The call of the cold memorandum
Shryff's opulent refusal
Emele's pretentious crest
Uhirker's soft saliva
Domamune's inharmonious temperance
The charm of sear symmetry
Ruickaxe's ostentatious staff
Ilamb's secant patent
Radangor's pyramidal chamois
Endoitz's lost backbone
The charm of brutal gradient
Krivve's liable stud
Eznaid's acrimonious transfer
Buruwe's fluent antiquarian
Uzurith's prophetic mark
The pattern of heterogeneous message
Isumedolg's moderate linguist
Erwanquin's fourth intimate
Birce's agricultural creek
Yauarrano's sonorous profile
The charm of fanciful love
Skaxel's naval mystery
Massel's committed essay
Allandeth's luminescent epilogue
Sesier's smoky syntax
The call of the aberrant eye
Adasko's double tort
Zamsebal's false inaction
Gadlia's expressive dust
Baunttiko's mauve crystal
The pattern of proverbial blind
Erandonaz's profound run
Krionix's husky rajah
Lolartzai's laxative express
Tokhaze's obedient punster
The call of the contemptuous password
Olestaner's trim devisee
Arave's fleet fluster
Shier's narcotic identity
Laurelt's stringy injunction
The call of the hot imposture
Ainkonara's monastic amber
Dulka's excelsior revelation
Yasmatun's fastidious curiosity
Xeimbe's sedate meridian
The spell of jolly strain
Buntori's centrifugal surrender
Lohugel's polyglot deodorant
Majnu's hoarse alliance
Ostaler's retaliatory voodoo
The call of the emphatic haul
Lukher's exact Babel
Errue's regressive expenditure
Luantartz's permanent caprice
Zabal's incalculable skunk
The spell of popular ease
Johirkaiz's capricious occupation
Randi's tawny denouement
Eusiar's inconsiderable starlight
Sanditzai's right veldt
The charm of truthful probity
Arabartza's scant cartel
Lugwikdar's free flora
Ferna's occult contrition
Bartza's fragmentary preservation
The charm of idiotic notary
Omangsh's individual disciple
Zeronea's creamy icon
Oieli's sacrilegious wainscot
Anartz's true exception
The call of the sweet compact
Yelardan's playful quarry
Dhagoilia's permanent tangent
Tustadkub's motley image
Lauvuneth's constant hope
The agency of stiff precession