500 Random Spells for the Dying Earth

In Jack Vance's classic Tales of the Dying Earth, the nomenclature for the magical spells seems curiously archaic. Xarfaggio's Physical Malepsy ... Arnhoult's Sequestrious Digitalia ... The Spell of Forlorn Encystment ... Khulip's Nasal Enhancement ... The spell names occasionally evoke a decadent arcane humor. The Excellent Prismatic Spray ... Phandaal's Critique of the Chill ... Below, you will find 500 spell names of aleatoric provenance, which after careful redaction may be suitable for use in the wonderful The Dying Earth(*) Role-Playing Game.

Do you have any comments about this program? I'm aware of the problems with the adjective/noun database, but it is too large to correct either all at once or as I notice inappropriate items. I'll tweak it gradually over the next few years ...

Oh! I should add that the spell generator was inspired by a long-lost program written by my friends John Marron and Les Hill. Furthermore, I have to thank John for showing me that, if you are interested in exotic worlds and well-crafted sentences, there's always more and more to like in the work of Jack Vance.

There are other name generators on the Name Generation Page.

(*) "The Dying Earth" is a trademark of Pelgrane Press Ltd. It is used here without permission.

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Glark's vacuous patriot
Semermisk's frigid diminution
Elassombe's respondent glitter
Erradi's subject transgression
The spell of pensive ship
Domerliss's wrought prospect
Egolwan's good soliloquy
Orankosta's mawkish petition
Husifer's laden tone
The agency of fabulous call
Nisseryff's pregnant placebo
Kaluki's evil assent
Salam's incommensurate homage
Rouldo's indistinguishable vernacular
The pattern of eloquent wit
Dister's frontier split
Gilara's pictorial wholesale
Matuliant's discordant handful
Bednip's obscure gist
The charm of green dissension
Karza's orange influence
Ksannex's comparative anachronism
Aurdo's fitful extrusion
Gorra's newborn van
The agency of gory mulatto
Chaurre's country avarice
Simbennax's neat handful
Ortzibart's corrigible rub
Hovanier's silvery rejoinder
The pattern of rancorous time
Imangorat's flat part
Kraffin's porous circumference
Rorede's prosaic tip
Nahal's prosperous apostrophe
The pattern of retaliatory insurrection
Benne's irregular family
Deouliand's useful perdition
Ruberatse's slippery debauch
Ellasc's domestic wainscot
The pattern of repulsive space
Shiquixel's clamorous orthodoxy
Cazdathax's since gravy
Casaing's rare rook
Andor's prompt diet
The charm of harmonious verbiage
Lukhangol's embryonic preservation
Porque's single burnout
Gnilamand's telescopic serf
Maurgoitz's bituminous inverse
The call of the monitory advantage
Genttoro's three fancy
Mermolam's tempestuous plagiarism
Bluntebe's tart analysis
Zaderumat's present benediction
The pattern of magnanimous gasoline
Ezterga's fruitful fifth
Urthulinq's later washout
Chireio's agreed apathy
Zilin's loose friend
The agency of commendatory paralysis
Lauritzai's catholic contrast
Santuneti's false backbone
Lapahave's certain bribe
Vassiketh's sullen quiet
The charm of gainful triangle
Matvir's inapt tape
Cilis's melancholy archaism
Lanone's forgotten hedonist
Panbal's idiomatic medium
The pattern of flatulent anachronism
Narrateim's inculpable suspicion
Odorbel's equal mend
Totzi's impervious autocracy
Fesile's fulsome parody
The spell of inverse collapse
Baunderaz's dead aspersion
Jinave's forgiven parasite
Otsemea's scant side
Hodantz's abhorrent ingredient
The charm of clear chaos
Gercassen's contrary boredom
Majun's ominous spinster
Varrine's insipid pirate
Andesedou's rapacious sack
The call of the obnoxious impropriety
Sustish's resistant commentator
Arsian's light stupefaction
Froon's comprehensive governor
Marrai's workaday ingredient
The call of the bellicose bond
Zabon's discordant pulse
Odobelmaz's rare epoch
Nuxkind's subject lamentation
Monakaff's burial necessity
The spell of sepulchral combination
Lantzelli's aromatic detractor
Totzir's immiscible semblance
Blumetsun's essential apathy
Orzantus's latter cashier
The spell of situated amethyst
Saditziba's inward infamy
Urthan's tentative waste
Ilviagi's intangible blade
Buber's strict fate
The charm of laudatory truism
Arabar's monitory orange
Zilaungra's prostrate coquette
Aparda-Hr's perfunctory vein
Adaranzen's sad peninsula
The agency of defunct trustee
Distiskin's constant affluence
Aratsunt's progressive reverend
Ekich's regular slur
Shesan's pithy disc
The charm of effectual hatred
Izonartz's sultry neurosis
Sanerouc's oscillatory round
Goilayant's low bud
Munottala's steady tangent
The agency of fitful cancel
Jangorrig's academic bite
Zoitzorna's humble puff
Iuce-Lori's restive fear
Ligad's spiteful criterion
The charm of natural ease
Zumpri's imminent sepia
Kembedoon's quadrilateral simultaneity
Julendio's circuitous leaven
Um-Forray's so stare
The charm of equivalent standpoint
Mazaizea's flippant void
Javangeru's anterior vegetable
Motzag's blown performance
Cugwikdan's magic progression
The pattern of possible monastery
Chaves's celestial outlawry
Lausikdam's apparent disdain
Oxentorre's left jackanapes
Diandesh's fusiform loop
The spell of corporeal storm
Caldra's deliberate manufacture
Baraimart's perilous exposure
Haimbe's controversial reprieve
Bardo's rotary amnesia
The spell of candid notoriety
Sugon's fearful bran
Scauc's thin gallant
Endro's venal mamma
Barvode's cellular lamb
The spell of keep milk
Iolgraz's dead apology
Bartarrid's dissident maintenance
Brabolama's misanthropic obduracy
Blaskoin's internecine application
The call of the pregnant crazy
Tyzar's crucial network
Itzagnasi's inward rocket
Andus's flagrant retribution
Arrierchi's faint decrement
The spell of invariable vortex
Roultorra's colloquial meal
Arnatarfa's incombustible affirmation
Dhaian's ripe implosion
Lalenauld's moderate keep
The agency of pungent disturbance
Gensimell's dreary disposal
Arviu's loose stage
Rlyon's lethal subsidy
Cramatsem's prodigal homosexual
The agency of fiery proof
Teoin's volatile satisfaction
Rodesmetr's envious event
Khugei's taught torture
Gaulade's transitory regress
The pattern of inexhaustible refutation
Goint's chatty freedom
Eztat's predominant abolition
Oihaionav's dyadic imagery
Porri's confidential bombast
The pattern of mellow individual
Gorri's irreclaimable destiny
Saler's shut dilemma
Zerch's aggressive botanist
Harchilif's shot protectorate
The spell of righteous orange
Oxamserse's farsighted moron
Leizkindi's zealous regimen
Semietrav's russet claim
Shullanix's mercenary repel
The pattern of ritual incompetent
Aurta's uproarious import
Saban's inventive salute
Igola's spellbound club
Ihirabetr's gradual secession
The pattern of respondent truism
Ziliasse's evasive hobby
Temun's epic pull
Enettleko's peremptory monitor
Variler's tonic duplicate
The charm of azure delirium
Marka's youthful inertia
Diler's lax blot
Glainixon's several magic
Maietzi's corporeal citation
The call of the cutaneous nihilism
Garanebac's dulcet baleen
Arader's impervious taint
Bertaze's wrong murmur
Dilai's blind sum
The charm of nervous cast
Berle's centrifugal chance
Dholaun's kittenish disposal
Modes-Tot's independent consolation
Saniks's drawn evolution
The call of the deprecatory doubt
Ezres-Toh's covetous crock
Zaortz's any infinitude
Ereizeamb's ternary shade
Gurgoitzi's asymptotic dredge
The spell of sappy compromise
Kurgark's emphatic free
Johia's incongruous usury
Froloju's subservient flush
Musiferka's obsolete woman
The spell of tantamount curiosity
Tyzotarke's tenth touch
Etaxandur's huge Janus
Obellamae's vernal failure
Petrianet's apart bargain
The charm of potential slab
Garrazi's mediocre shamrock
Oraber's bold quart
Novantzi's porous vein
Zilbaiza's capricious creature
The agency of solemn luminary
Ingornaul's forlorn home
Dibaellem's preposterous deputy
Javir's milky contrast
Nahillind's square cloture
The agency of irregular calorimeter
Janctus's scurrilous madrigal
Garbi's turbid lymph
Nepergi's puerile fast
Sembeg's wheezy crank
The spell of helpful amount
Garteiz's cool alacrity
Nishaio's concurrent adhesion
Illotan's venous presence
Marrantz's manifold subtrahend
The agency of ritual demagogue
Zortaka's marsupial cider
Hurstiz's apart silhouette
Hitaze's accessible protest
Aurkoberm's distinct jurisdiction
The call of the doctrinal wash
Cazarrin's sterile relaxation
Nahid's buoyant butt
Andin's adverse thump
Mergartsi's orthodox mace
The pattern of superficial incredulity
Ugart's irregular mushroom
Jaidellas's fastidious pitfall
Inate's acquisitive handful
Zinguirri's reciprocal pursuit
The pattern of abhorrent work
Perbaroi's connubial salute
Apatecile's inconvertible surfeit
Xalervoyn's equidistant despair
Golen's ceremonial applicant
The spell of inattentive satisfaction
Juarth's grand talisman
Jassa's recusant skunk
Duanel's artful particle
Rouldorik's conclusive vanity
The pattern of wheezy workplace
Koledrol's annular destiny
Oskater's obsolete arithmetic
Cabin's tan person
Arnaxe's integral bounty
The charm of flagrant perjury
Xartselan's mock impropriety
Semell's rectangular relaxation
Gaurdi's generic bridge
Air-Shima's territorial prodigy
The call of the messy claim
Sequar's novel charm
Angsh's spiritual vertebra
Lalgrai's paternal ice
Osprin's neap sermon
The call of the damp custom
Illedolde's penitentiary beginning
Chundai's rare virtuoso
Eratzortz's lost ten
Betsellop's abhorrent failure
The pattern of organic boredom
Hyssomalt's obsolete improvisation
Porizkind's some satisfaction
Jokin's cavernous crab
Bubeth's analytic implantation
The charm of nervous fissure
Gomin's acquisitive heaven
Merusko's level critique
Sequent's insubordinate ivory
Lautz's nominal pluck
The charm of wide insurrection
Pellu's additive exemption
Luidalto's pure view
Bizio's prerequisite outlawry
Igomber's lax impropriety
The agency of ductile patrolman
Aurtsuana's certain hatred
Ethol's architectonic punster
Chermedro's contingent disposal
Ilviu's gradual locution
The pattern of indigenous dive
Braizai's aerial cacophony
Lautzi's gruff press
Kerre's historic labial
Assastune's riotous name
The charm of multifarious convention
Ingol's effeminate partition
Endina's snug hope
Mikue's quick weather
Lauanu's simple exposure
The spell of innocuous decrease
Rindurtz's jubilant oppressor
Kartotsu's sensitive permutation
Doman's concurring usurer
Blade's jolly musician
The call of the sedentary cartel
Furuan's vesicular verbiage
Tifer's infinitesimal exclusion
Garfadorm's maritime leather
Pranos's vital wall
The agency of inventive Madonna
Herig's diluent occasion
Aravnargo's circuitous concrete
Gabal's loyal throw
Perre's odd pile
The spell of notorious libertine
Berlianpi's little talent
Arotzes's observant fabric
Errofo's lax arrow
Mupur's small serpent
The call of the refractory colleague
Ascomautr's akin relaxation
Sassmirmo's hazardous tuition
Nahor's supernatant preference
Cazede's cogent opal
The agency of fair gap
Perai's tedious ado
Falad's emitted remission
Jinjane's complex bureau
Ekaizan's light water
The agency of consistent hardware
Urrikuid's potable tenderfoot
Voymambed's slack subtlety
Almarin's wheezy odium
Yaalo's family mud
The spell of soluble astigmatism
Assel's true skin
Eguratvin's factious iconoclasm
Laztalaia's proximal act
Lausko's cut mortgagee
The charm of variable spring
Ostarra's contingent lurch
Piach's executive dungeon
Amuldo's deducible issue
Yausomb's nasty jewel
The pattern of mineral metaphor
Um-Zumet's sonorous homage
Paren's hollow stage
Fabetafla's smooth say
Marax's nocturnal hiss
The spell of prodigal residuum
Gabika's impulsive protest
Derdantz's temporal criterion
Launcturs's refractory vagary
Azubaw's sympathetic repulsion
The agency of gymnastic lawn
Zhian's tame declaration
Petar's affirmative ledge
Rlyssilia's faint Babel
Gordo's modest reception
The pattern of controversial secondary
Pandu's blameworthy rule
Alamanosu's thick minute
Jandimait's parental committee
Oiharnik's inconvertible data
The pattern of loose presence
Tohotz's dangerous swivel
Sange's paschal venture
Passei's tactual allusion
Oiherlus's sharp exhaustion
The spell of venous apperception
Shannonai's taught morrow
Orinebede's maudlin pith
Erriala's innocent passion
Egosteiz's filial historian
The call of the agreed bluster
Joseberre's halcyon nature
Tambero's furtive hawk
Argideize's weak necessity
Nepelas's shallow demon
The charm of vernal pride
Grofo's phonic torpor
Harth's foreign preamble
Narig's pungent press
Prynor's belligerent thought
The spell of incommunicable commissary
Smolater's vivid frog
Sendaiagu's formal wax
Fornin's vertebral dawn
Sebar's gory nobody
The call of the itinerant augmentation
Bambol's inconsiderate smudge
Guzar's ministerial style
Zurezx's empty tedium
Arnixi's inconsequential discretion
The call of the well ambush
Noleme's effeminate satisfaction
Scandimel's social shark
Semin's impervious profusion
Gwendl's fond interference
The agency of incidental effluvium
Sheilk's positive recess
Ospen's opalescent vinegar
Radery's even quantum
Seber's open admission
The charm of actual erudition
Belor's financial pass
Arassaio's efficacious bent
Boriz's volatile wish
Wyxsc's alternate planet
The charm of rectangular compendium
Silfinthr's farsighted rehearsal
Oidebaetz's intestine intrusion
Xeilbil's solemn idolatry
Albasis's professional spy
The charm of apostolic tug
Josti's characteristic force
T'sang's desultory fear
Bubedea's personal salutation
Sotin's fallow line
The charm of suspicious heed
Oskarko's tasteful influence
Kutara's impassive nip
Nundordon's paramount perusal
Lirraf's opposite desuetude
The call of the orient actor
Embet's late adage
Andardola's guilty departure
Kaxmai's giddy pressure
Rodor's hostile memory
The charm of instantaneous progress
Hibal's condemnatory burlesque
Camestar's horny comrade
Golisvalu's spring multiplicity
Noxonekut's lackluster alternate
The call of the independent gemstone
Cabiz's comprehensive omission
Romarmen's memorable opposition
Edennare's irregular widow
Furukin's fragile baleen
The agency of rampant hand
Hylatsump's deciduous coupon
Trosunt's exceptional infusion
Bardintz's exclusive inaptitude
Uhimberda's legitimate noise
The spell of meretricious trump
Ularro's allusive starboard
Corditz's fragmentary acme
Adalt's squamous acquisition
Domaettar's his cord
The charm of husky warrant
Mupoulsx's marine tinsel
Herabando's quadruple nihilism
Crone's wild apathy
Horellado's explicit winch
The agency of momentous van
Byssumara's customary feather
Yoderlipi's noxious acerbity
Maltigoil's tremulous candle
Camisk's mineral barbarism
The agency of extant usage
Hylaia's respondent addition
Umena's indefinite dot
Orbizuber's resonant conscience
Sanguza's conjoint incest
The agency of lyric repulsion
Irron's chaste air
Suulerga's inverse slander
Vastinti's verbal spirit
Yadagi's infuriate somersault
The pattern of wearisome memory
Daramin's contiguous signature
Khundes's terse null
Abadagona's correct type
Kalde's discretionary jurisdiction
The spell of handsome peace