500 Random Spells for the Dying Earth

In Jack Vance's classic Tales of the Dying Earth, the nomenclature for the magical spells seems curiously archaic. Xarfaggio's Physical Malepsy ... Arnhoult's Sequestrious Digitalia ... The Spell of Forlorn Encystment ... Khulip's Nasal Enhancement ... The spell names occasionally evoke a decadent arcane humor. The Excellent Prismatic Spray ... Phandaal's Critique of the Chill ... Below, you will find 500 spell names of aleatoric provenance, which after careful redaction may be suitable for use in the wonderful The Dying Earth(*) Role-Playing Game.

Do you have any comments about this program? I'm aware of the problems with the adjective/noun database, but it is too large to correct either all at once or as I notice inappropriate items. I'll tweak it gradually over the next few years ...

Oh! I should add that the spell generator was inspired by a long-lost program written by my friends John Marron and Les Hill. Furthermore, I have to thank John for showing me that, if you are interested in exotic worlds and well-crafted sentences, there's always more and more to like in the work of Jack Vance.

There are other name generators on the Name Generation Page.

(*) "The Dying Earth" is a trademark of Pelgrane Press Ltd. It is used here without permission.

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Jostaula's asymptotic presence
Argol's cylindric sanction
Marmon's diamond crack
Antimin's accessory journeyman
The pattern of inculpable nobody
Lander's historic evolution
Gidai's offensive caper
Mai-Pased's structural dignity
Xarnatz's fraught recess
The call of the eccentric longevity
Marab's insolvent father
Randi's mellow press
Sagurte's energetic spleen
Umelamant's incompetent intuition
The agency of cross circumvention
Yellen's possible fist
Irranta's rampant hand
Yaste's irreclaimable chine
Danuri's orient serfdom
The pattern of roundabout clearance
Urbaw's welcome exile
Kazircamb's agreed dope
Cazzir's incendiary worth
Adalen's sullen magician
The agency of dirty survey
Braggio's beatific Christian
Marter's dead velocity
Canippi's diplomatic accent
Alaman's sensual spear
The call of the yeasty victim
Domoudowi's haggard youngster
Sonto's coarse proof
Fratsemar's stiff forfeiture
Erraitark's restorative sepia
The agency of elegiac lie
Muntunebr's eccentric crevice
Guzanpin's sanguine triumph
Oidooztar's hostile combustion
Jaivenuli's responsive jog
The charm of dichotomous absentee
Erbel's steady approach
Kollasas's original rubbish
Minaz's stringent bias
Ugumazube's catalytic vegetable
The charm of faint competitor
Pasier's internal auxiliary
Merazusti's liable imprint
Hartz's pure tone
Urbacco's secure moat
The spell of dissident necessity
Padkue's wooden effort
Rhaizus's contradictory prodigal
Gogointz's commodious census
Villiza's censorious hindrance
The pattern of rotary relic
Ksatei's wistful portrait
Ember's lofty milk
Otsellin's provisional bias
T'saidel's chaste convulsion
The agency of instantaneous heyday
Miresteba's multitudinous bar
Arstaxis's concurring manhood
Erwan's convergent depression
Kerclai's imperative victim
The call of the temporary stake
Angue's furious rest
T'sance's competitive thud
Thada's corporeal imagery
Berdave's expository spleen
The pattern of dark century
Tamberd's immense purple
Mautzi's incumbent safekeeping
Mainet's corporeal juice
Zarsaning's irreconcilable doomsday
The agency of lackluster shove
Iztaza's open quantity
Corkel's ghastly man
Harbi's voluptuous transition
Garvilism's addled heart
The spell of concurrent hair
Felyon's congenial andiron
Thoun's notorious clash
Puide's dangerous detour
Zerthisva's novel accent
The agency of living rim
Azvanoldr's redundant morphology
Herraune's fluent plagiarism
Foarkodor's witty plunge
Gothru's imitable serpent
The charm of tenacious inaptitude
Luanolasi's sour disk
Hitza's insubordinate sponge
Nuxki's stagnant ice
Zilian's content hood
The call of the free acquisition
Guzela's barefoot stage
Ospatzi's spacious posture
Heremis's textile issue
Urtze's prefatory set
The call of the allusive mold
Rortsende's forlorn element
Ishau's vesicular artery
Poman's inadequate polish
Egutartz's reverse crib
The charm of trim exhaustion
T'sandik's orderly protest
Pantea's ghastly pause
Iztandus's flexible symmetry
Ixilio's oily depression
The call of the brief intimate
Xalam's close redemption
Golwando's blatant world
Pettle's signal marvel
G'Vasi's volcanic ceremony
The call of the inveterate clearance
Hurdoi's absolute statuary
Wyxscul's restorative perversion
Sequax's delicate daybreak
Enearwane's historic veil
The agency of handsome pessimism
Zabera's monitory plate
Um-Zurix's intense profusion
Iparrazi's alluvial duty
Camaeth's inelastic quantity
The charm of native staff
Merestane's commensurate fowl
Suuduruqu's quadripartite poem
Darvirlar's accessible grammar
Shrende's elliptic impropriety
The spell of arid satisfaction
Ospar's urban bar
Kemingo's defunct influence
Bideren's ethereal incomprehension
Selle's mute whirlwind
The call of the full use
Ingshel's perceptible fanatic
Erren's manifold indisposition
Dibaw's negligible starboard
Maoldatz's supreme silver
The pattern of cautionary bluff
Jokhix's discrete contemporary
Tenskoz's brave slander
Otsan's entire pundit
Haxanra's tripartite pretense
The charm of changeable approval
Ikang's egregious gloom
Ibach-Aid's shrunk wrench
Dourit's naval chimney
Cannati's homogeneous litigant
The agency of silvery lubricity
Litarmisv's vital original
Danbabae's soft spaniel
Tibaltz's independent phrase
Morejid's studious fourth
The agency of rigid shortcoming
Melantil's current youth
Zam-Foren's austere aye
Ubezx's false dismissal
Tuste's culpable event
The pattern of fancy mystery
Ponostesi's equal grille
Vomiskolw's hereditary incursion
Thillifan's rectangular danger
Ladantzed's obsequious z
The call of the reactionary cowardice
Sillo's minus compromise
Oshazeada's tranquil mediocrity
Zelce's palpable loop
Beraus's patrician brass
The call of the culpable introduction
Sahian's handsome entourage
Mikaflamo's elegant fortune
Cilemilga's authoritative embody
Lizariu's oviform element
The call of the decisive monologue
Sesmaurio's some simplicity
Gilenbel's germinal civilian
Deutra's inapt obduracy
Mundithol's upright damnation
The charm of floating invitation
Pervor's regressive report
Bazartz's consecutive roll
Vilednio's harsh relaxation
Joskodern's resilient chamber
The agency of obscure pope
Phaio's rough schism
Zohune's fitful prose
Kolantzed's other guise
Telen's sterile blasphemy
The agency of good fixture
Wistere's cloven speech
Santz's small teratology
Azvango's owing hive
Julch's protuberant proof
The charm of binomial starlight
Gartzunt's indispensable denudation
Amenon's predatory drought
Izonsadku's parallel malaria
Janze's agile massacre
The agency of consequential run
Zaoland's pacific plea
Palembeti's youthful spline
Anave's concurring run
Gasiu's cumbersome profession
The agency of fantastic placenta
Marfagart's fantastic fox
Tamel's talkative relish
Urdirosti's simultaneous placenta
Cosel's polyglot simplicity
The pattern of bogus exclusion
Pardi's mock solecism
Lasantz's harmonious revelation
Agoithio's oblong challenge
Urtzea's silent phraseology
The pattern of laconic exemption
Gauth's next patron
Anatikoro's impulsive chancellor
Betik's anatomic paralysis
Andeilia's loose egotism
The agency of uncouth attention
Susko's corporeal cameraman
Errabbasp's middle frivolity
Udesain's jocular executive
Tustrambe's commendatory idea
The spell of odd evil
Ikain's nominal shade
Gilbachig's trenchant claim
Thaler's analogous danger
Korko's licentious magnitude
The agency of rectangular nicety
Charum's future caricature
Gauttorsa's cadaverous cobweb
Errilango's feminine prefecture
Mariasand's trenchant envy
The spell of needful implantation
Miket's remediable picnic
Garia's avaricious watchman
Benekarko's acute ingredient
Obtia's authentic ship
The spell of pencil sap
Lihere's imbecile revenue
Percherch's buoyant winter
Lehe-Maun's incombustible blow
Skajin's pleasant or
The pattern of carbonaceous goddess
Sembabel's synonymous idolatry
Mikel's allied affinity
Lehin's irreducible scratch
Zantzin's mellow bench
The charm of apparent bartender
Hovangail's wondrous copyright
Bizki's impassable enigma
Thordinix's genteel oasis
Pupuredes's populous fidelity
The pattern of phonetic fear
Lapodam's sloppy threat
Twissinqz's common demise
Rlyon's successive villain
Narniclar's hollow break
The charm of paschal circumscription
Oskal's blameworthy data
Pornu's devout colt
Mahouculk's conservative nod
Ihazibach's effeminate completion
The charm of vacuous bull
Enaxar's substantial libation
Garang's jubilant apotheosis
Uzubaze's academic fifth
Josusta's boyish jackanapes
The spell of doctrinal destiny
Irremamen's allusive vegetable
Hodesil's helpful salvage
Morince's natal classification
Lukhazda-'s multifarious collar
The spell of elusive button
Pryff's guttural tenderfoot
Irranctus's tedious charity
Xeionckat's uncouth yellow
Lelchin's lost succession
The agency of hollow solicitude
Dibandi's inclusive aid
Jurdori's tight treble
Lehusajin's adverse cowl
Gaitz's sharp fruition
The spell of mock virtue
Charrab's indiscreet orange
Aurin's temporal reputation
Aradhre's false retort
Rhave's inverse cushion
The call of the mum desire
Majunta's intimate spear
Chabonsus's thrifty apotheosis
Haxelarta's convalescent homogeneity
Presen's nomadic medium
The charm of spurious disciple
Wagin's obligatory ballast
Skara's eleventh counterpoise
Sassishe's monastic succession
Rorither's hollow extractor
The charm of blissful incapacity
Iruque's stray riot
Ferdo's evil coxcomb
Rhaldo's noble familiar
Tuska's inflammable snap
The pattern of sodden four
Falemenzu's congenial phraseology
Kimaz's infelicitous length
Jakaio's single passion
Aitzingar's cool accountant
The call of the derisive reversion
Lanpilio's circular freedom
Hurdonel's immortal boredom
Radkue's individual accession
Ihixish's slow perdition
The spell of high bodyguard
Glerlize's divine almanac
Osk-Khave's pitiable tactician
Datarvan's sore featherbed
Dararanar's malignant scene
The charm of acerbic bulk
Um-Folarv's effectual showman
Bennid's ribald necessity
Ospal's anhydrous heap
T'saper's fifth injustice
The call of the coextensive article
Diskarti's praiseworthy anxiety
Tyzotsich's sappy employ
Estart's lunar cellar
Domikuti's edible propensity
The spell of frontal hedonist
Disko's kinky attrition
Umeilbi's serviceable commentator
Arnasse's askew fashion
Tambea's exculpatory lymph
The pattern of suggestive suggestion
Pelumar's infrequent circumlocution
Ottle's hypnotic preservation
Kiski's radiant limitation
Mandoon's ambiguous cushion
The charm of gratuitous worthy
Oidur's irresistible woman
Beden's gray arrow
Oihan's forgiven execution
Yeldonasa's hostile crown
The call of the short midst
Artsebed's happen debacle
Sahar's exorbitant obduracy
Hantiar's canny age
Urtecilan's sallow pink
The spell of naked wrongdoer
Girna's secret roll
Sandersco's gullible aura
Codon's flat nest
Dunda-Er's regulatory fine
The pattern of emitting inattention
Disbanque's virulent paucity
Medellast's retaliatory ruffle
Tanoli's immaterial reclamation
Tamunzurk's equal desuetude
The spell of persuasive beauty
Yelar's glaucous ice
Nishar's glorious chip
Tander's civic protestant
Hurrose's sound beauty
The pattern of disparate mead
Psyrukori's porous heretic
Fauskaxan's free dip
Krait's mellow perpetuity
Blara's cautious pipe
The call of the contagious aphorism
Tifer's domestic infantry
Sapar's inharmonious drone
Bidaggi's culinary variety
Gurjauaxa's intractable moisture
The agency of incoherent cataract
Belte's quadripartite fruit
Azuenosma's hot hood
Pharider's communique synergy
Bubeg's credible type
The spell of privy nil
Um-Foad's wet analogy
Bilike's infernal spite
Romel's explicit stricture
Matebar's estimable valediction
The pattern of antagonistic anxiety
Paullet's terse kennel
Obtistadi's progressive weight
Kiske's deaf circumscription
Palgun's aberrant orderly
The agency of inarticulate problem
Lodel's unbidden umbrella
Bernar's profane recess
Azelan's congenial plunder
Iliclasco's open guarantee
The pattern of contagious row
Adain's sixth racket
Deiori's rich prize
Mahar's evergreen dent
Pangad's vivid half
The spell of significant junction
Gaizantis's synchronous blame
Ezren's stationary perihelion
Clazesu's mindful ascent
Gazart's hallelujah pressure
The pattern of sanguinary expression
Coren's triplicate abeyance
Onbede's cloud inadequacy
Clint's artful part
Arnultzar's good lubricity
The charm of absurd supply
Silicambe's wanton binocular
Laspardi's obsequious conflict
Itundalse's bisexual goddess
Tusteizki's bony rim
The charm of penitentiary precocity
Errin's incalculable scent
Sustan's contingent form
Tibarra's black cotton
Melorma's indigenous tinkle
The agency of past defect
Urtauvunz's estimable homogeneity
Leler's attentive wrong
Aznitz's secular riddance
Mahore's primeval back
The pattern of amorous antipathy
Clarta's irresolute salute
Faltzelan's firm acrimony
Aurjaitza's contagious nostalgia
Chixuso's coextensive alteration
The spell of stiff room
Bouldesei's evasive cartel
Thirralde's slack devotion
Pasti's numerous advance
Saradhrua's triumphant attrition
The charm of high shame
Harave's blissful fear
Amunu's lukewarm sacrilege
Uzurkenda's languid ooze
Elemedrot's irretrievable aviary
The agency of satisfactory oblivion
Antzarkar's sappy shrift
Tenargila's echo lug
Johiquir's elliptic mattock
Iztanre's express guidance
The agency of insipid voyage
Sadle's tidal worthy
Guyal's farsighted proclamation
Vexar's omnipresent fire
Josuleg's improbable aspersion
The charm of congenital arena
Sasko's tipsy interregnum
Zahod's dark stowaway
Amungolo's numerous wham
Urtza's recondite surprise
The call of the importunate tenor
Zamelip's allusive abandon
Auxki's wicked homogeneity
Pasanctho's determinate liberty
Thiquor's tepid puff
The charm of synonymous tenor
Urtatzant's furious walk
Zarratus's labial packet
Sadkueko's next want
Asiaggila's malignant course
The charm of meet repulsion
Bobartz's persuasive eight
Datin's affirmative statuary
Etton's descendent term
Karko's yon composition
The call of the accusative slander
Ilamilart's stubby duration
Goggi's instant port
Oingoil's consistent antiquary
Hergin's accessory temper
The agency of lay caprice
Phazkorph's recurring sin
Carito's asymptotic kangaroo
Nahoursei's ceremonial part
Sillu's extant father
The agency of snap conference
Croul's infelicitous ballast
Berdaldra's insipid impression
Anethentz's ophthalmic obstinacy
Odorper's organic load
The spell of littoral booty
Bilaw's clandestine break
Garbi's vesicular tact
Borna's incombustible duck
Lihan's paramount differential
The agency of toxic requisition
Beizarkai's spongy fit
Eatsulin's irremediable adventure
Aidai's offensive stem
Ekaler's innocuous optimist
The pattern of feudatory numerous
Gouldorqu's broken misnomer
Kurdon's urgent placebo
Paldikor's verbose mushroom
Luarremen's spare donkey
The call of the broad whore