500 Random Spells for the Dying Earth

In Jack Vance's classic Tales of the Dying Earth, the nomenclature for the magical spells seems curiously archaic. Xarfaggio's Physical Malepsy ... Arnhoult's Sequestrious Digitalia ... The Spell of Forlorn Encystment ... Khulip's Nasal Enhancement ... The spell names occasionally evoke a decadent arcane humor. The Excellent Prismatic Spray ... Phandaal's Critique of the Chill ... Below, you will find 500 spell names of aleatoric provenance, which after careful redaction may be suitable for use in the wonderful The Dying Earth(*) Role-Playing Game.

Do you have any comments about this program? I'm aware of the problems with the adjective/noun database, but it is too large to correct either all at once or as I notice inappropriate items. I'll tweak it gradually over the next few years ...

Oh! I should add that the spell generator was inspired by a long-lost program written by my friends John Marron and Les Hill. Furthermore, I have to thank John for showing me that, if you are interested in exotic worlds and well-crafted sentences, there's always more and more to like in the work of Jack Vance.

There are other name generators on the Name Generation Page.

(*) "The Dying Earth" is a trademark of Pelgrane Press Ltd. It is used here without permission.

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Aitoriken's imperial provision
Errh-Mod's penitential venom
Ikenge's venerable explosion
Radge's alert distortion
The agency of vaporous trench
Gormourre's colossal cut
Astin's partial descent
Yelgrabba's nominal nun
Floerdore's raw author
The call of the green lap
Ibaiore's smooth baton
Vithio's audacious salute
Sadan's docile wave
Urtsu's entire firelight
The agency of impelled pilot
Sanxishe's innocent fireman
Zokoa's some inside
Zuhamar's tight train
Wissin's mimic avarice
The call of the patrician rejoinder
Paunutale's hind swing
Remiska's single miracle
Domiere's vernal cuckoo
Rouniorqu's close career
The agency of future custom
Herdai's tedious observation
Ringel's stolen spyglass
Moeru's illegal static
Djorph's averse mensuration
The pattern of irregular acerbity
Brasops's enormous fast
Marcam's distinct bloom
Sarniko's hopeful coach
Karse's recusant suction
The agency of episcopal cider
Radar's fallow lie
Stantz's retentive tail
Paralo's uniform magic
Temen's brusque sympathy
The charm of raucous egotism
Baldi's impracticable inertia
Ikajnu's hallelujah airman
Garixo's forward diction
Kolde's haughty suspension
The spell of fertile reciprocity
Sabant's fortunate mettle
Psyru's wrath inaptitude
Perresh's jumbo plummet
Bentz's tentative game
The pattern of grizzly volition
Bedeizko's magic permit
Glume's isochronous gloom
Diler's fortunate thrift
Puistin's grizzly grimace
The pattern of eloquent casualty
Panin's crude multitude
Enakoxari's improvident revise
Munebeko's progressive verse
Baram's extemporaneous divine
The pattern of adamant consultation
Monti's antagonistic experience
Dilko's luxuriant recruit
Aduredes's wheezy phenomenon
Mantar's fresh beginning
The pattern of incompetent hectic
Kaxideber's orthodox keep
Ottan's deprecatory cruise
Melatunt's pulmonary gum
Semellarn's dull multitude
The call of the airy brute
Az-Khaz's inelastic placenta
Kemet's sheen introit
Malial's wheezy facade
Ingol's equal decrement
The spell of absent vivacity
Jates's strong nook
Bilfincz's academic grease
Ameta's sinister squash
Telle's boorish third
The charm of sharp bite
Voyne's flatulent voracity
Udesmisbe's inconsistent beer
Goiti's phonetic mortgagee
Vasculik's nasty expose
The charm of metric gospel
Pulernuru's pedantic wall
Pharill's discrete gain
Manderris's future pigeonhole
Suuliagil's vernal rebel
The call of the flatulent protoplasm
Vomambazi's nascent thud
Pernilede's silent barbarism
Vrabtri's secondhand historian
Gaureno's significant expose
The agency of insufficient perversion
Gombi's definite nib
Skajausku's conclusive usurer
Isiust's clement courtesy
Embenurta's ticklish defect
The spell of blunt Buddhist
Eneth's ambient infinity
She-Modz's corrupt necromancy
Clasen's itinerant point
Kaxmander's ominous aura
The charm of divergent usury
Kridor's efficient utility
Araun's vainglorious metabolism
Undivendi's nonsensical restraint
Phambaizo's ajar sacrifice
The pattern of nascent amateur
Ibaste's inconsiderable regret
Auroman's lush difficulty
Jeles's majestic punch
Manskod's attentive transfer
The pattern of combinatorial evil
Suudi's prostrate fulcrum
Otsulamet's precipitous proposition
Jausoitzi's perennial perpetuity
Majanti's condemnatory trick
The spell of orthogonal perpetuity
Cuileko's toilsome horizon
Shido's sober captive
Clanda-Yi's vain sepia
Subegi's temporal thrust
The charm of minus sneer
Jakivves's some parson
Lauco's pencil attitude
Agoste's generic complexion
Garuesmyr's fruitful beauty
The pattern of pliant level
Muponce-L's feminine promptitude
Carro's sacrosanct square
Otsome's alien generosity
Itusiel's indifferent winter
The charm of flagging withdrawal
Dam-Foa's corrigible marble
Rhalartzi's lenient combustion
Juaxmazib's tacky fuss
Kringusti's gainful mica
The agency of mighty neglect
Bobirlin's academic highfalutin
Meder's regressive necromancy
Unazi's insular knot
Mirch-Maj's harmonious perimeter
The agency of talkative right
Nahaier's monotonous sovereignty
Permo's financial breath
Garria's incendiary voodoo
Glukelatu's infinitesimal redemption
The agency of concurrent vote
Turts's multitudinous hush
Zamen's indiscriminate sleep
Bazednila's modern sugar
Bauremeal's inconspicuous perpetuity
The agency of bumptious alarm
Gamseme's twin omission
Perledeka's vernal partisan
Manxisk-D's arrogant goddess
Rhitz's censorious show
The spell of talkative potpourri
Sileyevor's faint spurt
Garadleka's skinny transient
Abeldiven's other imp
Odoitzede's yeasty denial
The call of the moral necessity
Datsu's eccentric attribution
Yadako's decent circumscription
Eshirna's hidden inhalation
Amenne's recent associate
The spell of conclusive presumption
Raidoi's nebulous gap
Laulasife's fresh laughingstock
Verdikuir's clement beck
Erlixo's virulent appearance
The agency of sketchy contest
Perien's prostrate usury
Faullunol's penal farewell
Lihavan's mythic barbarism
Ibaza's evanescent statuette
The call of the trim eyesight
Fausko's prosperous marsh
Karederin's starch earth
Galdet's spiral claimant
Modolamen's him recession
The charm of abusive incense
Gurukhalt's begun garlic
Lachiron's formidable strength
Shiara's acerbic delicacy
Miirrin's abject return
The spell of curious relaxation
Yadon's forgotten gnarl
Shitza's aristocratic spell
Lorque's welcome amplitude
Totsu's funny incendiary
The pattern of frothy lubricity
Sabarauar's greater gripe
Goledrotz's hearty heaven
Erraizan's irregular fire
Hando's sweet pollution
The agency of tentative hypocrite
Ruirche-L's retroactive envoy
Iradhruar's brazen exultation
Aparti's seminal psalm
Sapal's unchristian Christian
The call of the slick judge
Blarwil's quadripartite mystery
Embol's neuter excitation
Leizain's real absolution
Egustiant's phonic redemption
The call of the lumpy libel
Virade's rampant embody
Merrathol's conducive forfeiture
Taurka's vesicular progress
Luirmonti's awry ego
The pattern of negligent survey
Mauskella's effeminate bugaboo
Zellesing's solemn several
Lapahazzi's immature removal
Niskuentz's changeable four
The pattern of tame cushion
Balarwan's lengthy requisition
Foldouri's venerable expedition
Kaieranna's taught virtue
Shundo's false help
The agency of optic option
Dhorin's inaccessible pedant
Airme's profound verbiage
Horeselle's disparate chance
Impetish's immortal restoration
The pattern of true nebulae
Djorthe's everlasting meadow
Ambae's intact voracity
Cuirjaune's inevitable official
Ciliancz's alive hill
The spell of ascetic instance
Jandefo's contrite concern
Carais's wrathful hedonist
Tarag's mellow prospect
Tifad's mimicking transgression
The pattern of cadaverous aim
Illick's pubescent worth
Todebel's disastrous composition
Asteba's some synergy
Um-Orzarf's instant alarm
The call of the crucial parasite
Ipahodara's hospitable fact
Jaunk's cross still
Gerabe's wry exhaustion
Danen's misshapen ferment
The call of the inbred javelin
Luilia's recombinant nicety
Matisko's rigorous betroth
Gorrikdar's muddy excitation
Garta's concordant tout
The call of the propelling parasol
Mahaxelo's tarry plant
Mikeltz's synthetic actor
Bernarfag's stolen pyrometer
Leher's double quartet
The pattern of plausible hourglass
Galentz's angry fraud
Artlemuni's severe nutmeg
Temat's permanent introduction
Teunzesai's akin rank
The pattern of soft crotch
Sykermo's supine phraseology
Kolaguzko's fanciful blue
Kylago's faithful draw
Bitziliz's proximate fraternity
The call of the jolly semblance
Azeion's vivacious dementia
Bendi's propitious spleen
Gariku's risky tower
Uberga's worthy proportion
The charm of talismanic freehold
Tchaze's equine norm
Bende's congratulatory gown
Yelanikob's stiff envy
Balferusi's transatlantic polymer
The spell of ghastly work
Khundl's feeble reception
Bautraral's impassable optimism
Argar's futile chance
Kolgar's conclusive sympathy
The charm of other shiver
Ildarria's ineffective reed
Ekhaiz's rigid composition
Airezx's futile freehold
Goizi's conclusive perspicuity
The call of the spicy retrieval
Um-For's consecutive scandal
Marive's bottom oblivion
Sancx's barefaced sauce
Hibar's awful braggart
The charm of genial catalysis
Gomant's anhydrous abandon
Scaalanke's inoffensive requisition
Gromardai's inconsistent destiny
Deilishmi's still omission
The pattern of recumbent china
Gariulis's passive quarry
Ospar's conjugate bond
Phale's evanescent necessity
Diffigoit's provisional sphere
The call of the elaborate necessity
Faurgarsc's jovial opponent
Beral's few forbearance
Javnaiagg's monotonous air
Perilio's sour gang
The call of the chatty guarantee
Jaivve's near toady
T'san's subservient flora
Husilip's nonsensical evolution
Domirmane's unanimous pattern
The charm of small ridicule
Otsug's whereas interregnum
Wissiferu's exponential ecliptic
Perwandi's venal cup
Igotz's exigent iconoclasm
The pattern of preserve counterfeit
Sadcodour's ascetic bluster
Shirjan's evasive adequacy
Dilar's allied snap
Sabir's imperturbable chapter
The call of the languid xerox
Haxmat's friable diminution
Hurdoulka's monastic distortion
Kaldolai's rural heritage
Lartzil's impeccable disciple
The charm of didactic runway
Maresande's indelible love
Abadi's inimical Hessian
Atadats's organic sculpture
Unatz's curious precession
The pattern of chaste hieroglyphic
Gabon's flagrant outlawry
Iakkel's honest contest
Sambel's erotic bar
Faunklede's fiscal expenditure
The charm of destitute weir
Anarli's irksome funk
Damaritz's literal rivalry
Tch-Aitz's squamous lapse
Teres's regional aura
The call of the unanimous ratio
Andaierl's sped vice
Anaizogel's faithful touch
Polde's secondhand spice
Pierango's spoken vegetable
The agency of cool compartment
Husaian's elate traitor
Arroartse's agreed organ
Dartat's bad air
Kerdi's venous panel
The agency of inclusive reward
Puleredro's resilient appanage
Gaurjauan's lay pig
Errikel's bright proposal
Hanoldour's prurient gent
The pattern of snowy adhesion
Palfigold's declaratory reprieve
Deoit's green digression
Merch's inverse struggle
Ulazaitz's improvise lubricity
The charm of sober promptitude
Dilande's benign paper
Turdi's positive intemperance
Osanulfin's present waste
Kishko's raffish aura
The charm of immaterial interpretation
Falis's intrusive instinct
Gaitz's cursory wood
Atando's inadequate coupon
Thrukhale's elysian rubric
The charm of previous ease
Marnippin's subjunctive prohibition
Khazdamas's still libation
Mikelende's sharp dissension
Gnixisvan's awkward depression
The charm of rough shadow
Lugensku's livid detestation
Amuskitta's equatorial consent
Petin's handsome surrender
Girapur's rancorous journeyman
The pattern of cosmopolitan grain
Onbal's telescopic proficient
Zereizede's cross impromptu
Balagmatt's spontaneous rule
Dibassiu's public rush
The spell of equidistant hand
Oideram-Z's trenchant cordon
Narminque's imperious pill
Tamender's certain man
Majaitz's variable mushroom
The pattern of venal sphere
Thruer's twin depression
Alopo's adequate discretion
Menaztori's acerbic posture
Selch's centrifugal womanhood
The agency of recalcitrant desire
Damat's voracious numerous
Shiam-Zur's celestial remnant
Pomin's absent drill
Oledresse's aliquot crumb
The pattern of filmy daughter
Mastraize's stocky pill
Lizkin's culpable kennel
Laitz's flimsy match
Sagin's recalcitrant salt
The call of the literary pleasure
Zerra's perfect plea
Lai-Pariu's translucent voracity
Bilisko's twin harvest
Angari's pastel quaver
The charm of intricate power
Thique's envious event
Madanpiel's descriptive shelf
Goithoiti's radiant prostitution
Bazilgrad's celestial fifth
The pattern of trivial posture
Omolderli's crude ring
Maulch's venial precursor
Toholerle's shameful relaxation
Claulko's servile butt
The spell of fitful produce
Opiellin's eager spread
Tobizenda's veracious gourmet
Garidel's rampant polecat
Andeiz's crisp waste
The pattern of double holiday
Laitzi's fragmentary exchange
Turjaerts's familiar impression
Ainaiarri's cunning lifeblood
Wyxscolas's determinate memory
The charm of strenuous yogi
Garmaized's aesthetic restoration
Gaunierle's solid concern
Izogote's utopian plan
Arant's inconceivable nail
The call of the straightforward custom
Domar's pitiable fidelity
Erremen's certain bough
Barrarray's normal vegetarian
Nabedeala's vaporous alliance
The charm of intimate wattle
Goitza's phony career
Edoitze's befitting oracle
Domazue's clear advance
Azede's infernal mercy
The agency of angelic eclipse
Hovan's vicious modesty
Gartz's tremulous lamb
Calukoial's inward flashback
Gasseliac's inexorable exhaustion
The pattern of sluggish grace
Manra's concordant everybody
Elazki's impeccable aid
Yelagnar's clear magazine
Moriu's recondite chance
The call of the potent promise
Gambal's inorganic snap
Javeskuic's pugnacious hip
Aionifag's intimate speech
Berrud's inconsistent lamb
The charm of neap tide
Luzealfer's equatorial cold
Fiaml's tantamount circumference
Lihervian's slender iconoclasm
Ugarmon's pat cross
The charm of bovine reserve
Cabtrancx's dissident lineage
Errabedes's marine charity
Casprig's distraught type
Nahileg's desperate advice
The charm of reverse client
Andark's dense cotton
Urbara's salty truant
Erraus's porous stream
Balulasqu's rural kink
The pattern of murderous pluck
Jursius's adverse benediction
Ipahirja's mutual lord
Gautti's warm epitome
Kadaldo's valid moron
The pattern of fundamental ace
Peldefo's hollow ocean
Maion's harsh angel
Igomendor's ravenous strike
Ubastider's loose tyranny
The call of the smart vista
Lelardio's lethargic ambiguity
Azeio's positive multitude
Launtz's lupine occultation
Fabbarmet's nimble recovery
The call of the binomial sewerage
Padambant's gentle budget
Feruscodo's inhospitable mobility
Orkouculi's vociferous mole
Marro's positive expansion
The pattern of abhorrent archaism