500 Random Spells for the Dying Earth

In Jack Vance's classic Tales of the Dying Earth, the nomenclature for the magical spells seems curiously archaic. Xarfaggio's Physical Malepsy ... Arnhoult's Sequestrious Digitalia ... The Spell of Forlorn Encystment ... Khulip's Nasal Enhancement ... The spell names occasionally evoke a decadent arcane humor. The Excellent Prismatic Spray ... Phandaal's Critique of the Chill ... Below, you will find 500 spell names of aleatoric provenance, which after careful redaction may be suitable for use in the wonderful The Dying Earth(*) Role-Playing Game.

Do you have any comments about this program? I'm aware of the problems with the adjective/noun database, but it is too large to correct either all at once or as I notice inappropriate items. I'll tweak it gradually over the next few years ...

Oh! I should add that the spell generator was inspired by a long-lost program written by my friends John Marron and Les Hill. Furthermore, I have to thank John for showing me that, if you are interested in exotic worlds and well-crafted sentences, there's always more and more to like in the work of Jack Vance.

There are other name generators on the Name Generation Page.

(*) "The Dying Earth" is a trademark of Pelgrane Press Ltd. It is used here without permission.

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Forrilial's cardioid thought
Pangarpen's sectarian lily
Suudi's onerous ice
Lartal's triune evolution
The charm of low cream
Sebalazi's egregious being
Kremath's literal deletion
Matzaiz's discordant laundry
Drabarand's confidential impression
The spell of ascetic talk
Motangi's genuine worth
Cyruki's conclusive stick
Giliasant's inflammable freedom
Sande's ghastly disquietude
The agency of rackety bout
Lacheiorr's yeasty magic
Thadco's voracious wedlock
Endive's tipsy tag
Seques-To's happen hecatomb
The agency of stable hold
Lek'hna's inappropriate oaf
Domascen's monastic cunning
Mautz's irrational movie
Ruiron's tactile line
The pattern of subservient game
Jurghanth's inelastic satiety
Eztardi's afloat illegitimacy
Hibalt's comatose opposition
Goritz's sappy aim
The call of the border tradesman
Kereder's echo race
Ongusterr's epic arena
Doudork's irrelevant mass
Cradergai's even race
The call of the eloquent temperance
Chaver's careful mushroom
Soldoritz's family veto
Oihellag's trenchant exception
Enekoulet's ambrosial skeptic
The spell of bituminous transference
Inalixiss's scant vocable
Skaitzes's straightforward confession
Lapurra's true luxury
Eguzeadai's clean relaxation
The agency of improper return
Lacco's true arctic
Skaxi's aboriginal gown
Turjael's prurient matrimony
Bazue's discordant hecatomb
The agency of plain inflammation
Endenaiam's individual proficient
Mikube's piquant exhibition
Nahartze's resilient vendetta
Radal's brave lead
The agency of impossible institution
Bendo's incorrect catch
Remiskorr's farsighted rub
Eduri's astringent precession
Ildorenek's high pound
The pattern of polyglot retribution
Erbanberk's quadripartite left
Mandare's slack gourmet
Dhaideko's inoperative delivery
Borduche's partial concision
The spell of apparent champion
Zereder's replete exemption
Seltz's torpid pitch
Ponortzi's sham duplicity
Gartza's true power
The agency of chocolate renewal
Medratze's axial iconoclast
Xeimardul's ascetic warfare
Cassiermo's sinister fashion
Azirmetri's indisputable recipe
The charm of keen navy
Kaimbonik's spicy presage
Temurusth's pitiful generosity
Luincthal's superfluous needle
Aderk's scholastic simplicity
The spell of acrid denunciation
Um-Foldol's interstitial doom
Chunder's ready guilt
Eguruzaiz's stringy desire
Kaueko's preparatory expression
The spell of dull hiss
Embalce's reluctant butterfly
Rabinqzil's nonsensical surprise
Elordin's feasible permission
Gilkajane's worthy relaxation
The agency of latent bracket
Magmu's blunt pull
Farben's averse transient
Zoitz's irregular exudation
Ongerlang's secular promenade
The pattern of circuitous hush
Gidourshk's occidental lake
Eloju's superficial cosmetic
Flodoitig's extemporaneous vista
Vanixulin's inexcusable ivory
The agency of indefinite solvent
Majnulle's effectual antarctic
Baintt's green memory
Korpela's supreme proscription
Iucoud's she maintenance
The agency of harsh anaconda
Anexandi's salt race
Tibaltz's resilient diary
Lehen's centrifugal flattery
Zambaunek's provincial punster
The charm of fitful burgher
Furikenav's pretentious ambiguity
Baitze's erroneous tutelage
Brance's pure guise
Onbeg's precarious inheritance
The spell of forgotten width
Scambermo's acquisitive despair
Emelan's compact amethyst
Ostan's fresh burden
Romen's consequential inquiry
The pattern of dull cap
Lehiorens's vacant hydra
Wishkoule's near tact
Eledo's irreconcilable superstition
Andustebe's sensitive seclusion
The call of the gelatin revulsion
Pupurin's level topic
Asickater's still merchandise
Ottalaito's equine flea
Aradint's vocal composition
The charm of blank strike
Gask-Khad's evasive destiny
Arannikui's brash pearl
Laualadku's secant miscreant
Khunkleru's conciliatory circumscription
The charm of hideous weal
Bunka's aristocratic spleen
Mandale's pug proof
Shada's patriarchal leeway
Mogolghul's stubborn tone
The pattern of public help
Pelari's humane deodorant
Liheimela's shrewd medium
Enden's premonitory tone
Hovangrag's feasible pillow
The charm of steady caricature
Jancz's medial experience
Yoderes's secant surname
Artzan's sunny gain
Leizka's aloof cornea
The agency of phony contempt
Thaviratz's globular boredom
Vitze's acrimonious report
Turotantz's ostensible statuary
Yeldetada's salty gauze
The pattern of healthy reciprocity
Pryff's charitable glow
Lehoul's subject expenditure
Underviu's muddy laughingstock
Simenz's indoor hydra
The agency of dead appearance
Luttalatz's inharmonious price
Egutzenor's real break
Tipinko's sweet plenipotentiary
Thian's obdurate placenta
The pattern of conclusive friend
Clish's hypnotic paraphrase
Iztar's contrary aurora
Balanderv's terminal solemnity
Edulkat's repelling demon
The spell of taper repulsion
Staxel's plaintive psyche
Batzindes's comprehensive reign
Pulfo's inward tide
Aztei's novel chart
The agency of strong octogenarian
Slantz's equatorial fluid
Kelgrat's back arrow
Ambeg's homogeneous salute
Aieleizea's revolutionary fiction
The spell of patrician cotton
Gunkolial's loyal span
Nephion's lost champion
Ivalu's confidential fire
Zinquor's mild opposition
The spell of odd tradesman
Barosai's oceanic tattoo
Orzaro's emphatic blast
Asile's ponderous onus
Sando's straight skunk
The spell of industrious egotist
Majnu's nervous brown
Erraun's roomy port
Errit's extemporaneous confusion
Glasnat's pug gangway
The call of the old dismissal
Agoitz's good dividend
Pryffergo's abrasive rubbish
Eznikdarr's lusty rest
Uhisko's equidistant wreath
The charm of rectangular result
Ksangra's stupid bullwhack
Dulasance's vacant acrimony
Dambon's merciful truce
Urramaets's apostolic ton
The spell of territorial deodorant
Faull's pure composition
Turizaia's rare rage
Wiuldersi's wonderful flame
Arnatz's weary sympathy
The call of the minus clod
Liram's superficial metaphor
Agosemerk's vindictive casualty
Aston's excusable boredom
Jokhelmet's genteel protest
The agency of agreed mind
Gillo's straight ideal
T'sador's demonstrable poverty
Merber's mild admiration
Chalumael's strong impression
The pattern of inapt convention
Larrourgi's acrid heterogeneity
Hurus's phonic fault
Hanutzots's parallel silver
Lukhaunom's icy conscience
The call of the sacred pretense
Tilian's incommunicable acquisition
Verras's lumpy indiscretion
Ekhaianos's inapt ecstasy
Kevodats's culpable gain
The call of the pastoral household
Martlesok's venerable progression
Mettorsk's resident pundit
Vardi's supernatant lion
Aitzead's dead common
The agency of opalescent pluck
Bartat's repulsive grocer
Chentoral's shoal force
Luirki's steadfast inspiration
Harthorri's prodigal administer
The spell of infernal article
Perab's effectual injunction
Agoial's moral aura
Albizko's adverse perpetuity
Luzko's cute curse
The charm of promiscuous attempt
Gidol's tentative reverend
Doulka's expert opposition
Pelottist's monster diversion
Madalicla's atmospheric condition
The charm of indelible headquarters
Aranti's asinine portent
Clamaralg's skinny crab
Auruendei's servile principle
Moerl's cortical gold
The pattern of good compromise
Ascousken's impressive scrabble
Zafdyker's delicate tutelage
Gadan's extravagant petticoat
Liand's perpendicular hush
The call of the immaculate vein
Goldo's ominous evasion
Zerancz's sensual feature
Azesado's inexcusable exchange
Claran's academic nicety
The agency of progressive invitation
Tokin's ambiguous mercenary
Iakaxe's trim debacle
Berrafdyk's diabolic aurora
Caspar's extinct innocent
The call of the lilac misnomer
Dadirjan's discrete altitude
Mergo's condemnatory modesty
Gorbaland's immense haulage
Jakobeg's sedate idol
The pattern of indulgent blockade
Berliclar's domestic cupidity
Wyxsculk's obtrusive architecture
Urrh-Aith's cold impropriety
Sayandu's forgetful falsehood
The spell of responsive circuit
Andesk's veracious mark
Astil's single imagery
Azenbe's rigid style
Kantimano's farsighted octogenarian
The agency of foregoing pixy
Zhial's lame boredom
Xarbascou's finite renewal
Camin's shaky misogyny
Goggi's turbulent stead
The call of the base fan
Sebaz's covetous end
Tcherl's oscillatory stint
Pasturri's excusable glass
Beradarka's salient monologue
The spell of geriatric toilet
Aseior's livid cant
Bakkel's inconvertible cession
Bineal's minus plunder
Gotze's innocent libel
The call of the airy boss
Blarthor's posthumous destiny
Esterial's eccentric plagiarism
Festissma's morbid debut
Petialeko's messy ingratitude
The charm of intelligible gust
Aramar's elusive brine
Zhiaccoda's incestuous magic
Rouletrab's desolate fact
Bilegoi's knobby concession
The spell of excusable Dixie
Thryffwyd's bald flame
Endol's urban aspirate
Rouleoita's defiant rascal
Railgurap's tasty faculty
The charm of harsh gent
Aitzen's plane clerk
Agoial's his stare
Pombal's credible finesse
Passeambi's esoteric contravention
The pattern of humble luck
Clainar's nice album
Kanea's punctual enough
Osprioro's sibilant medium
Porki's equine evolution
The pattern of sharp evolution
Gorrio's adverse rest
Krelip's extinct drone
Ethoroseb's urgent portent
Aresh's present ambush
The charm of yeasty denudation
Simardi's somnolent barb
Lutch's applicable governor
Sapurkor's strong misogynist
Mella's fresh inhibition
The spell of organic folly
Wyxscoure's inhospitable finish
Garra's providential cuckoo
Hertsusth's incidental race
Krednix's disparate auditor
The charm of novel expenditure
Dromat's secret exchange
Phoun's dulcet twist
Olent's incombustible water
Orter's material sheet
The agency of collateral wisdom
Zaflandai's inclement force
Maurianra's cylindric seaman
Padefor's urgent protest
Zergomanu's cunning conclusive
The call of the incessant Eumenides
Obtraurda's concurring perspicuity
Rhantei's fifth wake
Harai's forward housewife
Tyzard's still bath
The charm of exorbitant renewal
Iratzaitz's virulent affair
Zoitzen's paschal sympathy
Frosko's separate description
Melikor's among series
The spell of musty dismissal
Zinaxe's penitent refusal
Edorre's shy dance
Ganbe's pliant navel
Majaitadl's stolen plagiarism
The call of the innocuous classification
Taunote's indefinite power
Embaraspa's erroneous amity
Kimbandor's parallel homologue
Wissoarte's organic pull
The charm of rustic assumption
Varaboldi's weighty speckle
Parmoulsi's needful inheritance
Gaiassoi's boyish passion
Claetisba's preposterous regret
The charm of subservient clutter
Diasnatz's fine face
Djori's annular retrogression
Scankox's insincere lily
Laina's eminent inmate
The pattern of consanguineous rubbish
Dronin's vociferous exemption
Majide's ruinous sobriety
Osteimard's mortal plunge
Firea's monastic experience
The charm of misanthropic lecture
Domarmerr's militant installation
Ulaun's fraternal satellite
Zohiamamb's soluble conduit
Perin's determinate phraseology
The pattern of apparent procedure
Erbenbarr's irretrievable salute
Urban's dumpy strength
Thaidensi's wet divine
Gaundo's green default
The charm of masculine apathy
Mikuis's incommunicable bite
Bobirmend's widespread benefactor
Omart's admitted synergy
Huriu's domestic impropriety
The spell of male experiment
Lorkaf's asymptotic cupidity
Baray's raw part
Koder's deceitful implosion
Santu's acrid tobacco
The spell of opulent right
Arabban's sallow synthesis
Wistaffwy's ghastly form
Ilviler's importunate water
Eneth's monitory guilt
The charm of sincere repulsion
Balazurui's bereft auspices
Pangor's agreed dowager
Wiulasta's dormant slit
Arghug's marine taste
The agency of cumbersome innocent
Quandon's adequate horizon
Chabaw's endemic stratum
Angen's apologetic nihilism
Voymna's promiscuous tact
The spell of modest comprehension
Azede's trim iconoclast
Drontz's rare reception
Dermoum's virulent grist
Ageldorto's absolute quart
The pattern of volatile blackmail
Alater's visionary warp
Adusco's inexorable union
Arnindroi's desirous omission
Voyendure's absolute show
The call of the orthogonal bully
Suudun's pernicious ballast
Tobel's commendatory obstinacy
Gerrabi's fresh sway
Toleko's still incredulity
The pattern of immaculate generosity
Fardan's convertible breach
Florta's admitted sagacity
Trith's libidinous nihilist
Bakickax's metric azimuth
The agency of cloven enthusiast
Eguso's true enthusiasm
Oiheneint's vulgar stiletto
Nissu's sour nun
Zuilikdas's operatic lecher
The charm of exultant conflict
Ponaxt's onerous fifth
Dules's clement analysis
Koyevoria's nimble secession
Khular's frugal zodiac
The pattern of smooth myopia
Urda-Hrab's invidious acquaintance
Baurghara's rare something
Aioraio's remedial fashion
Lauvunter's inanimate rheum
The charm of belligerent regret
Arrol's adjacent melody
Az-Khardo's defensible renaissance
Pelazkoxo's elliptic fire
Emesatin's sunk vehicle
The call of the shallow paralysis
Rinai's thieving sinister
Barth's pure collapse
Scasmir's jocund reception
Sotzeampo's apologetic deodorant
The charm of immovable inversion
Kinnodatz's subject economy
Aitzearti's hindmost brute
Orzaitala's thin gold
Osprostia's contraband blackmail
The call of the tight tenacity
Oidefon's afloat eye
Domeil's neutral increment
Andeser's averse sinister
Puisk's irretrievable discretion
The pattern of easygoing mobility
Ander's loathsome steward
Majnuntzo's translucent type
Dartz's venal departure
Sentio's deep cuckoo
The pattern of conspicuous myopia
Yodniffet's inexorable competitor
Eznaimbal's cold counterpart
Ataxako's composite component
Petistal's gusty inmate
The pattern of feasible perversion
Baitze's vivacious reserve
Kimile's silly confession
Isintsus's true bloom
Nuxidalti's moribund ascent
The charm of minus boredom
Borra's individual concourse
Korensulp's level custom
Caste's simple constitution
Arnik's inexcusable dunce
The charm of seedy boulder
Clial's seductive sycophant
Clicka's icy compromise
Oberbacou's austere chivalry
Vexet's fictive bolt
The spell of guilty loyalty