500 Random Spells for the Dying Earth

In Jack Vance's classic Tales of the Dying Earth, the nomenclature for the magical spells seems curiously archaic. Xarfaggio's Physical Malepsy ... Arnhoult's Sequestrious Digitalia ... The Spell of Forlorn Encystment ... Khulip's Nasal Enhancement ... The spell names occasionally evoke a decadent arcane humor. The Excellent Prismatic Spray ... Phandaal's Critique of the Chill ... Below, you will find 500 spell names of aleatoric provenance, which after careful redaction may be suitable for use in the wonderful The Dying Earth(*) Role-Playing Game.

Do you have any comments about this program? I'm aware of the problems with the adjective/noun database, but it is too large to correct either all at once or as I notice inappropriate items. I'll tweak it gradually over the next few years ...

Oh! I should add that the spell generator was inspired by a long-lost program written by my friends John Marron and Les Hill. Furthermore, I have to thank John for showing me that, if you are interested in exotic worlds and well-crafted sentences, there's always more and more to like in the work of Jack Vance.

There are other name generators on the Name Generation Page.

(*) "The Dying Earth" is a trademark of Pelgrane Press Ltd. It is used here without permission.

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Assel's subject lamentation
Opiel's shoal loss
Bersoiarr's rectilinear plate
Tober's residual none
The call of the stout stain
Batsulede's briny kink
Izone's jocular acerbity
Tokhaitze's subservient metaphor
Jokhabi's superficial exclusion
The pattern of definitive octogenarian
Manraf's happy limitation
Raden's inclusive exodus
Majnutzi's deducible convulsion
Kralen's vicarious flaw
The charm of venerable parishioner
Andiledes's bimonthly mica
Dualortik's faint evolution
Gaunu's even impropriety
Gornhorni's bituminous succession
The spell of susceptible proposal
Osassia's single sexton
Hantz's fallacious spurn
Hantoro's canine serum
Niskoitz's compact oar
The charm of disparate exposure
Pantz's solemn waste
Puidavala's scanty tag
Orker's pulmonary forbearance
Majnutta's faithful regulate
The call of the yon breath
Deutz's feline incumbent
Baistis's predatory volition
Malarbas's poor year
Silghusti's incredible grammar
The pattern of beneficial gap
Urradenal's primitive talk
Yadgentzi's abhorrent court
Zordol's averse ignition
Bendo's singsong green
The spell of immense permutation
Gizkith's episcopal fossil
Gazur's modest ornamentation
Lutzel-Pa's powerful match
Lohoriern's inconvertible analogy
The call of the transitive apotheosis
Kelartsaj's mysterious calico
Eguntz's habitual yucca
Gargosti's bituminous flame
Fratsul's indispensable fallacy
The agency of patriarchal merchant
Argomirej's near chain
Sebala's influential tone
Aduculero's shadowy caprice
Tasape's complacent ken
The pattern of vernal dress
Gaunze's frugal cynic
Tartont's ribald nobody
Kolayantz's foul pit
Juaxakox's long wrack
The call of the estimable skeptic
Onbara's dainty inspiration
Narka's warlike grant
Indolatul's recipient vestry
Anitzi's inadmissible vicinity
The call of the dutiable idol
Onbaw's acrimonious alacrity
Sastimpo's glassy note
Vasseiz's fireproof gleam
Johin's lucky vinegar
The charm of prompt temple
Tokhaitza's abusive filly
Marlin's ignominious shortcoming
Noldes's sensuous multiplication
Ihame's husky contagion
The call of the indefensible sagacity
Shirint's retroactive advocacy
Rorka's utilitarian ticket
Ildel's border brine
Arghugerg's hackneyed quibble
The call of the good suite
Djordo's aesthetic attack
Pomikutri's saccharine shrine
Agoilbarr's floury breadth
Davnave's barbarous facet
The charm of reprehensible crest
Adera's vigorous homogeneity
Ilaitza's centennial wrench
Petriga's venal nihilism
Douldolo's mock talk
The charm of congenital bargain
Perniff's effectual fault
Blitz's historic deposition
Gomirenta's literal exposure
Hantz's bluff succession
The charm of mystic familiar
Majaintz's inclement preamble
Sants's tan threat
Sadarka's infernal miscegenation
Luaneka's artificial valedictorian
The spell of efflorescent sweep
Alazeilk's collateral sobriety
Turroitze's inconsequential compromise
Etara's progressive guile
Vallukhan's resolute traffic
The call of the prodigal gusto
Anaitzar's preserve oneself
Teldoi's posterior provision
Gaulin's wondrous stroke
Hermentza's recipient key
The agency of precipitate disciple
Ingonippi's virtual temper
Rabero's cumbersome strophe
Tholdratz's dogmatic punctuate
Pelinatvi's oceanic balm
The agency of reactionary stress
Vulfin's grey hour
Betal's retaliatory brotherhood
Illamuli's obligatory load
Guyando's asinine discretion
The agency of disparate stowage
Kadan's stringy collector
Ortik's level delicacy
Berwando's flagrant pulse
Coskajan's bygone proposition
The spell of unique exclusion
Arlagargo's studious coop
Lolin's intolerant taste
Djoroon's inarticulate apostrophe
Luille's fresh quiet
The spell of impassive four
Gollianon's servile architecture
Larturin's farsighted pun
Bergaio's importunate love
Furtz's ascetic revolt
The pattern of subliminal sediment
Frofornie's smaller genius
Ortzednin's ambidextrous mediocrity
Um-Zuhane's indefinite access
Egunixida's obedient advise
The agency of mystic converse
Lihaio's ineffective slip
Novanraia's turgid client
Ampen's elate proviso
Stult's violet forbearance
The call of the dusty fixture
Bratzai's unique foundation
Lorena's lateral notice
Kodeltzon's dutiable impression
Langraman's tortuous summit
The agency of adverse hundred
Maule's oil explanation
Luiseban's lopsided requisition
Santusop's echo draft
Enavan's solid transgression
The agency of philanthropic ambiguity
Azubereil's identical mood
Sanosergi's near pencil
Zurustir's monastic lull
Zamen's analytic cordon
The charm of multifarious harelip
Hermere's nice bouquet
Igotz's picturesque wonder
Arnats's free dove
Zuiderrit's reformatory thanksgiving
The pattern of indefatigable sobriety
Maztazend's lewd servitude
Zorenbal's prophetic score
Todor's roomy scapegoat
Phazunzue's witty beauty
The call of the substantive awn
Galundio's reversible temper
Arvan's improvise protest
Poldin's cold departure
Zarpento's general interference
The charm of evasive falsehood
Kalark's hybrid synchronism
Meltint's awry screw
Atzar's feasible quarry
Lapurive's salutary block
The pattern of beneficial retort
Aieryno's extemporaneous spring
Cantinctu's quadruple atheism
Meroma's rough egotist
Hantse's mineral integrity
The pattern of frugal alcohol
Gaulk's aching mass
Suncx's supine push
Kolgunkal's owing stand
Alara's gone poetry
The charm of ghostly declamation
Arizur's solemn reclamation
Girjae's wrongful admission
Urrinkelg's articulate wall
Chion's parallel liar
The agency of irregular starboard
Erion's bilateral rest
Prank's coercive price
Alarsape's indifferent asceticism
Gaura's husky wont
The agency of tidal contravention
Pargoztor's legible intellectual
Endim's deprecatory groundwork
Ender's expectant jaundice
Wyxsco's vascular glory
The agency of level fashion
Nartsilen's contemptible symphony
Samseth's naval curse
Malgun's orthogonal eternity
Ortarapo's misanthropic tea
The pattern of buoyant impropriety
Gilintz's repentant package
Krasparen's dead main
Cilia's fain life
Vascol's vehement pull
The charm of p blow
Oletin's commendatory father
Atsepe's apocryphal dissension
Maulsta's allusive scent
Zerbasand's high evasion
The spell of prismatic exposure
Vaska's pure estuary
Deoitz's steady menace
Brauncx's twin finger
Pauan's smoky tomb
The call of the subterranean condolence
Cuilka's reluctant lexicon
Endebada's haughty complexion
Bohugel's irritable progression
Polwal's conducive blot
The charm of tumultuous preservation
Goronartz's connubial income
Gaido's salubrious perpetuity
Kalumprol's snap performance
Beldive's hereditary transmutation
The call of the blameworthy progression
Ermen's divergent abuse
Skafernie's gigantic name
Gnatzente's tidal perspicuity
Benaulery's privy influence
The pattern of dumb perpetuity
Otseadlen's dyadic detour
Thial's messy inclination
Bouldoari's lush denunciation
Bohin's dangerous condiment
The agency of snoopy occlusion
Goreskore's sticky role
Rharth's translucent stain
Zada-Hraa's confluent chronicle
Shion's turbulent flame
The call of the aberrant plea
Iakaffwyd's inapplicable crypt
Ingoi's defensive scruple
Chavessia's stiff bawd
Bambi's senile vegetarian
The spell of gruff introduction
Arabtirru's defiant nostalgia
Kaiermour's inextricable shortcoming
Gartadard's azure limitation
Ospark's plain molehill
The agency of accessory wonder
Canberid's incombustible vent
Tokia's apparent envy
Ilvin's slick conflict
Barter's safe occasion
The agency of spellbound polish
Darts's harmonious suspicion
Yodei's ocular scripture
Vasbargoi's flush ointment
Mupon's hemispheric drought
The call of the stable venture
Balipi's marine inaction
Magmaule's mysterious precession
Zerwan's hollow pilot
Goggila's phonetic limitation
The agency of immaterial compression
Hylazi's fourfold normalcy
Lelmero's blameworthy button
Garranol's notorious ambiguity
Mandi's double null
The spell of inattentive roll
Zuing's condemnatory obstinacy
Iharthun's prohibitive beauty
Shixil's trustworthy debtor
Gomil's spheroidal precept
The spell of linear presence
Grotz's guilty smart
Lutzart's impenetrable ambiguity
Vitta's imperceptible theory
Gerraf's peremptory strategist
The call of the characteristic admiration
Chamazi's sluggish expansion
Arior's coincident degree
Rabin's substantial pow
Eguzartus's broad forgery
The call of the glacial contagion
Noxongo's attentive nihilism
Yaandi's pleasant sperm
Buskoxa's ample simplicity
Hibazes's congenial splutter
The charm of tiresome adhesion
Ssianse's peremptory brace
Manti's blown simpleton
Bubelletr's habitual amount
Ekhil's powerful stronghold
The spell of starch acropolis
Rortun's necessary jaundice
Lorte's shrill exhortation
Ilvirraut's ambidextrous picnic
Frosenare's textile gemstone
The agency of olive goddess
Izmin's infinitesimal nil
Obtianona's slippery puff
Bartza's intimate climate
Zilamb's sharp prodigy
The pattern of quadruple compassion
Wagin's fraudulent appearance
Azvanxfag's inadvertent sagacity
Lauan's afloat scent
Bende's grassy governor
The spell of eldest dragnet
Magir's cold fury
Phaur's edematous convulsion
Oidagoiz's contradictory cherubim
Damull's prolific counterpoise
The agency of descriptive rhythm
Jakathou's sober debacle
Eznien's irresponsible egotist
Hysso's obscure figure
Qualu's irrepressible demon
The spell of fallacious regulate
Daimiskaj's possible mend
Urdainix's plain brown
Shabi's elegiac iconoclasm
Makkelael's rich nihilism
The charm of retaliatory mediocrity
Teuntzear's perfunctory devotee
Anaturgad's sympathetic canto
Shrynetid's weary Hessian
Khalester's lyric van
The call of the antique occlusion
Bergo's stolid lunatic
Twilk's pliant guarantee
Jakaruwen's rash pliancy
Zuhaitz's balmy buyer
The spell of true shoot
Voyne's inconspicuous follicle
Baltzarvi's frail failure
Zadar's frequent homogeneity
Oskanos's quartile solution
The call of the infrequent blow
Kolancz's cross barter
Dilbizune's fraught reverend
Maraagadi's absolute ward
Egunz's shivery pessimist
The call of the progressive ground
T'san's fraternal surfeit
Crabazens's intricate suspense
Harialfon's youthful exclusion
Ankoxel's repentant tact
The call of the future auxiliary
Piervired's healthy mediocrity
Josantili's censorious reptile
Zumel's desultory leisure
Zahio's rampant attendant
The agency of rough sanctity
Lirabi's necessary author
Gottatzi's extramural fact
Hanter's perilous light
Borait's ocular auction
The agency of erratic unity
Agola's square depot
Ampoul's plain succession
Karwiks's tactile secret
Bizki's faithful ruin
The call of the monstrous request
Nishmilar's tenuous paucity
Gurtze's ductile concord
Masko's incoherent acquisition
Dounder's benevolent sympathy
The charm of acerbic recess
Lantz's urgent absenteeism
Porren's illimitable plagiarism
La-Er's manageable cut
Ainax's posterior fiancee
The call of the abusive increase
Johe-Mar's venerable pudding
Rhierrone's combustible luck
Tyzoth's yeasty run
Liancth's elysian nick
The spell of novel rivalry
Domang's pertinent birthright
Eritz's recombinant peace
Miralteci's dry height
Andene's inferential sobriety
The spell of rare component
Sabonarfa's vitreous pyrometer
Salor's sore note
Javanullo's populous compulsion
Noxelcham's useful steam
The pattern of promiscuous perversion
Andal's permanent jam
Adagmuno's articulate grammar
Difer's spellbound exposition
Ereion's structural greed
The pattern of human tail
Zhime's opposite light
Karrix's incidental scratch
Ekichendo's divergent speed
Delgar's civic actor
The charm of equidistant plagiarism
Lehugo's rough form
Impetore's wild pickle
Ekhique's tenth aura
Salin's retrogressive deal
The call of the roundabout scent
Haxaminda's sour whisper
Davint's grim economy
Eriassife's averse circumscription
Silikoz's triplicate cession
The charm of inflexible revival
Troitzon's inept dispute
Paldo's congratulatory game
Gaive's admitted shove
Sabea's useful publication
The agency of novel finger
Jandoulte's steady lineage
Inkoint's vernal spy
Harninaxe's second contravention
Mentsu's ghostly resignation
The call of the cold occupation
Tartze's gradual expletive
Pelenniel's creaky spirit
Blukhaki's echo lubricity
Kiskaflaz's aerial renewal
The call of the sordid import
Kanippil's dreamy balk
Amusial's penitentiary blasphemy
Astar's cavernous blot
Domaitz's exterior intention
The agency of scant fallacy
Erritz's impish pervasion
Maurauek''s saccharine patriarch
Gaide's evasive husbandry
Angio's prostrate quartet
The spell of discoid ceremony
Zadku's impalpable gripe
Erriorcla's supine perturbation
Rlyon's willful regret
Launin's inordinate exaltation
The charm of spurious motto
Zerax's ambidextrous conclusive
Bertio's continent baritone
Raizkiand's mum proposal
Ansick's allied prothonotary
The pattern of rectangular joint
Forka's intrusive incursion
Hegoloer's innocent neglect
Hoone's clamorous cordon
Osparmoun's ceremonial ancestry
The charm of giant blockade
Axulif's obscure line
Teobi's posterior cowardice
Seskounts's dirty vanity
Lautrarch's tithe infinitude
The charm of vague sib
Nuxidouc's acute mute
Anermaum's occult Babel
Lehunelam's threefold maintenance
Kerar's lackluster protest
The call of the childish clothesline
Birrudon's clement parallax
Nabelen's cartographic magic
Rhandorth's indefensible jump
Sferilin's neap health
The call of the tidy film
Lauvununt's aliquot phraseology
Emelaye's conciliatory wind
Wyxscoune's tithe partition
Tyzarshak's bituminous hedonist
The spell of linear townsman
Thran's translucent trespass
Tokoa's indispensable stem
Garmir's perpetual perpetuity
Argoldina's conjunct Janus
The call of the satanic import
Argos's cold rebel
Zadaan's spiral concord
Sandarthe's ocular satisfaction
Tchen's mean perversion
The spell of permanent salutation
Gezarrams's inadequate face
Darabelan's apocalyptic occupation
Elaraa-Er's nocturnal theocracy
Muskianne's ancient usurpation
The pattern of wicked allusion
Mogel's stiff minstrel
Miirior's imperial freedom
Sarga's felicitous sign
Baltzotsi's ablaze placenta
The spell of ophthalmic diameter