500 Random Spells for the Dying Earth

In Jack Vance's classic Tales of the Dying Earth, the nomenclature for the magical spells seems curiously archaic. Xarfaggio's Physical Malepsy ... Arnhoult's Sequestrious Digitalia ... The Spell of Forlorn Encystment ... Khulip's Nasal Enhancement ... The spell names occasionally evoke a decadent arcane humor. The Excellent Prismatic Spray ... Phandaal's Critique of the Chill ... Below, you will find 500 spell names of aleatoric provenance, which after careful redaction may be suitable for use in the wonderful The Dying Earth(*) Role-Playing Game.

Do you have any comments about this program? I'm aware of the problems with the adjective/noun database, but it is too large to correct either all at once or as I notice inappropriate items. I'll tweak it gradually over the next few years ...

Oh! I should add that the spell generator was inspired by a long-lost program written by my friends John Marron and Les Hill. Furthermore, I have to thank John for showing me that, if you are interested in exotic worlds and well-crafted sentences, there's always more and more to like in the work of Jack Vance.

There are other name generators on the Name Generation Page.

(*) "The Dying Earth" is a trademark of Pelgrane Press Ltd. It is used here without permission.

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Rorta's lumpy holiday
Sandlan's mortal estimate
Urruzki's instant sawdust
Hurestaze's contiguous worthy
The spell of dead omen
Lelic's heavy shortcoming
Almar's resistive dimension
Eduri's hackneyed attrition
Erraon's lavender muzzle
The pattern of motley note
Gezaitz's binary failure
Khunitzon's orient fire
Kadkurin's buoyant shave
Panixi's incipient exclusion
The agency of ductile taste
Juando's intimate respect
G'Van's solar acquit
Musta's pure promptitude
Bidera's gratuitous platform
The pattern of loyal chicanery
Channeta's auspicious dot
Mershe's recusant tripod
Garraluma's instant bite
Rlyonaish's conscious semblance
The spell of thousandth mobility
Illasei's indeterminate expansion
Nistando's inquisitive link
Parcher's barbarous cacophony
Bohin's heartfelt explosion
The call of the seductive deliverance
Paune's green hush
Egorra's lopsided relaxation
Santz's poor height
Glarthei's incorrigible belief
The spell of ready mystery
Walan's convertible acclamation
Arthiquen's secure peccary
Kanonakke's official group
Oierran's empty loss
The charm of smart demon
Andillio's absent accession
Garamb's orderly brown
Spaldolde's individual eruption
Thilko's propelled pill
The spell of future grammar
G'Vaskail's indifferent precession
Flodensku's picturesque award
Mupurent's retaliatory judge
Davir-Sha's presumptive bureaucracy
The charm of incessant plagiarism
T'sant's irreducible size
Araun's future gibberish
Floer's loose cider
Sabizkia's boisterous audit
The call of the innocuous obduracy
Sahan's preposterous thought
Deode's wonderful berth
Azolghako's burlesque iconoclast
Ascoden's distinct custom
The pattern of original reprieve
Tangoitz's furtive pedant
Wagaiet's garrulous interest
Dibaundo's moral pessimist
Brazzi's balky auditor
The pattern of broad compound
Domilanco's good saliva
Enebe's discordant mushroom
Trixelin's convalescent gap
Bohun's portentous definition
The call of the kind predecessor
Matso's bottom despair
Ilvirresk's anomalous devil
Irave's confluent libel
Chand's irregular fable
The call of the absent debate
Aladi's rude indemnity
Pellas's perforate want
Aitto's soft ordinance
Hanzedera's leery stake
The pattern of buoyant dignity
Angeltia's extravagant misogynist
Rhaure's rancid year
Romaml's elusive swerve
Aneingshm's diverse audience
The pattern of ingenuous grandchildren
Ongoi's vacant transgression
Atzaietim's conducive mobility
Irarabin's auspicious plane
Pastorro's partisan magic
The spell of pliant pyramid
Jurusasoa's conscious runway
Barkaju's aberrant abuse
Miaranaus's nice barter
Ilaon's sedentary survey
The pattern of plausible platform
Shial's didactic suction
Cromingoi's cadaverous year
Eatze's ministerial duration
Wagin's reciprocal essence
The charm of cold solvent
Lerdi's recusant cull
Pannei's repellent dummy
Fermerdol's centrifugal might
Pagaiz's necessary memory
The call of the gross holiday
Marre's vernacular cashier
Beran's instantaneous deliverance
Zerri's fragrant wilderness
Borphian's invisible passport
The pattern of verbal measure
Erbea's proximate fourth
Ederlia's regressive inadequacy
Ihaina's exceptional straw
Girjan's soapy virtue
The agency of him choice
Zuhazkeli's deciduous hypothesis
Ilargoi's near girth
Scanebera's toilsome collector
Maunes's elegiac infusion
The charm of concurrent ambiguity
Barsascol's congratulatory prose
Basmanost's futile midday
Mikdasmei's projectile bigot
Pulderaf's amphibious tautology
The agency of irretrievable featherbedding
Zhier's cold glass
Kilin's double syntax
Glerl's enthusiastic recession
Baincz's several alliance
The pattern of barren perpetuity
Zardoon's ascetic multiplicity
Kimbal's near wrench
Phazi's bombastic sanctity
Cabeliara's delicate nihilism
The spell of ladylike transgression
Lalojunt's mean description
Jakoi's resistive resultant
G'Varcamb's partial flam
Voyen's confirmatory inhibition
The spell of dichotomous demon
Ezkia's spicy escape
Kiranto's oral heater
Iramineti's importunate conservation
Lapel's pliant pull
The agency of permanent increase
Veren's burial prison
Remen's liable taint
Djorsiant's indeterminate disciple
Alamentz's ambulatory withdrawal
The pattern of dumpy accent
Dibach's substantive dream
Indoi's alternate board
Urtalamea's imminent period
Soilia's perfect lip
The agency of slick crucible
Fusana's hard theology
Nishades's impressive transposition
Ainti's praiseworthy litany
Palaelarr's academic regard
The pattern of titular access
Zorque's social spring
Symna's impressive jeopardy
Orzain's beginning duration
Skaldimbe's acrid installation
The spell of sturdy sleigh
Phakoitze's musty offset
Uguncx's aforesaid blow
Kaluko's tentative harvest
Jostebros's fragrant egotist
The charm of deliberate common
Josuste's simple cemetery
Miira's rough stress
Garsc's tremulous concision
Zelme's waxy office
The spell of sped sin
Festig's triumphant study
Sugeizent's fulsome logic
Cugwiko's opaque acquittal
T'sanixis's disastrous quadrature
The pattern of congratulatory lecture
Lacoulart's many stand
Tsomes's normal levity
Zuzkoi's vegetable ease
Dishkobe's discretionary ministry
The spell of remedial mart
Hazkin's introductory diversion
Luiritza's imprudent bias
Elloju's heavy audacity
Gomiridur's subsidiary throat
The agency of affluent ingratitude
Voyen's vacuous dove
Julip's sound discovery
Guzkivver's exclusive medium
Eskork's guilty verbiage
The charm of soft beauty
Andune's threefold dip
Froder's marine appearance
Clinge's discrete verisimilitude
Rorditzor's rectangular stock
The spell of buoyant auxiliary
Bendero's impetuous decay
Rorenz's done desert
Llasm's silly spite
Aparr's systematic paean
The agency of politic glow
Munttleg's monetary pantomime
Sanornald's acrid coquette
Braff's sanctimonious intervention
Luixon's successive rout
The spell of balmy repulsion
Disen's dirty suspicion
Baitak's radiant inversion
Pankaitza's inelastic tone
Tibasko's imperative boredom
The pattern of effeminate oasis
Cabeldior's rare parse
Tadal's intelligible alteration
Ongoz's expository fool
Shamaud's forward call
The agency of culinary refutation
Khalt's progressive reserve
Turdirofo's scriptural symmetry
Krathiena's quick complaint
Gurtlemel's quadrilateral applicant
The call of the obscure bravery
Urtzottan's inordinate god
Gartza's native sash
Bamincz's flush manikin
Barmo's glaucous massage
The pattern of afloat scion
Balfin's baggy model
Gartze's lush auxiliary
Monfonexi's absolute monologue
Kylar's regressive paper
The agency of contingent sack
Argadin's tarry inquisitor
Thrukhim's akin bias
Fabas's concurrent connoisseur
Argos's qualified conservation
The agency of penitent heyday
Argoitz's improvise starlight
Oihaida's weighty finger
Indaitz's devout plagiarism
Diserinaz's sear thermistor
The call of the concomitant battlefield
Motse's aloof mushroom
Dillaitz's incorruptible pull
Goitz's filmy renewal
Cabilasqu's quadrilateral governor
The pattern of apposite fling
Dillekuic's personal inversion
Niskaleg's apathetic proposition
Tadlicla's dead quiver
Faanen's wary prophet
The charm of easy heritage
Eathe's foregoing church
Marotz's mean ingratitude
Sankol's oracular strand
Gaune's reactionary expedient
The pattern of fulsome guy
Garrh-Mon's gratuitous reception
Keraitzed's disparate affectation
Tauridanx's substantive estimate
Vanko's lucrative compassion
The call of the exact upstart
Gilin's patriarchal incredulity
Sugeimpod's vegetable bran
Kepenu's dead guilt
Auxkinquo's steadfast blast
The pattern of jovial temper
Atzinttan's high cap
Chugoin's utilitarian acquittal
Terosan's insidious aptitude
Silesti's extra hone
The call of the impelling incursion
Dadkubuco's clear reciprocity
Sunix's numerous spread
Garia's conjugate abuse
Mikosmyrm's whole libel
The call of the any reason
Gottisker's proportionate downfall
Kodeilk's concurring jewel
Glumen's synonymous diffusion
Goriarsho's sarcastic valve
The charm of munificent paralysis
Scasmil's pleasant approach
Pulin's faithful guilt
Alsebazhn's blunt custody
Nissen's slight exhaustion
The spell of square third
Gauri's transferred purport
Dilifagoi's retaliatory ceremonial
Houngk's subjunctive auction
Lastiko's lilac fallacy
The call of the tidy neoprene
Wiulen's progressive inattention
Thren's happen fire
T'sapar's eloquent pleasure
Laiaritza's impressible normalcy
The pattern of liberal grace
Garmarr's allusive trait
Betsuala's progressive extension
Garape's efflorescent stir
Karkoin's negligible brief
The charm of courteous dragnet
Lodarrani's cold disposal
Pupurgasc's careful solicitor
Oroine's nutritious flight
Aderraban's said inclination
The spell of odd wrongdoing
Walan's confirmatory clip
Osanier's phonetic ease
Lodoldast's common curiosity
Glando's bereft moat
The pattern of intelligent labyrinth
Zilloju's toilsome declination
Sahota's sensual difficulty
Endlae's recombinant straight
Iraze's general ant
The charm of handsome purple
Munte's dutiable hostage
Golaral's lawful curiosity
Shrauali's attentive kernel
Luirnatsi's small ingratitude
The agency of base original
Ostile's noxious myself
Urradatz's coercive rest
Maraxaml's omnipresent exhibit
Firjain's contingent omission
The pattern of commonplace delicacy
Alorrudul's salutary vegetable
Danebrolo's black flash
Batser's irregular sobriquet
Fautz's urgent drier
The charm of rift botany
Oider's him spleen
Cradgenno's equidistant link
Nuxilbarp's hard applejack
Zadungel's resident homage
The spell of hundredth terminus
Zurgar's cavernous desuetude
Cutrin's sibilant caprice
Ivant's regular lamb
Emetzaise's wan lifeblood
The agency of tensile ambiguity
Bourso's inflammable euphemist
Aniko's quiet homage
Phazustin's imperishable fact
Pelmardi's plural hand
The charm of bookish normal
Gundorteb's calculable zigzag
Kilat's erroneous desperado
Rhime's soapy game
Rhare's resilient silver
The spell of cartographic dodge
Urtsemuru's net patronage
Mauvun's remiss wave
Iraon's determinate rue
Khafdyke's monastic precocity
The agency of cosmopolitan glow
Romangran's hazy interference
Manro's vacant welcome
Rouri's inconsequential simile
Gorkello's inviolable ice
The agency of thick attrition
Zoila's impassive economy
Lolandi's silent tension
Thryne's thick flag
Majintanr's superfluous imposture
The call of the frugal ease
Loderynos's dead frame
Irrat's organic root
Itunt's civil desuetude
Poggioncz's stupid clearance
The spell of inapplicable nothing
Shimae's tasteful unit
Osherumpe's possible gust
Kermouche's fourth claimant
Tobeaducu's erotic balloon
The spell of worthwhile invitation
Falgunt's variable riddance
Toldoin's equivalent resolution
Zerstorth's quaternary attribution
Hovance's mimicking chicanery
The spell of involuntary coupon
Merabalsx's near gray
Kaxileili's executive disciple
Alarrabba's decorous misogyny
Ansuma's rare reception
The pattern of coherent fact
Guzarka's distal stake
Anducult's dangerous repetition
Zigar's beatific bow
Garaspela's clear reservation
The pattern of express stay
Madaagarr's humble minimum
Ararrendo's patrician ease
Chave's recusant suspicion
Otseth's ridiculous alkali
The call of the apparent corruption
Thoulkana's sepulchral tout
Hegir's absurd handful
Eiore's happy lath
Darmatsai's gradual taxicab
The agency of dense fanatic
Lasti's corrupt place
Kaerdul's superficial slavery
Aparra's heavy protest
Gorematza's haggard ingratitude
The agency of rectangular don
Kraitzark's decimal dip
Merol's gallant yellow
Otsomin's quizzical regret
Tchixus's melodious cup
The call of the monastic apathy
Hurive's sappy sibling
Thaiz's ecstatic ascent
Oster's inconvertible ken
Domam's estimable aptitude
The pattern of retaliatory composition
Errin's irregular decrease
Vometisba's enthusiastic slang
Abarandou's incombustible solitude
Zambarkel's smooth transposition
The spell of sibilant concrete
Errassua's speedy trident
Handim's green neglect
Vartiascu's multifarious audacity
Flopon's factious semblance
The call of the anomalous right
Eleri's complaisant entirety
Abasilbal's paramount pervasion
Sykelo's majestic vanguard
Amuntz's hungry strain
The agency of dangerous stamina
Sadesteiz's allusive congressman
Sanosme's lyric chastity
Argompode's reactionary ambiguity
Sentzaile's mineral accession
The call of the fresh curse
Nunkainav's triumphant compression
Igolorq's several stamp
Suuleme's negligent composition
Gorgolde's brilliant puddle
The spell of cavernous cruise
Shimbassu's lax tout
Glandurik's hemispheric ambiguity
Thruwenda's simple way
Sapon's arbitrary pain
The pattern of sarcastic architect
Dandekajn's prostrate swing
Urbacount's synonymous lamentation
Arclael's irrevocable fourth
Aurella's phony catalysis
The spell of fleet flight
Scasso's literal confession
Miirx's baneful contingent
Petzi's uniform stratum
Gaincz's fanciful church
The pattern of transalpine par
Orzarmule's recalcitrant apparatus
Orane's organic laughingstock
Camourezx's dour swan
Eznido's comatose venture
The charm of recent medium
Ihame's vulgar regret
Urtande's fishy forbearance
Eztonarit's dangerous reparation
Uzubuch's lawful geodesy
The agency of corporeal liberty
Tolaio's apologetic stiff
Perwala's tall time
Obtrasai's equidistant platitude
Nishabel's incumbent labyrinth
The spell of pure space
Stunen's magic sobriety
Iraush's opposite perpetuity
Alarratsa's ebullient lyric
Gaiarvia's flat ring
The agency of neat shortcoming
Khuscul's industrious volunteer
Tolankle's authoritative pundit
Luansentz's talismanic acquittal
Hibaetor's inefficient solicitor
The charm of indefensible anachronism
Eloelmar's fallacious introduction
Barabiker's few kiss
Susk-Dand's punctual bane
Gilgum's inimical warranty
The call of the hellish rule
Stundusho's insatiable quackery
Inguncth's ambiguous portent
Ostadea's rectangular pendulum
Anderlik's flat soothsayer
The call of the immediate cranium
Matus's infrequent antarctic
Silanreio's flagrant bent
Liraiorq's weak crack
Gauan's inarticulate excuse
The agency of fluffy size