500 Random Spells for the Dying Earth

In Jack Vance's classic Tales of the Dying Earth, the nomenclature for the magical spells seems curiously archaic. Xarfaggio's Physical Malepsy ... Arnhoult's Sequestrious Digitalia ... The Spell of Forlorn Encystment ... Khulip's Nasal Enhancement ... The spell names occasionally evoke a decadent arcane humor. The Excellent Prismatic Spray ... Phandaal's Critique of the Chill ... Below, you will find 500 spell names of aleatoric provenance, which after careful redaction may be suitable for use in the wonderful The Dying Earth(*) Role-Playing Game.

Do you have any comments about this program? I'm aware of the problems with the adjective/noun database, but it is too large to correct either all at once or as I notice inappropriate items. I'll tweak it gradually over the next few years ...

Oh! I should add that the spell generator was inspired by a long-lost program written by my friends John Marron and Les Hill. Furthermore, I have to thank John for showing me that, if you are interested in exotic worlds and well-crafted sentences, there's always more and more to like in the work of Jack Vance.

There are other name generators on the Name Generation Page.

(*) "The Dying Earth" is a trademark of Pelgrane Press Ltd. It is used here without permission.

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Canosatzo's flaky coupon
Cyredea's undying piety
Pannon's exact film
Bliorna's flat symmetry
The charm of anterior countenance
Baina's heavy bias
Dilkon's weighty loin
Eskel's stern obstinacy
Permoudi's irksome dimension
The pattern of indefinite experience
Keparano's feudal speed
Borkolipp's ghastly lark
Andet's recusant show
Golaniks's bright homogeneity
The pattern of misty gusto
Zabander's biblical strife
Zilkajnu's inelastic pyrometer
Randergid's liable exponent
Gastar's steadfast serum
The agency of eccentric prototype
Meritz's counterfeit desuetude
Barkel's phonic speckle
Bautiz's genteel island
Edurra's satisfactory channel
The agency of carnal habitat
Dulstidet's culpable return
Sferrin's auxiliary shove
Atzirraim's vague accession
Marandike's compliant film
The charm of crystalline occupation
Jaier's cold intrusion
Blaztande's conservative mettle
Unarapurt's stationary exclusion
Cabeno's freehold fancy
The spell of intolerant variety
Gardin's sour nihilist
Thryno's chromatic admission
Urdurix's virtuous increment
Atzile's prompt everybody
The pattern of some find
Kanitze's volcanic jaundice
Zafer's beneficial concrete
Maran's wild penalty
Pandi's peaceable tactician
The charm of ministerial note
Alamamban's lost composition
Majnurin's molecular set
Eneraidon's stanch constraint
Igoin's inharmonious product
The spell of extinct incest
T'sat's vaporous bench
Ihazed's mineral shortcoming
Pethra's focal grocer
Sankorkin's windy comedian
The charm of acerbic event
Barleiz's shameful liqueur
Majael's rapid withdrawal
Hartz's other plunder
Obtia's passionate clip
The spell of impervious speck
Urdonaran's guilty note
Goroloju's speedy contrast
Dilisello's compatible disc
Garin's vacant second
The agency of pastoral archangel
Raitzi's irrational tremor
Argarro's dull energy
Suudobela's odd suspense
Gaitz's voodoo bedrock
The call of the few conveyance
Bakin's inconsistent philosopher
Khazi's egregious thief
Huruwe's perceptible destiny
Pompe's centrifugal chastity
The pattern of lamellar report
Yaalghun's remediable denudation
Lelarabas's descriptive cloud
Derletafe's volatile sea
Beres's neat organ
The call of the civil ingratitude
Lehen's salutary atrophy
Silart's contrary ointment
Deodo's integral fine
Chanixuli's windy burden
The call of the transferred static
Datzen's resilient perspiration
Az-Khugel's single notion
Krenda's incontestable dingy
Fiarfag's grotesque mica
The agency of equidistant anxiety
Erriar's essential neurosis
Perbil's medial fire
Korgi's ineradicable data
Zambezzar's regressive kink
The spell of soft betrayer
Zabizke's various mind
Shenon's conjugate valve
Mazzibart's modal handful
Gotzibart's rough breath
The agency of double tyranny
Alaste's rectilinear price
Osaso's organic church
Errh-Mode's congenital sobriety
Ihazhni's morbid pageant
The agency of elegant preservation
Solamo's exculpatory key
Gamirardo's tantamount eardrum
Dualfox's newborn hand
Estesanel's congratulatory somebody
The agency of jovial dexter
Carejider's lopsided flounce
Irait's tardy newcomer
Leizkin's loose sap
Hacol's defiant phantom
The spell of vacant sneak
Ongolarli's moribund ad
Scaa-Yimi's congratulatory wisdom
Ubetal's sensible antarctic
Delgra's medial entirety
The pattern of sacrosanct psaltery
Sotzedeli's open dip
Thodariks's racy variety
Merralte's recombinant grace
Musco's linear levity
The call of the sad method
Mazil's impassable gnarl
Maiacoulk's supernatant irony
Azoro's desultory care
Unaunio's unique resignation
The pattern of serviceable nomenclature
Cosmyruwe's covetous triumph
Pasko's gratuitous utilitarian
Ilviu's motley sauce
Bradagmus's reluctant burlap
The agency of single pun
Pannalar's mediocre demon
Loritz's fragile chameleon
Amenend's rough temper
Buskoi's with ridicule
The pattern of mercenary bounce
Adardilin's frostbitten bureau
Selmarapa's innate consumption
Panelle's new plan
Nisserook's sarcastic compromise
The charm of loath disturbance
Oingaig's progressive inadequacy
Bario's complex force
Boraant's futile misogynist
Merasko's quadrilateral gratitude
The pattern of tenth nook
Lukensifa's deleterious shake
Deoun's straightforward plummet
Izotza's tantamount shake
Zerliar's pert physiognomy
The call of the despicable ascription
Morredrab's squat comprehension
Porko's fiendish coach
Yoderin's everyday solace
Suntishal's fiendish addition
The agency of lax contempt
La-Errola's secondary diffusion
Abedoi's nominal country
Thruin's level respite
Vantering's dynastic ado
The agency of retrograde burlesque
Ixiar's buoyant string
Gaxende's dry dough
Teobalipi's numeral tongue
Urtzarbae's duplex mackerel
The pattern of dying bigotry
Billan's porous incapacity
Sotto's controversial taste
Rompo's acerbic land
Puirru's solemn spell
The spell of conclusive scarf
Anderr's equine gusto
Camane's exterior tenacity
Valferido's stray grace
Cham-Ford's licentious preparation
The spell of sensible instinct
Blarrilbi's nominal allowance
Jaitz's chivalrous eyesore
Bergidain's sweet shortcoming
Domikelip's infelicitous exhaustion
The pattern of repulsive light
Goitzi's blind prime
Sapuruwe's country exile
Parivve's inalienable memory
Skarth's dreamy tinkle
The charm of meritorious flour
Xzance's tolerable consent
Zingoin's playful god
Domin's fine synopsis
Porka's communique supply
The spell of naked custody
Ferrailin's sagacious ceremonial
Bartus's combustible way
Scaulia's mournful endurance
Tolorin's false partition
The spell of deleterious right
Anittanxf's regressive rostrum
Ibasko's scurrilous retrogression
Lehundi's immaterial fluid
Bakinaxi's adolescent self
The agency of impious envy
Sabbastar's allusive aspirate
Haxel's watery manuscript
Etanon's imperceptible laughingstock
Gillartu's organic stalactite
The spell of azure law
Kaucodolw's fluorescent boredom
Gazilin's putative inhibition
Radeso's dim compact
Shrabirja's fair quirk
The agency of consistent filibuster
Almankwil's aromatic prohibition
Sotto's natural magnet
Perlian's pastoral counterbalance
Andit's inexpensive earwig
The spell of inventive sphere
Sadcoul's tolerant cartilage
Zuzes's fastidious composure
Gogoth's oval boredom
Jakkel's congratulatory imposition
The agency of converse ordinance
Rhaiduri's juicy contravention
Erberlarr's opalescent desire
Gauvunilg's harsh treasure
Paurti's propelling bracket
The pattern of rotary idea
Mikuick's dark project
Azenexano's respectful canvas
Juaxt's fireproof infinity
Onberl's safe verbosity
The charm of adverse front
Lugwilatz's superficial aversion
Bendaanos's cold charity
Chentse's naval strike
Javnasso's innocuous flood
The spell of neap steward
Suudivery's dialectic jewel
Dombetias's thick proctor
Mauculche's current break
Handona's colloquial peace
The agency of illegal lamentation
Keparizai's cut massage
Turen's plural dot
Chaled's bilateral sphere
Jaitz's immoral lucre
The agency of misanthropic cataract
Eguen's triangular anathema
Arnax's exceptional heft
Mikubuce's improper spleen
Varkelman's rubicund vicinity
The spell of doctrinal strain
Gaito's glutinous relic
Phartz's rigid swamp
Bizkinava's wondrous newspaper
Camaze's prurient honesty
The call of the agreed ruffian
Erlicaa-Y's future wax
Tch-Mango's genteel shame
Hacol's inconsiderate telekinesis
Faleng's astringent dyad
The spell of ribald growth
Bourja's trot hostage
Lasprin's aching proof
Zabanifet's odd vein
Motiketzi's secular haste
The spell of tripartite pessimist
Maurambe's perennial clearance
Saguze's embryonic medallion
Nistat's serial posture
Melick's transitory raft
The agency of derogatory comprehension
Julande's ascetic acquittal
Passin's ebullient solution
Mazzi's proportionate meteorite
Faleg's incorporate outlawry
The pattern of gibbous daub
Arrabarra's brown rhyme
Deodnitzi's asleep antipodes
Melarkozt's graceful tact
Matazilem's native interpretation
The charm of artificial removal
Padge's secular optimism
G'Varaze's virtuous tooth
Haierwal's diacritical easel
Threjidel's green anthology
The call of the right project
Ortano's scriptural temper
Lauch's direct adieu
Bazhnare's controvertible scale
Beriantor's since hindrance
The charm of free bear
Mupurshia's ocular bodyguard
Sasaitzai's hypnotic spell
Amedeko's volatile ritual
Zumarbant's orthodox deliverance
The call of the widespread generosity
Susior's tactile beggary
Charnarth's dormant estimate
Uhiresing's poetic wreath
Baltisteb's lost fusillade
The agency of prostrate parvenu
Palfin's incorrect maintenance
Lehulko's ineffectual position
Erraita's halcyon preparation
Argaskaju's apocryphal audition
The charm of domestic peace
Permano's contingent cryptography
Urtze's ceramic rubric
Twile's excessive colony
Ostun's venal tuition
The charm of dominant front
Porolan's brisk exchange
Delasmenb's nice lummox
Wearmer's adverse tenderfoot
Stustecil's filthy lac
The spell of embryonic rime
Alsilkor's subservient onlooker
Egusz's preeminent conception
Gezza's nuptial seraphim
Perdi's dietetic lull
The call of the vast leakage
Zuhaurtso's combinatorial governor
Majnunton's secondhand omission
Vandrofo's mean principle
Yausilkod's quick ceremony
The call of the many budget
Luzain's remediable cuckoo
Artandol's deep definition
Lel-Pansi's modal ostrich
Zhiantz's discordant import
The charm of inclement petroleum
Egoilitza's compact obduracy
Zornide's immiscible anathema
Shareilif's cortical arrow
Zando's prime fanatic
The call of the rude Siberia
Padhruzki's false verbiage
Lizor's potable architecture
Barcaa's present repeal
Krabire's combustible serpent
The agency of asymptotic nation
Santishmi's quaternary pull
Herangela's aquatic stock
Gartzin's tipsy buyer
Mirosti's gummy bronchus
The pattern of personal sobriety
Dulia's parallel harvest
Arginge's official analogy
Saspalu's humble screw
Zuhambel's cold votary
The call of the freehold tyrant
Psyrmo's proportionate bias
Iztotzon's apparent worthy
Fradco's triune freedom
Blarejink's mad preservation
The charm of tonic beauty
Caredenra's lucid threat
Illisler's elegant pun
Erber's concentric treasury
Ixiderda-'s mournful diameter
The pattern of immaterial ambiguity
Ugumentia's impious advance
Jokharrad's ophthalmic conference
Gauresm's accessory goddess
Qualeyevo's transferred essay
The agency of foul intemperance
Faango's absurd gold
Zador's prudent book
Olennexi's prior mystery
Obelinaxe's stupid impropriety
The agency of plastic import
Kanun's synergistic pillar
Imprin's sarcastic contagion
Garroon's infelicitous bounty
Laure's abusive sweat
The call of the visual homage
Garran's cursory guile
Betid's punitive euphemist
Andorrh-M's desirous simplicity
Bidoun's prerequisite ontogeny
The pattern of monetary protest
Zerga's rectangular diamond
Tibas's restful mediocrity
Bameko's absolute intervention
Ixako's medial gust
The charm of monkish pill
Miagna's fecund obstinacy
Arsai's sunk vinegar
Sasbernal's needful estimate
Gizko's venerable tenderfoot
The charm of invisible expedient
Ishaitz's monastic household
Kevodz's green shove
Arottles's acetic cupidity
Che-Maune's solemn parody
The call of the ruinous seraglio
Adam-Zuza's triple seduction
Ubarle's inconsistent scrabble
Smole's farsighted ramrod
Berkosan's rapid stalactite
The charm of hollow dingy
Sanidambe's cellular curse
Dibaucoul's floating hold
Golguze's lethargic sleep
Pomeroldr's irreconcilable muslin
The call of the calm statute
Illopoul's repentant protest
Lasapen's dexter pull
Sudim's vitreous candidacy
Panarrang's lax force
The pattern of premonitory lip
Sesiniles's porous satisfaction
Gilforian's over antagonist
Faa-Yimil's quadratic lifeblood
Obeza's aliquot icebox
The call of the cool impression
Sabelixe's sad trade
Alariker's mindful vow
Ethra's starch spell
Girasileo's prostrate rack
The charm of straightforward tribunal
Uguen's inseparable sapphire
Aurud's sound foe
Damenseri's formal anachronism
Pharaun's parochial unit
The pattern of incoherent opponent
Ruixon's radiant drone
Zahio's noxious parvenu
Baing's asunder bilge
Morshoth's mettlesome oil
The call of the radiant tint
Tolain's astray difficulty
Phoitt's halcyon preference
Xalaiersi's intrinsic sway
Fauru's credulous scholastic
The call of the fulsome nostalgia
Zerin's well pretense
Gogoi's monotonous slavery
Gaunei's watery life
Lehid's cereal impropriety
The call of the gruff work
Um-Ortu's gross doubt
Goleil's monkish throb
Majune's personal slit
Lehodo's straightforward wedlock
The charm of happen failure
Tintinte's gallant ultimatum
Ibonatzea's incommunicable carriage
Xartz's ostensible medallion
Iratz's preponderant keep
The spell of cool complexion
Derle's affable extrusion
Errin's true spite
Groulkait's inverse grantee
Iboliskon's quadripartite van
The charm of offensive dismissal
Mazke's raw worry
Ederga's peripatetic collapse
Yasanid's propitious rationale
Shrendal's single extension
The spell of wide dissension
Vasun's bellicose edition
Leimei's supposable mimeograph
Isugwilen's mad chorus
Chunt's sober fluid
The pattern of liable protest
Ubegi's burdensome habitat
Rhiandi's vernal property
Jautze's prolix reception
Fraimi's exhaustive offset
The agency of inactive animosity
Thoda's voracious attitude
Simperion's insensible professor
Sankol's welcome charity
Beradhrab's precedent harm
The spell of fatty fast
Asterosti's open tenderfoot
Tiffig's offensive whim
Jurgar's racy sept
Meroitzea's hemispheric humility
The agency of spongy mountain
Obeln's incalculable wit
Pomone's tangible urgency
Soldona's acrimonious blast
Gaith's acrid dove
The charm of virile divorcee
Ortzortal's allied produce
Oraper's loathsome urchin
Simendar's double basso
Teunt's vernacular interest
The agency of secular stamina
Sandendas's false razor
Shilingo's useful touch
Chakiven's suicidal oneself
Andar's condemnatory third
The call of the inflammable wax