500 Random Spells for the Dying Earth

In Jack Vance's classic Tales of the Dying Earth, the nomenclature for the magical spells seems curiously archaic. Xarfaggio's Physical Malepsy ... Arnhoult's Sequestrious Digitalia ... The Spell of Forlorn Encystment ... Khulip's Nasal Enhancement ... The spell names occasionally evoke a decadent arcane humor. The Excellent Prismatic Spray ... Phandaal's Critique of the Chill ... Below, you will find 500 spell names of aleatoric provenance, which after careful redaction may be suitable for use in the wonderful The Dying Earth(*) Role-Playing Game.

Do you have any comments about this program? I'm aware of the problems with the adjective/noun database, but it is too large to correct either all at once or as I notice inappropriate items. I'll tweak it gradually over the next few years ...

Oh! I should add that the spell generator was inspired by a long-lost program written by my friends John Marron and Les Hill. Furthermore, I have to thank John for showing me that, if you are interested in exotic worlds and well-crafted sentences, there's always more and more to like in the work of Jack Vance.

There are other name generators on the Name Generation Page.

(*) "The Dying Earth" is a trademark of Pelgrane Press Ltd. It is used here without permission.

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Huran's irreverent strength
Ivane's spurious denunciation
Kolameile's mysterious circuit
Ruick's normal atrophy
The agency of substantial deliverance
Shaier's fresh interest
Phalarila's impressive kirk
Pettiske's bashful stalactite
Sanerwe's low patron
The agency of tasty residue
Dartz's beginning interdict
Oskeruqua's near aftermath
Gaule's pure reserve
Aston's sundry push
The spell of verbal transient
Heritor's orderly scale
Majnu's asymptotic whiff
Vomannio's blunt winter
Llore's inoffensive loquacity
The pattern of melodramatic fare
Falsx's cleft architect
Scastergi's petulant integral
Birnautra's home run
Sandimatz's sluggish stew
The call of the poetic mulatto
Telai-Par's rotary egotism
Merri's slick frustum
Batsoment's anhydrous brown
Phoundave's inaccurate punch
The pattern of velvety racket
Percher's opposite pull
Rodertsif's oral conquest
Astig's vacant run
Naharreim's aforesaid note
The pattern of future comb
Yadlensel's dull thoroughbred
Zoilbando's liable escape
Kazibain's barren relief
Zangele's racy rose
The agency of reactionary seduction
Diski's circumstantial twilight
Khunorost's quiet rib
Soingarti's predominant coinage
Zahallazk's innumerable conveyance
The charm of mercenary interregnum
Miraale's emitted invitation
Guyaled's sore pull
Drooki's modest crucible
Diler's pastoral leeway
The charm of sober discovery
Ansajide's persuasive atrophy
Dilis's outrageous health
Vasterazh's fair iris
Lehiarral's imperfect rector
The charm of gracious placenta
Zornu's ordinary occultation
Naber's irregular flourish
Pryff's redundant arrow
Xalia's balky offer
The pattern of small trespass
Majaetzu's compelling lead
Rorientsa's residual fan
Barrutze's discordant magic
Lapen's some pith
The agency of impressive duty
Petrart's nervous discussion
Sandan's severe course
Skajunif's agricultural content
Andount's provisional relaxation
The spell of numeral desuetude
Edurut's doctrinal god
Haier's vesicular spirit
Xzain's positive contribution
Arvoren's single gradient
The agency of necessary playwright
Jokic's inconsistent glory
Scaskitz's frigid synonym
Jualdol's stellar conduit
Cugwikala's incorrigible jealousy
The pattern of legitimate hurricane
Iolix's marital cloud
Kergo's slippery starlight
Rante's dual supposition
Ihaldi's calm rise
The agency of wary peninsula
Krilar's barbaric serpent
Garan's commensurate avowal
Anastebar's triangular chance
Lehoroni's absurd acid
The pattern of corrigible interpretation
Fesoki's impure burst
Auxilen's due body
Harazibau's deleterious precursor
Pulero's irreverent pit
The agency of luxuriant obduracy
Wearru's exclusive fop
Dilixuled's remote nihilism
Milarrab's gorgeous minimum
Varrandro's glacial deliverance
The spell of inextricable pliers
Zadurix's prohibitive toil
Tadalfer's pensive acrimony
Berentzan's soluble expenditure
Tobenomin's kindred sole
The spell of premonitory despite
Bubego's tangible archipelago
Munensko's talkative streak
Scasbervo's confident opus
Herad's prosperous clairvoyant
The call of the bygone pessimist
Gnarka's flimsy benefit
Dibaneldo's soapy grace
Arsatiza's connotative ambush
Harapur's unanimous band
The call of the cognitive earthenware
Inarraz's shiny historian
Khunil's sarcastic screen
Antso's soft transposition
Semun's bald sage
The spell of sage obduracy
Motta's bluff candlelight
Agelcharm's equatorial care
Clizelama's muddy data
Liraize's sloppy bias
The charm of lumbar appeal
Sabikelam's improbable declamation
Duldeno's sheer rhetorician
Feladerus's contagious betrayer
Chanck's convalescent burlap
The pattern of mute intricacy
Eguirclae's evergreen preservation
Datzio's high suggestion
Domaun's normal antic
Ingolerda's mineral traffic
The call of the foursquare rape
Urrostert's preeminent deletion
Matigaiam's territorial bounty
Inken's repellent pirate
Sferuwe's ternary reversion
The charm of happy pet
Cazki's labial receipt
Kiraun's expectant modesty
Lehutritt's stringent fog
Horinel's liquid tenderfoot
The agency of stray beer
Buber's symbolic homogeneity
Blande's livid syllabus
Kergi's manifest fit
Lelghunda's hazardous usurpation
The pattern of cunning fireplace
Almazil's spiritual occultation
Izmier's devout blank
Bazel's uproarious pain
Artze's changeable deodorant
The charm of necessary contravention
Ruberin's definite smoke
Lugwileme's antipodean motion
Dhaztor's diluent aura
Zardilist's useful tenacity
The agency of episcopal approach
Tchio's impressible but
Gambar's crucial bar
Enarts's imperative buffoon
Alatzin's contagious hope
The charm of rectangular condition
Ekajanre's yon sympathy
Lihendasb's liberal cit
Andarraza's ruinous intuition
Gomolop's set manumission
The spell of mundane look
Hibartsan's actual radiography
Varbermol's peaceful absence
Senerrutz's secular superfluity
Gauntun's tuneful forfeiture
The spell of duplex essence
Huritz's incomplete exclusion
Auxkicask's corporeal endurance
Antzes's transferred crook
Gilar's buoyant forbearance
The charm of sylvan relaxation
Wiskol's contradictory breath
Sansensim's hideous clearance
Vomeam's irregular perpetuity
Voynetze's unanimous debauch
The spell of coward slit
Errinkel's valid magazine
Aresepaha's exceptional doodle
Zilerghug's lax balsam
Maring's contingent judge
The spell of permanent pressure
Gaulich-A's extravagant safeguard
Kodeizen's elaborate scruple
Cuixilk's indefensible libel
Vombaeti's obsolete collapse
The call of the different proof
Vasaspri's intimate usurer
Inderle's retroactive horseplay
Prabil's penitent grimace
Enaur's stringent inspiration
The agency of ritual position
Assaju's perennial still
Kisti's sepulchral progression
Juruquir's rank compromise
Pagin's firm race
The spell of requisite oratory
Blanexa's upright assumption
Matvirnur's forward size
Albaus's safe cloud
Iorpen's auspicious usurer
The call of the secondary Babel
Baulko's passive metaphor
Dissilbar's incorrigible placenta
Argin's triumphant minimum
Onband's prodigal intention
The spell of venomous miracle
Sabiranct's perennial advent
Sabel's impulsive strike
Aitzoth's immaterial collateral
Cuingoiza's essential check
The call of the fluent retribution
Sudoonsk's refractory stewardess
La-Hra's solid similitude
Drosu's indifferent sponge
Edoitzede's punctual admiration
The call of the calm clinch
Arabarter's individual millstone
Baurgolat's owing peel
Totzara's hypnotic exclusion
Temberyno's maudlin surrender
The charm of communique catcall
Bazibare's husky coffin
Tinonauar's intolerant point
Ilvin's equatorial hieroglyphic
Cuint's tentative exposure
The spell of sorry wail
Osheralde's near hush
Goggirauc's spiritual cataract
Bednin's permissible nil
Rhabtra's fractious chance
The call of the happen census
Turuko's braggart coquette
Vulen's many demon
Handuruso's his oblivion
Clisko's smutty simplicity
The agency of providential drop
Ezrellart's neap reversion
Ivanko's random chart
Seshianti's bucolic deposit
Pagaiente's fulsome notary
The call of the runaway ridicule
Zaflarram's several critic
Bourgosu's alien minimum
Nisbab's retroactive geometer
Huskoz's incredulous glucose
The charm of green ideal
Huredenul's concomitant sand
Edurusk-K's devilish design
Clitz's corporeal speech
Azenduria's punctual minimum
The agency of accessory condescension
Ivando's lush feature
Hegidandi's quizzical rhyme
Selamir's contingent profundity
Sardon's infamous sweetheart
The call of the quiet acquisition
Ostuleko's sanguine breed
Izter's dominant boredom
Mazdarra's congener introduction
Harkain's centrifugal tilt
The spell of inaugural corruption
Orber's regulatory transfer
Tifagoi's inelastic plagiarism
Zerre's few javelin
Kimil's whence tribe
The pattern of fearful pornography
Blancthou's resilient moon
Laste's fortuitous vanity
Bazedefox's stray tribe
Maularsan's affirmative hour
The pattern of vivid retrogression
Thaxe's genial borderland
Maita's strong dummy
Bedrol's passionate repulsion
Birre's pure writ
The call of the regressive proscription
Aladio's umbilical lubricity
Luzaiar's rear syzygy
Sanen's fireproof symmetry
Ihaincx's exhaustive spell
The call of the free florist
Erapalun's few venison
Deoin's faithful patent
Vasko's future ingratitude
Scaa-Hrau's her envy
The charm of subservient harmony
Kangumari's volatile precession
Daiancz's beauteous servitude
Perin's healthy diction
Porix's knotty five
The agency of congenial injury
Kilaorphi's public mainland
Garcaa-Er's gawky omission
Niski's spontaneous Buddhist
Jingor's literal credit
The charm of equal nominee
Undes's shaky cataract
Urrio's low remorse
Menber's crusty sprain
Bikur's supernatant suspense
The spell of he ice
Anauth's level vegetable
Jakar's oily hiss
Zuzel's pretentious accession
Artilfinc's definite barbarism
The call of the monastic daub
Farda-Yim's dangerous cabal
Toraizkal's fair paragraph
Adartzi's emitting cyclist
Lehuldre's rough tobacco
The spell of proven period
Opincel's reactionary stay
Haxelme's weak push
Zamusatus's rank family
Artlen's familiar tablet
The call of the prevalent contrast
Esk-Dar's rufous franchise
Luzpahili's lenient admission
Erriga's sullen calumny
Gordo's systematic pit
The call of the reciprocal exhibition
Passomatt's reverent wattle
Koyne's recondite dab
Melan's coarse generosity
Maulio's flexible decision
The charm of recipient fauna
Perumark's vertebral classification
Sahiori's individual hap
Shuncz's prodigal empire
Kandeime's telescopic brevity
The spell of blind breach
Ivandikaf's swollen bought
Arisea's choral muff
Fir-Shad's neap limbo
Betzori's prefatory ice
The agency of guilty pull
Luick's permanent precession
Udares's shrunk brine
Erwilfoxe's earnest speech
Torkounol's censorious van
The agency of tart front
Kimel's sonorous lunatic
Deobermaz's austere manumission
Baint's inapplicable chief
Vexetz's angry hate
The agency of recondite coupon
Deutto's insipid malaria
Sykela's indifferent drainage
Modela's light resolution
Yadaltz's tepid shortcoming
The pattern of waxy refusal
Saldirati's fraternal transgression
Miana's inconvertible haul
Lauvun's previous stowaway
Fraitzi's propitious clothesline
The charm of fissile presence
G'Vantere's lost morass
Azibalade's vacant cause
Jurementz's indifferent invention
Thourghun's several hole
The pattern of frail dusk
Nahitzend's primeval fit
Thoram's difficult exemption
Tauvuntza's dark fast
Berko's dependent welcome
The spell of beneficial comfort
Berdint's punitive noise
Domauculc's succinct homogeneity
Ospierema's strong mediocrity
Aritz's intricate society
The agency of broad lapse
Gladeryne's fugitive prey
Miira's dry zoology
Dhoit's opalescent magnitude
Osasbe's vengeful exile
The charm of plausible unity
Aberuar's variable mummy
Lautzi's forgotten paralysis
Egutratig's paramount presence
Aztebro's recombinant canal
The charm of ambrosial finance
Josumer's modest film
Cartunes's mercenary paraphrase
Suudol's disparate locution
Krapuruze's acoustic evil
The call of the farcical effluvium
Rlyssajan's mute style
Lasbalai's woody synod
Santz's stubborn memorandum
Argarch's inflammable carbuncle
The agency of terminal homage
Pupoule's free swamp
Tiffwyd's recusant compromise
Izmin's indigenous waste
Girad's immeasurable invention
The call of the isothermal hatchet
Illunka's illegal fire
Almere's consonant crown
Ostuska's phonetic beat
Blunth's ancillary auditory
The pattern of odd ace
Ihiark's shy hole
Inaizi's nocturnal judge
Grofo's short quaver
Danoler's detergent bedtime
The spell of apposite thread
Sanklend's insecure warranty
Azuesion's fallacious worthy
Bober's leaden semblance
Golarnix's excessive inattention
The charm of tripartite episode
Cutzolgar's elegant port
Inavermol's fourfold iniquity
Kematz's scurrilous depression
Ibaralusk's respectful flame
The pattern of complacent amateur
G'Vassand's indefensible staple
Zuixiling's ascetic simplicity
Bergostat's recriminatory condition
Xarral's secure prime
The agency of infelicitous paradox
Prame's irreparable shako
Borin's pensive error
Corederri's irregular temperance
Saldo's authoritative size
The agency of indefinite showman
Aitarkals's concave honeymoon
Thrutch-M's current prostitution
Ivants's negligent symmetry
Dibarent's vicarious contradistinction
The agency of close metaphor
Telde's alternate nature
Urdarizan's partial carbuncle
Urtanthru's ancient iconoclast
Magar's endemic anachronism
The charm of hurt aspersion
Gartzeles's impressive symmetry
Vasiffwyd's formal show
Dadhryne's financial quaver
Bik-Khuge's auspicious credit
The agency of defiant touch
Onbar's scenic mass
Thryno's future champion
Manne's open cartilage
Kratze's terminal prologue
The call of the rift cataract
Yaspa's double care
Berdamea's voodoo sycophant
Murud's rum firework
Alerter's gone granite
The agency of hostile scowl
Gartsus's indispensable straight
Hodaid's bizarre interdict
Onbedefon's fragmentary analogy
Cyrueko's toilsome liniment
The call of the airy stamina
Gabel's coincide alliance
Pasti's humane guidance
Medoa's admitted eclipse
Leheroona's textural sophistry
The pattern of ardent honesty
Olersanxi's free figure
Dominguir's rampant fold
Urtulkoi's low sphere
Inaxe's rampant reptile
The pattern of superstitious screw
Igola's delectable loon
Martleno's migratory nod
Andin's guardian measure
Merdor's allusive female
The charm of sensual collector
Kilio's content collector
Johug's various outlawry
T'saniko's congratulatory phenomenon
Senork's apocryphal octoroon
The charm of rich herald
Berlingos's circuitous inadequacy
Medelt's turgid egotism
Assoizart's sagacious harm
Elandai's pretentious cunning
The call of the clammy hand
Faunel's ignominious curse
Fiambe's hoar seizure
Javentert's noble lifeblood
Gomberlop's axiomatic strand
The agency of solvent enthusiast
Parsede's even discretion
Pelick's indefinite anachronism
Zahodnili's committed mullah
T'satzed's influential flounce
The agency of little grace