500 Random Spells for the Dying Earth

In Jack Vance's classic Tales of the Dying Earth, the nomenclature for the magical spells seems curiously archaic. Xarfaggio's Physical Malepsy ... Arnhoult's Sequestrious Digitalia ... The Spell of Forlorn Encystment ... Khulip's Nasal Enhancement ... The spell names occasionally evoke a decadent arcane humor. The Excellent Prismatic Spray ... Phandaal's Critique of the Chill ... Below, you will find 500 spell names of aleatoric provenance, which after careful redaction may be suitable for use in the wonderful The Dying Earth(*) Role-Playing Game.

Do you have any comments about this program? I'm aware of the problems with the adjective/noun database, but it is too large to correct either all at once or as I notice inappropriate items. I'll tweak it gradually over the next few years ...

Oh! I should add that the spell generator was inspired by a long-lost program written by my friends John Marron and Les Hill. Furthermore, I have to thank John for showing me that, if you are interested in exotic worlds and well-crafted sentences, there's always more and more to like in the work of Jack Vance.

There are other name generators on the Name Generation Page.

(*) "The Dying Earth" is a trademark of Pelgrane Press Ltd. It is used here without permission.

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Aurroon's penal silhouette
Rabtradar's foppish content
Urron's subterranean confession
Poren's harsh suture
The pattern of hoarse symmetry
Lehoito's wheezy diffusion
Hustizkin's discordant lullaby
Zilamulfi's sarcastic sign
Mardoulch's inconsequential winch
The pattern of burlesque mediocrity
Zanikoi's evanescent coma
Furshilio's ministerial suspension
Byssai's safe demise
Mazkel's monastic bull
The agency of monotonous compromise
Baitz's scurrilous premium
Baurd's temporal locksmith
Elerredes's partisan millionaire
Oihei's deducible intricacy
The spell of fast transmutation
Scaag's auspicious maturate
Porse's volatile personnel
Urtulippi's recondite affectation
Mengel's labial avalanche
The call of the painstaking import
Anatt's foreign derision
Jelardu's fade unit
Mendaitza's elegiac section
Laulka's various marrow
The pattern of consecutive equivalent
Garlifer's ornate reign
Kolik's penitential stupefaction
Lasifeti's invincible vivacity
Urrayangu's irksome damage
The agency of kittenish rent
Padon's volatile composition
Varayangu's sullen parasite
Laullotz's humble draftsman
Puiletz's random expenditure
The pattern of high insignia
Slandint's inconsequential maid
Kyrualte's primordial squirt
Buber's partial ferment
Arvant's permissible analogy
The spell of ternary benediction
Axulembi's insolvent receptacle
Errolindu's he point
Bazintori's pure rascal
Lelteber's despotic exodus
The agency of executive green
Mikobir's aerial mobility
Adermu's callous care
Parmar's future clearance
Aircaan's forgiven vicar
The charm of ninth acrimony
Yelto's illustrious zone
Xippi's dangerous commissary
Ihamenna's intense bigotry
Itungorko's smart necessity
The charm of indivisible outlawry
Zoizartha's pastoral dilatation
Bauntu's convertible dolphin
Pastermun's immortal imperial
Zabiko's imperial grip
The pattern of dissonant exposure
Osprina's lax clerk
Bauritz's modest left
Ekhe-Maga's hungry hem
Hegos's stocky expression
The spell of resilient housewife
Chave's over allowance
Mikent's flat speed
Kel-Pange's wicked alarm
Eshene's crotchety bilge
The pattern of stray facsimile
Sayanpi's interstitial interdict
Guyalferb's projectile fourth
Kylangola's erect perpetuity
Gomet's irreverent hindrance
The charm of synoptic failure
Matviusan's pale blizzard
Suski's joyous dip
Dadlandal's concurring hope
La-Erratv's indelible malcontent
The agency of vicarious pretension
Sotzari's complementary tribunal
Hovant's exceptional couch
Thodo's sacred limitation
Eznarmole's inextricable constitution
The agency of advantageous baptism
Vulsikobe's recumbent egotist
Bakozter's tangible lull
Unaldoa's stray straight
Agenne's decimal vacuum
The agency of corrosive skill
Joritz's weighty tongue
Kephisk's sepulchral recess
Izmike's blind demon
Duantiarm's vacant boredom
The agency of stupid shrift
Soldero's passionate morrow
Gausincz's mauve bond
Magmun's meek accession
Zumatserr's sonorous mushroom
The pattern of discretionary mediocrity
Soredere's modern part
Erritza's introductory shortcoming
Illandoon's decisive pride
Ampelaor's pastoral exorcism
The charm of talkative interior
Falastoli's undying pull
Subaragna's spontaneous slug
Etork's argumentative debility
Ospris's spongy lampoon
The pattern of mutual orthodoxy
Aniffig's rotary coach
Leher's bent advocacy
Kerwal's imperative obelisk
Olerl's quadratic admission
The spell of delicate ice
Ermen's filial assurance
Borriagma's taught cipher
Ageranotz's seedy hiatus
Tentz's putative square
The pattern of indiscernible ambiguity
Angshmier's peaceful script
Bikubero's conclusive jaundice
Launiku's irate talisman
Urtze's insatiable moccasin
The call of the extraneous penitentiary
Petheno's vernal ear
Soitta's shamefaced smokestack
Azvan's addled advent
Aratsu's mundane spurt
The charm of cortical sorcery
Balfor's hot theist
Panra's auspicious wag
Cutarilit's mercenary arrow
Korketi's snap auspices
The pattern of constant scythe
G'Varka's general hedonism
Arskoin's minus clothesline
Caltza's right part
Bazue's prime soothsayer
The pattern of mysterious nihilism
Urbaulcen's dominant trunk
Oinippink's gossamer denial
Prailambe's irreversible aspirant
Zelyone's mundane handful
The spell of attentive toady
Nahounge's discoid fifth
Melme's stolen latitude
Leiastria's married defendant
Mazun's liable inhibition
The charm of fragile ascent
Albane's preposterous sophistry
Udaltz's incautious mass
Garanutz's deficient interest
Allek's capillary crescent
The call of the earnest success
Manser's sappy parenthesis
Cilariko's musty decade
Balguin's equivalent mystery
Ezkoa's airy turban
The charm of irreverent exclusion
Lelemulen's opulent proof
Zafezando's small theology
Josther's carnal awe
Baiza's oratorical destiny
The charm of indistinguishable quart
Lauriet's dark study
Edeizen's competitive youth
La-Yimana's geriatric y
Jokodnipi's phonic apex
The agency of inattentive warrant
Enelusti's impracticable reception
Zumenon's oscillatory inaction
Endaa-Yim's aberrant detractor
Gaulixen's absorbent proof
The spell of stand reserve
Soldel's cast fluid
Lorednip's harmonious waste
Temetz's hydrous vegetarian
Azuskel's devilish riddle
The call of the kinky heart
Energi's ominous lay
Oingoi's prone marrow
Laulch's distal flourish
Petilemet's soft check
The charm of needful assurance
Errennek''s professorial dew
Boulka's infinite threat
Ezresu's subjunctive evolution
Bounzus's noticeable ripple
The spell of manageable thousand
Atarscul's snug mica
Kutzenron's additional inside
Andorrosm's twelfth temper
Ikaxma's forgetful ice
The agency of cardioid worth
Thrud's proven native
Adurutch's facetious dove
Alazun's ocular doctrinaire
Mearial's fitful thing
The spell of supine Babel
Pulfig's future health
Edeto's splendid balm
Baitor's salty man
Kazuber's primordial quintessence
The pattern of tuneful arena
Gaitz's terse spangle
Lasmautze's soft precession
Vasomango's positive hybrid
Azusko's primordial transgression
The agency of abusive flood
Aurivenat's allied tongue
Xexarlest's minus pique
Bastei's pacific prowess
Azurtesom's elegiac subterfuge
The charm of gruff homage
Ubenei's he forfeiture
Pryffwyd's cross incendiary
Asseme's specious equity
Girostide's rare galaxy
The spell of quadripartite dash
Otsumen's heavy fact
Perce's dreamy ignition
Gidarfagi's eminent fold
Hartizki's splintery mace
The agency of imbecile misnomer
Zoitzaila's crisp exemplar
Deobas's small declamation
Asselo's even asylum
Liamurik's saline liquefaction
The spell of nervous gospel
Kurginga's hungry lad
Shauvun's peculiar cream
Gasierram's smart pain
Gidurus's libidinous normalcy
The call of the abrasive duration
Ildes's racy plateau
Noldor's feasible zero
Loroforat's tentative essay
Disei's oily burglary
The charm of irreclaimable insignia
Jurina's ambient time
Suberin's tithe run
Bethus's explicit curiosity
Pandort's contemptuous verve
The pattern of treble male
Pomatikor's workaday compromise
Tollo's egregious baritone
Flopsio's timid perturbation
Fergingor's inefficient advent
The charm of awkward vista
Markoiz's equal medium
Maize's muddy via
Sabantim's obvious egotism
Florio's lilac embodiment
The pattern of sane denunciation
Guntzeder's avaricious fairy
Kirja's discretionary invention
Radge's premonitory definition
Blassea's conclusive beauty
The charm of bovine exercise
Gaure's faithful image
Almerynor's dependent piracy
Cugor's secure cartilage
Danpinark's obdurate deception
The charm of commonplace arch
Alaivee's confidential butt
Jaitadagm's balmy fold
Zanbaerme's brief perversion
Ongoz's abrasive multiplicity
The spell of hideous tone
Nephruand's high hope
Herraieta's scurrilous limitation
Adessilad's incommensurable atmosphere
Haxenatsu's implacable denunciation
The spell of communique dream
Faldalaol's dense desk
Sadardo's solemn hope
Aurghala's mute transgression
Ander's any cuckoo
The call of the conciliatory salute
Garvir's strong provocation
Zigas's paschal synthesis
Bilerrum's impressible fraud
Luzartisk's fulsome aptitude
The charm of imbecile wretch
Kaurut's downtrodden teller
Liark's selfish possession
Puissune's exclusive intendant
Muruko's intestine resignation
The pattern of diurnal protest
Ostanutak's coercive superfluity
Santzea's efficient horn
Lelustiza's base refection
Giranose's multifarious expert
The call of the quizzical astigmatism
Domarclat's focal avowal
Lehera's adequate protest
Gilism's matrimonial merchant
Nabbarrin's fallacious data
The charm of personal emerald
Bohot's true curriculum
Khuti's tenfold fusillade
Hures's supreme fop
Alant's foul chance
The charm of nocturnal guide
Rlyon's emeritus fifth
Dianduruq's oral anagram
Ambonixil's hoarse buffet
Roule's characteristic siren
The agency of crisp coxcomb
Omourin's invincible mystery
Unasa's decimal bait
Akerombar's since indisposition
Alsiar's blest flaw
The charm of dynamic sept
Mingai's vernal sign
Lihermilf's weighty indecision
Arnalu's aloof chance
Motsokiti's soft underling
The charm of crucial fund
Tamer's anomalous collector
Lailazta's contemporaneous church
Gautz's uniform medal
Lasast's sectarian stick
The charm of changeable demon
Kylauti's mobile provision
Pulch's loose husbandry
Thion's prejudicial occupation
Albararka's squat permutation
The agency of misanthropic peril
Isker's asunder pudding
Kasangeio's subservient satisfaction
Zaolikubu's new epitome
Zerragoil's statutory paucity
The agency of profane inhibition
Derduron's inviolable posy
Apats's sumptuous vow
Pervoymat's antipodean mud
Albachian's bland print
The agency of additional folk
Barkin's infusible strain
Artorik-D's lost being
Parserme's fragrant merchant
Ibarri's proper expert
The call of the portentous meridian
Oshoundi's explanatory sobriquet
Kutanseba's indiscreet dictum
Mettincz's vaporous damage
Shanctust's contagious sanction
The spell of witty editorial
Llain's responsive pursuit
Batsan's worthy asphalt
Adeserlus's lopsided patriarch
Oshmircla's organic flame
The pattern of instant resultant
Symanenat's dead circumcision
Jatik's pliant misanthrope
Xeilassem's feathery quicksilver
Novangoz's oblivious reward
The spell of equine angel
Argol's tarry dyad
Balumatun's paschal gold
Gilfin's maggoty botany
Baumeio's foppish sycophant
The pattern of stringy cloud
Azedesh's expectant admission
Embon's lost spy
Suskobi's penitent accession
Magoi's tithe circular
The charm of compatible compression
Ruiderama's rival restorative
Larron's reversible regress
Lasko's brisk courtier
Hylanoldi's fain image
The call of the alien disciplinarian
Lanto's free declination
Casops's oblique atlas
Kriadun's improbable challenge
Tifezars's squat enemy
The spell of odd personnel
Tamarialc's snug protest
Bazzart's hindmost everyone
Juritz's lukewarm fold
Jakickala's evergreen wit
The charm of natural table
Yodnicka's filmy trade
Elaratebe's nominal necessity
Todookin's canine eye
Doman's inoperative grease
The agency of hairy silver
Arghuli's sharp anagram
Erbandold's ghastly gemstone
Sahoi's inaudible statute
Azvang's craggy flame
The agency of intolerant equivalent
Padcoma's complimentary athlete
Balerl's plausible nothing
Aserdion's useful usurer
Abarfagai's intact abuse
The charm of evergreen contemporary
Jokive's volatile protest
Cyrukelas's substantial placenta
Fir-She's clement self
Thrynoroo's murky featherbed
The charm of unwieldy confession
Iparrilfi's envious commissary
Johoitinc's propelled antagonism
Anier's disdainful might
Goriant's sensitive addition
The agency of coincide verbosity
Droitz's amorphous interest
Hovanixel's antiquated judicature
Domender's stumpy cartel
Atzoth's innocent spore
The pattern of useful erasure
Merviu's dark exit
Etolwant's pliant contest
Olesebael's reactionary regret
Sesidur's discordant immobility
The spell of collateral syntax
Alardin's spectral y
Um-Foremb's green peccary
Oxelen's soft generosity
Suudi's ambidextrous air
The pattern of innumerable survey
Inailer's dissident stress
Yelandori's ceremonial balance
Haccolama's straight referendum
Ortunifer's impassive pundit
The spell of elegiac glimmer
Totzon's opalescent capital
Lutarkers's harmonious retort
Jaulip's impervious cousin
Zahor's asymptotic adhesion
The charm of vicious saw
Oielghame's numerable collocation
Oskosu's regular telegraphy
Heraualum's descendent nicety
Yerudourg's she inadequacy
The spell of competitive church
Mennostis's contrite lack
Mikue's swift diction
Aselo's fusty garbage
Arshko's several invention
The charm of nominal hate
Ospiettar's integral fill
Gaunde's tactile alphabet
Sabizki's faithful ray
Twika's transferred precursor
The call of the hollow zoology
Zamer's dead salt
Ermolegio's spheroidal bulk
Gentirx's less performance
Goldran's spongy alliance
The agency of fugitive cant
Luzkives's punctual bargain
Magirch's supplementary brand
Lancx's fluent path
Ingeil's propitious data
The pattern of indefinite temptation
Tyzainar's titular dilemma
Deobi's progressive choir
Felardald's memorable assurance
Um-Foa's luminous landlord
The agency of alert skin
Rhilic's inarticulate leap
Uhiassiko's current sound
Hovaniko's progressive quiet
Keper's antagonistic division
The spell of handsome prohibition
Clandeldi's irresolute basis
Hegoin's mindful recompense
Ilviritaf's supernatant circular
Flottimbi's anomalous help
The spell of vast restitution
Maulk's puissant nicety
Errin's declamatory erasure
Ilviusti's hospitable compositor
Otsoa's aberrant stream
The charm of secondhand indisposition
Khamban's crusty stream
Eleobarit's original position
Majin's satisfactory fan
Berce's stringent apprehension
The agency of equable generosity
Laurt's somber plane
Dadaitzan's maritime truism
Pulick's argillaceous clearance
Hazkarkaj's several ambiguity
The charm of literal essence
Wyxsc's resistant ballad
Sam-Zuis's phonetic exhibition
Unartz's congratulatory inclination
Ascoumpro's lush inattention
The charm of florid life