500 Random Spells for the Dying Earth

In Jack Vance's classic Tales of the Dying Earth, the nomenclature for the magical spells seems curiously archaic. Xarfaggio's Physical Malepsy ... Arnhoult's Sequestrious Digitalia ... The Spell of Forlorn Encystment ... Khulip's Nasal Enhancement ... The spell names occasionally evoke a decadent arcane humor. The Excellent Prismatic Spray ... Phandaal's Critique of the Chill ... Below, you will find 500 spell names of aleatoric provenance, which after careful redaction may be suitable for use in the wonderful The Dying Earth(*) Role-Playing Game.

Do you have any comments about this program? I'm aware of the problems with the adjective/noun database, but it is too large to correct either all at once or as I notice inappropriate items. I'll tweak it gradually over the next few years ...

Oh! I should add that the spell generator was inspired by a long-lost program written by my friends John Marron and Les Hill. Furthermore, I have to thank John for showing me that, if you are interested in exotic worlds and well-crafted sentences, there's always more and more to like in the work of Jack Vance.

There are other name generators on the Name Generation Page.

(*) "The Dying Earth" is a trademark of Pelgrane Press Ltd. It is used here without permission.

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Azvanturr's flagrant coworker
Dometrazu's molten bullwhack
Juandi's imperturbable clerk
Solark's scientific egress
The charm of bivalve fluid
Bentebaw's tripartite placenta
Radorio's straight pink
Luger's barbarous form
Wyxsco's content octogenarian
The agency of precipitate burlesque
Arido's expository right
Deimenave's inconvertible trust
Mikortzi's expectant contiguity
Urbassoit's suggestive tablet
The spell of coy continent
Porko's delicate halt
Tyzoti's aforesaid fleet
Iradalopo's positive holocaust
Lihes's fertile lamentation
The agency of distant frame
Odowilaw's mindful arrow
Ugutilbi's solemn harelip
Dourin's content cap
Aimer's bituminous heir
The spell of authentic thanksgiving
Kremushil's third path
Erlentile's burial evolution
Atsent's biblical courier
Aurem's immortal reef
The pattern of complementary evolution
Irrabiri's inventive superintendent
Pergon's insular rule
Lukel's consonant bout
Opierr's motive deportation
The spell of crotchety energy
Bober's intransitive chance
Novanulem's chestnut hothouse
Ansatsel's acetic commissary
G'Vargi's soft omen
The pattern of maritime redemption
Poztal's novel gust
Arailbal's plain welcome
Lelixo's multifarious ounce
Andoones's original braggart
The pattern of perpendicular homogeneity
Pupurraze's mock diversion
Xarthenba's sagacious aplomb
Lausko's lukewarm zest
Inkal's sober awl
The pattern of precedent shuttle
Corque's indivisible whisper
Josmennol's subsidiary compromise
Wiulchise's lucrative bane
Egumausid's grateful constitution
The spell of farsighted homogeneity
Vulingela's animal oblivion
Thartilei's bedridden tooth
Ishig's scholastic score
Cutzogoit's prophylactic chorus
The charm of scurrilous acquittal
Antauch's unruly information
Dadouler's centennial hydra
Murea's pungent film
Haranduch's polygonal set
The charm of forgotten stock
Zelarsa's angelic sanctuary
Sebel's harmonious tenacity
Kerinkleg's positive resolve
Suuduste's miscible gabble
The agency of pecuniary monologue
Dilkajnul's dreamy concert
Parta's secure quiet
Disko's close strain
Galumelai's square propagandist
The pattern of simple interest
Iraitzani's blameworthy outlawry
Oiere's declaratory apostrophe
Ilvin's common guile
Radartsus's lyric duty
The agency of liable warehouse
Marbas's accessible exposure
Jangi's opposite acquaintance
Geragmust's distraught ease
Kasan's diaphanous starlight
The spell of imaginary comfort
Bithothim's calm wag
Merch's numeral percentage
Luzaid's cool conservation
Elenber's other vote
The agency of current declination
Gardindar's bitten liberty
Bartaka's insensible gloss
Gorambolo's high coupon
Taumera's numb misnomer
The spell of single cull
Photistis's watchful fallacy
Chaulkoit's youthful clinch
Menat's vernacular reversion
Launze's irrevocable leash
The agency of iconic mend
Pupurko's dreamy victim
Zabilents's sheer senate
Bilkodest's subversive sacrament
Jelmett's acid prostitution
The call of the base platitude
Ekhaialar's lenticular ton
Feriko's momentous condition
Zohuno's gigantic throat
Ekantso's tempestuous throb
The pattern of ponderous pore
Eznier's masculine recession
Symnarmou's absent leather
Nahadaitz's incompetent ornament
Suudioren's inaugural hypocrite
The spell of vulgar ease
Onbanel's last declination
Almeiorra's secondary badinage
Hibalchen's shallow profusion
Sadartsas's sheer bystander
The call of the refractory pretense
Jaustiske's prefatory auspices
Nishadl's structural bureau
Jauvun's anomalous foundation
Melleodea's secular load
The call of the presumptive essence
Firnai's leery glory
Johialo's numb quicksilver
Larinkod's prefatory don
Kinge's dietetic fact
The pattern of reverse lucre
Guzkitz's neat hold
Mants's cadaverous spasm
Symate's specious hereafter
Codobenno's solemn eye
The agency of orthodox promptitude
Vexetrin's airy heaven
Pander's amorphous charity
Aimamiriu's infinite part
Arant's dull transgression
The agency of pithy aura
Pesko's wheezy tooth
Sanpilfez's fairy abbe
Edoile's epigrammatic worry
Khaflae's shy fugitive
The spell of cosmopolitan effort
Remaiel's fluent whine
Borta's flaky nobody
Gastianel's triumphant service
Betzark's disastrous worthy
The charm of misanthropic affix
Amedroitz's tight family
Luzar's inflexible lurch
Uguze's acerbic cry
Mather's fleet jalopy
The spell of rough exultation
G'Vangars's sheer bloom
Zillori's alternate wax
Aberdar's inauspicious priory
Panose's mock alarm
The call of the jumbo messenger
Kranderuz's gone ambiguity
Arresin's monastic harvest
Eatzangoi's bereft pottery
Ortuntzai's spectral whisper
The spell of putative necessity
Xaral's utopian incapacity
Kazza's cutaneous analogy
Laure's marine impression
Gamoustus's leisure exclusion
The call of the contingent epaulet
Porcherra's inflammable approbation
Iturk's cautionary nihilist
Gaska's possible stretch
Cliambeza's therefore tutelage
The pattern of resident ambiguity
Larthoiz's empty boyhood
Aranolort's notorious tongue
Pullops's lumpy satisfaction
Chiduldre's quadruple creak
The spell of tremulous declamation
Arclael's contrite retrogression
Basasandr's determinate touch
Peside's inadequate affluence
Froad's seedy delicacy
The agency of erratic enamel
Um-Orbin's solemn import
Efresusti's monastic mystery
Gaurken's tempestuous accession
Julphirro's stationary author
The charm of evasive face
Kaeroun's delicate pursuit
Izmis's violet strain
Dibanpill's carbonaceous vivacity
Yodnifere's contraband libel
The call of the jubilant curiosity
Bratur's inoffensive tablet
Costisled's insolvent body
Zaraa-Yim's soft tenacity
Ihamentze's mimic fossil
The charm of near presentation
Gabal's gentle pretense
Tensebar's wide excision
Ishamungo's sappy syzygy
Oieren's meek flame
The pattern of retroactive tidbit
Symaigarr's furious infinity
Ansansife's sepulchral retrogression
Sahor's elusive reversion
Zuhadolo's futile pull
The charm of flaky dimension
Azolo's venial true
Semulkoa's regular bilge
Kylamb's furtive poetry
Vraoldoi's lumbar thing
The agency of immortal anchorage
Nargomam's extinct abridgment
Ligaitzib's cool strait
Kriks's cunning sachem
Ixarea's immediate cheer
The charm of stringent efficacy
Llopodei's subservient stevedore
Ssika's precocious residuum
Anter's near rudder
Petiga's oblate style
The call of the fair reed
Johin's positive point
Baleye's inattentive stream
Ermense's praiseworthy lapse
Yeltz's compelling precession
The charm of transcendental gazette
Launtzin's auspicious limitation
Bermin's illegal phraseology
Lihentz's lush sapphire
Wissianda's imperative buzz
The agency of concave artillery
Hithesmaz's virtuous compromise
Oxakoa's slippery alternate
Uguzen's conclusive placenta
Arghaiz's reversible strike
The charm of gratuitous hush
Alaserrin's nebular project
Craido's doltish preference
Tyzarran's needful ramble
Argork's loose soliloquy
The charm of hellish phraseology
Pernarmo's ductile cession
Saharoiz's sensible soldier
Ekatz's cadaverous smudge
Fesokhian's refractory justice
The pattern of antagonistic run
Noval's recipient stowage
Mianti's intact colossus
Iruwe's sibilant fable
Dartzi's extinct diluent
The charm of maudlin organ
Ubelgaspr's ruthless room
Arnitor's ambrosial eardrum
Ixile's athletic thaw
Gluste's balky pit
The spell of impenetrable serum
Bazus's changeable pilot
Anduce's chronic regression
Kyroulder's thorough customhouse
Gorper's gentle game
The charm of glad inadequacy
Ihiortark's judicious seamstress
Zhimberdu's acrimonious pain
Leodanich's rampant destiny
Vir-Shiqu's patriotic sagacity
The pattern of identical dew
Moggil's soapy dismissal
Ivanun's reverse subtlety
Chazarte's sullen antiquity
Sferrates's atmospheric midday
The agency of jaunty nave
Berkel's insufferable usurer
Waldolarr's absolute inspiration
Djorme's exuberant stage
Kaeladi's tawny critic
The agency of verbal period
Kileodnik's flat whip
Tipil's middle experiment
Iraol's immature candidate
Gorsene's coastal vivacity
The pattern of prone ticket
Juaxeln's disparate ballad
Lek'hni's veracious historian
Kevorma's concurring hive
Davendarr's yeasty boredom
The call of the rough spleen
Sanuler's marital admiration
Jauntz's penurious analysis
Roulka's she rainbow
Juandur's fireproof finger
The charm of furtive resolve
Igoitz's predatory counterpoise
Endoren's obligatory greed
Berlioncz's dismal causation
Sillerant's uproarious skin
The pattern of forward pith
Sarix's histrionic satisfaction
Pulst's morbid fourth
Davesiff's canine phase
Bambancka's triple guise
The call of the archaic third
Oleyendor's bald expansion
Sharik's forgiven burnout
Betia's hellish landmark
Arnhoudo's acoustic hope
The agency of additional revelation
Urthe-Lol's obdurate obduracy
Ascomaett's mettlesome term
Argidesko's delicate variety
Sheskaluk's musty conclusion
The call of the situated lingo
Ixilfer's stand inaptitude
Pharka's straight sluice
Marlun's supercilious love
Zamikelo's immortal parenthesis
The pattern of echo profusion
Gordurgas's laxative mass
Temennaxi's obdurate alcoholism
Faresel's original straight
Pasierli's palpable inquiry
The spell of papal criterion
Raitz's divine exposure
Kazhnikel's controvertible passenger
Shelleso's askew parallax
Prand's infirm feather
The agency of diamond polish
Elasmarfa's irritable mark
Mikoxanga's tertiary stage
Cazdakobe's concurring advent
Petzi's visionary demure
The call of the silly beauty
Maren's oviform vicinity
Munelora's agreed random
Gentz's intricate razor
Luandesid's practical still
The charm of remediable cataract
Pores's contiguous withdrawal
Skitzotza's fragile flight
Kylazi's practicable interim
Suulko's fraternal revival
The charm of concentric apotheosis
Krixulk's remote incest
Ansillegi's wearisome pearl
Marti's cross bond
Haxilbarw's high flier
The pattern of horny exile
Skaral's recurring aviatrix
Endenoman's definite collateral
Pellenase's incredulous politician
Akendor's said rivalry
The agency of downtrodden pedigree
Chaunurut's straight eel
Gaderos's nocturnal pressure
Johitz's indigenous belligerent
Ladger's homogeneous woodcut
The agency of abhorrent salute
Chundek'h's evenhanded reserve
Miraia's precious impropriety
Keremulin's pacific flood
Chuldrass's flatulent veracity
The charm of perfunctory pope
Iordin's solemn campaign
Garthryff's expansive quirk
Melchabon's malicious anchorite
Zohodowil's particular inmate
The call of the hard intrusion
Urtat's tentative quart
Anditz's cadaverous essence
Modek's tarry drone
Paltotanp's systematic worthy
The spell of gibbous carbuncle
Alanekurt's familiar contravention
Apare's antebellum humility
Ainko's propelled shortcoming
Moggi's volatile withdrawal
The pattern of denotative touch
Rogoitz's focal professor
Bastiromb's hot butterfly
Mirnaione's confirmatory anagram
Gorke's generous exclusion
The call of the fluid abuse
Benthousa's rampant trick
Gartz's prevalent repentant
Tingelyss's passive possession
Almael's discoid start
The charm of medial expression
Leobere's plausible secession
Lehid's smooth clothesline
Varralfin's heterogeneous chap
Pelyoneko's small walk
The pattern of quadratic bite
Goring's visionary transposition
Dargaitin's structural missile
Eressili's done opium
Ortand's anhydrous tenant
The call of the collateral labial
Beria's just shot
Kevorkar's maudlin mediocrity
Naharmon's septic forbearance
Arade's four simplicity
The pattern of persuasive apostrophe
Kisk-Khan's woody jest
Unaxt's sober delicacy
Mautza's soft laurel
Voyman's sacred bigot
The agency of counterfeit trustee
Luire's vernacular coast
Arlin's gracious longevity
Bariam-Or's feline caress
Alayan's moist auspices
The agency of buoyant balance
Nahourdi's dependent bubble
Gilferi's spongy wonder
Mander's incongruous excitation
Alaucomam's sonorous failure
The charm of simple folly
Eustun's ophthalmic dignity
Maolde's convulsive duty
Luantor's incompatible leather
Lazior's natal obstinacy
The agency of damp lee
Ambarz's diplomatic leakage
Artze's alert lurch
Gartza's synonymous competitor
Krayan's green prodigy
The spell of structural mercy
Piandonit's radiant teratology
Toberos's posthumous laughingstock
Andur's crucial dove
Voyevodes's limp peace
The charm of aristocratic modesty
Thamba's derogatory bone
Kurraz's exculpatory bog
Tchialse's professional stitch
Kylad's cellular withdrawal
The call of the sedimentary adventure
Voymnardi's contagious style
Scame's rum alarm
Balch's addle toe
Ainge's single she
The charm of merciful juncture
Izoth's special descent
Huskalano's inoperative concern
Mella's abhorrent disruption
Pelyssune's congratulatory suspicion
The agency of regal gloom
Gaskourri's rakish jam
Laurenban's single cognition
Egolarker's elegiac luminary
Lukin's radioactive gauze
The charm of penal medium
Jauculdin's preliminary fourth
Berrolatz's infernal circumlocution
Hyladhrus's joint thrift
Arierdalo's personal satin
The call of the lukewarm virtue
Irritzog's perceptible finish
Ether's prophetic atmosphere
Duntza's charitable reciprocity
Oratu's misanthropic carcass
The pattern of positive coercion
Erbaw's abhorrent perturbation
Pomathous's mineral motion
Arcanqzir's forgotten St
Xipin's awry work
The agency of fireproof completion
Ubello's sullen love
Faa-Erent's fleet irony
Sambe's motive colt
Casco's aliquot medium
The charm of sensitive hive
Solas's single suffix
Handoldra's hallelujah conscience
Selandior's rough memory
Liach's abusive sycophant
The spell of tactile revulsion
Ortin's rough confirmation
Fialce's disparate excursion
Kimel's impeccable shakedown
Biranxfad's spent absolution
The spell of crude torsion
Furrh-Mot's rigid whisper
Artin's yeasty income
Agomil's deliberate bane
Duntze's explanatory arena
The agency of swampy modesty
Ilvil's linear invention
Ilian's imperative solemnity
Gilin's orthogonal pall
Sotzi's positive clerk
The pattern of indefensible aura
Domandonc's perennial subtlety
Twiko's contradictory allowance
Garlin's unique rumpus
Matzend's ornate thaw
The pattern of hasty impression