500 Random Spells for the Dying Earth

In Jack Vance's classic Tales of the Dying Earth, the nomenclature for the magical spells seems curiously archaic. Xarfaggio's Physical Malepsy ... Arnhoult's Sequestrious Digitalia ... The Spell of Forlorn Encystment ... Khulip's Nasal Enhancement ... The spell names occasionally evoke a decadent arcane humor. The Excellent Prismatic Spray ... Phandaal's Critique of the Chill ... Below, you will find 500 spell names of aleatoric provenance, which after careful redaction may be suitable for use in the wonderful The Dying Earth(*) Role-Playing Game.

Do you have any comments about this program? I'm aware of the problems with the adjective/noun database, but it is too large to correct either all at once or as I notice inappropriate items. I'll tweak it gradually over the next few years ...

Oh! I should add that the spell generator was inspired by a long-lost program written by my friends John Marron and Les Hill. Furthermore, I have to thank John for showing me that, if you are interested in exotic worlds and well-crafted sentences, there's always more and more to like in the work of Jack Vance.

There are other name generators on the Name Generation Page.

(*) "The Dying Earth" is a trademark of Pelgrane Press Ltd. It is used here without permission.

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Matzea's littoral ascension
Amedesen's apostolic concern
Soitt's central youth
Sembermen's urban flourish
The call of the internecine jest
Tobar's immaterial note
Goullem's fusiform seclusion
Polemel's continuous propriety
Eusomoule's luscious being
The pattern of various gait
Krider's effeminate parentage
Indurd's filial pander
Oxelumeli's consonant idiosyncrasy
Itunge's corporeal abstract
The charm of ominous fool
Xaraditz's vaporous palate
Zabantio's inaugural metaphor
Sustun's nasal pimp
Charraor's phosphoric competitor
The call of the binomial award
Kishab's venturesome addition
Suudullad's motley inadequacy
Baitz's eloquent sobriety
Seque's contiguous island
The charm of hypocritical exchange
Lauvunkwi's canine amity
Arvande's conducive luxury
Imazkin's indefensible sperm
Crabtrizk's hallelujah blot
The charm of square laureate
Ihagma's combustible chapter
Isiar's inattentive enemy
Clicautzi's parallel preemption
Imambel's penitential strata
The agency of nomadic apperception
Rhaxmar's obnoxious kink
Goldol's weak bond
Gaunt's clement mesh
Dongi's systematic curiosity
The pattern of tart luminary
Tameradli's indulgent audit
Motzarts's vapid egotism
Sadusthes's tremulous half
Bertzole's positive publication
The spell of culpable dissension
Thixi's hind anachronism
Farbede's distant inertia
Novan's sharp repetition
Panto's level alto
The agency of prostrate article
Erlai's incredulous mole
Cuire's languid discovery
Indon's aching energy
Thrukharn's extraneous call
The call of the artificial smokestack
Magaradai's spongy preservation
Karte's buoyant celibacy
Berenderu's liable salesman
Garsth's insipid moat
The pattern of inward pressure
Corko's forgetful syzygy
Abedelor's tripartite ballast
Diste's obscure proof
Jakaiskit's faithful coalition
The spell of true theocracy
Faunzube's offensive privilege
Tasprosu's supine failure
Bartulcha's expert bite
Grostari's ravenous course
The spell of cautionary sleep
Darraol's rapacious aptitude
Shanod's current innuendo
Belesende's supercilious voice
Dunolwand's tarry queen
The agency of glad necessity
Kaulsebar's inextinguishable nihilism
Vassome's grateful gold
Andat's multifarious risk
Hach-Ainc's nominal bale
The charm of elastic shadow
Impoulsta's inextricable trap
Corsel's incorporate parole
Laulae's dry indiscretion
Zadaitzei's gone tone
The call of the atmospheric usage
Urdalchio's grateful prostitution
Saran's monastic esteem
Merliselg's straight relaxation
Zinath's indiscriminate wave
The agency of controversial phenomenon
Zamikel's permanent whisper
Byssokhar's singsong quip
Andar's ambient expanse
Hovalundo's celestial afterthought
The agency of confirmatory wrench
Bohiark's loose opponent
Seque's indefensible bodyguard
Vexis's curvilinear fraud
Hyssmyru's linear style
The spell of cool tooth
Sahor's cold fan
Az-Khun's tragicomic aspersion
Nolor's illicit scarf
Gaiartun's coercive self
The call of the hidden case
Iuchierom's incompressible game
Teuth's distinct seduction
Arvin's imperfect shade
Voyneko's rude piracy
The pattern of premonitory miss
Iladkutzi's dormant coupon
Hartzanic's domestic preparation
Mangk's desultory matrimony
Arembalde's tactile watchman
The agency of docile crew
Hovannoth's gainful pledge
Zokhazza's expressive opus
Gaitzain's guttural organ
Jellaitis's venial pessimism
The agency of preposterous flattery
Sembon's dynamic abbey
Luzes's innumerable headline
Lehundi's awful weight
Mikelmerr's conclusive column
The charm of demonic kernel
Khaitatsa's jubilant renaissance
Maido's cerulean levity
Ilvirlulc's absent sphere
Apara's indissoluble composition
The charm of phonic piety
Aladats's short exhaustion
Urdivve's sectarian cabinet
Medent's subjunctive quiet
Erliandio's uniform civilian
The charm of inferior implantation
Ildikdaal's personal y
Sahorque's green scent
Phori's impulsive reversion
Berlicant's congratulatory withdrawal
The pattern of gratuitous pharmacy
Iliambai's echo peninsula
Aimaursha's luxurious thermistor
Gauen's numb accent
Belme's thrifty expansion
The pattern of acquiescent object
Emene's shoal static
Pango's toilsome multitude
Clianu's deleterious limbo
Tanti's parasitic sobriety
The pattern of incandescent thermistor
Liambeko's exceptional sinew
Aitzaitza's irresistible postulate
Ikeldet's consummate green
Marei's radioactive tilt
The agency of agreeing mood
Pauti's descendent portent
Mupurielo's foppish sinister
Twantzarc's abstinent simplicity
Marasbaul's spontaneous difficulty
The pattern of rosy shock
Urbartler's retrogressive renewal
Narza's passive flock
Phait's hungry archangel
Subel's uniform information
The charm of discernible solicitude
Domarth's peculiar Siberia
Enethon's incoherent boulder
Chaio's expectant disc
Sabtra's inconsiderable preservation
The charm of solvent species
Agelmedei's bluish sin
Deune's sure acerbity
Adett's emeritus brethren
Furenteil's stubborn spurn
The spell of profane classmate
Umernifer's coextensive innocent
Mantzagid's sacred veil
Domets's concave usurer
Obtri's green orange
The pattern of equivalent comfort
Alerampro's praiseworthy appearance
Alsialase's brazen humility
Shrynetor's lawful novice
Saroillao's uniform wheel
The spell of peremptory stone
Furatvirr's converse nuisance
Oskuer's superficial disputant
Gasko's copious heliotrope
Goming's concurring seller
The call of the steady iconoclast
Eustarwan's inarticulate unction
Nolghugo's current emerald
Gorcambi's analytic philosopher
Dilendo's envious xerox
The pattern of complementary chivalry
Harsatish's tranquil quicksilver
Pelti's earthy fee
Lorroste's weighty electorate
Jakat's exceptional homogeneity
The pattern of formal shelf
Egolo's clumsy model
Carville's acoustic esprit
Lukoxona's ministerial calorimeter
Ubaish's domestic breadth
The call of the crusty tide
Andurdaio's busy skunk
Amprielle's accessory conservation
Nunixiasi's bifurcate menace
Baunkatei's bituminous perusal
The spell of coastal madcap
Alanolarr's prudent table
Manippink's barren cloud
Cugwil's furious cost
Sesia's triune renewal
The spell of lumbar traitor
Daram's crusty use
Ilviaco's recusant address
Cyrmen's tenth turf
Bratz's impalpable brass
The agency of jaunty lurch
Dhalulkai's reversible tort
Forendor's bare cupidity
Malan's nonsensical riddance
Osaia's deliquescent prime
The charm of pale option
Heroono's titular practice
Ilaur's weary retrieval
Senaki's family squatter
Clial's pedantic wail
The charm of gross flush
Zohio's changeable homogeneity
Orisher's monotonous custom
Pantz's sinistral semblance
Kephiques's certain craft
The spell of nugatory ease
Scanikoba's putative drift
Wismer's extensive vendetta
Erraidure's occult plane
Sadat's occidental anger
The pattern of decimal stowage
Pelam's chromatic hostage
Luzeari's infectious adjust
Zaduronfo's burdensome decrease
Zarta's dead value
The spell of free well
Orbegotis's common version
Romam's abusive pervert
Ingoilenn's ministerial fifth
Sebroone's faint magic
The pattern of adverse denudation
Eguttaurt's converse mother
Ishmireza's impressive series
Eionfon's ancient patronage
Sferiulic's pestilential extension
The charm of ready glory
Erraier's blasphemous surfeit
Bitikdave's incomprehensible peer
Eddim's bombastic compression
Petin's dry force
The spell of graphic devotion
Lehulippi's intact deputy
Stano's cartographic crib
Chulden's perceptible colleague
Elenre's rare inexperience
The agency of indivisible disturbance
Artusko's desultory fanatic
Oinginide's liable veto
Aderiulch's turbid hack
Hegin's ceremonial article
The call of the financial curl
Pogoitzin's pliant bore
Arnix's stable introduction
Cuilinon's inflammable crystal
Lermonfox's determinate cop
The pattern of incredible sinister
Cabtrinav's mosaic probity
Angoizkit's insufficient withdrawal
Lutzarasn's aggressive obsession
Kaxamartz's sedate quality
The agency of shallow peace
Remen's tragic hill
Uhian's apologetic apostle
Udartadar's inextricable normalcy
Amusc's orthodox genius
The spell of dead hell
Marfagar's flagrant familiar
Gurat's acoustic andiron
Maruirra's beautiful face
Fusasin's muddy theory
The charm of impulsive fifth
Amuletz's impassive rent
Zintz's filthy flank
Xaleyevoy's irritable exercise
Hanea's unanimous value
The pattern of obsolete life
Nisko's acrid retort
Eriar's borne mutant
Charnaves's harsh hand
Bohiante's insensible exultation
The agency of spiritual staff
Zartordur's warm fifth
Ortsu's loose eclipse
Bitzogoi's inept repeater
Krent's native rudder
The pattern of excelsior bolt
Sapartsok's expectant finish
Zurdas's mediocre pull
Sanpinark's ubiquitous paradox
Vasuldrai's sinuous imbecile
The charm of conclusive solution
Saberes's oratorical conservation
Krabanebe's contingent botanist
Panil's actual revolutionary
Radalfer's spare freedom
The charm of crotchety pill
Zermat's elegiac fortress
Dulselt's illiterate normalcy
Shruzkivv's strange muscle
Endour's elastic whole
The agency of supine power
Distadako's passive anthropology
Iturres-T's venial mess
Julchidan's literal subsidy
Trintzorr's consequent portfolio
The charm of central mute
Biladitz's staunch normalcy
Voyne's exultant etiology
Lehitiste's inveterate freehold
Braiernai's mindful adjutant
The pattern of vigorous loot
Berritze's indispensable plunge
Ishmin's conducive product
Yaunerede's vacuous destiny
Omanber's variable raft
The pattern of afloat cancel
Antikorem's original condescension
Lautz's ductile boyhood
Balas's tempestuous inhibition
Bysse's symptomatic dextrose
The spell of conscientious stream
Malum's fine oblivion
Topsicaun's improper ascent
Roulk's nugatory identity
Taune's odorous victor
The call of the accidental form
Vasko's high epoch
Camirragi's stellar ongoing
Sabar's invariable data
Uthere's oblivious bias
The charm of endemic malaise
Pasnari's incombustible demon
Shimatz's volcanic motion
Kasker's elect principle
Porriana's inexorable baptistery
The call of the bovine fury
Iztatsus's said covenant
Zabaze's sinister bale
Adandlan's acidulous steward
Tenze's familiar sobriety
The pattern of lofty division
Binkwilla's hard quintessence
Garre's addle grandmother
Ildookhia's spring parasite
Khakuilfa's familiar retribution
The spell of synonymous perseverance
Pervianpi's dusty creditor
Vasicka's brusque eclipse
Larinarch's monotonous quietus
Ascoull's rare circumscription
The pattern of baggy fifth
Glauc's consequential staff
Flortun's jubilant secession
Azvan's omniscient evildoer
Blioro's lavish apprentice
The charm of opposite head
Guzen's ternary surfeit
Lapounes's disastrous scruple
Jandorsiu's effectual renewal
Galip's practical morgue
The agency of greater appliance
Frofon's fraternal advise
Majaurini's puissant opponent
Urtsoilfe's parallel communion
Loremiken's prosperous brine
The call of the incongruous prong
Laloju's irregular moon
Aritza's imprudent spill
Symaurust's farsighted goddess
Ortad's dull obsession
The charm of coarse sentiment
Laundive's wide age
Artzi's wrought custodian
Goitz's accessible explosion
Bervirk's masculine face
The agency of plucky vagary
Sancel's satisfactory plateau
Majnu's attic reception
Housoa's icy renewal
Leran's prosaic skeleton
The charm of over vent
Veritzeiz's indifferent protest
Harank's darling demolition
Wiulcento's flagrant brotherhood
Zigara's remedial surety
The charm of pugnacious sound
Zuzko's sound water
Symnar's hybrid composure
Hysso's fraternal conference
Shiere's exceptional composition
The charm of arbitrary size
Psyrmuntz's leguminous braggart
Orzaio's dusty panel
Zabba's vaccine hole
Cosio's happen addition
The charm of prosaic egg
Maumatz's aesthetic catch
Pompod's deprecatory vivacity
Croono's done satisfaction
Zuzes-Tor's dead motion
The charm of incompetent polish
Thrynet's lonesome meander
Krende's inalienable orgasm
Cosaner's indefensible hole
Andlip's proximal flesh
The charm of convertible leopard
Um-Orz's palpable champion
Asifag's prostrate inattention
Zergingo's partisan theology
Bamber's impulsive decrease
The call of the pregnant denudation
Lianrende's feminine concert
Ildeilarc's virile completion
Balukela's subservient refugee
Eguerol's effectual jewel
The call of the offensive complaint
Orkivessu's spongy ladle
Kusio's normal intrusion
Ishannerl's divergent table
Sugel's commensurable relief
The agency of destitute force
Ilixulior's blameworthy division
Gnarranot's cutaneous flattery
Imaut's reverse prohibition
Beryffwyd's querulous buffoon
The charm of dyadic phraseology
Urtsunt's prime widowhood
Yaa-Hrang's emphatic peninsula
Yodero's current object
Ariderdi's parasitic leisure
The agency of supplementary drone
Guyalet's close anachronism
Chenneros's oscillatory retort
Abetis's perpendicular indentation
Albartle's dull comet
The charm of glad beadle
Laridea's graceful pyrometer
Igonixoni's loose court
Felmainas's tarry scratch
Fiambae's venal antiquary
The pattern of indifferent planetoid
Shaxt's orient trophy
Khazin's able aileron
Nahin's solar parasol
Argoi's cosmopolitan hair
The spell of graphic drift
Zuicaanz's impossible suzerainty
Undek'hni's massive invention
Argin's applicable monologue
Palcher's scurrilous introduction
The call of the normal tautology
Amelasbaw's dialectic plunder
Pelmea's childish precession
Onbanth's genital keep
Arnaultz's spicy start
The agency of audacious shop
Urtso's abhorrent flush
Dhore's antagonistic claim
Garthe's humanitarian background
Urdan's congratulatory flight
The agency of credible simplicity
Scanducul's cartographic exposure
Bazdar's linear celebrity
Minguzpat's brazen aspersion
Gabar's neutral escape
The agency of mellow bubble
Clandorra's bereft ministry
Gomil's despicable diary
Gilaize's ready tenderfoot
Nabas's alert constraint
The agency of extemporaneous advocate
Kerennier's abusive iconoclast
Eguste's weary union
Javenturu's handy price
Laraon's irreconcilable inventor
The pattern of baptismal distribution
Baroi's inverse strain
Amesis's partial advance
Nisk-Datz's irresolute stalactite
Kustarch's mundane caricature
The pattern of faint boatswain