500 Random Spells for the Dying Earth

In Jack Vance's classic Tales of the Dying Earth, the nomenclature for the magical spells seems curiously archaic. Xarfaggio's Physical Malepsy ... Arnhoult's Sequestrious Digitalia ... The Spell of Forlorn Encystment ... Khulip's Nasal Enhancement ... The spell names occasionally evoke a decadent arcane humor. The Excellent Prismatic Spray ... Phandaal's Critique of the Chill ... Below, you will find 500 spell names of aleatoric provenance, which after careful redaction may be suitable for use in the wonderful The Dying Earth(*) Role-Playing Game.

Do you have any comments about this program? I'm aware of the problems with the adjective/noun database, but it is too large to correct either all at once or as I notice inappropriate items. I'll tweak it gradually over the next few years ...

Oh! I should add that the spell generator was inspired by a long-lost program written by my friends John Marron and Les Hill. Furthermore, I have to thank John for showing me that, if you are interested in exotic worlds and well-crafted sentences, there's always more and more to like in the work of Jack Vance.

There are other name generators on the Name Generation Page.

(*) "The Dying Earth" is a trademark of Pelgrane Press Ltd. It is used here without permission.

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Davna's happy attendant
Udankwilf's averse altruism
Auxki's volatile substitute
Hangoitza's proof trickster
The pattern of mum cartel
Shione's congratulatory joint
Olemunosk's sodden spread
Arnarta's cold scholastic
Berin's new caliber
The spell of deliquescent discretion
Zarruzedn's girlish band
Ekajauno's superfluous lush
Arande's midland band
Paunikela's nice journal
The call of the authoritative creature
Artus's blank pound
Erwangose's nether sum
Wyxsc's metric shortcoming
Byzotz's incongruous Babel
The call of the sudden intrusion
Zilkoxo's particular hubbub
Sastike's venous loan
Lehoulio's cool preparation
Gnikendik's wild glycerine
The spell of radioactive thrust
Ankendo's inadequate exception
Lehus's conducive monster
Symar's abhorrent scandal
Perga's deducible outlawry
The spell of rough reward
Ihistadat's despicable esplanade
Lihar's calm onslaught
Sadkuberl's demure fire
Novanrea's content suggestion
The agency of absent inclination
Arattorsk's independent bow
Gidan's prostrate compact
Efrein's allusive heretic
Kartunuli's inexpressible patronage
The pattern of compelled mycology
Urkatsei's cartographic profundity
Azilemes's contagious thermistor
Dista's marine impropriety
Iolderi's silent stroke
The spell of hungry luminary
Anain's native tone
Gorrialoe's sarcastic gap
Boramarta's two tongue
Olenskera's contagious protest
The call of the external dilemma
Rhavee's sunk vagary
Hitzaidal's hurt strength
Guyan's inexorable tribute
Beldo's sear bole
The pattern of beautiful growth
Gardai-Pa's natural liar
Mearko's inoffensive grammar
Matsu's derisive guilt
Gomandus's spellbound pore
The agency of boggy glory
Virleye's globular temper
Aitzibaro's condemnatory omission
Zaorquen's efficacious sepia
Bermen's additive tenderfoot
The spell of cool gulf
Tyzottars's later isle
Scaagnaun's inequitable fire
Aderoarri's kindred hiss
Sherdar's positive quota
The agency of diverse agriculture
Mergomirr's maiden grocery
Drounzur's proportionate pantheon
Baunikaxe's opinionate size
Aparin's exceptional brotherhood
The spell of deprecatory bribe
Bilent's contrite legate
Parch's high mannerism
Asido's changeable board
Mikeliarb's guilty country
The charm of fraternal item
Sembel's transparent champion
Gardin's messy promotion
Handersia's fertile virtue
Teuno's ghostly absence
The call of the sound waste
Cherait's numeral skeptic
Zilko's spinal observation
Pelerbi's reverent courtesy
Atsugwish's afloat still
The call of the wild arch
Fiantz's unanimous gray
Aimbi's hypnotic magnanimity
Genta's prurient clearance
Modoulsta's victorious produce
The spell of wild fast
Sferdouli's disastrous reserve
Nikdaia's slack woman
Pierei's internecine evil
Gausko's successful molehill
The call of the inextinguishable position
Niskar's progressive case
Subuc's particular proof
Arlialgui's confirmatory stuff
Haier's subservient evasion
The spell of maternal precinct
Flott's hollow breakup
Haccod's soft interpretation
Oihenet's future codicil
Errassadi's comprehensive renewal
The pattern of young ape
Ostatza's canine plea
Lalargi's valid irruption
Argio's triangular morrow
Arendel's obligatory meteor
The agency of proverbial stream
Urtio's tawny diploma
Gorquidei's adequate power
Bounel's imperfect preservation
Omangoin's inside onus
The call of the cool breath
Delanio's luxuriant expression
Pordor's languid glory
Magun's prefatory alliance
Zamatt's patrician coupon
The charm of bellicose Cavendish
Kadiko's intrusive sunshade
Lekosuan's sharp reach
Roggilla's definite digression
Rouruarap's satisfactory levy
The charm of few perspicuity
Zerran's triumphant being
Aridarko's bumptious bolt
Juarsk's irretrievable everyone
Dilfordoo's positive lull
The charm of hence vegetarian
Kreark's foregoing belief
Andear's any chaos
Genetaner's notorious difficulty
Maumamer's impervious magic
The pattern of commensurable waste
Urrain's insufficient build
Marizue's trashy coffee
Shiar's immeasurable freedom
Garradats's orient fracture
The charm of descendent tap
Suban's acid censor
Gomourjan's permanent dot
Leodatzur's individual flora
Ildin's blind resignation
The pattern of rough animosity
Paska's conscientious trespass
Zhioron's grand multitude
Mederlor's infuriate wail
Erwilinar's hideous quid
The pattern of dangerous scruple
G'Var's insular flap
Zaferi's bucolic break
Ishmierwa's needful multiplicity
Lelam's direct precision
The spell of expectant committee
Lorna's acquiescent compassion
Lantimanx's superficial libel
Uhitzargo's erroneous stupor
Tambegoil's faithful repentant
The pattern of ambrosial rant
Gardanrot's everyday verbosity
Nik-Khuld's illicit acid
Oskaielch's convulsive hypocrite
Merinxis's individual larceny
The agency of droll frivolity
Gaurua's sober novitiate
Betrander's nonsensical postal
Batzi's quizzical sycophant
Dandolwal's palpable inspiration
The call of the faithful void
Ihimerol's asleep mood
Sarionarf's restful stream
Artaz's prostrate morphology
The call of the preliminary ringlet
Sasme's synergistic caprice
Beroil's triple amber
Rander's diagnostic prostitution
Yaalt's biblical prig
The agency of cloud welcome
Roggi's easy venture
Rharare's forcible left
Luanithis's orderly variety
Canpile's inextricable cry
The spell of involuntary retrieval
Barturano's mimic swivel
Iztoridak's anterior strike
Khane's diagnostic satisfaction
Pangoitzi's orderly cancel
The agency of parabolic crypt
Genterli's farsighted deputation
Barskelae's sarcastic nicety
Kauruzarg's preliminary soliloquy
Urdin's next retort
The pattern of gradual energy
Wiulan's true member
Jandolaz's spoken sphere
Obtintz's hundredth mode
Doman's matrimonial ostracism
The agency of nutritious voracity
Panturda-'s fantastic valedictorian
Azedou's contradictory purple
Anderniel's scrupulous armistice
Haritzede's symptomatic bigotry
The charm of gentle pretension
Erron's youthful supply
La-Hra's silent modesty
Xzarti's swift dupe
Artona's mettlesome mirror
The spell of grassy astigmatism
Igolgurua's akin suspense
Nisbale's stanch magic
Egunth's rival set
Gargar's mature spleen
The call of the short true
Kharsango's vernal aroma
Meltishmi's sore precipice
Krassasc's luxurious contretemps
Radco's bald priory
The pattern of greater consolation
Eneti's coarse boredom
Lumar's taught clearance
Ishanth's supine afterthought
Lohialsx's cheap withdrawal
The pattern of improvident ultimatum
Aztaxmazi's dumpy approach
Ssido's gloomy course
Goitott's terminal exercise
Feroldeku's high solicitude
The spell of egregious vocable
Maularsim's abhorrent cancel
Zinqzior's stable debate
Panordone's slab right
Khabbano's fluid poise
The call of the combustible dream
Balael's alveolar ease
Jando's rapt impression
Ziliaren's concentric nucleus
Vaske's apocryphal contemporary
The pattern of adverse adversary
Arnilk's motive stowage
Deuti's fast cipher
Axusc's several feather
Shamilend's cadaverous procession
The agency of frail vegetable
Danter's allusive shade
Eddiorita's gaudy sneak
Kaumai's cool denudation
Jakkenti's sterile gold
The call of the rectangular monsoon
Lukhei's stolid bigotry
Rabti's official retrogression
Prabilban's tangible odium
Pello's broken renewal
The spell of some ravine
Sambe's frontal shred
Maitzilic's pertinacious difficulty
Zohides's inaudible temper
Bazuro's vicarious mark
The call of the perfunctory walk
Furrix's ministerial drudgery
Enek'hna's cadaverous gourmet
Phoili's bald sound
Wyxsculka's graphic flap
The charm of secular stream
Shugermea's monastic archipelago
Lukin's vernal departure
Andola's vivacious decrease
Fushenos's indigenous augmentation
The charm of retentive fidelity
Hacco's monastic frivolity
Abasannor's migratory adhesion
Domaindit's level customhouse
Noval's hopeful profusion
The agency of globular respite
Ingelloer's celestial gold
Ottin's boastful opposition
Elemeti's supernatant repulsion
Rorna's arid guise
The spell of indiscriminate sobriety
Zartincth's abroad delirium
Loder's bygone enmity
Lasque's oscillatory vendetta
Odoncturk's prosperous pirouette
The charm of pliant fifth
Phouninct's circuitous soliloquy
Osparlart's misanthropic inquisitor
Urdinquen's any celerity
Ibalorra's sober bed
The pattern of dry ignoramus
Tabikor's lopsided perspicuity
Aurgion's dying victor
Iztakubel's subservient inertia
Garkoxons's extraneous toilet
The call of the stable flock
Matzent's incisive vicinity
Furgai's sober depression
Girko's subservient kiss
Zilfo's arbitrary fortune
The charm of smooth supply
Kutch's twin stake
Varti's pantomimic sunbeam
Goita's odd idiot
Mainekoro's equine prong
The agency of dingy technician
Atzelme's irrational skit
Jaulch's axial empathy
Erragio's stationary flattery
Cuthe's credulous church
The agency of green case
Alsea's magic amity
Tilatsom's cross elegy
Zohug's straightforward whimper
Taskel's irregular transfer
The spell of beneficial salute
Dombarth's pert cradle
Valden's hilarious theory
Uzustiko's imprudent notice
Seman's hard regard
The call of the bisexual harmony
Tilarrabi's hostile duration
Urdaitz's echo provision
Antinjait's nominal hound
Dhorkat's plain zero
The spell of urgent rival
Ipatz's conscientious load
Cuisk's fireproof acid
Ortarring's indefinite organ
Ada-Erlan's afoot sector
The pattern of washy pull
Girnikoia's luminous acerbity
Kurko's dead rest
Fustardou's proportionate return
Melop's longitudinal ambition
The charm of chivalrous refugee
Osaivee's inextinguishable pessimism
Lugolwand's concurrent lemma
Herrassia's lost auction
Eguiratun's desert nod
The call of the genital inaction
Bikelysso's ripe backbone
Mikoxetze's saline coquette
Sembone's single riot
Baskel's mild soul
The pattern of salt future
Errasti's inadvertent anachronism
Berlippin's revolutionary necessity
Araolo's envious exposure
Derish's scriptural stress
The call of the rectangular mystery
Scaa-Erri's nimble fan
Orivvendi's personal line
Lapuresum's phonetic acerbity
Motsoitzi's contradictory loss
The agency of cross charity
Andol's vertebral acerbity
Rhabi's mealy turn
Ostig's concurring plea
Perambal's agreeable preservation
The pattern of vascular claim
Ampon's inverse urgency
Ellarsome's impermissible scheme
Mazhnitt's random attainder
Spatarluk's mute poverty
The spell of apt hiss
Edensapen's nasty pilgrimage
Ibarr's true gossip
Joset's actual contiguity
Antar's great permutation
The charm of premonitory place
Palulch's obdurate advent
Izmiel's satanic orange
Vraierriz's coarse allowance
Minetan's some connivance
The spell of refractory armistice
Hustador's precious stewardess
Ixianixo's virtuous conflict
Sadile's four push
Gande's relevant flourish
The charm of fraternal arbiter
Garte's chancy departure
Madku's dirty palindrome
Cutiz's organic husbandry
Opila's peppery perpetuity
The charm of bygone Babel
Byzaive's equidistant alteration
Osaizaior's slimy incredulity
Nissomand's disastrous stone
Ambal's good warrant
The call of the incorrigible prosecution
Petzar's hubby stride
Piersansi's textile homogeneity
Vasai's sagacious prescription
Verut's arbitrary successor
The agency of wide numerous
Bennic's moist destiny
Kanselle's gainful brine
Mazariaml's soft proof
Fordagus's grotesque granite
The pattern of querulous nod
Claiz's intangible modesty
Tarko's kittenish collector
Aurus's inattentive arrow
Wiularghu's quadripartite exorcist
The spell of cadaverous turf
Ladikox's maroon slope
Ksant's vernacular perpetuity
Fartz's orderly drawback
Remede's magic prophet
The charm of ongoing quotation
Dadhratus's incorrigible notoriety
Phave's misty dexter
Gizar's black Babel
Efren's staunch stroke
The spell of atmospheric gourmet
Axulis's brusque homosexual
Xzaridor's mild fury
Gartaxe's gone recusant
Lihergi's intricate recess
The charm of astray need
Gaskatz's imperious journey
Remer's forcible patent
Nabal's accessible concision
Ataflanda's warlike opium
The pattern of inalienable safeguard
Eguire's fresh symmetry
Vramu's restive boredom
Sadal's notorious chancellor
Amettin's aghast apparatus
The agency of ostentatious freedom
Ilviultor's introductory anachronism
Azircharo's almighty upstart
Sanix's endemic image
Goren's noxious pudding
The charm of ineffectual cornet
Selasasus's snap nostril
Eiors's envious port
Xexilfon's perverse inhibition
Garbi's extraordinary tongue
The call of the emitted apathy
Niskolin's impracticable bargain
Shideiamp's thoughtful bigotry
Liherratz's forgotten gravy
Erreno's concurring keynote
The pattern of forgotten perspective
Nahance's provincial gemstone
Urtusin's confirmatory immunization
Lodes's sheer instinct
Heraspiel's open fund
The pattern of fragmentary article
Artunzun's dead bazaar
Undun's skinny sneak
Urtarch-M's painstaking promise
Majidei's aristocratic hill
The charm of parasitic debauch
Alant's frequent debit
Ospares's judicious thrust
Mazdaitz's synergistic frog
Nepark's fragile revelation
The call of the deprecatory restitution
Remendoon's inclement chaos
Golai's incisive desert
Semundo's mauve idea
Urthorko's neutral sally
The charm of cross scramble
Tarse's memorable exposure
Shankwis's changeable baptism
Moel-Panc's cylindric refusal
Lohimpe's erratic relaxation
The agency of neat schoolboy
Ostebalt's impassive riddle
Laulchait's clear finger
Lelan's sulky advice
Iztarbar's reciprocal lamentation
The charm of supreme peace
Anditz's forlorn scrub
Launune's mock function
Doment's indigent boredom
Zelinavna's useful monster
The charm of literary octogenarian
Giliska's identical profit
Lautz's malicious exponent
Galam's obdurate obduracy
Ilvila's sardonic today
The spell of open quarry
Urrain's baneful pretext
Urdonaxis's ordinary magic
Cosiko's invidious bias
Daimeth's despicable allusion
The charm of ancestral posture
Lasiano's pretentious saint
Sotze's neutral coupon
Murtlesse's epigrammatic plunder
Masko's indivisible hatch
The charm of privy bigotry