500 Random Spells for the Dying Earth

In Jack Vance's classic Tales of the Dying Earth, the nomenclature for the magical spells seems curiously archaic. Xarfaggio's Physical Malepsy ... Arnhoult's Sequestrious Digitalia ... The Spell of Forlorn Encystment ... Khulip's Nasal Enhancement ... The spell names occasionally evoke a decadent arcane humor. The Excellent Prismatic Spray ... Phandaal's Critique of the Chill ... Below, you will find 500 spell names of aleatoric provenance, which after careful redaction may be suitable for use in the wonderful The Dying Earth(*) Role-Playing Game.

Do you have any comments about this program? I'm aware of the problems with the adjective/noun database, but it is too large to correct either all at once or as I notice inappropriate items. I'll tweak it gradually over the next few years ...

Oh! I should add that the spell generator was inspired by a long-lost program written by my friends John Marron and Les Hill. Furthermore, I have to thank John for showing me that, if you are interested in exotic worlds and well-crafted sentences, there's always more and more to like in the work of Jack Vance.

There are other name generators on the Name Generation Page.

(*) "The Dying Earth" is a trademark of Pelgrane Press Ltd. It is used here without permission.

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Poger's squat rue
Dombanosi's distal garland
Kevor's distinct century
Puinga's radioactive dimension
The agency of homogeneous inspiration
Zhiasko's consonant atmosphere
Sambaiord's coercive tutelage
Jaspin's sweet jail
Miiraunet's dull wonder
The call of the new forbearance
Melchantz's tentative spleen
Induler's chatty condolence
Az-Khadi's bilingual perversion
Raber's supplementary bane
The call of the intact occultation
Bince's bad storage
Axusoko's nautical rhythm
Cugos's illusory discovery
Goitz's secure staff
The agency of hard breath
Gengor's annular solicitude
Ekaja's tipsy solicitation
Zohishesh's luminescent architect
Laierdoi's morbid quaver
The pattern of slanderous form
Mellojun's hungry hothouse
Ampellina's tenuous circular
Kinnomede's criminal focus
G'Vasomau's bearish fast
The charm of minus acrimony
Meder's guttural tenure
Scaagi's sketchy court
Vasime's cavernous necessity
Ortzon's corporeal parody
The spell of inconsiderable clatter
Ivanzede's secret peace
Illark's gray plum
Sonex's expository steward
Irrh-Mor's tactual cavalcade
The call of the rough exile
Ipari's pliant relish
Tandori's inattentive analysis
Erremulia's congener stint
Sanorberl's wholesome gusto
The charm of thorough metaphor
Gnikelio's uniform chisel
Ospil's tonic thought
Vomaspale's mercurial misnomer
Sadan's filial plan
The pattern of inaudible award
Nuxillaz's preponderant collector
Krauncth's bluff grace
Tibarta's loquacious inheritance
Luzea's gratuitous clay
The agency of enigmatic tackle
Baurio's proportionate normalcy
Noxetish's stupid phrase
Unavanne's elate denudation
Parkol's emitting parentage
The pattern of permanent deceit
Seque's precious antarctic
Ansan's ready fourth
Cutzankai's improper wharf
Shinduruw's sycophantic bubble
The call of the liquid burlesque
Mupuruixi's middle retribution
Ligarz's misanthropic penury
Aznikelan's epic perspicuity
Miaga's absolute corkscrew
The spell of irregular perturbation
Garrukel's immediate prohibition
Hantaraba's right bond
Panier's incompetent carpenter
Vrainostr's wheezy bandit
The charm of improbable unction
Ilanich's heavy precession
Merli's sulky bolt
Merwandin's volatile bond
Adantor's dull pill
The pattern of delicate algebra
Aderag's stupid pessimism
Sayanteru's virile omission
Errolarra's earnest vinegar
Kemeilgun's binomial debacle
The spell of white bargain
Borintz's evanescent synopsis
Gorka's retrogressive myopia
Munerbara's comprehensive tenant
Disth's bright quarry
The charm of complementary commissary
Anding's bygone debacle
Brabin's scrupulous invention
Dhami's inadmissible dusk
Guzpalce's ghastly ostracism
The spell of rude superstition
Efres's auditory coat
Eduraste's plaid diluent
Gauvune's opalescent coffer
Panxilanq's lackluster estimate
The spell of instantaneous voracity
Wagaittia's consequent decline
Biderrida's affable rob
Samin's hard peace
Urrince's plebeian duet
The charm of retroactive reason
Aitzes's blameworthy claim
Bershoraf's numb withdrawal
Chara's exact formula
Deunzuner's corrupt proof
The charm of solid respect
Endurre's condemnatory trustee
Laitza's light shadow
Kaxel's ritual say
Kevoda-Hr's flush syzygy
The call of the explanatory virtue
Almelet's inattentive lapse
Urbegos's pure chamfer
Balark's hidden transcript
Pielchavi's rightful mystery
The pattern of subservient leaven
Gargil's intolerant gall
Loldebang's sovereign trepidation
Agosk's junior part
Jokoles's leisure delivery
The pattern of snug opacity
Nuxkich's oily exile
Zarazzio's balmy wall
Metilin's effeminate Juno
Lelar's profane amity
The call of the recombinant spot
Berdurser's spare stone
Dibas's ritual hummock
Saldrafer's whence wreath
Jurselunt's literary palate
The agency of hubby evolution
Pel-Par's sinister sex
Miraye's partial transposition
Maundraf's silent desuetude
Tiferainn's affluent boredom
The call of the legendary comrade
Urkajnu's pleasant proportion
Leher's festive profusion
Varius's impressive train
Furud's spongy attic
The pattern of sinister Eumenides
Juridernu's exogenous satellite
Mating's abusive wrongdoing
Bohierwan's volcanic event
Khare's shoal flagstone
The call of the aching coercion
Betin's different provision
Oxarko's sonorous ego
Khugwiled's inactive evolution
Egoiz's radiant Nestor
The charm of controversial reception
Azusko's focal offshoot
Azonsiker's dead ease
Saponavee's synchronous cynic
Bohunt's dark mass
The pattern of exceptional augmentation
Aleti's inattentive yogi
Rubazkin's pristine suction
Cutart's mock profession
Sanxi's incorrigible homologue
The pattern of stiff fear
Dillaizki's desultory sacrament
Lloelain's loath pulp
Gabilar's particular regression
Osteberit's docile wilderness
The pattern of great nib
Garmen's sober diffusion
Angei's hemispheric push
Cille's vernal backbone
Igolederm's scabrous plain
The charm of newborn incense
Stadle's imperfect oblivion
Deuntz's ugly venture
Ssinel's gone saw
Burientun's combustible spurn
The pattern of fragmentary mosque
Bellervil's uproarious iconoclast
Oidaldi's urgent tact
Shithorqu's laudatory bite
Eskon's ordinary oil
The spell of incorrigible retribution
Thruzealu's straight advent
Matiniko's contemptible satisfaction
Padesm's eighth naivete
Hylaorrad's venerable magnitude
The charm of flashy conspirator
Fervirent's profane sobriety
Mautriorc's multiple static
Lache's vacuous fireplace
Kancthode's avaricious say
The pattern of opposite fortune
Arvanquek's eccentric trunk
Shraialtz's strict opus
Baize's lithe stamina
Buber's nominal kink
The spell of patriarchal pale
Lekouritz's diamond conduit
Anguneko's content reception
Miirja's uproarious conversion
Clanpin's silent ocelot
The spell of sycophantic safety
Kradl's dull masque
Ospahoi's retrogressive crimson
Nahaffwyd's indifferent gage
T'sandurt's starch exile
The spell of insolvent competitor
Tohor's focal streak
Jauliff's gelatin ease
Dibanu's apocryphal clearance
Hyssu's compassionate hall
The spell of presumptive repulsion
Tanintz's high ease
Yelume's discretionary acme
Tronti's promiscuous gauze
Arole's fiendish password
The call of the brisk instance
Omatzaion's low oxygen
Koymna's languid balm
Lukhe's continual influx
Urrayant's temporal prose
The agency of bilateral simplicity
Musti's pure oxygen
Ospaleder's motley spoil
Oxangoitz's impeccable abridgment
Az-Khaimb's harsh hive
The charm of weak prodigal
Litzel's addle plug
Sarch's large strand
Kevoyner's natural tutelage
Izmiraitz's righteous sobriety
The call of the explicit theologian
Vaskort's evil concert
Iorstratv's pleasant cherubim
Viravan's secant confirmation
Barin's compulsory draftsman
The spell of glossy daybreak
Shixe's spongy egg
Solanular's plastic disturbance
Ambolort's shrunk Eumenides
Sandon's insufficient auxiliary
The spell of chaste freedom
Odornatti's malevolent widowhood
Thiachil's deficient jam
Oinxfagid's motley frown
Iramsebel's penal congress
The call of the dusty thesaurus
Izmike's conscientious heap
Kergi's familiar wheel
Caboliagi's misanthropic repel
Adergi's perilous strain
The agency of rare sack
Urrh-Mor's fourfold refusal
Quarai's tuneful derision
Eleizu's alien clutter
Panio's faithful fool
The call of the fertile scent
Vartar's true nook
Tharanili's apologetic capital
Claitzio's supposable gazelle
Waggin's resilient moiety
The agency of futile demand
Soliarral's prodigal precision
Laustiko's regular denudation
Kanatiane's venial emulsion
Beruke's quick care
The call of the recusant tit
Malor's defensive rear
Kernatere's impulsive walk
Allumenut's retrogressive wrench
Gormo's impulsive solemnity
The agency of jolly freak
Blundel's excusable abeyance
Metor's ignorant heterogeneity
Onbador's aromatic appearance
Thilfadin's loyal cataract
The pattern of motive tenacity
Jorqual's conjugate proof
Gomar's repentant whisper
Eztebel's original fusion
Obeko's expressive decision
The charm of quadripartite mud
Symnavir's domestic prostitution
Eristades's seeing debate
Majnunt's obedient fancy
Ezkal's cool membrane
The charm of plural plan
Yodnidetz's retaliatory exposure
Cazhnik's identical romance
Nissatz's bluish comprehension
Tam-Orbi's rash section
The spell of single jurisdiction
Elaurusim's temperate frustum
Guzarizko's tremulous pleasure
Pauncth's welcome poll
Mardir's frostbitten pressure
The call of the explicit peace
Betorbaer's permissible tenor
Lehunix's opposite staff
Zohulede's wearisome retort
Thimenze's near benefactor
The spell of lucid arbiter
Cugwil's acoustic brine
Trosua's specific ambiguity
Gaimeryff's abhorrent spatula
Iravan's frugal tone
The agency of sagacious bully
Tippilemb's inane exposure
Djoratzen's still aftermath
Betsus's analytic decrease
Jasmyre's scurrilous restorative
The charm of shivery third
Rhazzi's flowery trellis
Perejinde's scurrilous washout
Oxande's isochronous cognition
Anduruin's faulty whisper
The pattern of fiery symmetry
Anduska's extinct gain
Bernidord's sordid idiom
Josti's gross nihilism
Kersc's violent article
The charm of difficult courage
Kaulphira's conscientious health
Arando's sonorous senior
Cutrix's proximate assent
Shartsoma's sagacious preservation
The agency of pleasant justice
Andaven's elysian forgery
Menutzan's supercilious corruption
Andre's lavish guarantee
Eguin's iambic third
The pattern of florid pitfall
Irush's slender umbilicus
Thambe's transferred patrolman
Obtrizarc's sexy peal
Harthugel's assonant solution
The pattern of greasy despair
Enekon's hellish paraphrase
Lelleres's conspicuous wag
Predoliar's happen plagiarist
Haxiadei's irregular twinge
The spell of indefensible slab
Kadgelt's liable lair
Yodentzin's sturdy petticoat
Iuculis's irresolute chaos
Berrante's philanthropic voyage
The call of the ternary alliance
Airoon's permanent nicotine
Ospelesoi's shrunk dot
Petorce's torpid continent
Krabekuir's tarry skill
The call of the moderate tenderfoot
Juarnaxia's sad promptitude
Ladin's uproarious fire
Arentzes-'s corporeal infamy
Baranierr's present wealth
The agency of combinatorial pet
Dadcoumpr's indecent homogeneity
Ixillore's incomplete periscope
Hurgio's impertinent vegetable
Urkod's feudal today
The spell of vitreous gang
Marababab's scurrilous iconoclast
Ospele's plausible exemption
Ekiar's recalcitrant perspicuity
Iakajunt's emphatic rationale
The agency of various counterpoise
Sangor's misanthropic unanimity
Baital's contradictory homology
Liagarrem's flimsy spread
Mauler's worthwhile posy
The spell of allusive neglect
Solinalde's hydrous necessity
Padik's orthogonal custody
Beder's territorial cession
Ksaju's contentious goddess
The spell of shortsighted body
Urbel's chivalrous salary
Padlin's minus harm
Vompe's confident guise
Uzurosmen's monotonous poise
The agency of confidential mixture
Batidel's tubular expose
Mahitz's immaculate organ
Scambolli's full reptile
Eguida's happen symbol
The agency of p instinct
Anton's rectangular silver
Orixo's decimal challenge
Osparsk's reformatory repulsion
Mahoulce's weatherproof leap
The agency of ancillary blank
Bilik's free room
Lolgrasse's modal refuge
Birmolish's faint self
Faurranel's pithy gloss
The agency of confident martyrdom
Astar's inconclusive manumission
Iormonauc's second artisan
Bermol's utmost anachronism
Diska's cadaverous algorithm
The call of the accusative plagiarism
Embaztau's lofty none
Varti's retroactive lecture
Chidesan's humanitarian proffer
Sturoin's burial optimism
The pattern of lukewarm abolition
Xzarron's parallel rise
Mausti's symbolic stupefaction
Domaulk's single pessimist
Bautza's awry glory
The charm of imperfect acquittal
Izotz's propelling span
Gabermo's earnest assay
Mellumara's misanthropic storm
Magid's prophylactic scratch
The spell of aerial lush
Ibolayal's vital stead
La-Erwe's elegiac wrinkle
Ivang's concave asymptote
T'saio's abrasive farewell
The agency of immune product
Noxar's buoyant squash
Topouncel's snowy status
Burris's vacant presumption
Firambela's contagious perpetuity
The agency of contemporaneous life
Dislembal's chatty upheaval
Virja's forward honey
Ortzarial's family leak
Phantul's inoperative provocation
The spell of wasteful philanthropy
Erliskoit's inefficient complaint
Garser's fatty enigma
Lanongosm's irreconcilable abstract
Clifergon's reciprocal relaxation
The pattern of filmy pretension
Eraio's confluent charm
Pergi's beneficial sobriety
Gorrizagu's punctual jockey
Az-Khushm's ample twinge
The pattern of successful appellant
Linaulkoi's monastic cemetery
Harsetanz's afire placenta
Prynex's runaway vice
Ortungo's sonorous substitution
The agency of lenient demon
Blamisko's current beadle
Palton's nimble lapse
Twando's mossy purview
Egumed's acerbic hubbub
The agency of brisk latitude
Chaven's impure spleen
Eridol's juvenile decomposition
Calis's nasty forbearance
Nepen's fine quality
The spell of stiff demolition
Vasbel's inquisitive nihilism
Panarvirk's monastic default
Oihaderwa's familiar residuum
Inder's synoptic victim
The agency of rough fidelity
Sanxisvan's halfway philanthropy
Mainjae's powerful luck
Fortiderc's cadaverous ecliptic
Mandoitor's inglorious somersault
The call of the discoid perpetuity
Indin's sidereal inability
Thrusta's airy hum
Kilfin's given sympathy
Egothe-Mo's hellish corkscrew
The agency of legible auspices
Hibal's iconic quartet
Oskaferes's potent tongue
Zaonck's indistinguishable duplicity
Shutch's straightforward brink
The call of the fierce z
Khado's current language
Byssick's observant harvest
Bazai's impressive philanthropy
Rornaunti's sultry karma
The call of the sepulchral writ
Sorsc's oriental demon
Remethier's still pale
Gadlix's feathery flag
Pes-Tokhi's filthy permutation
The spell of loose collocation
Lanba's inexorable yeast
Axusko's angelic tutelage
Horana's contagious tenderfoot
Tadhrua's triangular precession
The agency of labial merit
Muniko's rude appearance
Ampere's scrupulous conflict
Urtzaio's plaid reception
Axusomier's smart charity
The pattern of abeyant prank