500 Random Spells for the Dying Earth

In Jack Vance's classic Tales of the Dying Earth, the nomenclature for the magical spells seems curiously archaic. Xarfaggio's Physical Malepsy ... Arnhoult's Sequestrious Digitalia ... The Spell of Forlorn Encystment ... Khulip's Nasal Enhancement ... The spell names occasionally evoke a decadent arcane humor. The Excellent Prismatic Spray ... Phandaal's Critique of the Chill ... Below, you will find 500 spell names of aleatoric provenance, which after careful redaction may be suitable for use in the wonderful The Dying Earth(*) Role-Playing Game.

Do you have any comments about this program? I'm aware of the problems with the adjective/noun database, but it is too large to correct either all at once or as I notice inappropriate items. I'll tweak it gradually over the next few years ...

Oh! I should add that the spell generator was inspired by a long-lost program written by my friends John Marron and Les Hill. Furthermore, I have to thank John for showing me that, if you are interested in exotic worlds and well-crafted sentences, there's always more and more to like in the work of Jack Vance.

There are other name generators on the Name Generation Page.

(*) "The Dying Earth" is a trademark of Pelgrane Press Ltd. It is used here without permission.

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Gaxamarvi's lavender inspiration
Senth's rank fraud
Sonex's permanent advance
Herai's green racket
The pattern of fishy voracity
Haxetiler's analytic exquisite
Pryno's wild conversion
Harin's patent course
Zambon's volcanic acrimony
The charm of bland plan
Gaxelledr's barbarous hit
Saskel-Pa's upright status
Alasso's undying state
Gauan's secant architect
The charm of auspicious thesis
Triorrast's double inadequacy
Kolazdave's gorgeous plate
Xeinaulfa's rough antarctic
Aimaz's antagonistic pervasion
The spell of monetary reception
Arvin's corporeal menial
Abergi's infelicitous babe
Bakajnu's serpent embody
Falipinxi's floating runaway
The spell of fibrous tactician
Zaflazi's timid funnel
Ampetzait's wet verisimilitude
Claduride's near era
Stuntiand's decisive fool
The agency of current intention
Melle's vacuous visage
Frola's random backbone
Radleousk's gratuitous pantheon
Zerkelle's smoky geography
The call of the seductive excess
Berruko's insolvent redemption
Lelcel's personal inadequacy
Ibonco's garish cloud
Verlen's lyric highfalutin
The agency of weighty nod
Genesasta's urgent obduracy
Rines's flatulent air
Erratin's elliptic cameo
Gaxmario's resonant thrift
The call of the tremulous wish
Berlip's exultant carnation
Ospriando's wild chalk
Otsokher's lonesome receipt
Zaonfo's indubitable proposal
The call of the light leakage
Javnaio's eventful article
Kadan's explicit proscenium
Gorofon's subterranean interference
Doman's frigid seam
The charm of legal perpetuity
Zohuntin's tawny circuit
Zigostad's fit concession
Sotei's spongy icebox
Imauntz's familiar gourmet
The spell of incombustible keel
Walen's aching trustee
Balesmetr's formal set
Senave's charitable quotation
Zelmaunix's legitimate brown
The charm of improper brine
Baingra's maudlin escheat
Arandessi's imperfect ceremony
Dulesterl's abhorrent dupe
Silan's effectual convocation
The call of the predominant interest
Arres's ongoing incursion
Calaorkaf's accessory vernacular
Phamarmae's shadowy millennium
Teoberlia's rude sand
The agency of stationary demand
Stune's hot deposition
Kaxmautzi's ritual moor
Matulk's inconspicuous right
Tentistid's impalpable genius
The pattern of complacent brotherhood
Embon's faint implantation
Enelauner's sulky botany
Liark's immediate vintner
Aiensu's chaste script
The pattern of impalpable auger
Bobilam's eloquent intellect
Rhintidol's convertible behest
Bir-Shilk's senile detergent
Baizariza's tan peril
The pattern of inexorable light
Bikolde's hostile escape
Zadorka's fugitive prohibition
Chara's recondite seizure
Hodesa's impenetrable male
The call of the rough tedium
Sartad's rakish swag
Panko's straight guile
Massen's fine auxiliary
Auringei's crystalline frog
The agency of imperative will
Mersomala's immortal proscription
Shigoitze's speedy call
Romanre's profligate clan
Glesinet's abhorrent scope
The spell of alveolar advocacy
Majnu's flat being
Blinqzi's arbitrary incapacity
Medra's smaller woman
Arandooko's fiscal nook
The spell of statutory furnace
Nishank's fragmentary furtherance
Hibal's faithful indent
Allincode's prostrate fear
Basif's sibilant syringe
The charm of vaccine brine
Kauntza's showy hygrometer
Ilviancou's prohibitory Janus
Zuhar's retroactive malaria
Variask's changeable blame
The pattern of incommunicable betrayer
Leherber's horny maroon
Radin's representative transference
Lumel's squashy force
Semederem's determinate cocoa
The call of the insensible ingot
Vasque's intact misogynist
Barandin's sulky solicitation
Andoa's autumnal opposition
Anatiler's bivalve revelation
The spell of milky respite
Pervanrat's virile perpetuity
Domoundea's lurid project
Uther's apparent curse
Clargi's uncouth blush
The charm of retaliatory import
Oietin's predatory anagram
Galartal's cortical atrocity
Arnain's vicarious metaphor
Urdaka's inconsiderable man
The charm of tangible nicety
Arvilla's visionary frown
Remurskel's nutritive amethyst
Faulegin's stable epitome
Borix's remedial cession
The charm of jumbo consolation
Roulk's halcyon median
Fusko's utmost lull
Gir-Shrua's prismatic lawsuit
Haxamen's tolerable diversion
The charm of definite prologue
Groon's clement declination
Gilicla's buoyant triumph
Josassif's confident tumult
Menzubala's utilitarian locomotion
The agency of indifferent prohibition
Gorth's rustic friction
Hartang's knobby missionary
Gortinjai's desolate accident
Az-Khauta's impassable clientele
The spell of jubilant issue
Hanzentz's generous lingo
Jakuensan's inoperative kick
Thaze's loquacious onlooker
Launoster's endemic equivalent
The pattern of inconsequential flam
Eguriorat's rare delirium
Lazil's irreclaimable goose
Faltis's puckish chamber
Caragidon's doubtful cession
The agency of meritorious principle
Gizke's triune missive
Deunti's phonetic board
Laimaucol's extramural moral
Baialsend's acquisitive conglomerate
The pattern of fiendish tutelage
Turtz's slick midst
Ottig's cellular say
Sparostaf's triumphant thought
Udessiu's professional travesty
The pattern of jocund problem
Vartiski's populous coma
Shavendor's allied symmetry
Virolansi's familiar don
Isk-Khain's domestic pixy
The pattern of premonitory finger
Marankwig's fallow civet
Bauth's indefensible acolyte
Amelan's phonic exercise
Ezren's monotonous respite
The call of the taught interest
Coren's future repel
Beilangor's natural sprain
Kalumpodz's leaky altitude
Dellip's proverbial reservoir
The agency of persuasive expert
Andiverru's academic obstinacy
Clinonixi's ominous theorem
Ixanqzi's major ignition
Aielle's meet rub
The call of the satisfactory weird
Lertur's reverent cancel
Az-Khax's sacred despair
Dilin's transparent return
Ascode's wheezy laughingstock
The spell of regular altruist
Ingomenel's artful newsboy
Tronallin's obdurate snap
Lauar's domestic dingy
Agonce's abhorrent conscience
The spell of delicate beat
Ottotian's scant companion
Ikartz's constant warrant
Lehiquen's pure virtue
Abarkaja's passive karma
The charm of mutual midshipman
Oihagi's slippery fist
Ampon's sappy conduct
Lizar's moribund composure
Sebro's greenish egotist
The charm of taught afterthought
Errantzon's humane outlawry
Ikathin's authoritative epaulet
Airen's hostile necessity
Twalor's ignoble medium
The call of the volatile cacophony
Romed's columnar z
Iparviusa's witty cause
Rhisko's apologetic avail
Landitzed's dead hiss
The pattern of single hecatomb
G'Val's phonetic inmate
Ethoth's agrarian family
Alsing's congratulatory umbrage
Galikdari's big monstrosity
The spell of honest dissension
Goucol's ordinary increase
Gillaer's responsive gold
Bercelin's personal institute
Ioraiz's twin eavesdropper
The call of the dulcet cup
Petis's unwieldy excuse
Milazar's libelous miracle
Gasment's prompt mud
Rabauren's convalescent exposure
The charm of full filigree
Antzion's biblical threat
Shiquax's pedantic flint
Zaolatire's straight glory
Garthoi's influential incredulity
The charm of uncouth perspective
Garza's bogus thought
Lask-Darn's secret request
Ildina's fantastic stinkpot
Krapaltz's easy hate
The agency of innocuous possession
Turidetir's foul conveyance
Nislesen's monotonous opacity
Lelangsh's lost honesty
Bikoldi's cautionary diaphragm
The spell of liberal jealousy
Zilerchit's errant soul
Phaman's primitive convention
Pulai's perfect nihilist
Naholandi's antagonistic proportion
The call of the sober incursion
Indoll's awkward expression
Gombol's dominant glitter
Enetandin's bald suspicion
Auxki's preeminent private
The call of the ascetic net
Osthodand's devout funnel
Deoust's coalescent sky
Vitzi's cute hunt
Ihazanga's colossal curriculum
The spell of advantageous grit
Zuzka's dark craze
Goiza's neat onus
Lachimban's sketchy fusillade
Garitz's deleterious network
The charm of fragrant stew
Nahai's lengthy roll
Murixulfi's permanent stooge
Erruze's rapacious word
Canesia's warm acerbity
The agency of tidal close
Tasprot's populous timber
Matei's observant normalcy
Khunt's inexorable dint
Urber's neutral fancy
The charm of impelling worthy
Wisko's irreducible linguist
Gorgoli's rectangular jiffy
Luirmo's progressive intendant
Lach-Aing's old contagion
The pattern of impish yellow
Oinketold's utmost butt
Xarmaian's regular bronchus
Clicassio's sarcastic very
Gorin's stagy liberty
The call of the desultory wrongdoing
Bouleiz's dissonant link
Phounzede's intimate duke
Twikdamat's indiscriminate guilt
Artalartz's exclusive envy
The pattern of strong epicure
Arramirch's wicked punch
Adesiark's brief analogy
Pormekoit's brainy myself
Atadlartz's strong coach
The spell of servile lymph
Nolandin's misanthropic spear
Bizar's responsive check
Gunelia's obscure shortcoming
Semurgo's punitive Juno
The charm of rough wrongdoer
Hustis's poetic nicety
Batzagin's devious apostle
Onbae's sedentary iniquity
Codeizkou's conclusive omission
The spell of blatant magic
Ludoitat's dark exit
Moggi's proud honesty
Paulia's astringent ware
Teodo's incommensurable eclipse
The charm of hellish auction
Trolo's salient oneself
Haradgerg's incomplete bow
Erlazelus's obscure lust
Bider's indignant subject
The call of the feasible decrement
Ospen's spare point
Firabizar's responsive free
Lachion's limpid coupon
Urtulko's acetic consumption
The pattern of mellow concision
Bausteio's triple aphelion
Gaitz's choral arrow
Zaditz's lost crypt
Dibaramen's insular flame
The pattern of guardian credit
Glumpo's swampy withdrawal
Djore's substantial thesis
Anasquor's fresh doubt
Pomire's blameworthy course
The charm of applicable exponent
Oierlo's abstinent epicure
Domartz's tipsy nature
Androoz's extant Buddhist
Batsoitz's free brood
The agency of kind merchant
Melumetan's abhorrent affidavit
Peskoizko's guilty chamberlain
Majan's punctual conqueror
Artarlin's thus confine
The spell of scrupulous bargain
Djork's humble mulatto
Ospalulik's piggish composition
Asterl's actual denudation
Ihailk's peremptory queue
The pattern of spiral teratology
Suska's lunar placenta
Scasko's washy proposal
Jokolopsi's reverent dilatation
Asterouno's sappy stem
The charm of country tony
Eshig's sepulchral precocity
Azvande's rectangular half
Kilin's snap boredom
Ostiontzo's crude break
The charm of incombustible boredom
Thigaspri's easygoing dream
Majunilba's scholastic placenta
Gasth's suggestive furtherance
Kazkinio's aloof boredom
The call of the extravagant hieroglyphic
Chalsx's appreciable tear
Donatsomo's raw term
Herlen's extravagant home
Assedei's apparent spectacle
The pattern of prohibitive white
Emedea's polyglot addition
Kolat's silent sum
Oihessmir's bluish freedom
Merru's deducible aspersion
The pattern of boyish justice
Edorilica's spring secession
Harmendo's progressive amateur
Juanex's nimble advance
Lapah's fastidious prognosis
The spell of halcyon simultaneity
Esherca's spiritual booklet
Ortzede's awkward antonym
Sequis's faithful fallacy
Abeamathi's quizzical boredom
The spell of parasitic root
Milaske's aerial backbone
Oinek's analytic inspector
Urrosmyro's guttural starvation
Lehesm's ersatz dualism
The agency of spellbound data
Seballino's episcopal pulse
Obeti's low alias
Shambirle's volatile alphabet
Matvilfad's feudal limit
The call of the vernal fellow
Axulsx's earnest chance
Sferratzi's sagacious disk
Haxenotto's convertible millstone
Aiellinxi's apart squash
The spell of lower article
T'saiti's influential gust
Oienai's external preserve
Eneialste's extinct withal
Trolike's converse acquittal
The charm of indulgent ambush
Merce's steady resignation
Atzentiss's recalcitrant novitiate
Zuzellaim's stolid ring
Gorabol's durable dint
The call of the venomous punk
Gaduria's cosmopolitan temple
Clamar's foul sneak
Moderdaa-'s spiritual approval
Malamant's conciliatory analogy
The call of the near shove
Ortis's visible absolution
Sunelme's forcible weight
Ruberiler's incredulous drip
Zaradaizk's prone satin
The agency of guilty emission
Rabanotze's susceptible charity
Chaxiantz's inelastic wealth
Xzaior's frothy mutineer
Ospingorm's barefaced satisfaction
The call of the punitive infamy
Dromaspe's abysmal homage
Tchavesil's admitted implantation
Ferda's fragmentary state
Cabinatz's insufficient necessity
The call of the taught butterfly
Bakivverc's flagrant inspiration
Maune's familiar secession
Tokhinger's replete item
Andonce-M's central anger
The charm of superficial outlawry
Enebethod's apocalyptic facsimile
Dulian's vagrant ring
Thilia's prohibitory dent
Sortz's good salute
The call of the astray evil
Girram-Fo's sordid tar
Sanexet's susceptible funeral
Shitatz's starch obduracy
Luzkoul's implacable impression
The call of the provincial gem
Llamierai's ternary shingle
Argarlen's arbitrary male
Lehiskalc's noble bane
Sorollinc's yeasty tort
The charm of centrifugal rule
Orinko's scarce absence
Koledorat's irrational waist
Romederon's corrupt milk
Ilian's pleasant glory
The spell of paternal mystery
Kalitza's tarry honesty
Gormatart's permanent deputy
Temeroldi's inconsistent unity
Errinka's formal key
The spell of inconvertible damnation
Iolgune's coextensive span
Fabiz's upright beauty
Ekhia's errant quality
Arasandur's incendiary public
The call of the attentive rescue
Varax's deducible resolve
Aitzo's virtual fidelity
Joskobaco's burlesque ballast
Sabensapo's speedy meridian
The spell of spiral seizure
Orton's needful fidget
Iparce-Lo's stocky diagnosis
Laurut's luxuriant cut
Byzor's rectangular solicitor
The agency of innermost concision
Aducodeiz's abject grocery
Mupur's tidal revolution
Andolla's his multiplicity
Gallarlo's blissful finger
The call of the evasive parlance
Kantzi's her dyad
Dhoud's monotonous coroner
Meraskox's hard arch
Kerle's contrary member
The call of the indefensible gourmet
Hainck's synergistic manhood
Arofoxams's mysterious tongue
Jauculica's dominant caricature
Thithe-Mo's tuneful pith
The charm of lackluster armament