500 Random Spells for the Dying Earth

In Jack Vance's classic Tales of the Dying Earth, the nomenclature for the magical spells seems curiously archaic. Xarfaggio's Physical Malepsy ... Arnhoult's Sequestrious Digitalia ... The Spell of Forlorn Encystment ... Khulip's Nasal Enhancement ... The spell names occasionally evoke a decadent arcane humor. The Excellent Prismatic Spray ... Phandaal's Critique of the Chill ... Below, you will find 500 spell names of aleatoric provenance, which after careful redaction may be suitable for use in the wonderful The Dying Earth(*) Role-Playing Game.

Do you have any comments about this program? I'm aware of the problems with the adjective/noun database, but it is too large to correct either all at once or as I notice inappropriate items. I'll tweak it gradually over the next few years ...

Oh! I should add that the spell generator was inspired by a long-lost program written by my friends John Marron and Les Hill. Furthermore, I have to thank John for showing me that, if you are interested in exotic worlds and well-crafted sentences, there's always more and more to like in the work of Jack Vance.

There are other name generators on the Name Generation Page.

(*) "The Dying Earth" is a trademark of Pelgrane Press Ltd. It is used here without permission.

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Ander's wicked integrity
Mandagnau's washy ceremony
Adeiliand's straight tenant
Kaitz's compliant acquisition
The agency of free winch
Suulentz's inexpedient collocation
Irantulix's recusant door
Mikdast's forgiven augmentation
T'sajunor's p idiom
The spell of nebulous strabismus
Phambaluk's chaste board
Arizais's irrepressible relaxation
Tibaido's courteous hypocrite
Bilik-Dav's nascent reservoir
The call of the subservient betrayer
Artalorqu's one condolence
Gartz's dire bailiff
Ekhide's signal man
Zelai's vernacular ascent
The agency of incombustible offstage
Teodendor's prohibitive aroma
Corch's absolute port
Golghulen's apostolic rut
Ermaidoni's explicit affectation
The call of the vain sea
Kaulch's secular composition
Meryff's pregnant abuse
Belgadaiz's bashful moon
Pernutze's giddy reprisal
The charm of posterior performance
Erratz's rotund dope
Gaiaski's pitiable wilderness
Astarin's inharmonious glory
Sahotsen's voluntary accession
The agency of conclusive cryptography
Chaml's particular steward
Glulsebas's done stream
Arnik's congratulatory weight
Slast's virtuous utilitarian
The pattern of ulterior frontier
Rogerdave's clement indisposition
Turga's concordant permit
Zumpe's parallel gauze
Lehol's declamatory tact
The pattern of bastard clutter
Wagilko's evanescent break
Johilkatu's moderate rest
Shimatin's observant spring
Perrismik's immaterial admiration
The pattern of allusive lift
Koloergin's professorial hindrance
Gabangunt's frank proxy
Chave's exempt smart
Pandulk's sibilant classification
The agency of improvident mist
Kaurumatv's harsh equity
Vulian's abstinent axle
Bikdal's tremulous integrity
Irankor's connubial burlesque
The charm of his affiance
Asce-Mots's medial concrete
Ongela's exceptional benefactor
Firre's plaintive synergy
Sabiras's even malice
The charm of stagy defunct
Garido's triangular half
Tindi's poignant incomprehension
Oihensebe's long flame
Gorayenul's habitual combination
The call of the plausible crumple
Khaida's near progression
Clathe-Lo's weak precocity
Azotz's conducive duration
Garrater's secant stupefaction
The call of the fain contemporary
Osasush's particular refusal
Faa-Hrait's nether tautology
Padiri's congratulatory expositor
Tohora's forgotten flight
The pattern of boorish complaint
Melladlin's important neoprene
Embolatze's immiscible aggression
Mogoizko's twin aura
Laures's pedantic division
The call of the safe blockade
Sharaiale's pastoral hostler
Ikaimen's pure oracle
Chari's fore precedent
Zaortzend's vacant boredom
The call of the kittenish harvest
Pandourk's lush stream
Laluma's afraid nuance
Golghus's positive caveat
Aidurizar's extemporaneous resignation
The charm of irrational hazard
Chulix's ignorant residuum
Amerruth's ubiquitous hinge
Bermintz's moribund incantation
Sangus's tremulous perversion
The charm of rectangular name
Areden's ceremonial ego
Nuxishima's fluorescent cacophony
Tsomervir's complex none
Frotz's coastal grace
The agency of professorial amnesia
Byssiart's cerebral chance
Novanas's indigenous barbarism
Isiervili's sensual scarf
Josmyrmet's deliberate opposition
The spell of mean rejoinder
Vassug's cortical cyclone
Turemin's ersatz probity
Bitzandeb's spellbound taste
Abernif's transferred schism
The pattern of wheezy exclusion
Ospelissi's barbarous pirate
Eraina's certain stare
Thrauri's elysian noon
Baiet's immature cinnamon
The call of the ruinous dash
Naraf's bitten bran
Sustan's dreadful prohibition
Ansebane's swift inaction
Sasid's conjugate envelope
The charm of fast aquarium
Irande's lenticular dastard
Kevoy's inventive endurance
Nikolghar's bogus Pluto
Aztoth's coincident oath
The agency of agile heft
Coradi's mean eye
Anarri's profuse mend
Irandurue's cool silver
Urremunil's double aura
The charm of oratorical bondage
Uhilinger's tangible cloud
Clanpint's pitiable deferring
Astakafdy's dim conqueror
Skitz's dark pink
The call of the mercurial coinage
Orbariske's prolix auger
Pulen's contingent worry
Lehoi's bedridden secession
Cortanote's omnipotent control
The charm of sober brown
Osparaz's bad wonder
Goumanunt's dissident volcano
Balaz's misanthropic thrill
Arsisminn's monitory friction
The charm of awful screen
Goitz's low deliverance
Gauvundur's true pot
Varei's trivial foundling
Ihaban's racy contagion
The spell of ceremonial remnant
Brars's personal rivalry
Abarats's dear drudge
Herrookoi's imminent notary
Laurtzane's inaudible heyday
The pattern of downtrodden slaughter
Argoi's irresponsible address
Baldesan's trot sanction
Haxart's bolt choir
Bazuntz's slim bed
The agency of one sensory
Bubalt's optic bigotry
Laure's aforementioned answer
Ingra's popular fluid
Elopsik's incorrigible dialogue
The agency of interstitial turmoil
Hylaskon's diluent placenta
Pellaw's wild force
Lantze's dreamy uproar
Kasimbant's opposite compunction
The charm of convertible withdrawal
Pelmenaka's essential schoolboy
Zeltz's fore monologue
Charramar's boisterous foe
Dadath's gone bloom
The pattern of permanent exile
Hartsop's monotonous atom
Barce's windy himself
Lehelerse's penitent tact
Sabbaspri's paramount tilt
The spell of abroad spread
Janestizk's penitentiary reserve
Djore's inner monopoly
Bellin's smaller closure
Zeller's penitentiary flesh
The agency of efficacious witness
Betore's private demur
Johirch's substantive race
Gerueko's blatant youth
Arron's windy blizzard
The agency of luminescent twirl
Gario's charitable instance
Danon's delicate hinge
Marinnika's purple beadle
Balsx's aching tarnish
The charm of stuffy constituent
Gareno's excelsior budget
Garoona's ninth pharmacopoeia
Edendagma's desert liar
Kutilka's tart arrest
The agency of certain criterion
Oskoi's profuse freedom
Gomarter's phonic comet
Urdari's dead nun
Liredros's tetragonal mushroom
The charm of inverse vegetable
Nahoiz's onerous courier
Chame's inauspicious work
Hursco's triplicate vanity
Amulin's soft astigmatism
The charm of transient botany
Phakin's right inadequacy
Portz's gallant cashier
Pomissu's fantastic p
Ludur's serial disciple
The agency of borne atom
Jurdakose's dark rest
Hurja's glacial closure
Artzarri's rampant magnitude
Camberme's cold nihilism
The pattern of inflammable babble
Mednixia's inauspicious resignation
Betzedena's orange restraint
Astorazub's bridal spool
Gargideko's liable enamel
The call of the fragmentary draftsman
Undattatz's staunch St
Lassiel's generous salute
Jokianior's inexhaustible benefactor
Hurgiraba's refractory drought
The charm of buried tautology
Kement's aromatic intimacy
Cromolask's lamellar rank
Santik-Kh's slow starboard
Ascoder's hollow inadequacy
The pattern of equitable recompense
Izmin's mediocre prostitution
Assiff's sterile forbearance
Beltono's inferential laughingstock
Panti's proud vegetable
The call of the distraught ceremony
Illenre's proper fop
Gadesaia's endemic essay
Efrem's flowery platitude
Launol's crude privilege
The spell of weak charity
Phavnari's concurrent proposition
Egunitzan's nervous Dixie
Egoin's ineffective courier
Lel-Par's immaterial mystery
The spell of cloven madman
Psyrmen's sarcastic bust
Ampouco's livid groundwork
Chaier's famous factor
Ibalo's content namesake
The pattern of inquisitive bomb
Cilfin's single credulity
Girce-Mat's utopian refection
Twanzurka's lengthy paucity
Osteion's endemic usurer
The pattern of newborn lack
Varvoyend's guardian dilemma
Urdaio's smitten water
Rhagain's contrary fashion
Maives's convertible wax
The call of the indefatigable plea
Gizore's opalescent predecessor
Porrats's high commentator
Karpe's creamy mistress
Medorbael's populous pollution
The call of the gossamer manumission
Gorentebe's natural decision
Agoll's irresponsible accord
Phameti's satanic rivalry
Yodalarta's wrong coquette
The charm of rank wholesale
Borramart's supreme upstart
Bakkelo's futile weed
Miires's sheer oblivion
Zuhangk's broad wall
The agency of fast might
Faurikuin's irreducible probe
Sothe's condemnatory brown
Um-For's echo augmentation
Bizaritzo's prefatory soothsayer
The charm of acerbic denial
Amurkoi's frigid epithet
Garcharcl's accessible article
Urtaril's earnest contagion
Rouridell's natural rue
The spell of exact wit
Atzedes's austere soup
Suudin's heterogeneous cosmos
Sel-Pad's comparative terrace
Davan's significant buss
The pattern of convertible advocacy
Angose's progressive necessity
Kevori's mellow excursion
Errambela's coextensive paragon
Chaiz's exempt cynic
The charm of atmospheric associate
Garcaa-Yi's aesthetic contagion
Phaus's adverse morrow
Magin's advantageous infusion
Gardanol's corporeal aura
The pattern of dietetic ditch
Uthielael's astute life
Teutzar's inauspicious robbery
Antermest's inanimate raft
Pandusko's fallacious transmission
The agency of current port
Iruso's worthy synergy
G'Var's bandy trinket
Ortan's dulcet composition
Brane's inconspicuous simplicity
The call of the condemnatory fashion
Iparinela's aching nature
Ladakaraz's apocryphal password
Aierapert's progressive oil
Kelghunic's reciprocal width
The spell of venerable triangle
Sasebers's official court
Itzea's soluble barter
Vermo's aggressive obstinacy
Egusops's sarcastic composition
The pattern of halcyon restoration
Oincz's pitiful nave
Harenzu's revolutionary covenant
Iolanatse's metric moment
Ubantor's dull breath
The call of the confluent impromptu
Sunordi's acquiescent leopard
T'sapa's exultant spring
Morin's inferior veracity
Orzaid's binomial veracity
The pattern of biblical alloy
Mirka's contrary invention
Maonornif's alert veil
Hurea's base serum
Ongione's permitting nicety
The pattern of crystalline exchequer
Busianze's apostolic claimant
Matal's ablaze revulsion
Tchelleko's useful resignation
Osome's creamy syzygy
The call of the inflammable homology
Kauch's hoarse zodiac
Marthazus's easygoing exclusion
Lehorremu's porous blow
Ssikostis's indiscriminate rehearsal
The spell of plain eclipse
Taulchian's concurrent nod
Iztan's voluntary dirt
Subuchiri's small circumscription
Lergaid's spare breakup
The pattern of peaceable grammar
Arnide's carnal sheen
Egustia's strenuous precession
Garrio's infallible stroke
Phaiver's auspicious female
The agency of frontal frolic
Kiles's substantial core
Garmenon's modest market
Atath's over conservation
Dombon's inimical word
The pattern of spiral type
Canixontu's abhorrent caution
Bohilk's dexter affluence
Maolaga's peremptory creature
Tustalle's moderate course
The pattern of scarce staff
Selledea's barbaric swag
Darsc's disparate dint
Palter's rare citation
Ezterolar's public depression
The pattern of insidious thread
Tassm's drowsy beginning
Betakol's inconsequential stock
Impros's rare distribution
Lergoizub's indirect memory
The spell of solemn decline
Nuxile's predominant habitat
Domien's sincere ballast
Tusterdur's mute trustee
Tobek'hni's defensive marrow
The call of the rigid recession
Gorraskai's pleasant court
Wisle's exterior captive
Hartso's thieving fad
Indeforra's prophetic charity
The agency of extemporaneous depression
Mermulk's negligible isle
Andoulch-'s felicitous destiny
Mentz's tame upheaval
Arnausier's querulous mail
The agency of careful spectrum
Piale's firm fan
Pantzen's crimp garbage
Sellojunu's scrupulous groundwork
Undorray's vesicular exclusion
The call of the round competition
Handin's tame recession
Radark's meek simplicity
Glandaraz's utilitarian theology
Egustrati's present pipeline
The charm of sycophantic omission
Kandefon's among brine
Rhavnaier's devilish failure
Pelersoma's dexter mobility
Panodni's needful prank
The agency of antipodean several
Vullatsiu's chestnut allusion
Deuttan's superficial spurt
Birendor's jaunty report
Gombernix's fictive exclusion
The pattern of similar longevity
Marig's fragmentary stevedore
Varikoldo's gentle duplicity
Mahadcod's adventitious acumen
Shai-Pasi's solemn inversion
The spell of inconsiderate cataclysm
Errarkobe's orthogonal tout
Craspahol's robust shortcoming
Chafdyk's common drop
Fautch's treble ground
The call of the circuitous bodyguard
Petzea's raffish coach
Lihaml's melodramatic composition
Bidourusi's left exclusion
Burga's salty find
The pattern of pastoral denudation
Arazenut's future bulletin
Laulsim's loath hedonism
Ansichaxe's trite type
Frourko's contentious architecture
The spell of conscientious attrition
Eloelan's ternary multiplicity
Bidon's concordant bid
Glune's up tree
Rodesseme's vaporous jersey
The call of the fallow immobility
Zhiarker's ultimate vicinity
Belist's dry quicksilver
Laurgon's fortunate copyright
Hegine's cloudy governess
The spell of transferred twist
Vastikend's pregnant shenanigan
Chalas's vegetable orgasm
Perrofo's lenticular equivalent
Matsoil's ghastly stretch
The pattern of carnal ascent
Azvantz's ancestral rationale
Errauruki's mournful frenzy
Axula's contraband mind
Ubelai's stationary pilot
The agency of allied blue
Larramari's close immobility
Gomaure's balky constraint
Ihako's extravagant auditory
Piala's some vocable
The call of the practicable parsimony
Gunea's sketchy frontier
Ongundono's close bill
Ksaier's sorrel access
Astidarit's concordant wall
The charm of contradictory beer
Shialerei's egregious surface
Kutchirat's reactionary evildoer
Inkle's expressive talk
Lohil's isochronal dent
The pattern of immune opposition
Panpin's credible carnation
Tippi's linear find
Embano's forgiven ambuscade
Kolizarol's agreeing solidarity
The charm of congratulatory ellipsis
Dhardo's competitive hygrometer
Pupoulai-'s partisan slough
Thaizker's playful lamentation
Eguzkerra's mock reef
The pattern of enthusiastic ken
Melaw's monotonous evasion
Azubeleye's mediocre inventor
Silar's chaste repetition
Darther's somnolent consumption
The charm of long arcade
Pharch's snug bounce
Mauruki's repulsive metaphor
Ihaurrh-M's voodoo malaise
Melmel's neat spleen
The spell of additional pedant
Totset's downtrodden presbytery
Lacher's concurrent performance
Urbarka's orient strain
Kardimban's aboriginal place
The charm of oily smell