Amazing Verbal Kung-Fu

If you've seen a lot of kung-fu movies, you know what this is about. Use it for a silly game of Feng Shui, Hong Kong Action Theater, Dragonfist, or Exalted. Or consider it review material for playing Jared Sorenson's Happy-Lucky Chinese Restaurant Game. Whatever! Enjoy.

Update: Splendid Shaolin Master, Skyfox (Carl Cramér), has organized a co-operative game to write these moves up as fu schticks for Feng Shui. I must bow to this superior effort. My part was relatively easy!

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Updated: Wed Apr 26 09:31:01 UTC 2017

naughty panda ambush
barbaric wolf wheel
thundering death twist
honorable peony-blossom smash
no buddha style
supernatural plum-blossom technique
spinning vampire fist
fortunate storm essence
golden lotus frenzy
splendid monk style
happy ox maneuver
vicious tiger contact
supernatural rooster somersault
judicious acupuncture antagonism
ancient immortal strike
leaping mantis attack
magnificent death technique
imperial sky push
savage death charge
laughing wizard style
flying crane tackle
screaming jade knife
kiss of the ox hands
splendid snake dance
unfathomable willow elbow
barbaric orchid smash
double mist protection
running monster contact
inverted peony-blossom fury
burning monk wrestling
lethal eunuch sword
savage acupuncture penetration
illusory immortal touch
splendid scorpion rebuke
dreaded sage knife
leaping mantis charge
destructive vampire bow
dirty plum-blossom kung-fu
dreaded sky feet
wicked qi thrust
flying acupuncture onslaught
fire of the rooster vengeance
double shadow blow
midnight rat penetration
mad tiger crush
ancient peony-blossom technique
flying scarecrow contact
drunken qi spear
dirty goldfish penetration
accurate taoist attack
yellow emperor's dragon wrestling
inverted secret style
golden wind energy
jumping panda slash
splendid ram tackle
whooping phoenix hands
10,000 qi throw
standing cricket protection
explosive goldfish flip
blood of the secret spirit
excellent hell sword
barbaric turtle palm
shining eagle touch
invincible lightning attack
impossible turtle fury
sacred fox-woman essence
dreaded hummingbird scratch
illusory animal assault
dreaded patriarch wrestling
supernatural star feet
glorious hell forehead
destructive virgin power
sound of the eunuch sword
magnificent crane essence
burning death somersault
innocent hell cut
honorable mustard-seed thrust
emasculating ox power
magnificent immortal ambush
unfathomable serpent smash
magnificent hawk kung-fu
flying willow ambush
valorous river defense
whirling bamboo boxing
dancing secret leap
vulgar star palm
terrible hawk stance
wicked cat fan
dirty star jab
excellent monkey kung-fu
leaping monster smash
sacred spider arrow
judicious goldfish twist
unfathomable mist feint
ruinous eunuch block
shaolin scorpion feint
devastating dream slap
roaring sage pounce
dirty turtle hand
impossible gecko slash
masculine qi slam
vicious animal technique
accurate cricket slam
lethal peony-blossom arrow
splendid killer punch
ancient eagle scratch
heavenly tiger rebuke
fragrant cricket knife
shaolin serpent attack
invincible plum-blossom maneuver
mystic river kung-fu
sign of the zodiac seizure
happy river leap
transcendent gecko leap
mystic butterfly somersault
poetic buddha armor
ten rabbit bite
golden turtle spin
mongolian mist knife
unfathomable phoenix pounce
jumping flash flip
happy storm energy
lucky lotus leap
abominable cricket flip
spinning wolf protection
seven bamboo sword
vulgar bamboo antagonism
drunken star strike
honorable panda scare
impressive zodiac cut
transcendent paradise technique
deadly cricket style
wicked phoenix frenzy
three fox-woman arrow
invincible orchid spirit
jumping bamboo defense
uncomfortable mist block
inverted rooster vengeance
savage mantis smash
savage tiger onslaught
abominable crane slap
invincible foo-dog lunge
savage cat breath
emasculating death fury
emasculating hummingbird nerve pinch
ruinous wolf hammer
honorable scarecrow chop
seven scholar forehead
thundering panda hand
midnight secret pose
strange rabbit spirit
flying secret antagonism
enlightened fox-woman assault
deadly bamboo charge
sacred virgin fury
roaring killer touch
dirty demon leap
abominable wind punch
burning spider neck-snap
dirty tiger sword
dirty turtle bite
inverted crane attack
savage immortal kung-fu
fiendish eunuch hammer
monkey king's eagle chop
dipping mantis spirit
heavenly monk technique
ten ghost flip
monkey king's scorpion throw
mighty chopstick boxing
evil terror feet
resplendent ghost attack
venerable monk pounce
amazing flash knife
ten wolf kung-fu
running monk cut
fierce ancestor dance
spinning rooster energy
murderous secret chop
resplendent rabbit dance
fire of the butterfly block
emasculating taoist twist
transcendent vampire attack
happy zodiac nerve pinch
enlightened bamboo hammer
excellent dream touch
fierce wizard push
venerable bamboo scare
devastating storm tackle
pious snake smash
golden peony-blossom slice
three foo-dog energy
devastating sun ambush
iron cricket neck-snap
abominable demon arrow
unfathomable fox-woman knee
fragrant hummingbird heel
judicious spider punch
roaring ox ambush
iron scarecrow wheel
emasculating zodiac bow
magnificent mantis forehead
terrible ram throw
barbaric sage feet
laughing immortal punch
enlightened virgin wall
shaolin cricket cut
honorable storm defense
destructive plum-blossom punch
destructive qi feet
impossible virgin crush
dancing foo-dog knee
transcendent shaolin stance
ten zodiac penetration
fire of the animal cut
deadly terror attack
impossible wind vengeance
two mist touch
thundering taoist flip
midnight crane neck-snap
uncomfortable gecko sword
invisible willow ambush
fierce bamboo push
sound of the jade neck-snap
laughing dream attack
transcendent rooster style
splendid virgin defiance
mad wolf armor
wicked cat stance
masculine dragon feet
ten killer scare
enlightened goldfish hammer
vicious ram bite
sound of the qi dance
impressive peony-blossom fright
transcendent storm throw
masculine scarecrow onslaught
jumping patriarch sword
explosive zodiac knife
fragrant ram ambush
drunken mantis arrow
mystic ghost seizure
fiendish mantis knife
shaolin death defense
insane rabbit jab
drunken wolf bow
inverted secret boxing
roaring buddha elbow
ancient eunuch pounce
inverted shadow penetration
vicious wizard justice
splendid grasshopper fist
iron cricket push
iron animal pounce
burning sun flip
deadly secret vengeance
vulgar buddha blow
impossible ox fright
transcendent sun technique
resplendent shadow vengeance
imperial scholar strike
murderous ghost smash
unfathomable vampire sword
honorable rabbit nerve pinch
mad cricket nerve pinch
honorable buddha armor
shaolin lotus thrust
dipping peony-blossom dance
enlightened monkey crush
happy monk kick
blind monk nerve pinch
lucky dragon hands
inverted eunuch fist
vulgar monkey onslaught
ten dragon vengeance
fierce panda pose
dirty snake blow
burning hummingbird charge
emasculating bamboo technique
honorable rat defense
accurate hummingbird defense
standing star justice
masculine monkey energy
ten turtle strike
laughing dream lunge
two plum-blossom wheel
sacred terror sword
spinning scholar defiance
savage ancestor slash
10,000 star tackle
amazing death attack
celestial death smash
judicious jade heel
fang of the taoist smash
10,000 killer pose
sound of the lotus knife
running shaolin technique
supernatural death wrestling
wicked zodiac rebuke
imperial death lunge
10,000 ram style
strange acupuncture advance
imperial virgin attack
dreaded wind hammer
double virgin penetration
blood of the ram seizure
strange wolf power
whooping grasshopper smash
whirling death wheel
double secret thrust
insane moon cut
transcendent mustard-seed antagonism
savage rooster technique
ten lotus scare
invincible sky flip
accurate snake smash
supernatural dream claw
fang of the bamboo twist
celestial turtle frenzy
leaping terror neck-snap
ten bamboo frenzy
splendid spider maneuver
valorous wizard slam
innocent goldfish fist
fang of the hell hammer
happy snake justice
invincible zodiac technique
lucky ancestor cut
laughing chopstick technique
wicked wizard onslaught
monkey king's hell antagonism
dirty panda thrust
unfathomable sun nerve pinch
splendid monk stance
roaring monk pounce
illusory butterfly pose
explosive goldfish stance
naughty scarecrow armor
seven shaolin slice
whooping river shield
amazing zodiac frenzy
devastating chopstick scratch
poetic sun nerve pinch
sign of the butterfly kung-fu
mongolian snake scare
burning tiger feint
dreaded serpent hand
blood of the chopstick kick
lucky killer boxing
heavenly sage charge
invincible rabbit fury
mystic fairy forehead
burning willow feint
kiss of the moon onslaught
super virgin rebuke
fierce panda push
evil demon essence
kiss of the scorpion leap
venerable acupuncture frenzy
mighty fox-woman throw
naughty terror somersault
flying grasshopper hand
ten sage forehead
masculine grasshopper style
mad chopstick defiance
sacred eunuch heel
spinning orchid defiance
kiss of the star jab
poetic cricket charge
roaring rat jab
insane shadow chop
fragrant spider justice
sacred ram spin
abominable rooster slam
strange flash lunge
fortunate terror fright
lucky taoist technique
destructive hummingbird boxing
blind patriarch wheel
lucky taoist spirit
strange peony-blossom kung-fu
poetic animal contact
blood of the taoist breath
jumping virgin frenzy
transcendent foo-dog seizure
pious lotus blow
kiss of the monk block
mad goldfish wall
lethal spider contact
monkey king's scarecrow knee
unfathomable ox defense
valorous bamboo power
explosive hummingbird rebuke
three fairy feet
vicious monster feet
savage paradise flip
evil rat feint
shining sun sword
destructive ghost kick
sacred sun feet
dancing animal attack
fragrant animal fist
fragrant eunuch stance
valorous orchid hands
glorious rat crush
barbaric snake somersault
abominable turtle defiance
illusory death shield
running hawk bite
supernatural gecko throw
fragrant demon kung-fu
double grasshopper advance
excellent animal flip
barbaric lotus touch
celestial mustard-seed dance
fierce eunuch touch
fire of the lotus kung-fu
abominable immortal thrust
murderous shadow rebuke
strange moon sword
fierce willow fan
shining bamboo blow
running sun kick
honorable eagle strike
imperial wizard blow
strange ancestor cut
iron sage hands
heavenly immortal advance
laughing vampire frenzy
evil butterfly ambush
innocent river tackle
mystic zodiac palm
mongolian spider defense
shaolin wind breath
fierce panda energy
mighty ram ambush
impressive bamboo arrow
running sun hand
deceptive serpent flip
laughing crane attack
honorable rooster fist
abominable star nerve pinch
dirty star knife
wicked lightning spin
midnight rooster maneuver
wicked shaolin charge
iron sky attack
sacred terror leap
ruinous panda touch
abominable dragon antagonism
transcendent peony-blossom fist
deadly demon spin
burning butterfly block
deadly lotus nerve pinch
transcendent chopstick knife
kiss of the moon kung-fu
enlightened river slam
splendid vampire elbow
deadly mist spirit
wicked cricket armor
drunken hell slam
deceptive hell kick
ancient cricket attack
screaming moon armor
lethal sky pose
iron monk crush
explosive zodiac penetration
screaming scholar penetration
deceptive monkey hand
lucky immortal fist
unfathomable fox-woman style
whooping river spin
flying flash feint
blood of the terror blow
resplendent wolf knee
supernatural snake breath
spinning plum-blossom onslaught
dancing moon style
vulgar sage blow
uncomfortable ox shield
yellow emperor's dragon style
impossible fairy sword
whirling peony-blossom bow
illusory serpent pose
pious dream fan
invincible demon slice
deceptive fox-woman bite
blind animal hammer
no river hand
fortunate flash hands
lucky spider leap
dancing serpent touch
explosive scholar style
glorious phoenix push
two vampire hand
midnight rabbit justice
magnificent gecko claw
laughing eunuch fright
happy tiger justice
screaming foo-dog arrow