500 Random Names for Pokethulhu

Pokethulhu is a brilliant parody RPG by S. John Ross and John Kovalic. It is available at Wizard's Attic.

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Paramis (icy dog-like fungous crab)
Sparrathoom (fungous sparrow)
Persigolonac (headless cat)
Coragoo (gooey coral)
Octoglaaki (sticky octopus)
Yog-Wog (luminescent/non-euclidean polliwog)
Caniyonis (squamous dog)
Ghatanohog (tentacled hedgehog)
Abhothaflare (sticky fiery dog)
Aardi-Nacha (spidery aardvark)
Caterpiyonis (squamous caterpillar)
Gnoph-Beave (icy beaver)
M'nagasaur (sticky dinosaur)
Koffokrug (squamous gasball)
Pinedigo (icy pinecone)
Zoth-Dragon (squamous/sticky dragon)
Beepolyp (fungous insect)
Kangashagga (insectoid kangaroo)
L'gy'pilla (icy cuboid caterpillar)
Pony-Az (icy crystalloid pony)
Joltevomit (vomitous electric dog)
Psyshan (squamous duck)
Vilekrug (squamous plant-thing)
Noctothugha (luminescent/fiery owl)
Yibb-Krow (decomposing/sticky crow)
Fungubuffet (fungous patient lump)
Chickakrug (squamous chicken)
Quachiluhoot (mummified-abortion owl)
Ghastufox (decomposing fox)
Summafurret (humanoid blood-sucking weasel)
Gauntflare (smooth/winged fiery dog)
Jellyster (gelatinous oyster)
Zhar-Doom (sticky dog)
Magidalos (non-euclidean lucky fish)
Tawilokarp (non-euclidean lucky fish)
Meowtholengian (spidery annoying cat)
Lobogeng (humanoid spear-wielding ghost)
Coradigo (icy coral)
Caterpidalos (non-euclidean caterpillar)
Zoth-Scythe (squamous/sticky insect)
Gastle-Che-Quon (dark non-euclidean ghost)
Tulzschakazam (luminescent/fiery psychic-thing)
Magiyaegha (tentacled lucky fish)
Diglemog (squamous/sticky ground-thing)
Electagoo (gooey electric-thing)
Ivyglaaki (sticky plant-lizard)
L'gy'star (icy cuboid starfish)
Jigglykhee (decomposing winged balloon)
Byakhigast (decomposing winged ghost)
Juk-Xatu (spherical color-changing parrot)
Voormislug (icy dog-like slug)
Iodismooch (non-euclidean baby-like thing)
Vapoyidhra (protean gas)
Houndogoo (gooey dog)
Magivomit (vomitous lucky fish)
Slimodeer (slimy deer)
Jynxacurve (non-euclidean icy woman)
Tulzschaslash (luminescent/fiery shrew)
Caterpinembra (non-euclidean musical caterpillar)
Q'yth-Rat (icy crystalloid rat)
Shaggabird (insectoid bird)
Saaikoff (decomposing swine-like gasball)
M'nagong (sticky dugong)
Nioth-Bliss (fungous/vampiric egg-thing)
Quachikarp (mummified-abortion lucky fish)
Blastoloth (non-euclidean turtle)
Crocofart (gaseous crocodile)
Karariadne (fiery spider)
Zoth-Natu (squamous/sticky little bird)
Yadditaur (rugose insectoid bull)
Blossobast (cat-headed plant-thing)
Ny'ghapine (non-euclidean pinecone)
Shugodoom (sticky black dog)
Dagonodish (fishy little onion)
Cthughabat (luminescent/fiery bat)
Megayek (fat sticky super-intelligent giant plant-thing)
Caterpi-Sothoth (luminescent/non-euclidean caterpillar)
Tindamuck (non-euclidean muck)
Adumbraquil (non-euclidean/sticky fiery little thing)
Gauntshrew (smooth/winged shrew)
Cleffaghoul (decomposing fairy)
L'gy'coral (icy cuboid coral)
Ghoulaparas (decomposing fungous crab)
Pikastur (sticky mouse)
Shoggobird (protoplasmic bird)
Xatuslime (slimy parrot)
Sluggasaaitii (decomposing swine-like slug)
Hamstogug (giant vertical-mouthed hamster)
Sparrakrug (squamous sparrow)
Gastli-Iod (non-euclidean ghost)
Muckothoom (fungous muck)
Tru'nerat (non-euclidean musical rat)
Drowzeeyith (squamous/sticky psychic-thing)
Geomihog (non-euclidean hedgehog)
Yithiroo (squamous/sticky kangaroo)
Persivomit (vomitous cat)
Ponymis (icy dog-like pony)
Articupolyp (fungous icy bird)
Abrataus (mummified-abortion psychic-thing)
Bugg-Pig (gelatinous many-mouthed pig)
Xada-Duck (sticky/fungous duck)
Ithafish (icy fish)
Shaibliss (icy worm-like egg-thing)
Ectogong (ectoplasmic dugong)
Tamamonky (humanoid illusionist monkey)
Tyrano-Tstll (decomposing/sticky dinosaur)
Ghoulaxatu (decomposing parrot)
Shub-Nimanta (non-euclidean manta ray)
Ratimash (humanoid illusionist rat)
Pandakalar (dark humanoid panda bear)
Cora-Tstll (decomposing/sticky coral)
Exegga-Keh (icy eggs)
Seakhee (decomposing winged seahorse)
Ivyshantak (squamous plant-lizard)
Gauntbuffet (smooth/winged patient lump)
Gravelethugha (luminescent/fiery rock-thing)
Abratis (squamous psychic-thing)
Yog-Sothobat (luminescent/non-euclidean bat)
Chikoridalos (non-euclidean grass-thing)
Remora-Tegoth (fishy fish)
Snubbuthath (fiery bulldog)
Growloloth (non-euclidean dog)
Juk-Bat (spherical color-changing bat)
Oddithogtha (fungous little onion)
Gauntbok (smooth/winged snake)
Milkothoth (luminescent/non-euclidean cow)
Pikanodens (fishy mouse)
Polypodish (fungous little onion)
L'gy'dragon (icy cuboid dragon)
Crocothoth (non-euclidean crocodile)
Byakhubat (decomposing winged bat)
Hamstadagon (fishy hamster)
Kabutoclotl (tree-like alien ancient bug)
Xatulengian (spidery parrot)
Ghatanoblossom (tentacled plant-thing)
Chansiyonis (squamous egg-thing)
Cyaebear (tentacled bear)
Electrothugha (luminescent/fiery electric-thing)
Zharabeave (sticky beaver)
Gastlilobon (humanoid spear-wielding ghost)
Billyghroth (planet-sized goat)
Loboriadne (humanoid spear-wielding spider)
Tentadigo (icy squid-thing)
Lobokow (humanoid spear-wielding cow)
Hydracoral (fishy coral)
Gastly-Q'ae (fungous ghost)
Vulthodude (fungous rock-thing)
Seelothulhu (sticky/fishy seal)
Dragosaaitii (decomposing swine-like dragon)
Gugawooper (giant vertical-mouthed cute little water-thing)
Quachilunat (mummified-abortion poisonous insect)
Xadamaril (sticky/fungous blue mouse)
Hydradish (fishy little onion)
M'namaril (sticky blue mouse)
Bulbatulzscha (luminescent/fiery plant/reptile)
Shub-Quil (non-euclidean fiery little thing)
Zu-Che-Natu (dark non-euclidean little bird)
Vapolathotep (thousand-formed gas)
Seeligoroth (sticky seal)
Vomimuck (vomitous muck)
Swinuthulhu (sticky/fishy pig)
Ariadogoo (gooey spider)
Bulbayaegha (tentacled plant/reptile)
Slimewooper (slimy cute little water-thing)
Dewgoclotl (tree-like alien dugong)
Billysnot (mucous goat)
Beehydra (fishy insect)
Exegguyig (squamous eggs)
Sparrothogtha (fungous sparrow)
Node-Arak (fishy spider)
Grime-Q'ae (fungous muck)
Dholecoral (giant worm-like coral)
Goldyaegha (tentacled goldfish)
Weezi-Nacha (spidery smoggy ball)
Vapo-Oth (sticky gas)
Azahorse (non-euclidean seahorse)
Cynogolem (sticky golem)
Natuyugg (slug-like fluid-sucking little bird)
Murdesathla (amoebic crow)
Abhothanat (sticky poisonous insect)
Bayleekrug (squamous plant-thing)
Kabutothoglys (sticky ancient bug)
Bulbagolonac (headless plant/reptile)
Juk-Kachu (spherical color-changing mouse)
Glaamag (sticky electromagnet)
Nyogthagator (squamous/gelatinous alligator)
Gastlefungus (fungous ghost)
Tsathoseel (luminescent seal)
Ny'ghan-Buzz (non-euclidean electric-thing)
Drago-Az (icy crystalloid dragon)
Jiggly-Grii (non-euclidean balloon)
Magmashag (insectoid magma-thing)
Bugg-Blossom (gelatinous many-mouthed plant-thing)
Antlerghroth (planet-sized deer)
Skunkayugg (slug-like fluid-sucking skunk)
Tamagrowl (humanoid illusionist dog)
Pidgeorakal (fiery pidgeon)
Zoth-Kadabra (squamous/sticky psychic-thing)
Crocoyig (squamous crocodile)
Gloosaaitii (decomposing swine-like poisonous plant)
Scythashabb (spherical color-changing insect)
Adumbranatu (non-euclidean/sticky little bird)
Ghoulalarv (decomposing larva)
Zu-Che-Pine (dark non-euclidean pinecone)
Polifaugn (elephant-headed polliwog)
Octo-Keh (icy octopus)
Electrothoth (luminescent/non-euclidean electric-thing)
Q'yth-Doom (icy crystalloid dog)
Cyaetuff (tentacled happy thing)
Rattakalar (dark humanoid rat)
Nodenikabu (fishy ancient bug)
Squirtumash (humanoid illusionist turtle)
Magicrap (fecal lucky fish)
Swinudalos (non-euclidean pig)
Snubbidhole (giant worm-like bulldog)
Cthulhuvapor (sticky/fishy gas)
Migo-Bok (fungous snake)
Polinembra (non-euclidean musical polliwog)
Abragurath (non-euclidean psychic-thing)
Croco-At'umr (non-euclidean crocodile)
Nath-Geng (fiery ghost)
Joltefungus (fungous electric dog)
Mankeshag (insectoid monkey)
Cyndaloth (non-euclidean fiery little thing)
Forrenembra (non-euclidean musical pinecone)
Mi-Seel (fungous seal)
Quachiluskunk (mummified-abortion skunk)
Cynobell (sticky plant-thing)
Blastodhole (giant worm-like turtle)
Eihoslug (gelatinous slug)
Hagargagrowl (squamous dog)
Megafungus (fungous giant plant-thing)
Ghrothobeetle (planet-sized beetle)
Magmadoss (fiery magma-thing)
Electrocurve (non-euclidean electric-thing)
Sandotak (squamous shrew)
Ivyslime (slimy plant-lizard)
Pidgeohgla (sticky/fungous pidgeon)
Shugochick (sticky black chicken)
Victreeyugg (slug-like fluid-sucking plant-thing)
Bayleemis (icy dog-like plant-thing)
Polikrug (squamous polliwog)
Eihodactyl (gelatinous pterodactyl)
Vulpi-Shash (gelatinous many-mouthed fox)
Goldghast (decomposing goldfish)
Gastli-Az (icy crystalloid ghost)
Onyxigomon (luminescent/time-warping rock-thing)
Hamstathoth (non-euclidean hamster)
Bunnigug (giant vertical-mouthed rabbit)
Rhan-Emagby (fishy magma-thing)
Dittokrug (squamous copycat)
Yaddislug (rugose insectoid slug)
Vulthodrill (fungous insect)
Dholasmooch (giant worm-like baby-like thing)
Woopaghast (decomposing cute little water-thing)
Zo-Cocoo (dark humanoid larva)
Gastliblood (bloody ghost)
Fartotoise (gaseous turtle)
Azu-Tcho (servile blue mouse)
L'gy'muck (icy cuboid muck)
Ythogidash (fungous horse)
Zubatis (squamous bat)
Stargaunt (smooth/winged starfish)
Yekutaur (fat sticky super-intelligent bull)
Psyfungus (fungous duck)
Ekacrap (fecal snake)
Beavo-Thath (fiery beaver)
Octonembra (non-euclidean musical octopus)
Blastokalar (dark humanoid turtle)
Lickihgla (sticky/fungous sticky tongue-thing)
Jigglyghai (fungous/vampiric balloon)
Yaddisaur (rugose insectoid dinosaur)
Gauntbear (smooth/winged bear)
Beenodens (fishy insect)
Mi-Cocoon (fungous larva)
Gol-Gomeowth (sticky annoying cat)
Bloodybird (bloody bird)
Pinethoggua (luminescent pinecone)
Nodepichu (fishy mouse)
Karaster (fiery oyster)
Shaggahorse (insectoid seahorse)
Delisnot (mucous bird)
Byabliss (squamous egg-thing)
Xiclowooper (tree-like alien cute little water-thing)
Zoth-Skunk (squamous/sticky skunk)
Rlim-Hoot (icy worm-like owl)
Juk-Woodo (spherical color-changing plant-thing)
Shantakogravel (squamous rock-thing)
Cynoditto (sticky copycat)
Kadabrathoth (non-euclidean psychic-thing)
Aforgomanta (luminescent/time-warping manta ray)
Antlerthonian (sticky deer)
Bastacocoo (cat-headed larva)
Dholekarp (giant worm-like lucky fish)
Blastoshugoran (sticky black turtle)
Voormihog (icy dog-like hedgehog)
Tru'nemon (non-euclidean musical digital monster, like Porygon)
Murdevomit (vomitous crow)
Articughast (decomposing icy bird)
Cyndagolonac (headless fiery little thing)
Totogug (giant vertical-mouthed crocodile)
Charighast (decomposing fiery lizard)
Hydrasey (fishy egg-thing)
Abrayek (fat sticky super-intelligent psychic-thing)
Cyndathaqua (icy fiery little thing)
Tindadash (non-euclidean horse)
Xatuhastur (sticky parrot)
Articunyog (squamous/gelatinous icy bird)
Gravelestur (sticky rock-thing)
Gauntkrab (smooth/winged crab)
Seeloslime (slimy seal)
Wigglydoss (fiery happy thing)
Flarehort (gelatinous fiery dog)
Ythomagby (fungous magma-thing)
Geo-Kalar (dark humanoid rock-thing)
Ythogogrimer (fungous muck)
Yog-Sofish (luminescent/non-euclidean fish)
Sluggakorth (icy worm-like slug)
Karabeetle (fiery beetle)
Exeggobast (cat-headed eggs)
Hagargoleef (squamous plant-thing)
Tulzschadoom (luminescent/fiery dog)
Licki-Kalar (dark humanoid sticky tongue-thing)
Seela-Az (icy crystalloid seal)
Bayleeghast (decomposing plant-thing)
Lengokachu (spidery mouse)
Adumbrakarp (non-euclidean/sticky lucky fish)
Flare-Che-Quon (dark non-euclidean fiery dog)
Wendipine (icy pinecone)
Juk-Swine (spherical color-changing pig)
Polisaaitii (decomposing swine-like polliwog)
Arbokuloth (non-euclidean snake)
Kabugaunt (smooth/winged ancient bug)
Wendikabu (icy ancient bug)
Vulthobeave (fungous beaver)
Magneyonis (squamous electromagnet)
Teddithoth (luminescent/non-euclidean bear)
Zo-Kaquil (dark humanoid fiery little thing)
Beavoloth (non-euclidean beaver)
Rapidasaaitii (decomposing swine-like horse)
Byakhoflare (decomposing winged fiery dog)
Grimeplasm (ectoplasmic muck)
Chansesnot (mucous egg-thing)
Chikothonian (sticky grass-thing)
Vomibok (vomitous snake)
Ghatanonine (tentacled dog)
Ivythoth (non-euclidean plant-lizard)
Smoochikrug (squamous baby-like thing)
Shub-Niggubell (non-euclidean plant-thing)
Pichucrap (fecal mouse)
Lloigokadabra (squamous psychic-thing)
Scorpigy'hx (icy cuboid scorpion)
Slowghast (decomposing slowpoke)
Hedgegug (giant vertical-mouthed hedgehog)
Gugukans (giant vertical-mouthed snake)
Bulba-Keh (icy plant/reptile)
Abrabast (cat-headed psychic-thing)
Shugobok (sticky black snake)
Bugg-Nium (gelatinous many-mouthed giant plant-thing)
Byakhogrimer (decomposing winged muck)
Swinathugha (luminescent/fiery pig)
Karascythe (fiery insect)
Polypohorse (fungous seahorse)
Blisseyidhra (protean egg-thing)
Shudde-Puff (sticky balloon)
Psyslime (slimy duck)
Tentaghoul (decomposing squid-thing)
Gugastar (giant vertical-mouthed starfish)
Shugonatu (sticky black little bird)
Psytis (squamous duck)
M'nagahog (sticky hedgehog)
Adumbratowl (non-euclidean/sticky owl)
Nyarlaflora (thousand-formed plant)
Hydrapus (fishy octopus)
Wigglycurve (non-euclidean happy thing)
Beetlegurath (non-euclidean beetle)
Typhooluttaus (mummified-abortion thing)
Bastofox (cat-headed fox)
Shugoforret (sticky black pinecone)
Cockathonian (sticky rooster)
Fartirabb (gaseous rabbit)
Feralliyugg (slug-like fluid-sucking alligator)
Karapony (fiery pony)
Shelloghai (fungous/vampiric scallop)
Feralli-Tstll (decomposing/sticky alligator)
Billy-Keh (icy goat)
Magmazhar (sticky magma-thing)
Ariadolathotep (thousand-formed spider)
Squirtayugg (slug-like fluid-sucking turtle)
Polypowog (fungous polliwog)
Byakhibeave (decomposing winged beaver)
Bloodislug (bloody slug)
Magma-Sathla (amoebic magma-thing)
Gnoph-Bird (icy bird)
Gugohoot (giant vertical-mouthed owl)
Ithakabu (icy ancient bug)
Croconembra (non-euclidean musical crocodile)
Pidgeofungus (fungous pidgeon)
Fungibra (fungous psychic-thing)
Lengugong (spidery dugong)
Beetlokhee (decomposing winged beetle)
Tulzschagrimer (luminescent/fiery muck)
Swina-Tcho (servile pig)
Bloodobok (bloody snake)
Yidhrajolt (protean electric dog)
Murde-M'ell (sticky crow)
Cocka-M'ell (sticky rooster)
Sluggothulhu (sticky/fishy slug)
Smoochiythogtha (fungous baby-like thing)
Jigglythonian (sticky balloon)
Blosso-Sothoth (luminescent/non-euclidean plant-thing)
Wendiglett (icy ground-thing)
Slowkalar (dark humanoid slowpoke)
Yuggascythe (slug-like fluid-sucking insect)
Lickithugha (luminescent/fiery sticky tongue-thing)
Juk-Bug (spherical color-changing ladybug)
Noctothugha (luminescent/fiery owl)
Electrogoroth (sticky electric-thing)
Gravele-Keh (icy rock-thing)
Alakanodens (fishy psychic-thing)
Zoth-Bull (squamous/sticky bull)
Lloigopillar (squamous caterpillar)
Gnoph-Dash (icy horse)
Dholoditto (giant worm-like copycat)
Snottopillar (mucous caterpillar)
Ghatanorita (tentacled grass-thing)
Gugodish (giant vertical-mouthed little onion)
Blisseslime (slimy egg-thing)
Goldlobon (humanoid spear-wielding goldfish)
Rhan-Tegodish (fishy little onion)
Shudde-Wog (sticky polliwog)
Ahtumag (fungous electromagnet)
Shub-Nibuffet (non-euclidean patient lump)
Raboyig (squamous rabbit)
Bulloloth (non-euclidean bull)
Cani-Oth (sticky dog)
Bullorakal (fiery bull)
Zubayek (fat sticky super-intelligent bat)
Daolorizard (non-euclidean fiery lizard)
Forrekorth (icy worm-like pinecone)
Magma-Shash (gelatinous many-mouthed magma-thing)
Hagargasmooch (squamous baby-like thing)
Ithaforret (icy pinecone)
Nioth-Neton (fungous/vampiric electromagnet)
Zhar-Dactyl (sticky pterodactyl)
Guguplosion (giant vertical-mouthed thing)
Scorpibast (cat-headed scorpion)
Zharinyx (sticky rock-thing)
Xatuthoglys (sticky parrot)
Hootoghroth (planet-sized owl)
Articuslime (slimy icy bird)
Pinedhole (giant worm-like pinecone)
Blastoghast (decomposing turtle)
Shudde-Fly (sticky butterfly)
Ubbo-Kachu (amoebic mouse)
Yaddifly (rugose insectoid butterfly)
Mr. -Shabb (spherical color-changing scary marionette-thing)
Abrayek (fat sticky super-intelligent psychic-thing)
Sunflo-Hgla (sticky/fungous plant)
Dittosnot (mucous copycat)
Crappuquil (fecal fiery little thing)
Cocoogomon (luminescent/time-warping larva)
Tamanatu (humanoid illusionist little bird)
Snottonium (mucous giant plant-thing)
Magmanodens (fishy magma-thing)
Murdethugha (luminescent/fiery crow)
Voormibat (icy dog-like bat)
Shantagloom (squamous poisonous plant)
Slimebok (slimy snake)
Dagonokoff (fishy gasball)
Cynogrowl (sticky dog)
Geo-Zhar (sticky rock-thing)
Magiyadd (rugose insectoid lucky fish)
Magmaghroth (planet-sized magma-thing)
Jynxuvoor (icy dog-like icy woman)
Swinadoss (fiery pig)
Byakhipony (decomposing winged pony)
Jellybat (gelatinous bat)
Migo-Canine (fungous dog)
Larvihotep (thousand-formed larva)
Diglegoo (gooey ground-thing)
Wiggly-Keh (icy happy thing)
Chaugnaneton (elephant-headed electromagnet)
Pinehotep (thousand-formed pinecone)
Hootinembra (non-euclidean musical owl)
Yibb-Shrew (decomposing/sticky shrew)
Vaponodens (fishy gas)
Victreevomit (vomitous plant-thing)
Remorafungus (fungous fish)
Raboyek (fat sticky super-intelligent rabbit)
Beetlo-Oth (sticky beetle)
Nath-Gator (fiery alligator)
Slimokadabra (slimy psychic-thing)
Digle-At'umr (non-euclidean ground-thing)
Ariadosnot (mucous spider)
Remora-Korghai (fungous/vampiric fish)
Deligor (squamous bird)
Graveleghast (decomposing rock-thing)
Seelikalar (dark humanoid seal)
Zoth-Haunt (squamous/sticky ghost)